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This is the page for Sylett Strickland, The Herban Herbalista. Here you will find information on herbal and soap classes and workshops. Sylett Strickland, The Herban Herbalista,specializies in herbs for urban environments, Sylett has over 30 years of experience using herbs for culinary and health support gathered as a fine dining chef and a two time apprentice to internationally recognized herbalist Susun W**d.


Hibiscus sabdariffa is a plant indigenous to Western Africa and comes to the Americas via the Atlantic Slave trade. It forms the basis of a red drink that is popular all over the American African diasporia. WHen I was a kid, we had red Kool-aid at all our reunions. However in Jamaica, the Hibiscus plant adapted to the similar climate as it's native land and was the taste of home enjoyed by the enslaved people of the area. Jamacians combined the hibiscus with allspice, ginger and rum for this refreshing drink. I am recreating this drink with hibiscus flowers, allspice berries and fresh ginger root in Vodka because I didn't have any rum on hand. I'll sweeten this as it is been g drunk with either a simple syrup for the masses or liquid sucralose for those with challenged pancreases like me. I think that I'll make a strong tea with more dried flowers and add a shot of my red Drank to that tea and put it over ice. I may add lime juice to it as well. Hibiscus is tart and refreshing on a hot day and may also offer support for folks dealing with heart related issues like high blood pressure.


Just popping in with a quick, affordable herb. Cornsilk. Save it from your dinner and use it to nourish bladder discomfort, mild Uti's and mild water retention.

Do you save your corn silk? 🌽
Corn is a traditional herb and harvest food of high summer, first cultivated in southern Mexico and Central America by Indigenous peoples. When shucking corn, save your corn silk, as it is a valuable medicine!
It is one of my favorite allies for the urinary tract with its soothing, cooling, diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. I use corn silk, in tea form, with uva-ursi and marshmallow, along with cranberry juice, to help urinary tract infections. It also eases general urethral irritation, as in interstitial cystitis.
It is better as a tea than a tincture as its soothing demulcent properties are not alcohol soluble. Plus, the extra fluid inherent in tea is helpful when working with urinary problems. Corn silk is safe for children.
The silk is part of corn’s female flower—the style. How often in your life can your remark “I’m drinking in-style”? Corn silk can be dried on screens or baskets. Only use the silk from organically grown corn.
If you want to learn more about homegrown herbal remedies, join us for our Online Herbal Immersion.
🌽 🌽
(Zea mays, Poaceae).
Photo © Juliet Blankespoor
*Please research any new herb and consult your health care providers for possible drug/herb contraindications and precautions before ingesting. Be sure of your identification before ingesting any plant or mushroom.


I love Dandelion.

The sacred geometry of dandelions ❤️


Drinking vinegars. Blackberry thyme and Blueberry lemon. Both in apple cider vinegar.


Tieraona Low Dog, MD

I agree with Dr Lowdog. There are far kinder ways to get energy than Monster and Red Bull.I save those for stupid long overnight drives, Which I don’t do if I can avoid it.

Ever felt your heart racing after downing an energy drink and wondered if that was a bad sign? According to new research, it just might have been. A recent study found that consuming 32 ounces of energy drink (roughly two cans of Monster or three of Red Bull) in less than an hour caused the risk of electrical disturbances in the heart to spike for up to four hours after consumption. In the study, participants who were given the energy drinks had elevated blood pressure and experienced higher QT intervals, a measurement of the time it takes the heart’s ventricles to prepare for beating. QT intervals that are either too long or too short can cause deadly heart arrhythmias. Scary stuff! I urge those who are looking for an energy boost to seek out natural alternatives to these potentially dangerous drinks. 08/21/2019

Study: W**ds are More Nutritious than Store-Bought Produce Common garden weeds are more nutritious than kale, Berkeley researchers find. Researchers from the University of California Berkeley have identified 52 edible weeds growing in abundance in the poorest neighborhoods of San Francisco, surrounded by busy roads and industrial zones. At least six of them...


I Got a delivery from Pacific Botanicals of Fresh Motherwort since she does not grow here in Dallas. I put up 6 QTs as I'm having anxiety trouble these days. I love this member of the mint family but if you handle her too roughly she bites. Soothing to the nervous system and the gut, she's a friend when you are too uptight, fraught or distressed. In CHina she is called the plant of long life. Probably because she helps you not be constipated as you age so you enjoy yourself more.


Not sure exactly plants but in the realm of funky foods. I’m aging a couple of steaks with koji rice, japanese rice inoculated with aspergillis oryxes to approximate dry aging steaks for 45 days in an aging room. Dry aged steak can run upwards of $75/# and I’ve never had a dry aged steak. These steaks were4.97/# and the koji was $12.00 for 2 #’s and I used about 2 oz, powdered. The steaks will sit for 48 hours to get funky then I’ll rinse and panfry. Let’s hope it’s good!


I’m not big on tea blends. I tend to prefer single note herb teas, but I needed a drink for mid day to late afternoon like coffee but which won’t keep me up all night like my cruel Mistress. Roasted Dandelion root, Roasted Chickory root, Roasted Carob. I need a name for it. Let me think.....


As y’all know, I’ve been under an Extraordinary amount of stress lately. I wanted to share with you one of the ways the help you gave me has helped and it might help you too. I bought a pound of ashwaganda powder to use as an adaptogen to help me deal with the stress. It’s like geinseng( don’t tell anybody i can’t spell one of the worlds most popular herb right.I have not had my cup of one of the other most popular herb) from India. Regular use seems to help the body adapt to and mitigate some of the symptoms of stress. Since i’m diabetic I can’t put it in oatmeal or bake it in muffins to eat it, so I made a Keto Fauxtmeal using a 1:1:.25 ratio of ground flax meal, chia seed and ashwaganda and boiling water stirred in to make a porridge then I added cream and sweetener to taste. This clocks in at about 4g Carb and does not raise my blood sugar very much at all. I’ve been eating this for breakfast for about a month now and I think it’s been helpful as one of several tools I’m using at this time. So thank for your support of me. I hope this might help someone.
PS. You will have the best poops of your life.


I tasted that pine vinegar I made back in Jan. It is delicious. Kevin tasted it and said Balsamicky! If you live near White Pine trees I highly recommend giving this a go. I have Yellow pines near me which are super hard to harvest because they grow about 80' up and the branches start at 40' and they are not as aromatic as white pines. Not only does this vinegar taste awesome, it has a crap ton of vitamin C and is helpful for lung congestion. Give it a go! 02/23/2019

Funky food!

New blog post is up at Get down and get funky! I love Kim chee. I first had Kim Chee at this tiny Chinese restaurant called Wah Kee in Madison WI in about 1992. It was served with my favorite meal, #51 which 02/23/2019

the herban herbalista

New Blog post at Get down and get funky! classes in herbal education and handmade soap making, DIY herbal remedies, creative handmade soap and food by the herban herbalista 02/07/2019

Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Kale and How to Use Them

You say you don't like Kale? There are many different kinds of Kale and they taste differntly from each other. My favorite is Lactino kale. Longtime health food staple kale became a trend at some point (thanks, Brooklyn), but it's stayed so popular that now it's just a fact of life. No longer destined just for juicers, it still gets the royal treatment on menus and even at home—including massages. Oh yeah. Those of us unafraid to get ...

[01/21/19]   my website is live again!!


White pine - Easy Herbal Medicine with Susun W**d

More info about Pine

Susun shows us White pine, and talks about how to identify it. It is one of the most medicinal pines. Anti cough remedy, wound healer, great source of vitami...


Here are the results of my Holiday Cheer: Infused Booze class! You too can take this class! Gather 4 or more of your friends and let's make it happen!If you are local to DFW, hit me up with a PM. If you are in DE, hit me up and we may be able to arrange something at the end of December. #theherbanherbalista


When your face is super greasy, sometimes you have to turbo-charge your Witch Hazel.


Hawthorn, Hibiscus, Vanilla and Honeycrips Apple Cordial. H/T to Rosemary de Fôret for the inspriration. 08/10/2018

Elderberry Calendula Cold and Flu Elixir - Herbal Academy

I made this and it’s pretty tasty! Elderberry is in many of our apothecaries as the go-to herb at the initial signs of the flu. Our Cold and Flu Elixir includes both elderflower and ginger. 05/04/2018

Plants 'talk to' each other through their roots

Plants are living beings. When we cut them and eat them, they die. Studies show they register pain when they are harvested. To live, we must eat life. Animal life, plant life, it's all life or potential life( grains and beans). Scientists studying corn seedlings believe that they send signals under the soil, advising each other of the proximity of other plants


Blog update for the herban herbalista -


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[04/11/18]   I've been hard at work sprucing up my website and blog. I'd love it if you gave it a look. I even have a free little eBook gift for signing up for my newsletter! Thanks for your support!


The herban herbalista is LIVE! - *||* 04/08/2018

the herban herbalista

I've revamped the website. Give a look and tell me what you think please. classes in herbal education and handmade soap making, DIY herbal remedies, creative handmade soap and food by the herban herbalista 11/09/2017

27 Sick Day Soups

Sometimes Soup is what the doctor ordered. All these can benefit from the addition of Herbal infusions, roots and medicinal mushrooms. 27 Sick Day Soups is a group of recipes collected by the editors of NYT Cooking 11/09/2017

[Herbal Rootlets]: No. 60 - Ahh-aah-CHO! Ragweed to the Rescue?! -

Many folks find a little hair of the dog that bit ya helpful. Ragweed tincture can be helpful for that Fall allergy feeling! “The Environmental Protection Agency now warns us that indoor air pollution is the nation’s number one environmental threat to health- and it’s from two to ten times worse than outdoor air pollution. A child indoors is more susceptible to spore of toxic molds growing under that plush carpet; or bact...


CCalendula tincture

This is a quick, down and dirty video showing how I make tinctures with fresh plant material. I got the calendula flowers from


Here is a picture of my Calendula infused Bastille soap. Bastille instead of Castille because it is 90% olive oil and 10% castor oil. I infused fresh calendula Blossoms in the oil for 6 weeks. This soap was made using the hot process method so it is useable now but I'm going to age it for a t least 6 months. Castille type soaps really need a long cure time.


My first class is set! DFW, you are a go!


Here is the plant I have the best relationship with. We dance together daily. This is a Guatamalan single vintage roasted to full city. I roast with a whirley pop crank popcorn popper on the stovetop. I just had a cup this morning. OOoooh Myyyyyy. 08/18/2017

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MY oils have arrived! Next I''m waiting for the lye to show up the early part of next week. I have a few more needs to be up and safely running such as a face visor shield to protect my face and eyes from lye, a few fragrances for scenting my soap, mailing tubes to act as molds for the classes, and enough money to place a down payment on a class space as I can not teach out of my home. So if you can, a donation would be super helpful and if you can't donate, a share would be wonderful! Thank you all for all of your support. ~Sylett Greetings from the Herban Herbalista!  I am a soap maker and herbalist in Dallas, Texas. I have over 30 years of experience in using herbs for food and healing, and I have been making soap for the past 17 years. During some of this time, I was also a public school teacher in the city of Dallas.... 08/11/2017

Click here to support Help Launch The Herban Herbalista organized by Sylett Strickland

I'm working hard on getting your donation gifts ready! I'm more than half way to my goal thanks to your generosity! Please keep sharing with folks you think might be supportive to help me reach my full goal! I'm getting really excited to teach my first class! Greetings from the Herban Herbalista!  I am a soap maker and herbalist in Dallas, Texas. I have over 30 years of experience in using herbs for food and healing, and I have been making soap for the past 17 years. During some of this time, I was also a public school teacher in the city of Dallas.... 08/04/2017

Click here to support Help Launch The Herban Herbalista organized by Sylett Strickland

Hello everyone! I have created a Go Fund Me page for help in getting my Soap and Herb crafting teaching business off the ground. Please take a look and, if you are so moved, a donation in any amount would be more than greatly appreciated. If you have tried my soap before this is a chance to get some as my business will be a teaching business rather than a production business. Your assistance will allow me to create my soaps and teach my skills to others. I'll also be teaching what I know about herbs for health and cooking gathered from my years as a chef and apprentice to Internationally known herbalist Susun W**d. If now is not a good time for a donation would you be so kind as to share this campaign on your page? I would be forever in your debt.
Love, Sylett. Greetings from the Herban Herbalista! I am a soap maker and herbalist in Dallas TX. I have over 30 years of experience using herbs for food and healing and have been soap making for the past 17 years. During this time I was also a public school teacher in the city of Dallas. My experience in the...

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CCalendula tincture




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