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Registration is now open for National Math Challenge. Register at


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We are looking to add Math teachers to our staff. If you know someone who may be interested, please have them contact us at [email protected] 02/20/2016

STAAR Camp for English - All Grades

STAAR Camp for English - All Grades 11/23/2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving


Kid talk: How much is a million? - Today's Parent

Now there is an answer to the famous question what is a million?

So how much is a million? "It's like four zeros. And a one!" Kids reveal their hilarious answers.


These kids are moving fast on to their next level. So excited for one of these to be graduating soon. Great job kids.


Excited to start the very first class today at Aloha Mind Math - Allen/McKinney.


That is really sweet of her.....

On family trips to India as a child, Deepika Kurup often saw kids like herself forced to drink dirty water -- as a result, at age 14, this Mighty Girl became determined to find to a way to ensure that everyone has access to safe drinking water. For an 8th grade project, the Nashua, New Hampshire teen invented a water purification system that uses a photocatalytic composite and sunlight to clean water -- an invention which earned her recognition as America's Top Young Scientist in 2012. Three years later, the now 17-year-old scientist has spent several years improving her purification system and is currently one of the finalists for the 2015 Google Science Fair!

According to Deepika, access to clean water is a global crisis; “one-ninth of the global population lacks access to clean water,” she explains “and 500,000 children die every year because of water related diseases." On the trips to India, her immigrant parents' native land, Deepika saw the struggle for clean water first hand: “[My parents] would have to boil the water before we drank it. I also saw children on the streets of India... take these little plastic bottles and they’re forced to fill it up with the dirty water they see on the street. And they’re forced to drink that water, because they don’t have another choice. And then I go back to America and I can instantly get tap water."

Her early investigations into water purification methods found that many of them were expensive and potentially hazardous. “Traditionally, to purify waste water, they use chlorine, and chlorine can create harmful byproducts,” she points out. “Also, you have to keep replenishing the chlorine, you have to keep putting chlorine into the waste water to purify it.” She wanted to invent a new way to clean water that would be both cheap and sustainable.

Deepika came up with the idea of using a photocatalyst -- a substance that reacts with water’s impurities when energized by the sun -- that also filters the water. The combination of the reaction and the filtration can remove most contaminants for a fraction of the cost of chlorine purification. She determined that her system reduces the presence of coliform bacteria by 98% immediately after filtration and by 100% within 15 minutes. Another advantage is that her catalyst is reusable: “a catalyst doesn’t get used up in the reaction,” she says. “Theoretically you can keep using my composite forever.”

Deepika’s efforts have already by widely recognized -- in addition to being named America's Top Young Scientist in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge, she was also the recipient of the 2013 President's Environmental Youth Award and the 2014 U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize, and she was named one of Forbes Magazine’s 2015 "30 Under 30 in Energy." She's also excited to meet the other finalists at next week's Google Science Fair's Finalist Ceremony -- even if it means missing a few days of classes at her new school, Harvard University, where she plans to study neurobiology. Most of all, she's looking for forward to taking her research from the lab to real life: “It’s one thing to be working in a lab, doing this, and another thing to actually deploy it and see it working in the real world. So that’s one of my steps in the future.”

To learn more about Deepika's research, you can visit her Google Science Fair project page at

If you'd like to encourage your own Mighty Girl's interest in science, we showcased our favorite science kits and toys in our blog post, "Science At Play: Top 20 Science Toys for Mighty Girls" at

For several stories to inspire your Mighty Girl's spirit of discovery -- all for ages 4 to 8 -- check out "Rosie Revere, Engineer" (,"11 Experiments That Failed" (, and "I Wonder" (

To inspire children and teens with more stories of girls and women in science -- both in fiction and real-life -- visit our "Science & Technology" section at

And, if your Mighty Girl loves to show off her love of science and technology, visit our STEM-themed t-shirt section at


Completed all levels of the Junior Program and ready to take on more challenges. Great Work Anushka. I am glad to have you as a student here at Aloha Mind Math of Allen/McKinney.


Pizza & Movie Nights with Aloha 09/26/2015

Ekal Visit - Blog about children's education

Educate entire village on $365 per year. What would your response be if I tell you that with just $1 per day an organization provides education to the the population of an entire village? I had one of the most humbling experience when I visited the Ekal school in Mashula, Maharashtra, India. Ekal is a unique concept to deliver education to…

Ratings 09/18/2015

How parents like the program? Or not!


Credit: Wolford Elementary School


Aloha Mind Math | Reading | Writing is hiring

Know of any retired teacher or substitute teacher looking for part-time work? Please share this post with them. ALOHA Mind Math of Allen/McKinney ( is looking for teachers to teach elementary students Mental Arithmetic and English Reading/Writing. An ideal candidate is one... 08/31/2015

Posts from Blog about children's education for 08/31/2015

Posts from Blog about children's education for 08/31/2015 We all have it – fear of public speaking !! But we all need it – at the checkout counter, convincing admissions counselor on why to accept us, raising a toast, asking for a job or negotiating a raise. I remember my first(real!!) public speaking engagement when I was graduating from engineering schoo…


Photos from Aloha Mind Math - Allen/McKinney, TX's post 08/18/2015

Teaching Kids Public Speaking

We all have it – fear of public speaking !! But we all need it – at the checkout counter, convincing admissions counselor on why to accept us, raising a toast, asking for a job or negotiating a raise. -

See more at: Teaching kids how to speak in public and demonstrate leadership skills.


ALOHA National Open House

National Open House on Aug 23, 24. Check for further details


Aloha Mind Math - Allen/McKinney, TX's cover photo


Olympiad 2015 pictures are here. Thanks to Anand for taking these pictures. 07/31/2015

Vikas Shyam

Posts from Blog on children's education for 07/31/2015 Posts from Aloha Mind Math of Allen/McKinney


: Remind your child to listen carefully to the instructions from the teacher and to read the
directions and each question carefully.


: 3D Animations using Alice: Programming camps by UTD at Aloha Mind Math of Allen/McKinney


: Cut your losses and let your profits run.


: Investing Tips #1: Rule of 72 - how to double your money


: In 2011, the most popular Halloween costume for pets was a pumpkin.


: You just can't stop.... I'm just glad that books are better for you!


: If the test is on a subject for which you can review (such as a spelling test), help your
child go over the material.


: BizMovie - a camp for grades 3 through grade 8 that teaches the basics of entrepreneurship and business while encouraging them to explore technology by creating their own animated movies.


: Leaping Leopards are the Reading/Writing camps where kids from KG thru Grade 6 read a book and do exercise to build vocabulary and comprehension.


: Don't invest in anything you don't understand.


: The Eighth wonder of the world - magic of compounding

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I remember writing my first code when I was 22 years old. Can't believe times has changed so much when I see kids in kin...
Aloha Mind Math on China TV



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