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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified. Hard work pays off👊🏽


Just testing leg strength 505lbs 1MR NOT BAD FOR 57yrs


MARCH MADNESS it’s here at Fitness Forever sign up with any training package and get 10 free session now that’s MADNESS. New Clients
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Couples Workout 02/08/2018

February 14th 2018 12:pm - 3:pm

February 14th 2018 12:pm - 3:pm


1 on 1 Training
Now, its personal

In my many years in the fitness industry, I have found that large gyms aren't for everyone. Perhaps you share some of the following feelings:

• I'm scared to go to the gym
• I don't want to be watched or judged by other people
• I don't want to look silly while working out
• I don't know how to use machines
• I don't always have the motivation to work out
I don't want to work out alone

These are all common concerns that the average person has and it is completely understandable. Most people have not been properly educated in fitness and do not know how to properly train themselves. The truth is, there is a science behind exercise and it takes time to learn how to properly work out.
Our job is to teach you how to train yourself. Our job is to teach you to become proficient on you. No one will yell at you, no one will judge you. It's just you, your trainer and our studio. Stop in and see why dozens of people in your area have taken advantage of Fitness Forever's 1 on 1 training.


As you know 5 month from now can you believe it will be SUMMER. Fitness Forever have those gift cards come pick one or two up and give one to that special person and give Personal Training a try......
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It's the season to be given so give a love one a gift of Fitness or Self Defense at Fitness Forever.
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Back in the day


Ann Holuba Ho-Ho-Kus NJ

Darryl is a miracle worker. Several years ago I had to get serious about getting in shape and losing weight for my son's wedding. Darryl helped me to achieve my goal and I looked great. Now my daughter's getting married and I know I need to start back again. I know I can trust Darryl to help me achieve my goal.


Andrew Kay Allendale NJ

Darryl is a very dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced trainer who customizes personal training to meet the individuals needs. My wife, son and I all train with Darryl and all have different training sessions to meet our goals. I have been going to Fitness forever for 7 years. The gym is kept in great condition and also available to us when we are not having our training sessions. I have been to many gyms and experienced many personal trainers but none have come close the the service I get at fitness forever. When Darryl is training you, he is focused on you and only you to ensure you are using proper technique and do not injure yourself


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It's happening right now! JOIN the boxing workout and get the T-Shirt Free


Sophia LaBell: Bent rows & Pec-Dec


Mike Pellino preacher curls


Get some


It's all about YOU come in for that Free Personal Training are you up for the challenge.


I made it he's 21 yrs today so happy birthday to my son JT.
Love ya.


Everyone enjoy


If your tried of the same old treadmill for cardio than try 1on1 boxing bulid stamia and bulid muscle.


It's that time summer I'm here to help you to achieve your goals


Trap bar deadlift putting in some work🏋🏽


The Hitt Man big Lyle Hitt


BobKat rope training train together stay together....


Eric Messino tire slams


Bapi Bikkina working on power slams


The time is now to get that body in shape or back in shape before the summer hits purchase a pesonal training package 36 session or more and get 6 session free. To all my Military brothers and sisters 10% Military Discount


The time is now to get the body in excellent shape for the summer begins purchase a Personal Training package 36 session or more get 6 Free session. To all my Military brothers and sisters 10% Military Discount


The Freeman's

Jeff & Melissa Freeman Couples training.


Boxing a great cardio workout without a doubt come in for that 30 min workout.


Fitness Forever 1on1 has team up with Joe Defranco & Jim Smith to become one of the best Personal Training Studio in Allendale, New Jersey


Fitness Forever NJ Personal Training

Thomas Titanski: Thomas came to us wanting to just be in better health, couldn't walk without a cane movement was slow well today he is doing heavy rope training ,moving alot better and walks in the studio without his cane awesome Thomas keep up the good work.


Fitness Forever NJ Personal Training

Trudy doing a awesome deadlift for a 98lbs tiny lady doing 135lbs Deadlift........

Personal Training

2100 sq feet of space Fitness Forever is designed to take our training to another level on a rubber gym floor, without the distractions of a health club or the unwanted stares.

Fitness Forever was created by Darryl & his lovely wife Maritza Thomas. Darryl is a North Carolina native and a United States Marine Corps Veteran, former professional fighter and boxing coach.

Our model is focusing on you; it's what we do BEST.

Get Motivated ... Get Invigorated ... Get Educated . . .

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Just testing leg strength 505lbs 1MR NOT BAD FOR 57yrs
Mike Pellino preacher curls
Trap bar deadlift putting in some work🏋🏽
The Hitt Man big Lyle Hitt
BobKat rope training train together stay together....
Eric Messino tire slams
Bapi Bikkina working on power slams
The Freeman's





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