Allen High School UIL Academics

UIL Academics at Allen High School Basically this is to promote UIL Academics at Allen High School. UIL Academics is an event/competition in which students participate in and are able to gain knowledge from doing the various events they participate in but at the same time earn scholarships as well.

Since there are various events to choose from, when one participates they are able to learn something new that they would not have learned beforehand.

[04/01/15]   Hey guys,

Last weekend, Allen High School UIL competed at the UIL District meet at Plano Senior High School. Pending the One Act Play results, we won 1st place as a school(Sweepstakes) for the 2nd time ever and the 2nd year in a row! Here are the individual and team awards:

Jiaxin Zhang-6th place

*1st place team*
Jason Tsai-1st place
Sammy Chien-3rd place
Nathan Kim-4th place
Myra Ramdenborg-6th place

Computer Applications:
*Trinh Le-1st place
*Paola Calliguiran-2nd place
Tiphanie Bui-5th place

Current Issues:
*1st place team*
Richard Bui-1st place
Michael Gao-2nd place

Feature Writing:
Megan Shankle-4th place

Headline Writing:
Sam Rabino-4th place

Informative Speaking:
*Blake Seaman-1st place
*Catherine Chen-2nd place

Literary Criticism:
*Miriam Kaylee Stanton-3rd place
Ahn-Tho Pham-6th place

Qitong Liu-5th place
Aurnab Baidya-6th place(tied)

Number Sense:
*Wildcard team*
Nathan Kim-2nd place
Yusuf Mussa-4th place
Qitong Liu-6th place

Persuasive Speaking:
*Michael Gao-3rd place

Poetry Interpretation:
Sophie Reyes-4th place
Andrea Nguyen-6th place

Prose Interpretation:
Michael Kerns-5th place

Ready Writing:
*Nini Truong-1st place

*1st place team*
Hannah Wang-1st place
Max Wang-3rd place
Aurnab Baidya-4th place

2nd place team

Spelling and Vocabulary:
*Juhi Karnalkar-1st place
Jiwon Choi-4th place
Grace Jae-Eun Kim-5th place(tied)

* denotes automatic advancement to regionals

Congratulations to all participants and especially those who will be moving on to regionals! Keep working hard. Regionals take place April 24-26 at the University of Texas at Arlington. Good luck!


I apologize for this late notice, but district qualifiers are being held at Lowery Freshman Center by Ms. Gesh today(already finished) and tomorrow after 8th period. If you cannot make it to Lowery tomorrow, please contact your coach ASAP and I am sure arrangements can be made so you can take your test.

Good luck to all!

[02/28/15]   Hey guys,

Due to inclement weather, the TMSCA meet at Flower Mound tomorrow morning has been canceled. Please stay indoors and try not to drive if you don't have to. It's not worth it. Also, district qualifiers are coming up soon and the district meet is on March 28th, only about a month from now. Keep practicing and good luck to all trying to qualify!

[02/14/15]   Hey guys,

Tomorrow, we will be traveling to Billy Ryan High School in Denton for our 3rd overall meet and 2nd UIL-sponsored meet of the year. Please be at the front circle at AHS by 6:15 a.m.. We will be coming back around 2:30 again.
P.s. Congrats at the last meet at Argyle! Y'all took home a bunch of "memorable" trophies. Keep up the good work and good luck!

[01/24/15]   Hi guys,

I know this is very last-second, but I've been very busy this week. Tomorrow, we will be traveling to our second meet of the year at Argyle High School in Dallas. The bus ride will be long, so participants: please come to the AHS front circle by 6:00 a.m.(yes, that early), 6:15 a.m. at the latest. Guys, this is a very large meet, as 40 SCHOOLS will be competing compared to 20 at the Flower Mound meet. The test will also be a hybrid version, from what I heard, taken from the TMSCA and Hexco test makers. Study hard, and I hope to see you all tomorrow morning. Go Eagles!

[01/10/15]   Here's the update: The weather is supposed to be ok to go in the morning. See you all tomorrow!

[01/07/15]   Hey guys,

Hope you all had a wonderful break! We are having our FIRST MEET OF THE YEAR this upcoming Saturday at Flower Mound(if the weather permits). Please make sure you get your permission form in to one of the coaches ASAP and let them know which test you will be taking. The bus will be leaving at 6:30 a.m., so make sure to be at AHS around 6:15. We will be coming back around 2:30 p.m. I'm sure there will be some concerns over driving conditions based on the chance of ice Saturday morning. I will talk to the coaches and give you all an update Friday night. Until then, practice practice practice!

[11/13/14]   As you may have noticed on the announcements, the UIL Academics participants have the opportunity to travel to UT Arlington this Saturday for the annual UIL Conference in which test makers talk about the new tests. If you would like to attend, please contact any of the UIL coaches ASAP, as you will need to have a permission form filled out and signed to be able to go. If you are going, we will be leaving from the main entrance of AHS around 8:15 a.m. Saturday morning, I believe. Hope to see you there!

[11/12/14]   Attention all UIL Academics Participants:

There will be a UIL Conference this upcoming Saturday at UT Arlington in which the test makers will talk about different aspects of the new tests being made for the 2014-2015 competitions. If you would like to attend, please contact Mrs. Mehno, Mrs. Lanier, Mrs. Geshwender, Mrs. Juntenen, or any of the other coaches ASAP. You will have to turn in a signed permission slip. We will be meeting in the main entrance of AHS And leaving around 8:30 a.m. I believe. Come if you can. 03/29/2014

UIL Academic Contests / District UIL Meet Friday/Saturday, March 28-29, 2014 Allen High School

Hi guys,

The UIL District Academic Meet starts tonight and continues through tomorrow. For participants, I have attached the link to the UIL page on the AHS website. Make sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before your events to sign in and get ready. Good luck to all participants! Go Eagles!

[03/13/14]   Hi guys,

I'm very excited to announce this year's teams for the UIL District Academic Meet, which will be held on March 29th at our own Allen High School. Here are the qualified participants. For sake of time, I am not listing substitutes/alternates. Congratulations and best of luck at the meet!

Derek Patoskie
Travis Thill
Alec Vickery
Kapil Dugg

Literary Criticism-
Kaitlyn Brown
Praneeka Raman
Miriam Kaylee Stanton
Anh-Thu Pham

Calculator Applications-
Helena Wu
Yashas Manjunatha
Jason Tsai
Myra Ramdenbourg

Aurnab Baidya
Helena Wu
Yashas Manjunatha
Hannah Wang

Computer Applications-
Hannah Varghese
Viet-Quan Do
Viet-Anh Do
Trinh Le

Number Sense-
Helena Wu
Yusuf Mussa
Sammy Chien
Rubeel Akram

Computer Science-
William Lin
Robert Bobby Monaco
Adam Smith
Joel Swiatek

Ready Writing-
Kaitlyn Brown
Zane Dean
Laura Hallas

Current Issues and Events-
Richard Bui
Charles Bui
Keshav Prathivadi
Abid Abbas

Max Wang
Hannah Wang
Aurnab Baidya
Eli Riggs
Dennis Vu
Maria Alapatt

Social Studies-
Richard Bui
Charles Bui
Keshav Prathivadi
Amogh Reddy

Spelling and Vocabulary-
Juhi Karnalkar
Anne Jillian Monsanto
Grace Kim
Jiwon Choi

Informative Speaking-
Adam Lakhani
Blake Seaman
David Chaparro

Persuasive Speaking-
Hunter Stevens
Grace Zhang
Wesley Green

Poetry Interpretation-
Kristal Borjas
Sophia Reyes
Graham Houpt

Prose Interpretation-
Astrid Echegoyan
Beau Welch
Robert Kowalski

Lincoln Douglas Debate-
Lili Solis
Kristen DeGennaro
Gordan Li

News Writing-
Megan Lucas
Jason Lihuang
Laura Hallas

Editorial Writing-
Victoria Erb
Harrison Geosits
Megan Shankle

Feature Writing-
Megan Lucas
Laura Hallas
Jacob Pena

Headline Writing-
Megan Lucas
Victoria Erb
Megan Shankle

[02/07/14]   Hey guys.

Our next meet is less than 48 hours away! We will be going to Billy Ryan High School in Denton on Saturday. I hope you all have been practicing. We are leaving early in the morning and the teachers want us to be at AHS by 6:15 a.m. I understand the bus driver was late last meet, but please try to make it by this time to ease the hassle of the teachers taking attendance and help us leave the school as fast as possible. As always, good luck to all the participants! Your hard work(or last minute work, for those procrastinators out there) will pay off.


[01/17/14]   Hi guys.

This week has been a little hectic, and excruciatingly long. Anyways, up until now, I have been searching for the full results from the meet last Saturday. Unfortunately, I could not find them. Congratulations to everyone who participated! We did very well as a school and are looking forward to the next meet, which will be on February 8th at Billy Ryan High School in Denton. Keep working hard!

-The Crazy Ethiopian

[01/06/14]   Hi guys. I'm the new admin for the Allen High School UIL Academics page. I hope you all had a wonderful break! I would like to announce that we will be going to our first meet of the year on January 11, this upcoming Saturday, at Flower Mound High School. Make sure that you have signed yourself up with one of the UIL coaches if you plan on attending. There will be a bus leaving from Allen High School at 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning and coming back sometime after 2:30 p.m. Good luck to all those attending! For anyone whom this applies to: the Number Sense, Calculator, Math, and Science tests will be ranked by grade. Ribbons will be awarded to the 1st -5th place finishers in each grade.

The New Admin,
Yusuf Mussa

[05/22/13]   Hello everybody, well with the conclusion of the State Competition, I would like to take the time and thank everybody for everything that they have done for me. Even though I did not place in the top 6 it was still a great run, and I would to thank my family and friends for there support, I'd also like to thank my coaches and teammates for helping me become better, and I would also like to thank my competitors for making me have the ambition to bring out the best I have. I wish everyone else in Allen UIL the best of luck and I hope we will be able to make it to state again in the near future. I hope to hear great things from everyone.

The Admin,
Nabeel Akram

[04/22/13]   Hello everybody, just a recap of the last 2 days of the Regionals Competition which were held at Baylor University. Congratulations to everybody that moved on to the State Competition which will be held at the University of Texas at Austin between May 21st-22nd. Also congratulations to everyone who competed as well.

[03/24/13]   Hello everybody, just a recap of yesterday, Congratulations to everybody that moved on to the Regionals Competition which will be held at Baylor University in Waco between April 18th-20th. Also congratulations to everyone who competed as well, and a special thanks to those volunteers who helped in running the competition smoothly.

[03/20/13]   Greetings everybody! I hope everyone had a great spring break! Just a few quick announcements:
First off, this Saturday March 23rd is the UIL District meet, which will be held at Allen High School if you are participating this saturday I will be posting a link to the schedule please arrive at the high school 30 to 45 minutes beforehand and afterwards please stay a little bit because there will be verification of your test, it is imperative that a participant stay for this as it will happen if the participant moves on.

Second, if you are not competing and/or know some people that need volunteer hours, volunteering at the District Meet counts as NHS INTERNAL HOURS, this is a great opportunity to get those hours, as there will be many jobs needed to be done on that day. You can also volunteer on Friday the 22nd as well if you have a conflict on saturday.

Nonetheless, we hope to see everybody on Saturday and Good Luck to all those competing on Saturday! We hope we have many Allen Participants moving on to the Regionals Competition.

[02/01/13]   Hello everybody, just a quick announcement for those going to the meet on Saturday please arrive at the front of the high school at 6:15 as the bus will leave at 6:30 and we should be back around 4:00 PM. So we hope to see everyone there and good luck to everyone competing on Saturday!

[01/10/13]   Hello everybody, just a quick announcement for those going to the meet on Saturday. We need anyone who is going to please arrive there before 6:30 AM because that is when the bus will leave and we will arrive back around 4:00 PM. We hope to see everybody there and thank you!

[01/01/13]   Happy New Year everybody!

[12/28/12]   Hello everybody, just a quick announcement

attached is the meet schedule for the January 12th meet, so we hope everybody that signed up can make it and go!

That is all for now, and I hope everyone is having a great break
and Happy Holidays!

[12/16/12]   Hello everybody, just a quick announcement, if you are wanting to go to the January 12th UIL Meet at Princeton High School please contact your respective coaches by the end of this week.

Thanks and have a great weekend

Hope to see everybody there!

[10/14/12]   For all those wanting to do Number Sense this year, the link below will be the SAC Number Sense Test for this year 2012-2013 so you will be able to try it out but I have not found the answer key, but when I do, I'll post it.

This is just for pure practice.

[09/09/12]   Hello everybody, just a reminder that tomorrow the UIL Science Team will meet in F221 at 2:30 and 3:30 so we hope to see everyone there.

[09/02/12]   Hello everybody, I hope everyone's weekend is going well. Just some updates the UIL Math Team will be meeting up on Tuesday September 4th during 8th period in A214 and the UIL Science Team will start to meet up on Monday September 10th at 2:30 and 3:30 in F221. We hope to see everybody there and more updates will be soon to come.




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