Algona Community School District Transportation

Algona Community School District  Transportation


A couple photos I got from parents today. It is great seeing some of the faces waving out the window at me. I sure miss seeing all my kiddos every day. Thank you to Algona Community School District for being able to provide this service.
Our transportation crew working hard to load buses to deliver! So fun to see kids waving from windows when we pull up💕😁
School still on time as of now?
Will you share this info with your drivers? Many have found it helpful. Thanks.
Spanish JUST for school bus drivers. Great for independent study or new and recurrent training.

Algona Community School District Transportation for Preschool through 12th grade for both Algona and

Operating as usual


Parents Living in this area if your child needs to ride a bus the Pickup Location is on the South Side of Seton/ St Cecilia's Church for the following reason. Please Call the Bus Barn 515-295-5481 if you have any questions.

Thank you Merrill

The natural gas leak continues at Elm and Philips streets in Algona. People are being advised to stay away from the area. Crews working are hoping to have the leak fixed sometime this morning. The homes that have already been evacuated have been so and will remain until further. People are still being advised to stay away from the area. DO NOT drive through the area or move barricades placed in the street. Keep up-to-date on what's going on by watching the Algona Police Department page, the Kossuth County Emergency management page, and listening to KLGA.

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Algona and Garrigan Parents. Here is what is sitting at the Bus Barn in our Lost & Found. Please stop and claim at the bus barn in the near future. Please look through all 24 of the pictures if you are missing items and please share away. Thank you Kathie Mueller for sorting through this on your day off.


Parents of Students that ride all Algona Community School and LuVerne Buses

Within the next week we will be providing Bus Transportation ID cards to all students that ride our buses. Schools will be passing them out to everyone that rides or potentially could ride our buses. It has their Name, Current School Photo if available, Student ID number and most importantly a QR code in the corner. It will be inside a plastic waterproof holder with a retractable lanyard hook to their book bag. Some ID cards may be hard plastic which will be used next year also. Algona Bus associates will also assist students with the scanning process. All students will scan each time they get on or off buses.

By scanning each time this helps us locate your student should you need them for any circumstance. We encourage you to talk with your children(s) and stress the importance of doing this process every time they get on or off a bus. We ask that if your child should change book bags that you move this ID Card to the next bag. QR Code are child specific and not set as a family.

There is no address on these cards, only personal information is their current school photo if available. No student will be denied ridership if they don’t have their card, however they will be required to get another card should they lose it right away. Below are the guidelines that Teachers will be going over as they hand out your children(s) cards.

If you have any questions please contact the Transportation Dept at 515-295-5481

ACSD Bus scanning guidelines for students

Why to scan ID card every time you get on/off a bus:
It helps keep track of your attendance on buses or shuttles
It helps parents see if the bus arrives at the correct time + place
It helps the school know you got home or to an event safely
It helps us know your location in case of an emergency

Card scanning instructions:
Find the scanner to the right as you enter the school bus or shuttle
Hold card about a hands-length away
Swipe by moving card up + down
Make sure you hear a beep
Proceed to your seat + buckle up
Scan the card again when exiting the bus or shuttle to record last location


This is a sad day. I was notified last night of the passing of Matt Clark Matt has been a full-time driver in the last few years and was a sub-driver before that for Algona Community School District. We are heartbroken with his passing and he will be missed by many. Matt was always in a positive and upbeat mood. His riders meant the world to him. This picture was taken this morning, with the sun coming up over his new bus that arrived last November. Matt, may you rest in peace, and we will never forget you. See less


All Algona Parents, We are implementing the next phase of our routing system to help keep kids safe. Currently Algona Public students in grades 5 through 12 are now required to scan on at their pickup location and off at their destination. This allows us to know your children are safely transported to and from school everyday. Later in March we will implement this same safety feature for our students in 3yo Preschool through 4th Grade and this will include all the students from Bishop Garrigan that we transport. We ask for your cooperation in making sure your students have their ID cards with them (or on their phones) at all times when they board a bus. Any questions please contact the Transportation Office at 515-295-5481


Please under this stay safe


Winter storm severity index showing primary impacts coming from the snowfall threat on Friday. 4-6" with locally higher amounts possible.

Photos from Algona Ybk High's post 10/22/2021

Photos from Algona Ybk High's post

Photos from Bertha Godfrey Elementary School's post 10/21/2021

Photos from Bertha Godfrey Elementary School's post


Safety of every student is priority. Let's make this the best year ever.


Families that live inside the City limits of Whittemore. Please remember that the location for bus pickup/drop-off is at the Gym if you live South of the Railroad tracks. You must be there by 7:17AM with Buses 12 and 24 leaving at 7:25 AM. Bus 24 will also pickup/drop-off North of the tracks shortly thereafter. Any question please call the Bus Barn at 515-295-5481


Families that live inside the City limits of Burt. Please remember that the location for bus pickup/drop-off is at the Old School (Activity Complex). You must be there by 7:15 AM Bus 8 is leaving at 7:19 AM. Bus 7 will leave at 7:23 AM. Any question please call the Bus Barn at 515-295-5481


Families that live inside the City limits of Titonka. Please remember that the location for bus pickup/drop-off is at the Parking area on the South side of the Titonka Food Mark (Grocery Store). Students riding bus 10 must be there by 6:53 AM as that bus is leaving at 7:00 AM. Bus 9 will leave at 7:10 AM. This is a change from last year. Any question please call the Bus Barn at 515-295-5481


Please help us keep everyone healthy this school year.

Timeline photos 08/19/2021

For the safety of all our children.

Algona Middle School and High School Pick-up/Drop Off Procedures

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This is so great


National School Bus Driver Appreciation Day


School Bus Driver Appreciation Day is a holiday all about appreciating and showing love to all the school bus drivers all over the world.
Every day, either as children or parents, we appreciate school bus drivers. They are always there to make sure that kids go to and from school, safely and on time. Parents are assured that once their kids leave their homes for school, they are in good hands of the bus drivers. And of course, the school’s management is also happy with the job of bus drivers. Because of the hard effort exerted by school bus drivers, people have come up with the School Bus Driver Appreciation Day, which is a holiday all about appreciating and showing love to all the school bus drivers all over the world.


Algona Community Schools will be running 2 hours late due to Dense Freezing Fog drive safe everyone.


Tuesday January 26 Algona and all affiliate schools will be running 2 hours late do to blowing snow. Southern Kossuth County and further southroad conditions are more hazardous. Drive safe and leave early.


Algona and Bishop Garrigan Schools are dismissing due to incoming weather today at 1:30 today. Please be at your Open Enrollment Pickup locations to receive your child and drive safely with your headlights on. And School is Cancelled tomorrow Friday January 15 due to Blizzard Warning. Be Safe Everyone

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Algona & Garrigan parents here is items left on our buses since the first of the year. The blue tote is left over from last year that still has not been claimed. Please share and tell others if they are missing jackets to gloves to stocking hats and boots we might have it. So if you are child is missing something it may be here. I know there are also tables in almost every school with items on them. Please pickup as soon as you can.


Merry Christmas Everyone


Algona Community Schools will be 2 hours late today due to dense fog and very slippery roads. Please drive with your lights on and at a safe reduced speed


Reminder to all parents of students that ride Algona buses. We are having an Early Dismissal for Professional Development. Please be at your pickup locations to receive your children. have a great Wednesday.


Reminder to all parents for Algona Bus students. Tomorrow September 16 we are dismissing for Professional Development. We will be bringing your students home early so please be at your pick-up locations.


Remember, STOP means STOP.

PSA Reminds Motorist About Risks of Not Stopping for School Buses - School Transportation News 09/05/2020

PSA Reminds Motorist About Risks of Not Stopping for School Buses - School Transportation News

PSA Reminds Motorist About Risks of Not Stopping for School Buses - School Transportation News A new video produced by the Child Safety Network depicts the tragic consequences of motorists failing to heed school buses that are loading and unloading students. It dramatizes the aftermath of a female driver realizing that she struck and killed a student who was crossing the street from his schoo...


Please STOP for flashing RED lights

Kadyn's law: (pictured is Kadyn) what a sweet little girl she was.

It is that time of year again. Excitement abounds for a new school year.

Time for a serious conversation on pedestrian and school bus safety.

In my career I have way too often pulled over drivers for illegally passing stopped school buses.

When the warning (yellow lights of the bus come on) prepare to stop! Do not speed up and see how fast you can go before the red lights come on. Yellow lights are a caution to slow down and prepare to stop.

In 2012 the Iowa Legislature passed a school bus law - Kadyn's law - the legislation is named after Kadyn Halverson (pictured) Kadyn was struck and killed by the driver of a pick up that failed to stop while she was crossing the road to reach her school bus.

Passing a stopped school bus will result in a license suspension of 30 days. Plus costly fines and high-risk insurance. The driver that struck and killed Kadyn was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

As Police Chief I pride myself on being fair and even easy going. Having said that, if you pass a school bus with its red lights flashing, and stop arm out. You will get the very worst kind of attention from myself or my officers possible within the law.


Slow down - pay attention and give our kids a brake!


Algona Community School District is seeking Part-time and possibly Full-time School Bus drivers for the 2020 -2021 School year and beyond. Most bus routes have an Associate on the bus with you. If you have 2+ hours in the morning and 2+ hours in the afternoon, leaving the middle of your day free for other jobs, or activities! All you need is a Class B CDL with Passenger, School Bus, and Air Brake Endorsements also an US DOT Medical Physical for Interstate driving. Don't have CDL we can give you pointers on how to obtain a CDL. Drug and Alcohol Pre-employment testing is required. Additional School Bus Training that is required will be discussed at time of interview and is paid by District.

Send Resume and Application to: Algona Community School District 600 South Hale St Algona, IA 50511 ℅ Merrill Mueller Director of Transportation


Join us this May as we celebrate the amazing public school staff who have gone the extra mile to support students and families during . Thank you! We are !


Please pass the word. Due to the current snow and road conditions that will be out there Monday April 13 we are moving the delivery of the meals back by 4 hours. We will be loading at 12:30 and then delivering. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Any questions please call the Bus Barn at 515-295-5481. Thank you and Happy Easter


Small PSA to Friends in this area.

As we all have heard and it’s on the TV right now. Stay home, stay safe, we will all get through this. On a normal day and time we all would be home waiting for friends and family to show up for Easter Dinner or gatherings, this year is much different. Today 12 drivers and 8 associates delivered 800+ meals and an Easter Surprise to 240+ families. I would like to personally say Thank You to the following Transportation Staff, Associates & Teaching Staff Bruce Gervais, Gerald Zeller, Dave Wagner, Nancy Johnson, Kevin Hoover, Michelle Penning, Chuck Stetzel, Todd VanOtterloo, Don Gatton, Betsy Becker, Kathie Mueller, Brooke Kramer, Gen Blumer, Karla Kenne, Keith Frideres, Pete McGuire, Kristy Allison, Laura Severson, Jill Nelson and her entire Food Service Staff that without their very hard work and dedication the meals would not be complete and the Loading staff at the High School that helps load these meals, A heartfelt Thank You Everyone.

And now onto the PSA for this Good Friday April 10, 2020,

Sadly I was approached in a local business the other day by a concerned citizen that said we were wasting fuel by driving the meals to everyone's home: My response was I understand your feelings but what if the children are old enough to stay at home and both parents are Essential workers and no one can drive to a pickup location, how do the children get the needed meals? This person said, I never thought about that. It just looked funny to see the big Yellow bus delivering meals. I also reminded him politely that the drivers know where the students live as they do this for a living and normally 180 days a year through Mud, Snow, Ice, and Rain. He looked at me and said you are very correct. I understand now and it is a very good idea!. Carry On you have my support.

With the numbers we are serving starting next Wednesday we will be delivering meals 5 days a week. This means the Food Service Staff & Director will be working everyday to get meals prepared for the next day distribution, The Transportation Staff will be driving everyday also.

So if you see any of the people mentioned above please say Thank You, Yes we have an employer that is paying us during this unprecedented time but money doesn’t buy happiness or health. We ALL must do our part to control this pandemic. Our lives have been changed but take a breath and go forward.

Happy Easter


Donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) are being collected in the white trailer located at the entrance of the Algona High Football Field. Masks, Gloves, Safety Shields, Safety Goggles, sanitizing wipes, and hand sanitizer is being accepted.
Thank you for your help.

Ps please don’t block the drive as Ambulances will need to get in and out from Auto shop area.

Algona CSD Food Service 03/16/2020

Algona CSD Food Service

Algona CSD Food Service Algona CSD will continue to provide meals for our students and families during the school closure. Delivery will be available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Delivery will include two breakfast meals and two lunch meals per person. Based on need and results of this form, distribution locations wil...

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Monday 7:30am - 4:30pm
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