Soka Education Student Research Project - SESRP

Soka Education Student Research Project - SESRP


Reduced. Important. Spirituality initially. WHO are we? WHENCE came they? WHERE are we going? We have lives, then what is in the soul, destiny, path to the God-man. Trust the soul, the fate of their. The faith of Nations, races into a Single Deity, will unite Earthlings. Deity is Love, His Creation of love. Love is feeling of soul, love in the Council does not need. We love it thanks and contrary to reason. Love brings great joy and happiness and the bitterness of loss, fate brings and separates us. Deity is the Creator of Worlds, professions person does not comply, it is not necessary to ask God about it, and to give thanks for what we have. Praise Him. An angel given by God to help You lives from centuries. With the help of an angel, the person finds his interest to inform the Field of land Systems . Dear You with the help of an angel, can know more of Gods Creation. Deities of 306 individuals, including the creators of the System Lands, Their 68 from 17 races. Systems 48, they do not crumble. It serves as the headquarters 4974 lands. The earth resource, crumbling slowly moving to another orbit. The transition in normal mode. Apocalypse will not. The land is similar, more than 15 times. Preparing new and ruined land, their 6386. In our System, milled 3 earth, 2 the earth is shaped new. Our land, milled 6 times and Mars 1 time, it will be updated through the 2.7 L. mlard the rest of the resource of our land 82 thousand 800 years, the world will not End. No matter Who, when, What were the lives of All the people goes into the God-man. The world of the God-man placed on inform-Box 31733 planets, they do not crumble, are formed new. Largest planet from earth in 854 times. The life of a God-man is excellent from people in nature and their mission, read about it on my page. - Essence of death: the Function of the Creator, is the beginning of new lives through reincarnation on the spiritual and energy level inherent in the soul. The God of the dead does not happen, the body is perishable, the soul is eternal. Man is always simultaneously on all levels of life. This is the essence of Eternal life. All the science of humans, study of Gods Creation of the Worlds. And someone else's study, and its not forget. T. Shevchenko. -No dearer, God gave us this Land, where he walked bare feet, your. -All the time. No eternal friends and enemies. There is a perpetual interest which unites us. Is God hoping to help themselves. Know from the middle of good and evil expect. God forgives and tells us. -Killing people is not poverty or wealth, and consumed with envy and greed. People on the eternal path of divine men, carrying the mission of the Creator of civilizations on the lands of the Worlds, leaving his creation to his heirs, in the lands of others. The patron Muse of Yours keeps You safe from centuries. The angel carries information about the civilizations of the land Systems, their technological progress. All about man diagnostics, destiny, of his creation lives. Mystery man can not save, will not be able to deceive the angel will answer, he is telling the truth or not. The angel gives the answer to Your questions. The angel to the spirits, do the spirits of the earth, don't touch them they will not touch You. Communicating with angel, gaining the skills you will find the understanding. Without the help of an angel to know God's Creation is not given. Carry information of the angel to the people, the spirituality to help them. On my page the manner of communication with the angel and about the mission of divine humans. The interest information of the angel, the professionals, ptsu, Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, hare Krishnas, and other Nations. Info angel in Ukrainian, English and Russian summary. And classmates - in contacts - Ivan Yakovenko Poltava, Ukraine. Page opened people. share with friends..
​​​​​​​​-- ​​​​​​Prezada Prof, Sou amiga da Solange e do Gilson da RM cursino 3349-15-13 Boa tarde!. Primeiramente agradecemos sua disponibilidade para apresentar-lhe a proposta diferenciada dos cursos de Pós Graduação da FESL. Vale lembrar: - modalidade à distância (EAD) - (Certificado igual ao curso presencial) - Incluso: livros didáticos das disciplinas que compõe seu curso + mídia das videoaulas . (todos os Certificados são emitidos com: data início / data final / carga horária / grade). Sou a Profa Rosana, tenho um polo da Faculdade,vou até o Professor dou um atendimento personalizado. – Prazo – Valor: CURSO (Todos exceto os de valores diferenciados) MODALIDADE / DURAÇÃO DURAÇÃO 15 meses 8 meses 6 meses QTDD DE PARCELAS 1 + 16 de 1 + 9 de 1 + 7 de VALOR R$69 ,90 R$ 109,90 R$ 139,90 Valores diferenciados para: Libras / Arte / Ensino Lúdico Carga horária acima de 1000 hs R$139,90 -- -- Combos: 2 Pós Graduações 12 meses Matrícula R$ 150,00 + 13 de R$143,90 - Próxima turma: 02/04/18 - 1ª mensalidade: 40 dias após início do curso - Escolha seu curso: CURSOS: Alfabetização e Letramento (500 h) Comunicação e Informação Educacional e Empresarial (519 h) Cultura e Literatura (496 h) Deficiência Intelectual, Física e Psicomotora (429 h) Deficiência Visual, Auditiva e Surdocegueira (429h) Docência no Ensino Superior (515 h) Educação Ambiental (556 h) Educação de Jovens e Adultos – EJA (527 h) Educação do Campo (463 h) Educação e Sociedade (500 h) Educação em Tempo Integral (456 h) Educação Especial com Ênfase em Deficiência Auditiva (487) Educação Especial e Inclusiva (604 h) Educação Especial e Psicomotricidade (445 h) Educação Inclusiva (523 h) Educação Infantil (497 h) Educação Profissional e Tecnológica (463 h) Ensino Religioso (496 h) Gestão das Políticas Sociais (495 h) Gestão de Projetos Sociais (509 h) Gestão Escolar (498 h) Gestão Escolar: Orientação e Supervisão (482 h) Gestão Pública (442 h) ... Profa Rosana 11 97037-22-69 11 98151-46-55

The Soka Education Student Research Project (SESRP) is a student-initiated and student-run project at Soka University of America (SUA). Project members engage in the study, research, and exhibition of Soka Education as a unique educational philosophy.

SESRP Leaders 2019- 2020 Coordinators: Hina Takahashi Miki Tanahashi Conference Leaders: Naphon "Golf" Petplai Rodrigo Morais Ninh Le Study Leaders: Duong "Joy" Ng Raymond Ly For more information, please check out website!

Mission: Mission Statement: - To inspire individuals to embody and perpetuate the spirit of Soka Education - To create a community united in protecting the values of Soka Education - To encourage a thorough understanding of the philosophy of the three Founders of Soka Education Objectives - To establish Soka Education as an acknowledged field of research - To develop a centralized source and venue for information and discussion on Soka Education - To build and maintain relationships with other institutions to promote Soka Education

Operating as usual

Soka Education Conference Day 2 by SUA Audio-Visual Services

Hello everyone! Please follow along with the livestream if you can!

Day 2 of the Soka Education Conference: Watch SUA Audio-Visual Services's Soka Education Conference Day 2 on

The 16th Annual Soka Education Conference is coming up this weekend ✨ Here is some info about our panelists! #sesrp #sokaeducation

The 16th Annual Soka Education Conference is coming up this weekend✨
Here is some info about our presenters Part.2
#sesrp #sokaeducation @ Soka University of America

The 16th Annual Soka Education Conference is coming this weekend✨
Here is some info about our presenters Pt.3!
#sesrp #sokaeducation @ Soka University of America

Check out SESRP's annual Soka Education Conference which will be held THIS weekend, Feb 15th & 16th!

You don't have to stay for the entirety of the conference but instead can choose to attend different presentations, workshops, and panel presentations (though we do recommend you staying and supporting everyone!). You can refer to the schedule below :)

Thank you for all of your support, always!

Soka Education Student Research Project - SESRP


Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well!
We are the Soka Education Conference Leaders and we have an important announcement!!
We are extending the deadline for submitting proposals for the 16th Soka Education Conference "Soka Education in Action: Value-Creating Education for Empowering Individuals."
The new deadline is Friday, November 8th at 5 pm!
Detailed Guidelines can be found at
Thank you so much!!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:
Soka Education Conference Leaders
Naphon "Golf" Petplai
Ninh Le
Rodrigo Morais

Soka Education Student Research Project - SESRP's cover photo

☘️The SOKA Trailblazers - SESRP Newsletter🌻

Dear Soka University of America Community Members,

SESRP (Soka Education Student Research Project) is excited to announce our 3rd issue of the student-created and student-published publication “The Soka Trailblazers”.

Please enjoy the electronic version attached, containing the following:

🔸Summaries of workshop & presentation
🔹Comments from attendees
♦️An experience by graduating senior
🔸Dialogue between SESRP and the Sustainable Committee at SUA

If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, please contact us at [email protected]

Please see the attached link for the electronic version! Hope you enjoy🤩

Soka Education Conference 2019 by SUA Audio-Visual Services

The second day of the conference is starting in 8 minutes!!

We will be livestreaming the conference today again!!! Please go to the link below to see the livestream!!

Please stop by Soka University of America if you live near by or join the livestream to see amazing presentations!! Watch SUA Audio-Visual Services's Soka Education Conference 2019 on

Soka Education Conference 2019 by SUA Audio-Visual Services

15th Annual Soka Education Conference is starting right now!!

We will be livestreaming the conference. The link is available from the link below!:

If you live near Soka University of America, please stop by to attend the conference!! Watch SUA Audio-Visual Services's Soka Education Conference 2019 on

Soka Education Conference 2019 by SUA Audio-Visual Services

We will be livestreaming the conference for both days!
The link is available from below:

See you tomorrow at Pauing 216, Soka University of America, or in livestream!!! Watch SUA Audio-Visual Services's Soka Education Conference 2019 on

Soka Education Conference -

Please find the attached link of our SUA page that shows this year's conference schedule and details. The Soka Education Conference is an annual student-run, student-initiated conference. Open to all, the conference stands as a venue for all interested to explore and ponder the values and ideas of Soka Education. Each year the Soka Education Student Research Project (SESRP) invites a diverse array o...

Soka Education Student Research Project - SESRP's cover photo

We would like to thank all those who have submitted a conference proposal as well as those who have expressed their interest in the 15th Soka Education Conference, "Soka Education in the SDG Era."

To further maximize the number of proposal submissions for the conference, we will extend the proposal deadline to Friday, November 9th 11:59 PM (PT).

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the proposals, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]!

Soka Education Student Research Project - SESRP's cover photo

The Soka Education Student Research Project (SESRP) is happy to announce that the SESRP is inviting presenters for the 15th annual Soka Education Conference! The theme of the conference is "Soka Education in the SDG Era." The two-day conference takes place on February 9 & 10 at Soka University of America.

We encourage students and professionals of any level to submit a proposal!!

The contents and requirements of the proposal are detailed in the Call for Proposal. The SESRP will begin accepting proposals for the conference from now till Monday, November 5, 2019, before 5:00PM (PT). Please submit your proposals and inquiries to [email protected].

The 2nd day of the 14th Soka Education Conference is starting right now! Please come by or check the live stream out! livestream link:

14th Annual Soka Education Conference by SUA Audio-Visual Services

The 14th Soka Education Conference is starting right now!! If you live nearby Soka University of America, please stop by our conference in Pauling 216. The first presentation is starting at 10am.
For friends who live across the world, don't worry! We're LIVE-STREAMING the conference!! This is the link: Please check it out.
(Soka Education Student Research Project official website:
Have a great day! Watch SUA Audio-Visual Services's 14th Annual Soka Education Conference on

1 Day To Go

Just 1 more day until our 14th Soka Education Conference!!!! Hope to see you all tomorrow and on Sunday!! #SESRP
Live stream link-

14th Annual Soka Education Conference by SUA Audio-Visual Services

Our live stream link is ready #SESRP

We are super excited for the conference! Hope to see you guys. We would be posting the link for livestream soon 😊 #SESRP

Soka Education Student Research Project - SESRP's cover photo

Soka Education Student Research Project (SESRP) -

Hello everyone!!
Our SESRP page is now updated on the SUA official website! We have SESRP members' biographies and more information on the page. Please check them out to know more about us. Thank you so much for always supporting us.
Here's the link to our page: The Soka Education Student Research Project (SESRP) is a student-initiated and student-run project at Soka University of America (SUA). Project members engage in the study, research, and exhibition of Soka Education as a unique educational philosophy.

Thank you for coming to our Lion’s Circle meetings! Last time we talked about Soka Education x The Role of Higher Education. We learnt about the importance of liberal arts and how can we experience and implement Soka Education. To be able to actualize Soka Education in our lives, we must make time for our own emotions by attending and responding actively to them. Also, it is a perk to be aware of our own vulnerability and limitations. Moreover, it is crucial to be mindful about the presence of knowledge around us and ensure to make good use of it.
Finally, we ought to recognize the effort of others and ourselves and say "THANK YOU."

THANK YOU for being a part of our lion’s circle!!

Until next time..

SESRP Leaders.

Coordinators: Mehak Advani, Kenta Kuwano, Yoshimi Nakazato
Study Leaders: Lucas Houle, Hinako Irei, Kaito Morita, Miki Tanahashi, Tomoaki Uehara
Conference Leaders: Risa Nakayama, Amrita Sood
Outreach Committee: Hinako Kishino, Hideki Ohashi

"The differences between people need not act as barriers that wound, harm and drive us apart. Rather, these very differences among cultures and civilizations should be valued as manifestations of the richness of our shared creativity."
- Daisaku Ikeda

We, the new team of SESRP for the academic year 2017-2018, are truly delighted to carry forth the vision of our founder, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, our university, Soka University of America and our club, SESRP.

Not Found

A friendly reminder from the SESRP (the Soka Education Student Research Project): proposals for the 14th Soka Education Conference is coming on November 5 11:59 PM PST! This year's conference theme is "Cultivating Civic Engagement through Value-Creation Pedagogy." Click the link to learn about the Soka Education Conference and to see more details of proposal submission
Soka education to present at the conference! There are many ways to incorporate your areas of interest into Soka education or other types of humanistic education. If you have any question or concern, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Thank you!

SEC14 Call for Proposals.pdf


Every year the Soka Education Student Research Project (SESRP) hosts the Soka Education Conference. A wide array of presentations will be given by undergraduates, graduates, alumni, faculty and other professionals concerning the various aspects and applications of Soka Education and other humanistic educational ideologies. . The dates of the 14th Annual Soka Education Conference are on February 17 -18 2018. The theme for this year's conference is "Cultivating Civic Engagement through Value-Creation Pedagogy."

Please have your proposal submitted by Sunday, November 5th 11:59 pm PST. If you have any questions regarding the proposals, Soka Education, or the conference please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Thank you
Risa Nakayama and Amrita Sood
SEC 14 Conference Coordinators

Hey Lions!

We'll be having our third Lions' circle TONIGHT from 7-7:45PM in the Lion's Den!

Stop on by for some fun knowledge, discussion, and tea! Our theme for this week is... (Community) Service Learning!

Institute for Daisaku Ikeda Studies in Education

Hello friends of the Soka Education Student Research Project! Are you interested in studying soka, or value-creating, education at the graduate level? DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois has a brand new Masters of Education program focused on soka, or value-creating, education! It will be the first program of its kind and will be a spectacular opportunity for anyone interested in pursuing their Masters in Education. Be a part of this exciting new program and pave the way for value-creating education research! Please follow the link for more information on the program.

DePaul now has a new MEd program in Value-Creating Education for Global Citizenship! Applications are open, and you can find more information from the link below. If you have any questions, contact Jason Goulah at [email protected]

Team bonding at Signature Dessert! Thanks to a very generous conference attendee, the SESRP team was able to go out to share food and boba together in celebration for a great conference and year together.

Soka Education Conference 2017 by SUA Audio-Visual Services

Starting with our final presentation of the conference!

Nozomi Inukai will be presenting "Soka Studies: A Review" Watch SUA Audio-Visual Services's Soka Education Conference 2017 on

LibGuides: Soka Education: Soka Education Conference Proceedings

To access the conference booklets from this year and previous years, please visit: The contents of the papers included in these volumes do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Soka Education Student Research Project, the members of the Soka Education Conference Committee, or Soka University of America. The papers were selected by blind submission and based on a one page pro...

[02/12/17]   Workshops will begin at 2:30pm! Read the descriptions now to decide which one to attend!

Workshop 1: "Humanistic Education Through Mentor/Student Relationships"
by Hideki Ohashi , Miki Tanahashi, Yoshimi Nakazato, Brandon Cavorsi SUA Class of 2020

Workshop Summary
Our presentation will include a powerpoint, a guest speaker, interviews, and discussions. We regard human relationships as important aspects to achieve the goal of Soka education. Therefore, in our workshop, we would like to discuss the relationships between teachers, students, as well as staff. Through this research, we want to improve the quality of Soka education in SUA.

Workshop 2: "This is What “Superheroes” Look Like: Education to Empower"
by Arthur Carlisle, Sofia Dugas, Amrita Sood, Rosabelle Heins, Viviane Vallerand

Workshop Summary
We see superheroes in movies, cartoons, and comic books all the time, often to escape the seemingly mundane and hopeless realities of our world. However, we fail to realize that within all of us lies a dormant superhero waiting to be untapped. Every changemaker, from the figures we read about in history to the everyday heroes who go unnoticed, has realized that each one of us plays a part in actualizing our dreams for a better world. Through using our individual interests and skills we can combat world issues and injustices. We are a group of SUA students who realize that it is essential to instil these ideals to the future generation of the world. We created Y.E.S. G.I.V.E, Youth Education Supporting Global Involvement and Value of Empowerment. It is a workshop series run by SUA students for middle school students. The program aims to inspire values of global citizenship and to equip youth with skills in the arts that they can use to contribute to their communities. We are at a crucial time where hope for the future is desperately needed. We believe that education should empower youth to create positive change in their local and global community. We all must bring creative solutions to achieve our ideals. Soka University of America’s mission statement is to “Foster a steady stream of global citizens committed to living a contributive life.” And we, at Y.E.S. G.I.V.E, are ready to bring the mission to life.

Workshop 3: "Everyone is busy; everyone is making sense. An ethnographical approach to education."
by Marco Timm, Samrat Basyal, Mitsue Hosokawa, Arlen Vidal Castro, Bhavana Rani, Viviane Vallerand
SUA Graduate Class of 2018

Workshop Summary
The workshop will be designed based on our learning experiences from a three-week intersession course on ethnography and education facilitated by Dr. Frederick Erickson, a distinguished scholar and Professor Emeritus of Education and Anthropology at
the University of California. The course was comprised of intensive field research, observations of educational practitioners and a theoretical understanding of the various nuances of everyday school life. Based on what we learned during this course, we would like to reveal to you the rich potential of ethnography to create
human-centered, safe and inclusive learning environments. An ethnographical approach to education proposes to pay close attention and to acknowledge the subjective experience of students, teachers and administrators in a learning environment and thereby offers an avenue to humanize the educational processes of formal schooling. We invite you to come and unravel some of these intricacies through insightful dialogues and an interactive, engaging and activity-based workshop.

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