Third Verse Guidance

Third Verse Guidance


To see young men and women dancing, jumping, and praising was an amazing sight. With the popularity of the movie God's Not Dead which grossed over sixty million dollars since its release date and resported numbers of preorders (, 2014), the Newsboys have touched many fans and made new ones like myself. The challenge is to keep the movement going and gaining momentum not losing the ground we are taking. Followed by other movies with a strong messages including When the Game Stands Tall coming in over twenty eight million dollars and Heaven is For Real which topped both movies with ninety one million dollars, it seems that hope and inspiration are needed and wanted in this nation.
Lead the Children is a new page created on the blog to help parents spend time in God's Word with your little ones. I have posted five devotions to get you started on the journey and each day introduces a Biblical hero in story language that children can relate to and get to know. Begin here and take a deeper look in the Word.
Added new pages on the blog for every stage life....coming next: tips for grandparents so click on the link and check it out! Leave a comment to let me know you stopped by. Thanks everyone I need your support to make this happen.

A page dedicated to pointing parents and caregivers to the blog in order to e Dedicated to the blog thirdverseguidance to help parents and caregivers of children understand how the brain works to control behavior and inspire growth.


Summer reading is just as important as during the school year. Even the younger children enjoy great stories so reading to them is both fun and sets the stage for literacy.

Through small steps a caregiver or teacher can influence the way a child thinks about, relates to, and builds relationship with stories and books. A good caregiver or teacher can often persuade a non-reader to like reading if done in a fun and intriguing way.


Today with the help of many experts on WebMD I will address picky eaters and tell you how I solved the problem and had toddlers that chose salad over cookies.


Check out summer fun tips for children on summer break--

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Happy Easter!


Movement improves brain functions by improving the interconnections between the two brain hemispheres. The left side of the brain controls the right side of your body, so when you move the opposite are and leg you are stimulating your brain to develop more neural pathways that ultimately help the brain function better.


Children are bombarded these days with homework, activities, and focusing on the future. I don’t know about the rest of the nation or even the rest of the state of Texas, but here in North Texas the pressure on children to plan, map out and have an idea of where they are going, not just for the moment but for life, is great. Set out to teach your children how to enjoy the day by showing them what is around them.

The Unforgiven: How College Debt Is Crushing a Generation 12/09/2014

The Unforgiven: How College Debt Is Crushing a Generation

Over 70 percent of all college graduates have incurred over $20, 000 of debt before they even begin working in their career fields With that number in 2014 and without major intervention, the numbers will continue to rise. One way to help combat that increase will be to teach children the responsibility of money and debt.


The Unforgiven: How College Debt Is Crushing a Generation When will students and recent college graduates shake off the burden of increasingly higher student debt and demand a system that serves them instead of making them servants? The amount of personal debt being accrued by college students in the nation's private and public colleges continues to rise a…


Several weeks ago I began a series based on Andy Andrew's book, The Traveler's Gift. Now I will begin with the novels, the Ultimate Gift and the Ultimate Life by Jim Stovall. While rereading the books, I discovered the twelve gifts that Jim Stovall writes about and realized that they like the principles in Andy Andrew's book provide great applications for life lessons.
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Happiness is a choice.

Social Emotional development is a domain that is included in educational programs because research proves that an emotionally well adjusted child makes better decisions and has a higher social emotional quotient. That is a measurement of a person’s ability to monitor his or her emotions, to cope with pressures and demands, and to control his or her thoughts and actions. It plays a major role in resiliency, self-control, and self-confidence.


I smiled as she walked from the room in a huff. Yes, how could I possibly understand that her biggest decision is to decide on what to wear for a few hours while gathering candy from neighbors we barely know? I picked up the Traveler’s Gift and read the next chapter. Have a decided heart, Andy Andrews writes.

What exactly is a decided heart? How do we cultivate that in our children?

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It all begins with leadership and children can be nudged to be leaders. Leaders are people of action. They make tough decisions, they act when needed, and they follow through keeping their word and commitments.


In the Traveler's Gift, author Jim Stovall writes, "I am who my friends are. I speak their language, and I wear their clothes. I share their opinions and their habits. From this moment forward, I will choose to associate with people whose lives and lifestyles I admire." One day children will choose their friends and you will want to monitor those relationships, so teaching them early how to develop friendships and relationships is important to who they become in the future. Life lessons are those they take with them and integrate into their lives.


I am going to begin a series of blogs based on teaching children how to make decisions and live by proven life principles as presented in two great books:

The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrew and The Ultimate Life by Jim Stovall. Check it Out at


Halloween is the kick off to the Holidays and most children love to dress up and be characters. Below are several tips to making the best for the holiday that children seem to enjoy.
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Believe Me - Now Playing On-Demand 10/13/2014

Believe Me - Now Playing On-Demand

Great movie with an inspiring message....Believe me a family friendly film click here fro more info.

Believe Me - Now Playing On-Demand Watch the film The New York Times calls a "Smart, Sly Comedy," starring Alex Russell with Nick Offerman, Christopher McDonald and featuring Lecrae.


We live in an uncertain world with many expectations from numerous activities to be involved in to the academic achievement that drives schoolwork and attendance. Not to mention the daily bad news exploited in the media and the chaos that swirls around the world. Healthy fears and anxiety are normal, but when those become the focus and drive children's thoughts here are some ways to combat them.


Animals have distinct characteristics that attract us to them such as antlers on a deer or a moose and the cuteness of a puppy. People have them too and yes, on the outside they either attract or detract.As a parent or caregiver, you are instrumental in providing a solid foundation for a child and to help him/her accept herself.

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Third Verse Guidance - Train Up a Child 09/12/2014

Third Verse Guidance - Train Up a Child

Third Verse Guidance - Train Up a Child


Welcome to Third Verse guidance page! Here you can snippets of information that will entice you to follow me on my blog, where you can find out all about me, read child guidance tips, see product reviews, and post questions.




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