Hillside Learning and Behavior Center, Allegan, MI Video February 14, 2019, 6:37pm

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Coping Strategy #4
We all miss someone...teachers miss their students, students miss their teachers and friends...parents miss their sanity...

Coping Strategy #2
The right words can make a difference in how you feel...reassure everyone in your family that you are following the advi...

Coping Strategy #1
We will be sharing a series of coping strategies that you can use with your family and friends...please share them with ...

Fire Starters
Donna will be selling her classroom's Fire Starters at the Hopkins Craft show tomorrow! Stop by and get some! Here is ...

Allegan County Fair Parade Video
The whole group that represented Allegan Area ESA parading by.

This little one learned to program a robot in less than 5 minutes.

Here's our Speech Path, Jen Nelsen using a Core Word board with a little girl at the Expo today! #HillsideRocks!

Front row!

Corbin and Santa!

We are so thankful for our Music Therapist who made us all sound good when we went caroling at Briarwood in Allegan toda...

Engineering a sled for the Grinch!

After a few trials...Dwand's team was successful!

Here's how it's done!

Abby Miklusicak 's class took some time to enjoy the fall weather! Happy Fall everyone!

Minute To Win It Office Tennis with Hillside Staff

Hillside's YouTube Channel
Yay!! Hillside has its own YouTube Channel. Find out more about by watching this video!

There's been a lot of this sound lately...getting ready for the NEW Hillside Learning and Behavior Center!

Look out Tony Carpenter!

This really happened!

Mrs. stormzand’s GRSP preschool finding out if there eggs survived the egg drop.

Mrs. Stomzand’s GRSP class doing the egg drop. Thank you Mr.Mark for your help!

Hillside Hawk marches in the Fair Parade.
The Hillside Hawk was showing off some dance moves at last night's parade.

Tony delivering lunch using his new power chair with head controls.

We love you Hillside, Fairwell Martha

Opening Ceremony for Hillside Olympics, well done Edwin!

It is all teamwork at Hillside, from Mark V maintenance staff, to the students working together to complete a job task. ...

This little guy used to be afraid to walk or even use eqyipment. Now look at him go!

One of our homebound students doing awesome after a long illness, way to go Ryley!