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Loved your social distancing photo for the paleo society! Hope you guys are well!
You don't have to be a kid to enjoy this tour. Thanks, Dinosaur Company! We had a ball.
Do you guys have an animatronic exhibit with a speaker or video presentation you could present at the Allen Public Library? It would be a free event in a 300 seat auditorium.
The dinosaur tour was great! Very educational and interesting, and all of my group (ages 4 to 48) enjoyed it immensely. Lauren Billings is a fantastic tour guide and she really knows her stuff. I recommend it to anyone and everyone who is looking for something different to do.
We just took the extremely educational factory tour Billings Production has recently started to offer . The owner and staff are amazing! Loved the detailed description Lauren gave us about each step of the animatronic process. My kids were awestruck and mesmerized by each of the large collection of dinos and bugs the facility houses. What an enlightening experience learning about the fascinating world of animatronics. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!
Had a great tour of behind the scenes of production of animatronic dinosaurs at Billings Productions!
Brilliant work. Are you responsible for all of the giant insects at the San Antonio Zoo? Let me know if you'd ever like to come on my podcast show and talk about your work.

The Dinosaur Company is a world leader in the design and development of animatronic exhibits for zoos, museums, and theme parks.

Operating as usual

The #WhatIsItWednesday answer is here: red-tailed bumblebee!

Did you know that they actually have five eyes? They have two large eyes and three smaller ocelli eyes on top of it's head, like those in yesterday's picture.

Our Instagram winners were @dino_keeper_aiden and @chandlerisagurl, and our Facebook winner was Diana Bistran. Great job!! 🏅🏅🏅

🎶It's the mooooost wonderful tiiiiiime of the week🎶

It's #WhatIsItWednesday, of course! Here's how it works: try to guess which dinosaur 🦕, bug🐛, or ancient predator 🐊 is in this image before I post the answer tomorrow!

You can guess as many times as you want, but please only guess once per post. Winners get a shout-out and shiny medal emoji🏅!

Do you love compys as much as I do?

Here you can see a group of our ferocious compsognathus before they have been painted and a group after. These are some of the smallest animatronics we make here at The Dinosaur Company. Because they are so small, we are able to have a whole herd attached to one programmed brain, so they act as a pack. They are so adorable when they hiss in harmony!! 😭

Thank you to all the workers at The Dinosaur Company and across America!
We hope everyone has a happy Labor Day!

"Dinosaurs Live!" is officially open at the Heard! The weather is finally getting to be perfect for dinosaur-watching, don't ya think?! Their trails are super nice already, and they are even better with roaring dinosaurs peppered across the scenic view (in my totally biased opinion)!

Go check them out!

Buy tickets here:

It's #NationalWildlifeDay! This day is really important to us because wildlife conservation is an issue close to our hearts. As human domain has expanded, many natural habitats have been damaged or destroyed, resulting in the extinction or precarious status of many species.

Zoos are often leaders in research, advocacy, and education surrounding conservation efforts. We created our Giant Bugs collection to inspire a love of insects and arachnids in those who see their beautiful details at zoos across the world. All we can hope for as a company is to make the world a better place for both people and those we share this planet with.

Support your local zoos! They miss you ❤️.


Our #WhatIsItWednesday picture was a terror bird knee! Maybe I was a little too tricksy with this one 😂.

Terror birds are an extinct grouping of large, flightless birds that lived during the Cenozoic Era (it's estimated they lived from 62 to 1.8 million years ago). These huge predators were likely very fast runners and could take down prey with their sharp beaks and talons.

We had one winner this week from instagram: @dino_keeper_aiden! Great job! This was a hard one. 🏅

It's #WhatIsItWednesday!!

Here's how it works: guess which dinosaur 🦖, bug 🕷️, or ancient predator 🦈 is featured in this picture before I post the results tomorrow. You can guess as many times as you'd like, but please only one guess per post.

Winners get a shout-out and luminous medal emoji🏅!

🎉 The sign is up! 🎉

#shopallentx #shoplocal

It's #MerchMonday! Today, we want to spotlight this cool activity book: Build your Own Dinosaurs Sticker Book.

Learn about dinosaurs from the inside out with bright stickers and awesome illustrations. Great for new dino fans and those looking for a fun activity for young learners.


#shopallentx #shoplocal

For this week’s #WhatIsItWednesday reveal: it wasn’t grandpa, it was the Protohadros!

This beauty is a Texas native! She was discovered in Flower Mound and is named for being the “first hadrosaur” since the head that was found is the oldest known hadrosaur.

Our winners this week on Instagram were: @dino_keeper_aiden and @jnr.animat.dinos

For facebook....I guess we stumped y’all good! Good job, everyone! 🏅🏅🏅

Today is National Women's Equality Day! 🥳

It was 100 years ago the US Constitution adopted the 19th Amendment, which prohibits denying the right to vote to US citizens on the basis of sex. 🗳

Today, we women at BPI celebrate our accomplishments and work to inspire others. Billings Productions, Inc. (aka The Dinosaur Company🦖) is a female-owned business that builds life-size Dinosaur animatronics that travel all over the globe. We partner with others to create exhibits to spread awareness about conservation and to inspire people to delve into STEAM subjects.

Our new building is Sandra Billings's dream come to fruition! Her dream began when she and her husband founded the company 16 years ago, and it has grown to amazing heights since then. The building will be completed soon, and we will start taking small private tour groups this fall. We are so excited to show you what this woman has accomplished. 👩‍💼⭐️

#NationalWomensEqualityDay #STEAM #WomenOwnedBusiness #shopallentx

It's #WhatIsItWednesday! Lauren always encourages me in my quest to post gross pictures, so here it is!

How it works: you try to guess which dinosaur🦕, bug🦂, or ancient predator🐊 this is a picture of before I post the results tomorrow. You can guess as many times as you want, but please only guess one critter at a time.

Winners get a shout-out and shiny medal emoji!🏅

The Dinosaur Company's cover photo

The dinos have arrived at the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary! Make sure you check them out starting September 5th!

Tea candles? More like BEE candles! For today's #MerchMonday, we want to highlight these adorable bee tea candles. 🐝💛

These are perfect if you love bees... and I guess they are also perfect if you hate bees because you can burn them. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

Link to bee candles in our shop:

#shoplocal #shopallentx

Today we delivered a batch of dinosaurs to the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary! Their Dinosaurs Live! exhibit will open to the public on September 5th, so be sure to check it out if you can!

The results for this week's #WhatIsItWednesday is the elaphrosaurus!

This theropod lived during the Jurassic Period in what is now Tanzania. There seems to be some debate about whether this dino was an herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore, which is pretty interesting!

Our winners this week on Instagram were @jnr.animat.dinos, @dino_keeper_aiden, and @chandlerisagurl. Great job, y'all! 🏅🏅🏅

It's #WhatIsItWednesday!! 🙌

Here's how you play: guess which dinosaur🦖, insect 🦗, or ancient predator 🐍, is featured in this picture before I post the answer tomorrow. You can guess as many times as you like, but please only one guess at a time. Winners get a shout-out and shiny medal emoji 🎖️!

Hop to it! ⬇️


Need a relaxing activity? For today's #MerchMonday, we want to shine a spotlight on Pinch Me Therapy Dough. This squishy compound is designed to channel relief through the senses of touch, smell, and sight.

They have nothing to do with dinos or bugs, but we just love these so much that we had to have them in our shop.

Link to shop:

#shoplocal #shopallentx

Our winning band name was....

🦖The Eatles!🦖

Thank you @touchmybode on Instagram for the clever submission!

Our album title is Century Parkway (named for our new location), and our hits include "Here's Comes the Meteor," "Fossil Digby," "I am the Suchomimus," and "I Want to Hold Your Claw." Any other songs we missed? I'm here for the puns 🤣.

Covering a Utahraptor in hair and feathers is A LOT of work, but luckily we have Cassie!

She spent a ton of time crawling all over this giant dino to make sure it looks perfect for its upcoming show, and I think she absolutely nailed it. Here she is posing with her work!

Great job with yesterday's #WhatIsItWednesday, dino sleuths! The answer was chasmosaurus!

The chasmosaurus is so named for the large openings (chasms) in its frill. This ceratopsid dinosaur was an herbivore that lived in the late Cretaceous period over 70 million years ago.

Our winner on Facebook this week was Cassandra Austin, and our Insta winners were @dino_keeper_aiden, @jnr.animat.dinos, and @chandlerisagurl. Awesome!🏅🏅🏅🏅

Good morning! It's #WhatIsItWednesday!

Here's how to play: try to guess which dinosaur🦖, giant bug🐝, or ancient predator🦈 is pictured in this photo before I post the answer tomorrow. You get as many guesses as you like, but please only guess one critter at a time.

Winners get a shout-out and shiny medal emoji 🎖️. Go for it!!

Newly painted coelos lookin' fresh!

For this #MerchMonday, we are having a caption contest!

➡️What's the name of our band?

You have until Friday to submit your suggestions, and the winning result will be featured on our social media!

🐱It's #InternationalCatDay 🐱!! We have our very own kitty cat: the smilodon, which is also known as the saber-toothed tiger.

The remains of this ancient predator have been found across the Americas. It is estimated the smilodon went extinct about 10,000 years ago!

In honor of International Cat Day, what is your favorite language to say "meow" in? I like French: miaou!

You asked for masks, and we heard you!

We now have super fun washable and reusable masks on sale in our online store. We have both youth and adult sizes available, so check them out!

Shop apparel:

#shopallentx #shoplocal #shopsafe

**EDIT 8/7 9:06 PM- so, we just learned it's tax free weekend. Our system is limited on settings to automate this so if you make a purchase online for shipping or pick up, your sales tax for the item will be refunded. Sorry about the inconvenience. (Masks, shirts, hoodies, and socks qualify for tax-free weekend)

These cloth masks are non-medical grade, and we always recommending following CDC guidelines.

Our answer for yesterday's #WhatIsItWednesday is.... the stegosaurus! This is one of our few animatronics with the inner workings visible for education purposes.

The stegosaurus is one of the most iconic dinosaurs, which is famous for its plates along its back. It is thought that these plates were used for both display and thermoregulatory functions.

Our winner from Facebook this week was Cassandra Austin, and our Instagram winners were @dino_keeper_aiden and @chandlerisagurl! Great job, dino experts! 🏅🏅🏅

Our dino-sized moving sale is about to end! All our physical merch is currently on sale for at least 40% off, so snag those deals before they go extinct after tomorrow!

#shopallentx #shoplocal

It's Wednesday, so you know what that means: #WhatIsItWednesday!

Guess which dinosaur, insect, or ancient predator is displayed in this picture before I post the results tomorrow to win a shout-out and this beautiful medal emoji 🎖️! You can guess as many times as you want, but please only one guess at a time.

Go for it! ⬇️⬇️

If you can't beat the megalodon, become the megalodon. 😷🦈

It's #MerchMonday, and today we present you with socks!

We've got dino socks, bug socks, and even megalodon socks! We have lots of colors, and they are all super comfy! I got three pairs for myself!🤩

They are still currently on sale, so grab them before they are all sold out!

Link to shop:

#shopallentx #shoplocal

Come take a behind-the-scenes tour!

For the past 16 years, The Dinosaur Company has been partnering with zoos, museums, and other educational organizations to host animatronic exhibits for the public. We work with themes of conservation and educated our audience about the prehistoric. We do what we do to inspire. Starting June 1st, 2019, we begin our journey to become a more community-inclusive company. Our partnerships have helped us become who we are today, and we want the opportunity to share our passion with you.

Our standard tour is available by appointment on Saturdays and Sundays. We host tours every hour for a group of up to 10 people. You can book yourself and/or your group online here:

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#search4CecetheDino: Waiting for Cece
Curbside Dinosaurs!
Dino Storytime: I'm A Dirty Dinosaur





1277 Andrews Pkwy
Allen, TX

General information

At Billings Productions, our aim is to encourage discovery and create awareness of prehistoric life in both young and old by making learning fun and entertaining. Zoos are the Company's biggest clients as temporary dinosaur exhibits nationwide are increasing visitor numbers and complementing the zoos' permanent animal exhibits. Dinosaur exhibits provides zoos with a vivid way to discuss the need for conservation of the world's wildlife and they do so by creating a fun and educational environment for the whole family. We firmly believe that if our clients succeed, we succeed. We are therefore committed to working closely with each client to understand their needs so as to deliver products to meet their objective. Beyond technical improvements, we are constantly finding new ways to create and maintain interest in the prehistoric past by building new dinosaurs and incorporating exciting ideas to help our clients make each new show better than their last.

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 16:30
Tuesday 08:00 - 16:30
Wednesday 08:00 - 16:30
Thursday 08:00 - 16:30
Friday 08:00 - 16:30
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