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Wish it was more than 20% to Ukraine!
So proud of my artist friend Paulette Carr and Tim Carr of the Brave Art Studios & Gallery for organizing this event!

Head to Allegan tomorrow evening to purchase some gorgeous sunflower art and help raise money for Ukraine! 💛
Tomorrow night, Saturday, April 29, Brave Art Studios & Gallery and the City of Allegan are hosting a fundraiser to benefit the victims of the war in Ukraine. Hope to see you tomorrow night at Griswold Auditorium in Allegan for beautiful art, food, drink and music. And, to remember that the relative peace that we enjoy is not the circumstance of all people as we continue to hold the people of Ukraine dear to our hearts.
Helping refugees in Ukraine… with art and sunflowers! 🌻 “Sunflowers for Ukraine” is an arts event happening Saturday evening. Over 125 pieces of art will be available… made by 36 artists. There will be live music and a food truck. And many proceeds will go to help people fleeing Ukraine.

Paulette and Tim Carr of Brave Art Studios & Gallery came in to talk about it. They’re partnering with the City of Allegan for the event, and lots of talented artists!

Sunflowers are the National Flower of Ukraine. Check it out… Saturday, April 30, 5-9pm, at Griswold Auditorium in Allegan.
A lot is happening in the next month here at the Griswold!

This weekend, the Allegan Community Players return to the stage with their 8th Annual One Acts Festival April 22 and 23 at 7pm and 24 at 2pm.

April 30th is the Brave Art Studios & Gallery Sunflowers for Ukraine art show fundraiser to benefit Refugees of the War in Ukraine. This event is from 5-9pm.

On Friday, May 13 we welcome The Gordon Lightfoot Tribute and on Friday, May 27 Asamu Johnson and The Associates of The Blues. These shows are from 7-9pm with doors opening at 6p. Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the door and are on sale at City Hall M-F 9a-4:30p, at the Griswold T-Th 9a-4:30p or online at
Excited to have TasteBudz teaming up with Allegan, Michigan and Brave Art Studios & Gallery to on a spectacular evening of food, art, music and drinks, all while helping people that are in desperate need.

Stop by, and enjoy some tasty food, while taking in the sites and sounds.
Charlotte Lukasiewicz
I ❤️ NYC. The Brooklyn Bridge by Paulette Carr, owner of Brave Art Studios & Gallery.
Please share this event wherever you can. Brave Art Studios & Gallery and the City of Allegan are co hosting this event.
Thanks so much Rex Roscoe and Brave Art Studios & Gallery for working with my wonderful husband Jim so he could surprise me with this beautiful photo by Rex Roscoe Photography. I love it! It’s much more beautiful than this photo captures… I was truly surprised! Thank you ❤️😘🥂
My booth at Brave Art Studios & Gallery this past weekend for the Arts & Eats event. Members of the Gun Lake Business Association even stopped by. This turned out to be a great event that was attended by people from all over West Michigan as well as a few from Chicago-land.

#artsandeats2021 #art #photography #photographer
Hello World!! Brave Art Studios & Gallery is happy to see this development. Wishing you much success.

Looking for Art, art classes, small studio space, open studio experience... we will have something to fill those needs.

Operating as usual


Yep, it is almost summer! Art in the Garden will be back July 9th, 10-7 pm. Mark your calendars now!


Ramping up for some summer fun here! Not only do we have our classes updated for July and August, we are also planning 3 community events for Plein Air Painting. 2 right here in Allegan during Rolling on the River, July 8 and August 26, both are 4-7 pm Come out and paint and enjoy the music! If you dont' paint, come out and meet the artists! A third Plein Air Painting Event will take place in Otsego along their river front on August 14th 1-4 pm.

Photos from Brave Art Studios & Gallery's post 06/15/2022

Today when we open at noon, you will have opportunity to see the works of These Women Paint. Today I am highlighting the beautiful works of Jude Hardin! Who doesn't want to sit around that camp fire! She has captured the lighting and mood of this perfectly ! Takes me back to camping with my Dad! Art does that... it takes you places and reminds you of wonderful times!

Photos from Brave Art Studios & Gallery's post 06/14/2022

Tomorrow when we open at noon, we will have the honor of continuing to share the beautiful works of These Women Paint. Today, I wanted to share Marilyn Troutman work in this exhibit. Her florals are just stunning as is all her work! Tomorrow, I'll highlight Jude Hardin's work and Sara Haveman's on Thursday. All three ladies are spectacular painters!! Check them out for yourself!!


I had the most fabulous visitor in the gallery today! Stay tuned, Alla Dickson Fine Art and Paulette Carr, Artist are together again! Who knows what we will come up with?!!


In some of those "I must paint" moments of late. With road construction in front of the gallery, gardening, mowing, maintenance, marketing, event planning, class scheduling, quarterly taxes, it just seems that the dream gets shoved to the back ground and I need a break from dancing backwards in high heels... spent a few weeks an hour at a time, and sometimes, a couple of minutes at a time working in this one. 18x24, acrylic, Bass River Rec Area 3 Paulette Carr, Artist


Michigan Sunset, 11x14 palette knife. Paulette Carr, Artist


Artist call!

Calling all artists! The Otsego Arts Team is looking for volunteer artists for one of their upcoming projects. Know an artist who would do an amazing job? Be sure to tag them below! Proposals can be sent to [email protected].

Photos from Brave Art Studios & Gallery's post 06/08/2022

Afternoon notes from the coffee chair. It is a rainy day here at the gallery. Inside is warm and inviting with flowers and sunshine in art.

It is so quiet. The music has turned itself off, I hear traffic noise as the construction releases a flow of vehicles and then quiet again.

I have not put out the cushions today to keep them dry, but the open signs are on and inviting all who love art to come on in!

I wonder if the "cushions" outside are really our open sign? When the cushions are out, it appears so much more inviting and we have people stopping in regularly. On a rainy day, no cushions, low traffic?

Is it the rain? A gallery or studio is the ideal place to spend a rainy afternoon/ evening... is it the construction around us?

So many things make a difference in the acceptance of an invitation in. What is your home saying? What are your "open signs". What is the mood of your home and does it say what you want to convey?

Art helps you do that. From the welcome mat, to the porch chairs, colors and art on your walls... it all says who you are and welcomes your friends and family.

Stop by and see the the flowers and sun in the paintings by These women who paint, Marilyn Troutman, Jude Hardin and Sara Haveman.

A great way to spend a rainy evening.


Come on out, we will be there along with some other really great artists!!

Mark your calendars! If you haven't yet had a chance to come to see the new T.O.P. Riverfront Pavilion this will be a great opportunity to have some fun on the riverfront. Stop by on your way to the Plainwell Days Festival on June 25th!

Photos from Mezzo Coffee House's post 06/05/2022

I love a small business supporting another small business artist. Stop in for coffee and one of those delicious fritattas, and stay fir the art!

"The Potato Eaters" Van Gogh - Analyzing "The Potato Eaters" Painting 06/05/2022

"The Potato Eaters" Van Gogh - Analyzing "The Potato Eaters" Painting

Since so many of us will see Van Gogh's Immersion... I thought I would share this tidbit about one of his most famous paintings, Thr Potato Eaters*1ofjwec*_ga*TkFjYm1YWEYzN1JTcXFUSUliMUtpbWpSdERMQTVTeFpaSjBsZVF5Q0k0d1E0WTBpdVF3Z3c1VDFRWUZhMk0zMw..

"The Potato Eaters" Van Gogh - Analyzing "The Potato Eaters" Painting The famous Vincent van Gogh, who painted The Potato Eaters in 1885, held his painting in high esteem after it was completed. Unfortunately, this Dutch artist wa


Late notes from the coffee chair... nope, no coffee in hand at 530 pm... but I just took in the open flag and cushions and started dinner while Tim is still working in the garden... it was a very quiet Saturday here as everyone rushes to get their outside chores done before the rain tomorrow... we will reopen Wednesday at noon, so we were hoping to get more outside things done today too ... the price of the dream. Gladly paid. When we include others in our space, we feel honored to share their art with you, our community. When we share photos of their work, I have to say, they do not do justice to the beautiful art that we have the privilege to bring to you. I think you need to see art in person. To see the colors, the textures; to feel the emotions and the light...

It costs nothing to walk in the door. We think you will be pleasantly surprised when you do.

If you have driven by 100 times wondering, don't make it 101! Stop in and check us out!

If you have stopped in and want to let others know what to expect, please leave us a review if you haven't already! If you have thank you!


Who doesn't love a walk in the garden? These ladies, take you for a most glorious walk through art into the garden. A must see exhibition!


Fun Lighthouse class today with these 2 ladies! They did awesome!!!


Enjoying some quiet and art before class today. We are open even with the construction going on around us!

Photos from Brave Art Studios & Gallery's post 05/31/2022

We are so pleased to open tomorrow with the art of Marilyn Troutman, Sara Haveman, and Jude Hardin on our featured artist's wall. These ladies are so gifted, we are honored to share their work with our community for the month of June! We open noon-8pm, Wednesday-Friday and 11am -5pm on Saturday! Stop in and see it in person!


Sometimes in the midst of it all, I NEED to paint. I just had this conversation with a few artists yesterday. I am "always" busy. So much to do, people to see, galleries to hang, classes to design and schedule, gardens to plant, gazebos to build, art panels, events... the list goes on and on... but the dream is to paint. When I lose sight of that, I lose energy to do all those other things. I did not dream of a gallery, I dreamt of a studio to paint with and without friends. My classes are a painting with friends atmosphere. We learn from each other, as I share what I know or do, I learn your style and vision and hope to help you develop that! Here is this week's I Need to Paint. Bougainvillea on the Thai River, 18x24 acrylic. Paulette Carr, Artist

Photos from Brave Art Studios & Gallery's post 05/28/2022

In the coffee chair with coffee this morning. Here a little a early for mowing & maintenance & maker drop off. This is the last day I get to enjoy this art.... I am always so sad to see an artist tear down. I develop a relationship with their art... I feel things when I look at their work. Especially the two makers hanging the month of May who happen to be dear friends of ours too. I have watched their artistic journey along the way and I am excited for their work everytime I see it! Please do yourself a favor and come in today to see their beautiful works before they are gone! Rex Roscoe Photography and @jim Foster

Photos from Brave Art Studios & Gallery's post 05/27/2022

Tonight and tomorrow! That is all the time you have left to see Rex Roscoe Photography and Jim Foster's beautiful work in the gallery! Stop on out until 8 tonight and 11-5, Saturday!!

Photos from Brave Art Studios & Gallery's post 05/24/2022

Last week to see the beautiful art work of Jim Foster and Rex Roscoe Photography . You have until Saturday! You do not want to miss these!!


If you are signed up as a featured artist for Brave Art for August 2022 until July 2023, please check your email and confirm. Thank you. :)


We are running a bit behind this morning. We will open as soon as we get there around 11:30- noon. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Photos from Brave Art Studios & Gallery's post 05/20/2022

In the coffee chair without coffee... what is happening here?! It is almost time to put the open flag out for the day, but I have had 3 cups already, and mowed 4 acres at home.... so a nice sit had me thinking about sun and where my light comes from... is it the Lighthouse in the sea of chaos of what life is right now? Is it the pictures rocks begging me to revisit and paint again... is it God calling me to light today? When I was taking photos of the art today, I noticed light coming from an unexpected source... isn't life like that? We never know where light will hit us or if we are the ones shining the light in the darkness... where is your unexpected light today? Stop by and see our light in art for today Rex Roscoe Photography and @Pastor Jim Foster

Photos from Brave Art Studios & Gallery's post 05/19/2022

Working on the gardens today. Finished off busting the sod, planted one side of the garden by the deck, got about 2/3 of the mulching done inside the fence. Was a cooler day, with no rain, so perfect day to work out there... going to finish up the other new garden tomorrow, weather permitting! That way Saturday's rain can work its magic. :)

Photos from Brave Art Studios & Gallery's post 05/19/2022

Sitting in the coffee chair this morning I am reminded there is so much unseen in this world... I face the art of Jim Foster but I can only see the light shining through Rex's. There is so much unseen beauty on the otherside I have to share that with you! When you are on M40/89 today and frustrated by the construction, remember you wanted the roads fixed and you can stop in for a little oasis of beauty in the midst of it all. Rex Roscoe Photography


Hot off the easel... not even sealed or framed yet! Lily Farm. 18x24 acrylic. Paulette Carr, Artist


forgot this one earlier... this one also went to a new home to benefit Global Giving, Ukraine Refugees!


Sold - Italian Vineyard went to its new home today too. :) Paulette Carr, Artist


I love a rainy day... gives me a reason to paint and not bust sod or spread mulch... I love to garden almost as much as I love to paint... 12x12 Rainy Day Poppy. Paulette Carr, Artist

Photos from Brave Art Studios & Gallery's post 05/18/2022

I forgot to share that these 7 went to good homes to benefit Global Giving, Ukraine Refugee relief.

Photos from Brave Art Studios & Gallery's post 05/18/2022

These three went to their new home today. Paulette Carr, Artist .


Sitting in the coffee chair for the first time this month! What the heck has happened here? I feel like I am missing the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful art. The clock today reminds me there are more important things than rushing around, the Scrapyard Crosses remind me there is only a limited on this earth to do the things I am supposed to do... to touch the lives and change my world for the better... the painting... it reminds me that paradise is waiting... even for a few minutes in the coffee chair... art does that.


Blue wetlands. 18x24 acrylic. Paulette Carr, Artist

What’s the story here?

Brave Art Studios & Gallery is the dream child of Paulette Carr, Artist. After working for years in an office, under the flicker of the fluorescent lights, she broke free. As she was finding her way to a new normal that included sunshine and flowers and waterfalls and lighthouses and adventure, Paulette decided she wanted to follow her dream of pursuing art as career. At Brave Art Studios & Gallery, Paulette wants to share that dream with you. With gallery space up front, you can see her art adventures and the adventures of a different featured artist each month. Like a mullet... business in the front... party in the back, the back of the building will be where you can learn how to express your own artistic voice with a variety of classes (and mediums), open studios and even locker space available to rent for storing your supplies. So that’s the story. Come out and write your own chapter with us!

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Sunflowers for Ukraine on Wood Tv8
The Art Thing-Otsego
Second video tour today!!
Watercolor and pastel tour
March gallery tour...
Getting it done with fun!




Art: paintings, glass art, notecards, coasters. Art Classes, open studio space, lockers for art supplies




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