Sunny Day Montessori Academy, Allen, TX Videos

Videos by Sunny Day Montessori Academy in Allen. Sunny Day Montessori Academy is a Licensed Child-Care Home. A new childcare established in Allen, Te

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Show and Tell develop their self confidence to stand in the group.

The Broad / Brown Stairs Montessori material trains both the eye and the hand to develop visual discrimination of width...

Picture words help visual learners to remember the word.

Phonics Set no. 2 -BFEG

A celebration of Life !! Happy Birthday!

Few activities during circle time- It’s a summer show and Tell!

How many months in a year?

Building and reading words using the movable alphabet-Montessori lesson.

Reading three letter word with the vowel Ee in the middle. Great Job !👏

Montessori lesson on ODD and EVEN -Math Activity

The seven continents in the world!

Naming the farm animals!

Number Rods Montessori lesson!

Geometric Solid Shapes!