Central Noble Elementary, Albion, IN Video October 31, 2018, 12:35pm

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5th grade team, Shark Dancing

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Musky club stocking Skinner Lake today

Delivery time!!!

Central Noble Schools are Closed Friday, February 1. This is NOT an eLearning day and will be made up at a later date to...

Always one of my favorites.... Spontaneous Hallway Dance Party! #christmasshenanigans

Wrapping Up, Surprise family member showed up to see his sister 😥😥😥😊😊😊

Thanks for everyone that came out. Special thanks to everyone that helped get our Inagural Haunted Hallway going. Than...

5th grade team, Shark Dancing

CNE Staff Year Kick off With Walk up Songs!
Mr Wesson brings down the House !

CNE Staff Year Kick off With Walk up Songs!
Mrs. Freeman Wants RESPECT!

CNE Staff Year Kick off With Walk up Songs!
Mrs. Fish's Walkup Song!

CNE Staff Walkup Songs
How CNE kicks of the year! Staff Walk-Up Songs! Mrs. Hosted !

Mrs. Wood’s class selling fidget spinners soon. Designed, assembled and 3d printered here at AE by Mrs. Wood’s class #p...

We are $47 dollar away from $2000! 30 mins left before we make the announcement for our 4 day “Dresses for Drew” fundra...

The Big Moment.....THE WILD ROBOT!!!! By Peter Brown. Every student and staff member of Albion Elementary will be readi...

The 2018 2A GBB State Champs stopped by at Wolf Lake Elementary’s daddy daughter dance #weareone #smallschoolsrock

AE spelling bee live!

AE Christmas sing along.

We set the bait, Mt. Dew and Cheeseburger’s....now we wait.....

I’m on a Yeti hunt at Wolf lake

AE Talent Show Under Way!

K-1 charger mile race start!

Fire safety day, the firefighters challenge for 4th grade.

More from our Young Americans hype call out today!

Young Americans program starts next week, sign your kids up for next weeks 3 day event. Forms are in the office and regi...