Kinder Bilingüe

Kinder Bilingüe


CUSD 201 in Westmont, ILL is looking to hire a Kinder Dual Language Teacher. Inbox me for details
Bubble Map in English and Spanish. Nothing like a bilingual graphic organizer to get your students to brainstorm or describe a topic or a concept for writing, science, social studies etc. This thinking map is great visual aid for the thinking process.
Bilingual Free part part whole with open number line and ten frame to help word problem solving.
Hello 🙂 I’m a teacher and songwriter. I have a bunch of Spanish songs for kids and made PDF worksheets to go along with them. They are up for free on TPT. Please subscribe to EVT Kids on YouTube to show your support. Thanks!
Hello 🙂 I’m a teacher and songwriter. I have a bunch of Spanish songs for kids and made PDF worksheets to go along with them. They are up for free on TPT. Please subscribe to EVT Kids on YouTube to show your support. Thanks!
Buenos días.
I have a question for this community. Soy maestra de música en una escuela elemental bilingüe y no se me hace fácil encontrar libros y video libros o audio libros infantiles en español. Especially musical ones. Where do you find books for elementary? I would love to have some to share with my students as they go into summer break.

Thanks in advance,
Hi everyone,

I am studying linguistics at the University of Leipzig and for my master thesis I am comparing the language development of bilingual children on the Autism spectrum with typically developing children.

If you would like to be a part of that research question and share your knowledge, I would really appreciate if you could take 15 minutes to fill out my survey.

Here is the link for parents of a child on the Autism spectrum:

Here is the link for parents of a TD child:

Of course, all information will be treated anonymously and strictly confidential.

Thanks a lot! :)
Hi all! Can anybody recommend where I can find reading/sight word tips in English/Spanish (tips for at home- especially ideas to work on sight words at home)? I’d like to give something to the parents during open house. By the way- I’m the English Zone teacher in a Dual Language program so they’d be learning the sight words in English. Thank you! ✏️
I have been teaching bilingual Kindergarten for 10 years. This year my district is moving to Dual language Spanish-English. I will be teaching the Spanish part of the program. I am looking for short songs in Spanish to teach color, numbers and basic vocabulary. I really appreciate if any can recommend me resources to start this new adventure!
Para que sus hijos aprendan el Inglés sin olvidar el Español!!! Material Educativo!!! Aprovecha las vacaciones para que practique!!
Do you know if any bilingual sellers are participating in TpT’s #thankful4u sale? :)
Make sure you join Loving2Learn YouTube Channel, so you don’t miss all of our NEW books read aloud in English!

Bilingual resources are hard to find! Let me connect you and show you where all those resources are. You will find materials for your bilingual class and for your gifted and talented students!

Operating as usual

Photos from Kinder Bilingüe's post 07/18/2021

Thank you Alexa 💖 @bilingualscrapbook for the inspiration, I've actually never introduced myself on here, but this is perfect timing since I will be sharing a lot more of my #motherhoodjourney #raisingabilingualchild
Here are a few things about me:
▪️My name is Juliana
▪️🇨🇴I am from Bogotá, Colombia
▪️I have a 5-month-old baby 🌈👶 (after years of battling infertility and a previous loss at 5 months)#PCOS #incompetentcervix
▪️👩‍🏫I have been a bilingual/dual language teacher for 10 years
▪️English is my second language
▪️I'm an only child 👩‍👧
▪️🐶🐶 I have two dogs (Lola and Zoey)
As you can see, this profile has transformed from @kinderbilingue101 to a mami raising her bilingual baby. I hope you stick around because I will still be sharing teaching ideas and resources.
🥳Now for the fun part, what do we have in common?


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👪👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👧‍👧👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👧Father's Day will be here before you know it! We went on a search to find Spanish and bilingual books about the topic. Check our profile link to see the list. ⁣
Which one is your favorite?

#Repost @bilingual_marketplace
👪👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👧‍👧👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👧Father's Day will be here before you know it! We went on a search to find Spanish and bilingual books about the topic. Check our profile link to see the list. ⁣
Which one is your favorite?

Photos from Kinder Bilingüe's post 05/27/2021

The Mother's Day present 🎁 I got myself from @hurraheroes !
I was originally looking for a👨‍🦱 Father's Day gift and then I saw that @hoorayheroes not only had a 💐Mother's Day💐 version but that was also available in 🇪🇸Spanish!

I love that you can personalize the characters and choose different stories 🙌

Photos from Kinder Bilingüe's post 04/30/2021

These are the books 📚 we are reading for 💐🤱Mother's Day ❤💐 if you are able to find these gems 💎 I highly recommend them 😊
If you can't though, there's a 16 book list 💐📚 here @bilingual_marketplace
🤔What books are you reading to your class/kids?
#childrenbooks #mothersdaybooks #mothersday #mommydiaries

Photos from Kinder Bilingüe's post 01/23/2021

It starts at home 🏡 building my little one's library with books 📚 like these. Which other one do you recommend?


So in love 😍 with books like these that have BIPOC main characters, talk about STEM AND that are bilingual! @mijabooks thank you for creating this collection @ruthspiro for writing ✍📚 and @cenerie for illustrating 🖌🎨!
#babylovesbooks #bilingualbooks #buildingabilinguallibrary


The conference starts on Saturday woo hoo! If you don't have time to watch the sessions this weekend, but still want to know what's working other bilingual teachers' classrooms you can still have access to all the videos if you get the code CYBER10 link on profile


Already building my little one's library with Spanish and bilingual books 📚 These were all created by 🇨🇴 Colombian artists 🎨 @raeioul 🥰 and they are soo cute! #raeioul #spanishbookstagram #medellincolombia💛💙❤️


Indeed it has been a rollercoaster 🎢 kind of week! #Repost @bilingual_marketplace
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¡Maestrxs!  👩‍🏫👨‍🏫First, we want to thank you for all your support💙.  We know that times are tough and this week, especially, has been very stressful🗳🇺🇸. Anyone else feeling nervous and overwhelmed😬? We understand🙋‍♀️. That is why we have decided to extend the early bird prices until Sunday, November 8th😘! To learn more about the conference, speakers and schedule, click the link in bio or visit Swipe left to see both ticket options.
We're so excited for you to join us, and we can't wait to see you (virtually) 💻on December 5th-6th! What session are you excited about?? Comment below!

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What a great day to learn more about #nativeamericantribes and celebrate #nativeamericanart and #nativeamericanculture #america #americanindianmovement #usa
May this day open our minds and awaken us to fight for freedom and equality for ALL!


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¡Maestrxs! Many of you have been asking for more details about this year's Bilingual Teacher (Virtual) Conference, so here you go! Since this year's conference is going virtual, you have two ticket options to choose from. Both ticket options will give you access to the sessions, but only one will get you that cool teacher t-shirt (and many more surprises)!
Keep swiping to see our awesome sessions. Register and purchase your ticket today by going to Link in bio.
Bilingual and dual language teachers - we wanted to do something special for you! Which session are you most excited about? Comment below!
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🤯Oh what? Only 22 years ago?😳 A class picture when we were in fifth grade 🤭
Repost from @sebastian_calderon_dctrading
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Hágame el favor esta foto que monto @fercho8691 que buenos recuerdos.... De ayer 😬😲


I really enjoyed this and I'm already singing it! Thank you Christina and Andrés 😍

#Repost @123conandres
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How many “departamentos”(equivalent to states) are there in Colombia? Children in the US learn the 50 states with a fun song and Christina and I decided to produce this one. Tag a Colombian you think would enjoy this!!! 🇨🇴 #colombianteacher #maestros #bilingualteachers #duallanguageteacher #profesoresdeprimaria


Takeaways from today's discussion from a 🥼pediatric psychologist @dr.annlouise.lockhart a 🚑health care professional (Anthony Alibocas) and an 🚸educator @imaginedcoach

*👶Children are not color blind, they recognize differences at 6 months old AND at 3-4 years old they attribute good or bad characteristics based on what they have learned from parents.

*Saying or reading books with the message “We are all the same” is simply not true, although the idea is nice, but we all look different, speak different languages, have different customs, thoughts, come from different backgrounds,etc..
That’s why representation in books is extremely important. Our students and their diversity need to be represented and celebrated.
Even more useful info.....
White privilege doesn’t mean you haven’t experienced bad things in your life, it means that all those bad experiences were not based on your skin color.

How can I help:
*Its not enough to say I support the cause and stay silent (like posting a black square but not learning how you can help), you have to be anti-racist to make a positive change, take a stand and model that to your children.
*Being able to listen without being defensive

#igeducators #bilingualteachers


Timeline Photos


Today was the last day of school for students 😭and they had the opportunity to drop their library books 📚in the buckets placed by the curbside.
This was the first I've seen my students face to face and they were so shy 🤣 probably in shock it's been that long!
Take a look at the letter my student wrote me 🤣😍 so adorable! I was not expecting them to bring anything 💝🎁 #bilingualteachers #duallanguageteachers #kindertecahers #kinderbilingue #schoolclosed #lastdayofschool


This is the Spanish poem created by Jorja from @jorjasduallanguageclassroom
I used this one for the graduation video and the English one is here

You can grab this free poem at

#spanishpoems #duallanguageteachers #kinderbilingue


We just finished our virtual 👩‍💻 kindergarten graduation 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓and this is the poem we used for our award video.It was written by the best 1st year teacher I've ever met and my mentee this year 💖👩‍🏫 although it wasn't conventional at all, we put a lot of thought into making it special 😍 #kindergraduation #kinderteacher #teachersofig #lastweekofschool #elementaryteacher


🙂Today, to celebrate 🌍 day, I was able to show my #kindergarten students all of my plants and the green house we are building 👷‍♂️🚧👷‍♀️.
We played a guessing game with the different fruit trees I have (peach, guava, lemon,lime, blueberries, blackberries). We talked about the three R's (reduce, 📦reuse and ♻️recycle) and 🎼sang and danced 🕺

This is what teaching from home looks like 🤷🏽‍♀️ it doesn't replace being together, but we are making it work.
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🕝Just in time.... Our new #bilingualbooklist is all about MLK Jr. Link in bio or
We found 📚 Spanish🇪🇸 and English🇺🇸 books plus activities for the #bilingualclassroom #bilingualmarketplace #socialstudies #estudiossociales


🎆What did you do with all those New Year's decorations? 🎆 I asked my friend @viryaneang if I could take them to my class. I plan to celebrate the new decade with fun props🎉🥳 when they come back this Wednesday, and after, they will be placed in the treasure chest 🏆#bilingualteachers #elementaryteacher #newyear #classroomdecor #kindergarten #bilingualkindergarten #teachersofinstagram #teachersofig


📚 I pre-ordered this book on amazon back in September because I wanted to have it in my future child's library👶 and also share with my kinder students 🧒👧
👶Now that it is becoming a reality and knowing I'm expecting a little 🎀 girl🎀 it makes it even more meaningful.
I want my child to grow up with strong, bold and brave role models like the women portrayed in this book 🙏thank you @naibereynoso @contodopress for bringing this book to reality. P.S. You are also a role model 💖

#contodopress #earlyreaders #bilingualbooks #latinamoms #teachersofinstagram #duallanguageteacher #bilingualteachers #duallanguagerocks #bilingualteacher #bilingualresources


🤰I finally entered the second trimester often called the "honeymoon" stage but Phew! 😅 The first trimester was rough! Preparing for my 3rd trimester, I need tips #teachermoms! How do you do it? 🤷🏽‍♀️ #teachermom
#latinamoms #bilingualteachers

Thank you Valeria from @thespanglishmaestra for creating a video series on YouTube ❤


Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris


🌱🦋🐛 We read this bilingual book last week and my students loved to learn about their migration and epic journey! We will be revisiting this book in May when we actually get monarchs in our classroom!
I loved that the author, @mistergsongs added tips to solve the problem of the monarch population declining at the end!🌱🦋🐛 #bilingualbooks #monarchbutterfly #teachersofinstagram #duallanguageteacher #bilingualteachers 09/19/2019

Spanish/Bilingual Books about Hispanic Heritage Month

What 📖books are you reading this month? 🌍 Books that celebrate and educate about our Hispanic culture.


💖📕What I really like about this book (besides the fact that it is also available in Spanish 🥳) is the fact that students realize that even if they made one bad choice, it doesn't determine how their whole day💥would end. All throughout the day, they have the #powertochoose
My kinder students loved this book! Thank you @whatshoulddannydo for giving me the chance to review your book.
🥳You can get a copy of this book on amazon and preorder the Spanish version🥳.

TIP: If you already have this book, I randomly select a student to wear the cape that day to remind them of their power. You can do this everyday(or weekly) with a different student.
#whatshoulddannydo #quedeberiahacerdani #readersareleaders #bilingualteachers #duallanguagerocks #bilingualeducation #targetteachers #teacherblogger #igteacher #teachersofinstagram


#Repost Thank you 💖 @bilingualdiaries 💖for starting this! 🙋🏽‍♀️ I admit it, this is me
too! It is hard to implement a new curriculum as you go. I am learning everyday, baby steps! If you are on the same ⛴, use the #hmhideas

Make sure you use the alfaamigos song to introduce the letters under "Tarjetas de aprendizaje" on the on the hmh website. The 2min (sometimes less) songs are great! I wished they also had a video.
• • • • • •
Struggling with this new curriculum?! Yeah, so is EVERY teacher I know (myself included)😩. It doesn’t matter if you teach 1st grade or you’re a monolingual teacher, we ALL feel it.
Soooo let’s struggle through it together! If you think of a way to organize materials, your time or these centers, let’s share it using the #hmhideas hashtag!
Here’s what I have so far: I have 2 classes, so I’ve color coded each class and put all my Spanish materials on one side and all my English on the other. This has allowed me to switch languages in the middle of the week with greater ease and leave room in their desks for their journals! Baby steps y’all, we’ll get there.🙏🏽💙


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We know, we know......😊It's not 🍂fall🍂 yet, but we couldn't wait. Check out our latest booklist(on our website) and stay tuned for the Hispanic Heritage Month blog post this week. #spanishbooks #booklist #bilingualbooks #bilingualteachers #duallanguageteachers 09/07/2019

15 Spanish/Bilingual Books about Fall

Fall starts in 14 days but who is counting.... Here is a booklist to get you started. Books about fall in Spanish


Went to the hospital today to visit my little nephew after school. The whole hospital is filled with quotes like this 🥰 train tracks, entertainment cents for the kids and more. It is not fun to see your little nephew here 😞but this hospital makes it a bit better by how it is designed so kids forget for at least a moment that they are sick. 08/26/2019

15 Spanish Books for Back to School (K-2 edition)

I noticed this was a recurring question... If you are looking for back to school books in Spanish (less than $15) here is a list for you: A great Spanish book list for the beginning of the school year!


Got the cutest gift🥰🐕 from a friend today! I don't know why buying a door stoppers is always on my list and I always forget 🤦‍♀️ #doorstopper #classroomdecor


New school book study. Have you read this book? I will be starting it soon. #bookstudy #teachersofig #differentiatedinstruction


Porch Party aka Meet the Teacher success! I met my new students their parents and answered a lot of questions about kinder 💖😊 #kinderbilingue #bilingualmaestrosfollowup #teachertired😴💤

Kinder Bilingue’s Story

Hello friends!

My name is Juliana Suarez. I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I enrolled in a class called "Elementary Teaching Internship" my junior year in high school.

I observed an amazing bilingual kindergarten classroom (and teacher) and 4 years later, I finally had my own kinder classroom. I will begin my seventh year as a bilingual teacher for gifted and talented students this upcoming fall.

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I really enjoyed this and I'm already singing it! Thank you Christina and Andrés 😍#Repost @123conandres• • • • • •How ma...
I'm ready to 🥳celebrate an 🐤early ❤Valentine's Day❤ with my sweet friends 🇨🇴 @brittania_carolynia @viryaneang @paovero07...
Reading time with Anaida Colon Muniz, The First Day of School  Bilingual Marketplace
#CABE2018 Dolores Huerta
Intro + Bilingual Marketplace
✏Libritos del abecedario para practicar 99 palabras frecuentes😍
I’m thankful for you, teachers! Thank you for your hard work and the impact you make in your students’ lives. Now let th...
Morning work routine in Spanish
#Repost @meliblancopr with @repostapp・・・Buscando la mejor manera de ayudar llegamos a la conclusión que queremos hacerlo...




Allen, TX
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PTA Mission - To make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. Kerr PTA Mission - Reaching out, communicating effectively and embracing diversity to build community at Kerr.

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Founded in 1997, Campus Visit Experts is the leading provider of college campus visits in the U.S. and an authority on college preparation.

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Our purpose is to encourage, equip and engage the gifts of each student, enabling them to become musically capable and spiritually mature in their calling

Brain Balance of Allen Brain Balance of Allen
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We are an after school program that helps children with learning, behavioral and/or social struggles by stimulating the weaker hemisphere of their brain.

VisorCraft VisorCraft
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VisorCraft offers e-learning courses for students, teachers and anyone interested in figuring out how websites work.

Spanish classes with Mrs. Hall Spanish classes with Mrs. Hall

¡Bienvenidos! I am Claudia and I help kids to learn Spanish! Virtual Spanish Lessons I bring Spanish Lessons to your school, daycare or homeschool group. I am a certified Bilingual Teacher and native Spanish Speaker.

Send Hope Send Hope
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Send Hope supports and assists over 1,500 children in the remote area of La Mosquitia through the House of Hope children’s home and Katrina Engle Nourishment Program.

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Allen Gifted is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to supporting gifted and talented education in Allen, Texas.