Internship at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary

This is going to be a running log of my experiences during the summer of 2011 at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary Professional Animal Retirement Center (PARC), Inc., known locally as "Black Pine Animal Sanctuary" in Albion, Indiana is a non-profit exotic animal sanctuary, a "last chance" refuge for captive-raised non-domestic animals in need.

[08/01/11]   Toda is my last day at the park. Facebook statuses could only be 420 characters long so it made me save it was a note for all that are curious. Thanks again Black Pine Animal Park for all that I was given.

[07/10/11]   Two days off and I can't wait to get back to the park!

[06/30/11]   Spent all day yesterday building a new 'condo' for Bushido the Serval. It looks pretty inviting if I do say so myself

[06/24/11]   Despite crappy weather, playing with a lion makes the day all better!

[06/20/11]   R.I.P. Magic, Didn't know you for very long but you were the best llama I had ever meet. I'm glad we could comfort you till you were able to pass on your own.

[06/18/11]   2 days off is great but i'm excited to get back to work and see how busy we get for fathers day! Bring your dad out, he gets in free when you buy your admission ticket

[06/15/11]   Putting in 15 hour days takes it out of you but its all worth it when you see a new addition join the family. Welcome Mufasa, the new 'king' of black pine!

[06/12/11]   Another fun day at the sanctuary. Luna got upset with another tour and charged the fence but it gives everyone a healthy respect for the power of these amazing wild animals.

[06/09/11]   Spent time enriching the lives of wolves, tigers, and a big lioness. What did you do at your job today?

[06/08/11]   Gave a massive Tour today of around 50 students and 30 students. This job just gets more fun every day!

[06/01/11]   Got brand new editions to the park. 3 timber wolfs now call Black Pine home. Theres no better feeling than being able to save an animal from terrible living conditions and giving them the best possible life they could have!

[05/31/11]   The sanctuary was a zoo today with tons of visitors. Nothing like bringing out animals and educating people about them. Couldn't ask for a better internship!

[05/27/11]   So my first week was a blast. Learning what it takes porperly clean habitats, prepare correct diets, butcher roadkill, and enrich a captive animals life. The people there are pretty awesome but the interaction with the animals is by far the best!





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