Union County School of Business- Allendale Campus

Union County School of Business. Earn while you learn. Not gong to college...this school is your ticket to financial freedom. WE have business schools in every county in South Carolina.

We teach the different business models. Franchise, Basic Business and Direct Marketing. We start a business in the class allowing students to invest in the company of choice. Join us today and invest in your future.

Operating as usual

[01/19/18]   We now offer brightener toothpaste!

[01/14/18]   How many Seniors need to earn extra income?

[01/14/18]   Are you ready to learn how to start and own a retail business? Join us and we will walk you through the steps to own a real distributor of products.

[10/30/17]   Invest in lasers. Ask me how!



Today's Special: Anyone who purchases an American Flag from our website www.hygap.org for $20.00 will receive one year of classes. For every 5 people you tell about this online course we will give you the Noah's Ark Bracelet on the front page. To purchase the flag go to "Our Projects". Happy shopping and earn while you learn.


[08/21/12]   Opening soon 910 west main street ,SC. Enroll now!

[07/19/12]   Enroll now for our new class. Union, Jonesville and Gaffney. Enroll your sunday school class as a sponsor.

[06/11/12]   Most wonderful day in Allendale. Students are eager to move on into higher level information. God is great!

[06/08/12]   Good Morning America!

[04/05/12]   Success is given to you if you educate yourself. We offer such classes.

[04/05/12]   South Carolina Investment Group of Hilton Head Island. Earn a free vacation to Hilton Head when you enroll in our weekend class. Come learn how to have fun and make money.

[04/03/12]   New class for jewelry lovers. Showcase direct. Yes, you can purchase direct from the company. Learn how to purchase wholesale and save money. Purchase low and sell higher .....which is callled profit in the business world.

[04/02/12]   Thank you all for coming to the Coconuts fundraiser for Paulie. Almost $3,000 raised at last count and the activities were still going on into the morning! Bluffton you are warm and caring people.

[03/31/12]   Thank you for a great week. Wednesday night class will focus on how to save enough money from our budget to fund a investment portfolio for every family.

[03/26/12]   I want everyone to take a History lesson. Purchase an American Flag from the bookstore. $20.00 includes shipping and handling. This purchase will earn you shares of stock in America.

[03/25/12]   I want to find friends in Union who will assist in operating this campus. The tide has turned for Education in South Carolina. We are going to teach every student who will come to our class how to earn an above average income. We will work with Churches and Schools to partner with us to administer this one course that will change the lives of the students forever.

[03/25/12]   Today we focus on the subject of Real Estate. Our class project will be purchasing a house as a group investment. Anyone who contributes will earn income to pay off your personal mortage. Buy South Carolina Currency the $2.00 bill to show our strength in the community.

[03/23/12]   The money starts here. Vacation on Hilton Head Island, SC and get 10% off when using our local currency. Invest in our Gold and Silver mine and we will teach you to think and grow rich.

[02/22/12]   Join us in an investment class that will show you how to never lose any money. Our investment system is a winner everytime.

[01/02/12]   Bluffton County School of Business opens tomorrow night 7:00pm.

[11/29/11]   Extreme fundraiser Saturday @ Suite E Moss Creek Village. Come help us raise funds for Cancer Research, Animal Rescue and our troops returning from overseas. Come shop for some fantastic deals.

[11/24/11]   I would like to invite you come visit us @ Suite E located @ Moss Creek Village. Our office will be the home of the Guardian Angel Program, The Gold Mine, SCWU, Moss Creek Postal & Courier Service. We are moving in and will begin operations December 1, 2011.

[11/21/11]   We begin classes @ Suite E December 1, 2011. Join us online or register for classes @ Suite E, 1550 fording island road, Bluffton, SC 29926

[09/15/11]   Join us in our mission to help others and we will help you. Take action!

[09/08/11]   Chatham County School of Business opened last night.

[08/17/11]   Hello America! Classes will start soon to learn how to own your very own business. Showcase Jewelry Franchise is in the making as we speak......join us!

[08/03/11]   Stop by Gene's Fine Foods.......I just may be there!

[07/17/11]   Looking for Sponsors for a fundraiser. Will you help us and become a sponsor for our next fundraiser?

[07/10/11]   Purchase "The Eight Percent Solution" written by Dwayne Moody.....lives in South Carolina. Turn the IRS into a ghost town! Compare against the Fair Tax Solution.

[07/06/11]   Union you can become the economic hub of South Carolina if you would just join our team.

[06/28/11]   Freedom 101 now open.....register today. Find real freedom!

[05/27/11]   Classes resume June 1, 2012. Courses: Economics 501, Religion 2011, Political Science 101, Business Concepts 210. Register today!

[05/15/11]   Monarch friends. Join me in class! School supplies $33.00 ......complete the course priceless!

[04/12/11]   Purchase the American Flag from us and gain admission to our July 4th event.

[04/08/11]   Union South Carolina listen to me....... the upcoming course will make you rich. Formula for making big money will be revealed..... ve there!




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Allendale, SC

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We are a local Business School teaching proactive courses that actually create income in a class created store. We teach budgeting, Earning and Saving capital. Join the class for $20.00