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❤️GRABBIE, GRABBIE! 🧡 Download my Acts of Self-Love cheat sheet, a holistic mental health care model based on years of research. 💛 These Acts of Self-Love promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. These acts are super simple, trustworthy, and some of them you’re already doing. 💚 We all need these NOW more than ever! 💙 It’s time to put some structure and intention to the easiest healthcare model you’ve ever come across using just eight foundational ways to promote your health and well-being. 💜 GRABBIE: https://www.ichoosechange.com/actsoflove/
❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 My weekends fill up quickly with couple's intensives, so it's hard to book these last minute. Summer availability is now on my website! Also, I'm giving $100 off to couples who allow me to video their session for training purposes. Schedule now and forward this to your friends in need! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Our mission is to help the entire family thrive in their home, work, and in all relationships, either in-office or Telehealth services. Schedule online at www.ichoosechange.com.

Visit our self-help page at www.myselflovetools.com Making mental health normal. Practical counseling and life coaching from counselors who are in the trenches. Kick chronic dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and general distaste for life to the curb.

Even the world’s greatest families confront bouts of depression, anxiety, chronic frustration and/or disappointment in their lives. Not fun, but completely normal. So is needing a little help along the way to navigate out of the funk. It’s GETTING the help that’s crucial.

Mission: We are Allen based counseling associates helping adults, couples, teens, and children around the country through face-to-face and online counseling.

Operating as usual

Many people come to I Choose Change feeling confused, overwhelmed, frustrated. They feel depressed, anxious, foggy, unmotivated, and low energy.

But, I believe you have a right to feel good. You are beautiful, inside and out. EVERY HUMAN DESERVES TO HAVE ACCESS TO GOOD MENTAL HEALTH CARE! That's why I create the Self Love Tools Model (SLT Model).

This month, I'm encouraging you to:

1. Register for the Self Love Virtual Meetup on October 27th.
2. Download the "How to Get a Good Night's Sleep" cheat sheet here: https://bit.ly/30nQblA
3. Outfit your bedroom with all the best sleep things so you can feel OOOoooohhh so good!
4. Track how your body feels with the Self Love Daily Tracker (it's in the download).

Every human is made to sleep after a long day's work of hunting and gathering they can thrive. So, take on the day and.... go take a nap!

P.S. Download that freebie now, and you'll also be registered for this month's Self Love Virtual Meetup on Tuesday, October 27th, at 6pm CST! And guess what - I'm feeling like Oprah this month, so I'm giving away a FREEEEEE pair of PJs to one person who registers. It could be you, so register now! 👏 (Did I mention I want you to WEAR YOUR PJs to this month's meetup? Oh yeah, it's totally a requirement!)

📷 @MattWiebe2

Happy October! 🎃

Say Hello to Denise! 🌻

The world today is ever changing. These changes can be overwhelming, confusing, and cause anxiety. You are not alone! Denise Martinez is here to walk through these changing times with you! With a supportive, but direct approach to counseling, Denise provides welcoming, non judgmental guidance to help you find your way again. Working with the whole family, including adults, teens, couples, and parents, Denise serves as a helpful hand, a navigator, and a supporter. Do you need help getting back on track? Let Denise help you manage your emotions while maneuvering the rollercoasters of life!

Check out the Q&A we did with Denise!

❔ How did you know being a therapist was for you?

🍂 It honestly took some time for me to know. I think it's important for people to know that it's ok if you don't exactly know what career path to take. Through different jobs, life experience and time, I finally found the career that I was excited to wake up for in the morning. I think that is when you know you've found the thing you will excel in. I love that I've met some wonderful people along the way that I may not have ever met.

❔ What do you find rewarding about your niche/career?

🍂The most rewarding part of my career is being able to guide people through so many different stages of life. This can be challenging at times, but so rewarding. It's amazing to see a young teen feel accepted, or a young adult find their place in this world, or help an adult through life or career challenges.

❔ What do you do to wind down, for “you time”, to clear your head, etc?

🍂 I enjoy being outside, not necessarily in this Texas heat though. :) I love to take walks, do yoga, and clean my house...this is actually very therapeutic for me.

❔ Name a book you would recommend to a friend.
"The Happiness Advantage: How a Positive Brain Fuels Success in Work and Life" by Shawn Achor.

Interested in learning more about Denise? Take a look at her bio on the I Choose Change Website! https://bit.ly/36m3aI7

Check back with us on Monday, 10/5, to meet another one of our amazing counselors! 🍁

October's newsletters are all about sleep! Quality sleep is at the start and finish of a good day, and the foundation for all the other Self Love Tools in your life.

Click here to subscribe: https://bitly.com/3grskYc

All this month we've been focusing on the 8th Component of Good Mental Health:
Enrich Your Body with Nourishing Food
Food + Mood has an intimate connection.
The only way to know if food affects you is you're tuning into how you feel when you eat. I hope you've spent some time using your Food + Mood Tracker this month.
Get more tracking tools, planners, and freebies at the My Self Love Tools website:
Up next month: Getting Good Sleep! It's the 1 st Self Love Component! Stay tuned...

Tonight we're talking mood and food!
And...answering all your burning mental health and self love questions. You've got questions, we've got answers! I think it is entirely possible to DIY your mental health. You just need a little guidance.

I have two guests that will be on this Virtual Meetup:

Emily Weeks, RDN, LD is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor based in Dallas, Texas. Emily believes the path to a nourished, happy life is to develop a healthy relationship with food, our minds, and our bodies.


Barbara, "Bee", who is the Vice President of Health & Wellness for First United Bank by day and a passionate Health + Nutrition Coach by night. She specializes in helping women increase their confidence + decrease inflammation by finding healthy habits that make sense in their life.

Btw, did you download the Food + Mood cheat sheet and log I sent you? If not, you'll get it when you register for this class. Can't wait to see you there!

Meet Brandie! 🌹

Being able to be yourself, truly transparent, with another person can be a release! Brandie Sellars allows you to break free from the fear of judgement and allows you to open up about your feelings, thoughts, and challenges. Being able to express yourself, in ways you don’t think others will understand, allows you to reconnect with yourself and gives you the boost of confidence you need to walk taller. Brandie opens up about her own obstacles that not only made her a stronger person, but allowed her to use that strong, supportive force to help others. With sessions being focused on you, Brandie tailors her counseling using a variety of techniques ranging from meditation to art therapy!

Check out the Q&A we did with Brandie!

❔ How did you know being a therapist was for you?

🍂 I almost went to grad school to become a therapist in 2007, but the timing wasn't right with my kids. In 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through a lot of treatment. For a few years after, I was not sure I would live very long. Then, after a few years, I realized I was going to keep living, and that I needed my life to have meaning. So, at age 43, I applied to SMU to get an MS in Counseling. I have loved every minute of my job as a counselor.

❔ What do you find rewarding about your niche/career?

🍂 One of my favorite parts of being a counselor is that I have the honor of sitting with people who are in the depths of suffering and not waver. I can talk about sex, death, sickness, trauma, and all the taboo things which many people do not feel comfortable discussing, but which are part of our experience of being human. I love helping others discover the obstacles to joy in their lives and find ways to create more ease. I am eclectic with my approach to counseling, because I am eclectic as a person. I use EMDR, meditation, art therapy, narrative therapy, and other techniques with my clients.

❔ What do you do to wind down, for “you time”, to clear your head, etc?

🍂 To wind down, I hang out with my sons, who are 13 and 17. My daughter is away at college, so we send silly selfies and gifs to stay in contact. I also love cooking, binge watching Netflix (currently finishing the final season of ER), and in non-covid times I love eating on restaurant patios and traveling.

❔ Name a book you would recommend to a friend

🍂 A book I would recommend to a friend is "Come As You Are" by Emily Nagosky.

Interested in learning more about Brandie? Take a look at her bio on the I Choose Change website! https://bit.ly/3hZvBOu

Tune in Monday, 9/28, to meet another one of our counselors! 🌈


14 Superfoods That Keep Your Body and Mind Strong

14 superfoods to be happier, healthier, and more successful now @bizzwriter https://bit.ly/3gHGch5 via @Inc

Food makes a MASSIVE impact on mental health with just a few simple tweaks. Download the FOOD + MOOD Cheat Sheet then meet me (virtually), with TWO, experts in the field. Can't wait to see you there!

inc.com Eating the right foods can help make you happier and healthier--and more successful.

Having good mental health and feeling good is a right for every human! Simplify your mental health. See how small changes to your food can drastically change how you feel! Here are some examples...
Join me (free!) On Tuesday, September 29th at 6pm CST.

FREEBIE ALERT! Food makes a MASSIVE impact on mental health with just a few simple tweeks. Download the FOOD + MOOD Cheat Sheet then meet me (virtually) with two experts in the field. Can't wait to see you there!

The last Tuesday of everything is when I'll be live on a Zoom call answering allllll your Mental Health questions. Consider me your mental health and wellness guide.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, September 29th at 6pm!
Register now, and you will receive the FOOD + MOOD cheat sheet and log. https://bit.ly/2RBwJNm

Hello, My Busy, High Achiever!
Get clear, focus, and energized by doing JUST ONE THING...
Join me on Sept. 29 with two guests who will share what they know about Gut Health + Intuitive Eating!


Meet Jennifer! 🌷

With so many things going on these days, it’s easy to find yourself lost in multiple life events and sometimes losing your footing. Why not let Jennifer help you navigate? With an outgoing personality, a great sense of humor, and a passion for helping others, Jennifer is here for you! Family dynamics can get messy, but with a good listener and the right support, those messes can be cleaned up. Jennifer walks alongside adults, teens, and children as young as 3 who need a little help finding their focus! Jennifer gets it. She has been in your shoes and has opened up about her own struggle to prove just that. While kicking down the doors of her own challenges, she is reminded what she is most passionate about -- helping you work to accept yourself as YOU are!

Check out the Q&A we did with Jennifer!

❔ How did you know being a therapist was for you?

Growing up, it seemed like people were always coming to me to talk about their problems. I wanted to help them so badly and was so grateful that I was able to learn to do so. When I finally got to my psychology classes in undergrad, it was thrilling to be able to study something I was so passionate about. It's the one career and field that no matter how I get diverted, I keep coming back to.

❔ What do you find rewarding about your niche/career?

🗸 I absolutely love helping families. There are so many ways to help as a counselor, but families are my passion. With my first pregnancy, I had some pretty significant anxiety and developed postpartum depression after my daughter was born. Parenting was so difficult, even that first year, that I knew I wanted to support parents from then on. Parents work so hard to take care of their kids and make the best decisions for them. Being a parent is the most difficult thing I've done, and yet it's absolutely the best thing I've done. I love that I get to be even a small part of that journey for other families so that they can love one another an enjoy being together.

❔ What do you do to wind down, for “you time”, to clear your head, etc?

🗸 That's hard to come by in Covid days, but I love being able to be by myself. I need to take my own counsel and actually do it more often, but even going out to run some errands is a huge help to gain some much needed headspace!! I also love spending time with my husband and settling into my comfy couch to watch a good TV Series.

❔ Name a book you would recommend to a friend.

🗸 I'm currently reading several which are awesome: Boundaries, How to Talk so Kids Will Listen & Listen so Kids will Talk. I loved reading Grit and Unbreakable. For fun, I thoroughly enjoyed Magnolia Story.

Take a look at Jennifer’s bio to learn more about her! https://bit.ly/3iPeEHy

Tune in on Thursday, 9/24, to meet another one of our amazing counselors!🌿

Meet Jon! 🌵

Besides playing the saxophone and piano, Jon is also great at making others feel accepted for who they are! What is Jon’s key to providing support and connecting with teens and adults? Listening. Feel comforted in talking to someone who understands how easy it is to get lost in feeling alone, misunderstood, and angry. Like many of our counselors, Jon has been in your shoes and understands the effort it takes to take charge of your life and seek guidance from someone else. In the words of Jon himself, “You already have everything you need somewhere deep down inside you to become a better person, a better partner, and to live your best life. All you need is someone to listen and give you some guidance.”

Check out the Q&A we did with Jon!

❓ How did you know being a therapist was for you?

💠 Before I was a therapist, I I was working at a marketing company looking at spreadsheets all day. I was good at it, but it was really boring and unfulfilling. I decided that I needed a change and took stock of what I liked to do and was good at. I ended up deciding to be a therapist because I like getting to know people and helping them feel better.

❓ What do you find rewarding about your niche/career?

💠 I really like working with men and young adults for similar reasons - both groups are still learning how to deal with their feelings! Most men are taught that they’re allowed to feel angry and hungry, and that’s about it. I love helping men realize that they’re having all sorts of other feelings and teaching them how to handle them effectively. Young adults have a TON of feelings, but sometimes have a tough time sorting them out.

❓ What do you do to wind down, for “you time”, to clear your head, etc?

💠 With a four month-old, I don’t get a ton of “me time” right this minute, but: I like to wake up early in the morning, and I’ll take some time to sit out on the front porch or ride my bike around my neighborhood.

❓ Name a book you would recommend to a friend.

💠 Since moving to Texas a few years ago, I’ve tried to embrace the whole cowboy thing. I’ve really loved reading Lonesome Dove (and the sequels and prequels).

Interested in scheduling a session with Jon? Take a look at his bio on the I Choose Change website! https://bit.ly/2FNgTwi

Tune in Monday, 9/21, to meet another one of our fantastic counselors! 🔆

Interested in knowing how your gut health affects mental health? Join me on Sept. 29 with two guests who will share what they know about Gut Health + Intuitive Eating!

Meet Ann! 🌼

Compassionate, engaging, and supportive are three words to describe Ann Signey! Ann works with children ranging from ages 3-13 years old. Along with being an active listener, Ann is there to be a supportive outlet for a child who may be dealing with a peer conflict, involved in sibling rivalry, or even just having difficulty managing growing pains. Ann’s support and guidance doesn’t stop at the child, but she also is there for the parent’s. I Choose Change value’s Ann’s attentiveness to her clients!

In a world that is ever changing, Ann is here to be the supportive front for whatever obstacles may be challenging your child -- whether that be the stress that is involved with returning to school during a pandemic or the isolation from the friends they saw every day, Ann is here to help sort out these emotions.
We are so excited for you to learn more about Ann!

Check out her Q&A:

❓How did you know being a therapist was for you?

✔️ I always knew that I wanted to work with children, and was inspired to become a special education teacher in high school after working directly with students with disabilities. Upon graduation, I landed myself a job as a 5th grade teacher at a local charter school and realized that there were so many social emotional needs that took precedent over the academics that were being taught. My students that year transformed and encouraged me to pursue a Master's Degree in Counseling.

❓ What do you find rewarding about your niche/career?

✔️ One of the most rewarding parts of working with children is the mere fact that they feel connected and capable of achieving what they set their minds through their work with you. Building rapport with children and establishing a safe place where they can be themselves warms my heart.

❓ What do you do to wind down, for “you time”, to clear your head, etc?

✔️ This sounds crazy, but I LOVE HIIT classes. I wake up at 5 AM to join my #FITFAM for a quick workout before I start my day. I also enjoy watching the Office or Gilmore Girls time and time again because who doesn't need a good laugh/cry every once in awhile?

❓ Name a book you would recommend to a friend.

✔️ Is it terrible that I don't read as much as I'd like to? I also am the type of person who likes to read textbooks for fun (cover to cover), so I'm not sure I would be the best person to recommend a book …

Get to know more about Ann on the I Choose Change website! https://bit.ly/32um6lR

We’ll see you on Thursday 9/16 for our next counselor spotlight! 🍂

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