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“Fitness is not a fad, it’s a lifestyle.” Lori McKee Lever has been contributing to the fitness industry for over 25 years and is certified through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and the American Counsel on Exercise (ACE) as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. Lori is a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition and Venice Nutrition. She holds an Associate of Science and Fitness Specialist degree from Orange Coast College, and previously held certifications in a variety of fitness classes including: Insanity, Pure Gravity, Peak 10, Crossfit, TKB, PiYo, Hustle and R.I.P.P.E.D. Lori was also previously certified as a trainer and instructor through NASM and ACE. As a personal trainer, nutrition coach and motivator, Lori strives to improve clients’ health and fitness, offering them opportunities to step out of their comfort zones with confidence, while breaking through self-imposed limitations. Lori’s character is what makes her a great motivator: she’s fun, athletic, competitive and encouraging. When she’s not in the gym leading classes or filming one of her many physical training videos, Lori enjoys traveling, hiking, biking, snowboarding and wake boarding (basically anything that is physical and outdoors!).


Operating as usual

Happy Sunday!

Things are a lot different this year!

Alzheimers awareness and prevention day!

We didn’t get to do our usual Alzheimer’s walk this year but today was walk day and we did our personal neighborhood walk and donated to cure Alzheimer’s!

We walk and fundraise each year to support Alzheimer’s in honor of my mom Delores who lives in memory care as this disease takes over her brain 🧠!

We pray and hope for a cure in the near future!

We love you mom and grandma!



Anyone else reving up for FALL???

I’m so over this heat!!

I’m ready for cool weather, some rainy days, my cute jeans, leather jackets, beanies, boots, some Bailys and hot chocolate while walking in the crisp air looking at holiday decorations...

Who else is ready for Fall?

What i s your favorite part of Fall/Winter?

It’s Thursday!

Here is a body weight circuit for you.

You will need:
✨A step, bench, or dining room chair
✨A timer

Similar to the last workout I posted.

Beginners - :30 sec each exercise
Advanced - 1 min each exercise

Modifications are shown in most videos..
(If you can’t perform the push ups with the bench, please use the floor and don’t be afraid to modify on your knees.
Same with the step up/step back to lunge ...you don’t need a bench ...just lunge forward with one leg and lunge back with the other.

🌟Warm up with ..inchworm to plank with jack
🌟Incline Push ups
🌟5 plank jacks to 5 jumping jacks
🌟Legs up/Decline push ups
🌟 2 plank jacks-stand to rotational jump
🌟Step up step down to rear lunge (dont forget to do both sides)
🌟Hip sit to kneel-step up to jump squat. (alternate the lead leg when stepping up to stand or do 1 leg for 1/2 the time and the other leg the other 1/2)

Recover inbetween each exercise :30sec-2min
Remember the more you recover between exercises the more efficient you will be when you perform the next exercise.

Perform 3-4 rounds for a 30-60 minute workout depending on the times used work and recovery and how many rounds you perform.

These are only suggestions.
You do you.
You can put these exercises together anyway you want using time or reps.

Remember hit SAVE so you can work it out later!

Lunge rotate w knee pull. (Modifier is no weights)

Split leg deadlift to bicep curl (Right leg forward)

Split leg dead to upright row. (Left leg forward) (I used a water jug in case you don’t have dumbbells but you can use dumbbells too)

Dumbbell Burpee to 4 high knees (modification shown)

Double squat to jack w overhead press (modification shown)

Jump squat to split lunge w jump and OH press (I do multiple modifications in this one)(yes I kept mixing them up I still burned my calories!)

Where have you been working out 🏋️‍♀️ these days? Home? Or back to the gym?



Thanks for your donations Gina Sanchez and @nathalienestor

Both of these programs are super dear to our hearts and continue to provide our children with the therapies needed to live their best life.

Please donate if you can.. your donation will help keep these programs in place for children with special needs and developmental delays!


allagunabeach.org WE LOVE DONATIONS! We gratefully accept donations, corporate gifts and grants from both charitable foundations and individual donors. And, we are delighted to receive your gently used items f…


Show your support!

Thanks for your donations Gina Sanchez and @nathalienestor

Both of these programs are super dear to our hearts and continue to provide our children with the therapies needed to live their best life.

Please donate if you can.. your donation will help keep these programs in place for children with special needs and developmental delays!


interland3.donorperfect.net Help us Treat Special Needs with Special Care!

National Sons day!
The light of my life..
You saved me and we saved you!!
God couldn’t have given us a more perfect angel 👼🏻!
Can’t wait to see your light shine all over the world 🌎 Z !
You are made for greatness! I know it in my heart and soul!
We love you to the moon 🌙 and back!

Working out with the kiddos

Getting a workout 🏋️‍♀️ each day is definitely a challenge with kids...
When I do commit to a home workout 🏋️‍♀️ I have the BEST workout partners..
Make sure you watch all the entire video for a guest appearance who will show you their favorite workout!
I promise it will make your day!
Happy Monday!

Burpee ladder and burpee variations

1st vid is a burpee ladder with push ups at the bottom and a squat at the top. In the vid I go to 5 of each (it cuts off due to over 1min) but I actually performed up to 10 of each..
So ...
burpee 1 push, 1squat
Burpee 2 push, 2 squat
Burpee 3 push, 3 squat
.. you get the idea ...keep going to 10..

2nd vid has just a few easy burpee variations (I’ll do more later)
📍Beginner burpee (walk legs out and in instead of jump) I like to have clients raise hands over head when they stand so they actually stand all the way up!
📍Burpee jump back and into stand.
📍Burpee to squat
📍Burpee to alternating rear lunge
📍Burpee with push up and jump up

Perform 1 minute of each variation
5 variations = 5 min of work.

Perform 4 rounds for a 20 min heart ❤️ pumping full body workout 🏋️‍♀️ no equipment necessary!

Finish with the ladder burpee for BONUS work!

There is always a way to make a move simpler, more difficult or different (just to spice things up)

Think out of the box 📦 to keep your workouts interesting 🤔!

What’s your favorite burpee variation?

Hit save for later!

Mommy workout w interruptions of course

Got kids??

For the longest time I was allowing myself to use this as an excuse!

Guess what? I wasn’t practicing self-care!

Working out keeps me sane and allows me to be a better mom!
Well, let’s be honest ... a better person in general!

The show must go on!
You just figure out how to incorporate your workout around the kids!

Of course this 40 min workout 🏋️‍♀️ ended up being over an hour because of all the interruptions but I still got it done ✅

How do you stay active with kids?

Here is jUst one of the 4 circuits I did out of 4. I’ll post more later.

You can work this KB circuit how ever your desire..
-for time or for reps!

Don’t forget to save for later!

Happy Hump day!

Anyone else been neglecting their workouts lately?

Mom excuses have been in full force for me as of late.

12 weeks until I turn 50...and perfect motivation to get my ass back in shape by 50..

Want to follow me on a 12 week journey?

Here’s a quick preview of one of my workouts.

Are you ready for an AMRAP?? (As many rounds as possible)

What have been your excuses?

How many rounds can you get in 5 Min?


I made a pact with myself for August!


Yesterday my schedule was getting in the way of my workout 🏋️‍♀️ plans but I made it work by doing 30 min in the morning and 30 min in the afternoon!

The afternoon workout 🏋️‍♀️ would have never happened if I was not committed to meeting my workout partner at spin class!


Someone to keep you in check..

❣️To tell you the truth
❣️To keep you accountable
❣️To just listen👂
❣️To giggle 🤭 with
❣️To appreciate you for exactly who you are!

Oh yes and that HR grid I keep posting? Nope it’s not 100% accurate but it also gives me a little accountability

❣️Shows me when I’m not working as hard as I could or if I’ve been working too hard..

The stats, even though they may not be 100% accurate, give my brain the the motivation and accountability it thrives on.

I cycle when I use it. I DON’T believe in getting fixated on the numbers!

Last month I rarely used it but for my goal month of August I will use it each workout.

Who or what keeps you accountable?
Tag your accountability partner or tell me what you use to stay accountable in the comments below.

Truth Tuesday!

Before becoming a parent everyone tries to warn you about all the things that happen during parenting:

*It’s a thankless job
*It’s hard
*They grow up too fast
*You will be tired all the time

But what about the stuff they don’t tell you?

Here are 5 surprising things that I never knew about motherhood! SWIPE ➡️

What surprised you most when you became a parent?
Hit me in the comments below⬇️

Good Morning

Let’s lift together!

Try this workout...

Heavy lifting sets for reps immediately followed by a :45 second super set.

1 min compound movement cardio burst in between the 2 lifting circuits.

Cardio #1 - 1 minute of work to elevate the heart rate.
Bent over dumbbell row to squat overhead press.

Strength Circuit #1

Single arm heavy bent over dumbbell row.
Heavy weight - max 10 reps.
Immediately followed by same arm, single arm bent over rear flye for :45 sec. (you may need lighter weight, I did)

Cardio #2 - 1 minute Burpee to bent over wide dumbbell row.

Strength Circuit #2

Heavy single arm overhead dumbbell press.
No more than 10 reps
Immediately followed by same arm single arm front raise for :45 sec (remember its ok to drop weight here)

Go as heavy as you can in the cardio bursts while maintaining good form.

For the strength segments if you can do more than 10 reps easily you need to increase your weight.
For the :45 sec super sets decrease weight and do as many quality reps as possible.

Don’t forget to do both sides.

Perform 3-4 rounds for a 30-40 min workout.

Don’t forget to hit save so you can do the workout later.

Oh the weekend ...

Yesterday we crushed it outside on the turf for Limitless @clubsport_ren !
Loving this super strong 💪 and fun crew on Saturdays!
Have a great Sunday!

Are you tired of your day getting away from you while you lounge in your PJ’s all day because life is so weird right now?

Well guess what?
It’s August and it’s time to start thinking 🤔 about setting some goals.

Schools may not be opening but online learning still requires the household to get up, get moving and get organized.

Start preparing now instead of waiting until the last minute to get the gears ⚙️ going again..

Set some goals...

What part of a scheduled day are you missing or in dire need of the most?

What things have you let fall to the wayside for the past 4 months while we’ve sat in waiting?


🎈Keep you focused and motivated
🎈Give you hope
🎈Help you organize your time
🎈Give you a sense of accomplishment

I’ve found it really easy to make excuses and get a little lazy these last few months but it’s time for change..don’t ya think 🤔?

So happy to be back here participating in our group therapies with all our friends @iceckids
ICEC has been such a blessing for us.
The BEST staff and services ever!
ICEC has gone above and beyond to get us all back together again during this crazy 😜 time!
Thank you to Pam, Lori and all the amazing staff members that make our lives so much better!
We love ❤️ ICEC!

Challenge accepted!

I included a pic for each person that challenged me..

❤️Women supporting women
❤️Wives supporting wives
❤️Mother’s supporting mother’s..

@aniafrompoland @walkyourwaygirl @ttperez7

Happy Monday!

Let’s have some fun!

Me: Wet hair stuck to ANYTHING!
Soap, sinks, shower walls, my body...ANYTHING!

I mean double 🤮🤮!!

What you got???
(No weirdness PLEASE)

Happy Birthday K!

7 years ago today I surprised you by waking you up in Cape Cod on your 40th birthday!

Alto and I got you good!

That is just one of the multitudes of special memories we created over 35 years of friendship!

It’s still unbelievable that today is your birthday 🎁 and you are not here to celebrate 🎉!

There is never a day I don’t think about you, Alto and Alyssa!

Happiest birthday my dear friend, my sister from another mister!

I’ll be celebrating 🥳 here on earth with you up in heaven..
Happy heavenly birthday 🎂 to the strongest women I’ll ever know!
#heavenlybirthday #bffbirthday #makingmemories #untilwemeetagain #sisterfromanothermister

Happy Hump Day!
A little glimpse into what my workouts look like with a toddler!
It’s a sh** show most days but the show must go on!
So ignore the sloppy form while I’m navigating around him and enjoy his cuteness.
My faves parts of the video are exercises #5 and #7 with the cute one.

For the workout
#1) Heavy bent over rows-10 reps max, right into 20 reciprocating rows.
#2) 10 Heavy bicep curls (tempo up2 down2) followed by 1 arm hold while opposite arm does 8-10 more reps.
#3) Bent over SA row to rear lunge to balance.
#4) V-sit with 10 bicep curls
#5) 10 chest press both arms followed by 10 alternating chest press
#6) 25 glute bridge (heavy bell) followed by 20 SL pulses
#7) Sit up to V-sit (with or without bell) He is feeding me his snacks while I workout.

In the SA and SL vids I only show one side so remember to do the other arm or leg.

I did exercises 1-4 (4 sets) then exercises 5-7 4 sets.
You can mix it up any way you chose.

Got kids like I do??? Let them interrupt...they like being a part of everything

Happy Monday!

Each day it’s easy for us to fall into the trap of poor choices...

❓We skip a workout 🏋️‍♀️ #
❓We eat a bunch of crap 💩
❓We drink 🍸 a little more than we should
❓We have difficulty controlling our emotions (anger, sadness, disappointment etc)
❓We forget something.. ( an appointment, a birthday, our keys, someone’s name, etc)

We fail a little each day.. we are only human..

It’s ok 👌 as long as we:
❗️Acknowledge it
❗️Move on from it

Stop beating yourself up.
Give yourself grace..

You can’t undo what’s already done but tomorrow is a new day and you can:


Who else needs a fresh start after the weekend?

My heart ❤️ is so full on this fine Saturday!

There is something to be said for doing what you love 💕 and loving 🥰 who you work for!

Even on the hardest days or the early mornings (not a morning person) teaching fitness to my groups whether it be on zoom or outside in the heat, always turns any day that may have started at 2 to a big 10!
Then add working for a 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 company that goes above and beyond for their employees and members (if we can’t workout inside we will move the entire gym outside and to the parking structure) bumps my day up another notch!

Do what fills your heart ♥️ each day ...
Do something that can take you from a crappy day to a stellar one in less than an hour..

I know it may not be your career
but it can be exercise, a hobby, a passion, a person...

Find it, do it, live it, love it 😊
Love life!

What can whip you from a bad/sad mood to happiness overload in an hour or less?

Upper and lower compound movements!

1 dumbbell

Video 1 - kneeling lunge with hammer curl to OH press
Stand to single leg deadlift with wide row.

Video 2 - Lateral lunge to bicep curl
Single leg deadlift to bicep curl

My goal is to go heavy for 8-10 reps on each side.

I’ve been doing 4 sets lately instead of 3 to change it up and I feel it!

You can go for reps or for time. (I.e. 45sec-1 min each side/each exercise)

Sets, reps/time are up to to you and your fitness level

Both of these moves will work multiple muscle groups (full body) and get your heart pumping without any jumping!

That’s my kind of workout!

Hit SAVE and give it a try!

Leave a comment below ⬇️ if you want to see more workout videos

Well... it gets most of the crazy 😜 out!

There is nothing like a heart ❤️ pumping cardio sesh to calm my brain 🧠

I just love 💕 putting on my headphones 🎧 with some rocking music 🎶 to go all in on a HIIT cardio, run 🏃‍♀️ or cycle session.

I think 💭 more clearly, I am more creative, more organized, more energetic, and more confident during and after a high intensity sweat 💦 sesh!

No meds needed!

Feeling stressed 😫, depressed, anxious, tired? Try just 20 min of cardiovascular activity (walking counts) and see how you feel..

I just think 🤔 aside from laughter, exercise is the BEST medicine..

Where are all my cardio crushers? Give me a 🙋‍♀️in the comments!

I Love ❤️ Ladders!

Try this ladder workout.

I performed this ladder 2 different ways.
#1 ..I laddered the snatch and not the push up.
#2 ...I laddered the push ups not the snatch

You wont see the full ladders here (Not enough time) but I laddered up to 5 for each.

Try one or both for a full body workout.

You will notice when I ladder the push ups I am modifying on my knees...This was actually a finisher to my strength workout and I did both ladders so my arms were shot.

Do you like ladders??

Happy 😊 4th of July!
This group crushed it out on the turf today!
Worked off a hotdog 🌭 or a beer 🍺??
Thanks to @clubsport_ren for stepping up again last minute and making sure we had a place to workout 🏋️‍♀️ outside, music, equipment, and plenty of towels for the sweaty 🥵 workout 🏋️‍♀️!
Thanks 🙏🏻 to the amazing cleaning 🧼 team who makes sure all the equipment is sanitized and safe for everyone’s use!
Amazing club, Amazing members, makes for an Amazing day!
Have fun and be safe out there!
#happy4thofjuly #outdoorworkout #safeworkout #bestmembers #classact #bestworkplace #fitmom #fitmomover40 #groupfitnessinstructor #personaltrainer

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Working out with the kiddos
Mommy workout w interruptions of course






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