North Country International Fire Training Service Inc.1971

Education of Fire & EMS training. Also known as the N.C.I.F.T.S.

The mailing address is P.O. Box 456 South Hero Vermont 05486. The fire school is held in Alburgh Vermont on the first full weekend of June each year. It is at the Alburgh School on the main street ((Hwy #2)) across the street from the fire station.

Education of Fire & EMS training. Also known as the N.C.I.F.T.S.

Mission: The corporation is established as a non-profit volunteer organization, who's main objective is in the training and instruction of all individuals or groups involved with the protection and preservation of life and property due to fire or other hostile environments.

Mass. autism awareness program for first-responders expands to 13 other states

This is the person that will be teaching this class at the school. Bill has already done a class for us in Montreal and it was packed.
Please let your friends know this is a one day Saturday class. Good for all personal that deals with the public.
Please share.. Westwood Fire Captain Bill Cannata has spent the last six years teaching first-responder firefighters how to recognize the symptoms of autism at an emergency scene so they know how to best approach someone with the disorder who is in distress.

[05/17/19]   Still one spot open in
Firfighter Safety & Survival
Autism class whats up??
Everyone was asking for it.

FOOD and you don't have to make it.
Sounds good :-)

Congrats to the 56 new firefighters of Montreal.
Good luck to all of you.

Cérémonie d'intégration des recrues du 47e et 48e contingent. Nous accueillons 56 nouveaux membres dans notre grande famille.


Integration ceremony for the recruits of the 47th and 48th contingent. We welcome 56 new members to our grand family.

Hey good idea.

#slowdown #moveover (Photos)

These two hashtags are not catch phrases, they are actions you can take which can mean the difference whether or not these First Responders go home after their shift.

All too often, emergency personnel and their vehicles are being struck by passing vehicles, whether the motorists are distracted by handheld electronic devices, from curiosity about what is happening, or any number of other reasons.

Emergency responders are performing vital tasks when working at scenes along our roadways. We understand these scenes can be an inconvenience, and even confusing, to motorists trying to get somewhere.

How do you think the people involved in the crash feel? It might be fair to say they are having a worse day than simply having to wait a few minutes to pass by an emergency scene.

Please be patient. Slow down. Move over. Pass by the scene with caution.

Public Education - There are several tasks that must be accomplished at a crash scene: Patient care, controlling other hazards (leaking fluids, vehicle electrical hazards, fire, etc), stabilizing overturned vehicles, removal of vehicles and so on. The severity of tasks depends on the crash (single or multiple vehicles, speed of the impact, are power poles involved, where the crash occurred, weather factors worsening the road conditions), access to the vehicles and patients.

Non-involved vehicles passing by at high speeds pose a significant risk to First Responders working on the scene. Our focus needs to be on the patient’s we are helping rather than having to worry about oncoming vehicles potentially crashing into us or our apparatus.

Help us help you. Proceed with caution.
Slow down. Move over.

(See our related post that includes a vehicle demonstrating our message)
#moveover #slowdown @uvm_rescue #scenesafety #drivecarefully

Interesting ...

La réaction du service d'incendie à la crise des opioïdes évolue pour répondre aux demandes, nécessitant une formation supplémentaire.

Plus de 1,400 pompiers de Montréal sont maintenant formés pour administrer la naloxone. Au cours des derniers mois, il a été utilisé 11 fois sur des patients en arrêt respiratoire.

En collaboration avec nos partenaires chez Urgences Santé, nous faisons une différence.


The fire department has had to evolve with the opioid crisis to respond to the demand.

More than 1,400 Montréal Firefighters are now trained to administer naloxone. Since it has been put in place the past few months we have used it 11 times on patients in respiratory arrest.

Working together with our partners at Urgences Santé we are making a difference.

[05/13/19]   3 weeks to fire school.
Farm Rescue, Pumps, Wilderness rescue, still have room, Autism also.
Check it out..

DOSSIER SPÉCIAL: Les pompiers à temps partiel pourraient se retrouver dans l’illégalité - ZONE911 (média collaboratif)

This is a good article folks.If you understand it.

They talk about volunteer fire fighters getting messages while in there personal car over there cell phones or pagers as many do these days. The law forbids the use of these items while driving they can be given a ticket if stopped by the police. This question was asked to the government here in Quebec and the reply was NO they are not allowed to use their phones or other devices while driving a personal vehicle. They need to pull over and park just like anyone else.
OK something for all volunteers to think about !!! Les pompiers à temps partiel du Québec pourraient se retrouver à un moment en situation d’illégalité depuis le renforcement de la loi sur la distracti...

If you have time tomorrow and are in the area of the Jaques Cartier Bridge lots of patches to be traded or sold.

[05/09/19]   We have one place open in Basic Extrication a student had to cancel.
First one in will get it.
Please share,Thanks.

WOW Training center that can flood itself ..

First responders practicing a Swift Water rescue at the State Preparedness Training Center In Oriskany this morning.

[05/07/19]   1 spot has opened in BASIC EXTRICATION if you are interested send me message.
First one gets it.

Police: Dangerous man wanted for Burlington armed robbery

OK folks lets see if we can help out here Vermont.
Share it. Burlington Police are looking for a man who they say robbed a convenience store downtown and viciously attacked two employees.

Very Interesting

**Public Safety Announcement**

On the Morning of May 5th a resident was doing some road side clean up of Route 3. This resident located what they suspected may be what is referred to as a “1 pot” method to manufacture Methamphetamine.

These “1 pots” typically are in a plastic bottle of some kind, sometimes they may have a hose sticking out of it. Things to watch out for are discarded backpacks or gym bags; liquid filled plastic drink bottles with a white residue; a large amount of discarded coffee filters; discarded liquid drain opener bottles or camp fuel cans.

These “1 pots” contain very dangerous gases and chemicals. If you come across something that you suspect may be one of these DO NOT touch it and call the Police Department immediately. These can potentially catch fire or explode; opening them can cause serious injury to anyone near it.

[05/05/19]   Folks when sending in your registrations do not pick classes that are full.You will be placed in your 2nd choice.Thank you.

Les Archives de Radio-Canada

1963 wow long coats and hip boots oh what fun we had :-)

Au feu!

«Des hommes braves et courageux, prêts à tout risquer pour sauver nos vies et nos biens».

En 1963, le journaliste Raymond Lebrun nous décrit le travail des sapeurs-pompiers du Service d’incendie de Montréal

Nous soulignons aujourd’hui la Journée internationale des pompiers.

Source : Au feu, 3 novembre 1963 (remontage)

Association des Pompiers de Montréal

La Journée internationale des pompiers est un moment où la communauté mondiale peut reconnaître et honorer les sacrifices consentis par les pompiers pour assurer la sécurité de leurs communautés et de leur environnement.

C'est également un jour où les pompiers actuels et passés peuvent être remerciés pour leur travail.

La Journée internationale des pompiers est célébrée chaque année le 4 mai. A cette date, vous êtes invités à vous rappeler les anciens pompiers décédés alors qu'ils servaient notre communauté ou consacraient leur vie à la protection de notre sécurité à tous. En même temps, nous pouvons montrer notre soutien et notre reconnaissance aux pompiers du monde entier qui continuent à nous protéger si bien tout au long de l’année.

Notre famille, protégeant la vôtre.

International Firefighters’ Day (IFFD) is a time where the world’s community can recognise and honour the sacrifices that firefighters make to ensure that their communities and environment are as safe as possible. It is also a day in which current and past firefighters can be thanked for their contributions.

International Firefighters’ Day is observed each year on 4th May. On this date you are invited to remember the past firefighters who have died while serving our community or dedicated their lives to protecting the safety of us all. At the same time, we can show our support and appreciation to the firefighters world wide who continue to protect us so well throughout the year.

Our family, protecting yours.

[05/03/19]   Hello folks. One spot has opened up in the Extrication class.
If anyone is interested send me message PM.
1st one will get it.

Victoria Firefighters IAFF Local 730

Hmmmmmmm This little pussy cat was stuck in a tree
and had to be rescued :-)
Well done folks.

Our duty crews responded to a different type of rescue this evening, C Platoon members assisted Conservation Officers and Victoria Police Department with the safe lowering of a tranquilized cougar from a tree along the Gorge. After being lowered from the tree the big cat was taken by Conservation Officers for further assessment.

B.C. firefighters converge on Saanich for self-rescue training

Hey look at this We are way ahead at our school we have been teaching this for years with our great instructor Pelletier Pierre ...Thank you... Firefighters from across British Columbia are training in Saanich this week as part of a four-day course that teaches ground survival.

St. Albans Communication Center

Check it out.

Please do not use the APPLY NOW option!

Applicants must be over the age of 18, have a high school diploma or equivalent. We are a 24/7 operation - so nights, weekends and holidays are a possibility. All interested applicants must submit a completed application to the St. Albans Police Department. Visit for the link to our formal application.

What we are looking for in an applicant is someone that is motivated, that understands and appreciates the importance of community service. Applicants must have the ability to multitask and think on their feet. Dispatchers often times work under a lot of pressure, so great stress management skills are crucial in this field. Dispatchers change lives by saving lives. It's an important and rewarding job, but it's not for everyone.

[04/29/19]   Students.
2 classes have been cut.
Ventilations and Minimal Manpower. If you were registered in them you have been moved to your 2nd or 3rd choices. You have been sent an Email and you can check student page to make sure where you are.
Please note the one day classes are low in numbers if they do not pick up by the end of next week might have to be cut as well. All very good courses that were requested by students at last years school.
Thank you for your time.

[04/29/19]   Heads up for all students
The store on the main road that sold food and liquor is closed so if you go there for sandwiches during school you need to make other plans.

[04/27/19]   Meeting Sunday fire school.
Tie up any loose ends.
School is all set to go.
Classes filling up.

Saw this on line someone was thinking outside the box.
Using snowblowers to keep the water out......


YIKES now this is a rescue call.

INJURY ACCIDENT: Bob Mills SkyNews9 is flying over an injury accident involving a semi in rural SW OKC.

The flooding has started after the winter and the army was called in to help. Thank you !

‪Soldiers of 2nd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment, part of the @5CdnDiv Immediate Response Unit, assisted civilian authorities in a rescue of stranded residents from their home in Maugerville, NB. Canadian Armed Forces Operations, Joint Task Force Atlantic & Canadian Army working together for Canadians.‬


Soldats du 2e Bataillon, RCR, déployés avec l’Unité d’intervention immédiate ont assisté les autorités civiles à l’évacuation de résidents piégés dans leur maison à Maugerville, suite aux crues des eaux.

Global New Brunswick CTV Atlantic News


If your BBQ has not been used over winter, it will need to be checked before use.

Look for blocked burners or metal tubes near the burners damaged or leaking fittings and hoses: (Check the seal when you get your barbecue tank refilled and check for leaks after re-installing) clean or replace the briquettes so they do not have a lot of grease buildup.
If needed have the BBQ serviced by an authorized professional.
When setting up your barbecue, make sure it is: outside and in a well-ventilated area far away from combustible materials and windows and doors...SAFETY FIRST..

Train Your Probie


Wow.....hope he’s ok.


Happy Easter to all.

WTF did i just watch?

WOW !!!

A peculiar technique of fighting fire!

This is where your phone call comes to when you need help from the Montreal fire department.
Those panels you see in the back ground are from the old Box system with the ticker tape.

La Semaine nationale des opérateurs en télécommunications se déroule du 14 au 20 avril 2019 et l’Association tient à souligner le travail accompli par les opérateurs en télécommunications du service d’incendie de Montréal, mieux connus par les pompiers comme le CCSI.

Les femmes et hommes du notre centrale de communications, tout comme ceux d’ailleurs au pays, font face à des situations difficiles de façon calme et professionnelle. Au nom de tous les pompiers de Montréal, on tient à les remercier de leur engagement et de leurs efforts soutenus.

On ne les voit pas souvent, mais on les entend toujours et ils jouent un rôle crucial dans la sécurité publique des citoyens et citoyennes de Montréal.
National Telecommunications Operators Week runs from April 14 to 20, 2019, and the Association would like to acknowledge the work done by Montreal's fire service telecommunications operators, better known by firefighters as the CCSI.

The men and women of our communications center, as well as those across the country, face difficult situations in a calm and professional manner. On behalf of all Montreal firefighters, we would like to thank them for their commitment and hard work.

We do not see them often, but we always hear them and they play a crucial role in the public safety of the citizens of Montréal.

Paris church fire,
after the fire is out what remains .

Post fire drone photos of Notre-Dame 😢

Photos courtesy of DroneImagen

Firefighter Safety & Survival class now has 3 spots remaining.
Basic Extrication Class is full.
Hurry up folks classes are filling up.
Thank you for supporting our great fire school.

Witness Says Notre Dame Cathedral ‘Completely Engulfed’ In Flames | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Wow check it out.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France is on fire. Witness Ken Leclair was outside the cathedral when the fire broke out and describes the smoke and flames co...

[VIDÉO] Notre-Dame de Paris ravagée par un violent incendie

That fire in Paris. Wow. Un incendie était en cours lundi en fin de journée dans l’emblématique cathédrale de Notre-Dame de Paris.

[04/15/19]   Notredame Cathedral
In Paris on fire.
Very bad I hear.


Description of training: Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are the fastest growing neurobiological conditions in the world, with prevalence numbers rising exponentially over the last six decades. ASDs impair a person's ability to communicate and relate to others. As a result, individuals with ASD are more likely to have a 911 encounter than the average citizen. These events can be high risk calls for the responder and a person with ASD.
1-To prepare personnel for a response to an emergency involving a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 2- How to identify characteristics and behaviors of a person with ASD. 3- How to effectively communicate with a person with ASD. 4- Discuss special tactics, rescue techniques, and patient care. 5- How to build relationships with the ASD community.


WOW is all about I can say.


Daily Express

Who wants to go for a ride on a fire truck ?
Needs a Fed Q

You need some serious driving skills to pull this off

Peru Fire Department

Lets be careful and pass the word ....

ATTENTION FOLKS!!! In case you missed it, ALL of NYS is under a Burn ban thru May 14th! Please Folks NO Open burning.

Pompiers: la relève | Extrait épisode 1

This is the fire school in Quebec if you want to become a firefighter here.

This is "Pompiers: la relève | Extrait épisode 1" by Groupe V Média on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who…

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Montreal Fire Department 5 + alarm.





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