Sonshine Christian Preschool

Children may attend 2 or 3 half days per week. Two day classes are Tuesday/Thursday mornings or afternoons and Wednesday/Friday mornings. Monday may be added to any of these classes to make a three day week.

Morning hours are from 8:45-11:15; afternoon classes are from 12:00-2:30 (if 10 children or more are signed up). A 5 day morning class is available for 4 year olds. Tuition is $95 per month for a two day week and $115 per month for 3 days. The 5 day class is $175 per month. A non-refundable $100 registration fee ($125 for 2 or more siblings) will be required at registration. There is a discount for 2 or more children.

[09/09/19]   Sonshine Christian preschool is permanently closed. Please contact My Sunshine School (716) 373-3799 with enrollment questions.

[03/14/18]   Just a reminder - Sonshine is now My Sunshine School. Check out My Sunshine School on facebook. You can also call the school at 716 373-3799.


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This sounds great. No putting you on the spot and having you make confessions about your marriage. Lots of fun learning how men and women think differently.
RSVP by texting 716 790-2141 or emailing [email protected]. It's free! Childcare provided.


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This is a great time for all. Each room is filled with love and fun. Both Mrs. Beatty and Mrs. Spaeth will be there.


This sounds like fun: babies to 5..

[09/04/17]   Reminder that Sonshine is now My Sunshine School owned by Debbie Beatty. For information and updates go to her page at The school phone number is the same 716 373-3799.


Great time at the playground with some of the kids and parents from my last class. I'm (Pat) sure going to miss these guys.


Be sure to protect you children's eyes this afternoon from the solar eclipse. Regular sun glasses will not protect them, you must use special glasses, a viewing box or better yet let them watch it on tv. Below is a cereal box viewer. If you'd like to know how to make them go to the Olean public library site.


After visiting Safety Village, we had some fun at Midway park.


We loved the Safety Village in Asheville. Thanks Miss Terri and Officer Joey for the safety lessons.

[06/29/17]   My Sunshine School's phone number is 716 373-3799.

[06/23/17]   I will not be able to be contacted until July 12. Please contact My Sunshine School on facebook. The school's number is 716 383-3799.

[06/22/17]   A group of us are going to the Safety Village in Asheville (just outside of Jamestown) on July 12 from 10-12 and then we'll go to Midway Park. The children will learn all about fire and police safety and then have great fun at the amusement park. This is open to anyone who would like to go. Fun for all ages. You do not need to be a Sonshine kid to join in. Contact Michele at 716 474-5144. You may text or call her.

[06/14/17]   For as long as I (Pat) can remember, I wanted to be a teacher. When I went to college, I expected to teach 4th or 5th grade. For student teaching I was placed in kindergarten and 3rd grade. When we moved to Virginia, I taught kindergarten. When I got my master's degree I preferred the early childhood classes.God has always directed my path.
Starting Sonshine was scary, but throughout the years, God provided me with Godly women who taught me, inspired me and stood by me. Thank you Kathy MacArthur, Kathleen Abrams, Ginny Neuchterlein, Sharon Hemphill, Bonnie Robinson, Julie Giudice,Tammy Fulmer, Laurie Mulryan, Jen Kinne, Cathy Zakel, Jen Griffin, Lori Zeigler, Cara Simons and Debbie Beatty for helping to shape Sonshine and me. God always provided to right person at the right time.
It has been my privilege to serve so many families over the past 35 years. How thrilling it has been to have children of children I had in my classroom. Each of you has made my life richer. As I retire, I've found that place of contentment. I am so thankful that Debbie Beatty has taken over the school. Debbie has been with me for almost 30 years. A part of me will still remain at school, but Debbie will take the school and make it her own. It will be exciting to see the school grow and change in the years to come.
Please stay in touch. I always love staying in touch with the Sonshine families.


Some people sent in pictures for the scrap book. They wouldn't all fit so here are the pictures.


I have finally read the wonderful scrapbook that was given to me at graduation. I waited until I had time be myself. By the time I got to the fourth page I could hardly see the words anymore because the tears were flowing. I have been so blessed with such incredible people in my life. Thanks to all who contributed. A special thanks to my daughter Abigail who put this together. Every child and parent that has entered Sonshine has had an impact on me. Thank you for trusting me and our teachers with the most important thing in your lives - your precious children.


Love this bag. Thanks Ary!

[06/06/17]   Some our Sonshine families have planned a trip to the Safety Village in Asheville,NY on Wednesday July 12 from 10-12 followed by fun and rides at Midway Park. Wristbands at Midway are $7.50. Pack a lunch or buy it there. Price for for safety village will be $10 or less depending on how many children go. Please contact Michele Oakes-Bell at 716 474-5144 if you'd like to join the group. She needs to know the ages of the kids for reservations.


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Another great graduation! The kids did wonderful and made it extra special for Mrs. Spaeth's last year!


Tomorrow is my last graduation! I sure will miss these kids. What a blessing!!


Play, food & a magician for Mrs. Spaeth's class. Thanks to the Bokmans for a great time!


Mrs. Beatty's class had a great time at the Srades. Thanks for having us on our last day of Sonshine!


Our morning class had its final day picnic today. We are so happy the rain held off so we could enjoy a perfect day for a picnic. Thanks to the Dyndas for having us at their house.


Last day with our afternoon class. Our picnic was at the Allegany recreation center. What fun. We will miss this class - a great group of kids and parents!


Last time with Captain Chaos. We learned about solids, liquids and gasses. We had so much fun our last day at school.

[05/29/17]   Allegany Memorial Day parade is today. Meet at 8:45 -firemens park. Older children- alumni welcome to walk behind the float.

[05/28/17]   Just 4 Sonshine shirts left. I (Pat) will have them at the Allegany parade. All are size 10/12. $10.


Today we learned how to greet a dog and the correct way to pet him. Do not run away from stray dogs. Distract them and walk away. Thank you Mrs. Mills for bringing in Kira and teaching us the correct way to approach dogs. We loved it.


Thank you Deputy Austin for sharing with us today. We learned a lot.


Our last class visited the firemen. A big thanks to the Allegany firemen and EMTs. We appreciate the time you took to teach our classes.


Mrs. Beatty's morning class having fun at the fire station.


Our afternoon class enjoyed a beautiful day with some Allegany firefighters. The best part, of course, is squirting Mrs. Beatty!


Mrs. Spaeth's class at the Allegany Fire Hall. We learned a lot. Thanks to all the fire Fighters and the EMTs!


How Wolves Change Rivers

This youtube video is a little advanced for the preschoolers, but it goes along with the presentation that we had today.

Support the creation of more videos like this: This video is a gift to humanity by Chris and Dawn Agnos. This footag...


Today in Mrs. Spaeth's class we had a special visitor, Barb Procter. Barb has a special heart for animals and especially wolves. She taught how important they are in our environment. The book Journey is about a wolf from Oregon who had on a tracking collar. He traveled hundreds of miles to find a mate. Mrs. Procter put a tracking collar on a stuffed dog and we were able to track him.


Another class visits Valley View Dental. Thanks for having us.


What a beautiful day to ride our bikes. We had so much fun! Thank you Sgt. Wagner for showing us your uniform and car.


Afternoon class - trip to see Dr. Bernie and then off to Twist & Shake.


Thanks to Valley View Dentists. Our morning class learned so much about our teeth.


I was overwhelmed last week when I walked into my classroom and saw this incredible reading nook. Thank you Debbie Beatty for this special gift. Debbie's husband Dave designed and built it. It will be enjoyed by children for many years. Thank you to all who contributed to make this possible. My heart will always be at Sonshine.


Happy birthday Bensen. He's 4!!!!


Trooper Prince came in Friday to visit Mrs. Spaeth's class. We learned all about his uniform, his car and his job. Most of all we learned policemen are our friends. Thank you Trooper Prince for sharing with us.

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Learning about the solar system and the planets orbiting around the sun.
Learning about our planets orbiting the sun.
Bunny hop!
Captain Chaos & the rainbow connection.
Does your elephant need toothpaste? Captain Chaos showed us how to make it!
Another short video.
I accidentally took some videos.





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