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[09/07/21]   Hello everyone! We will be shifting our hours starting this week! Instead of Tuesdays we will now be open Saturday from 3PM to 7PM! We hope to see you on Saturday!

[08/10/21]   We will be closed today, Tuesday August 10th. See you next week!


Happy 4th of July everyone!

Have a safe and fun holiday!!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Have a safe and fun holiday!!!

[06/22/21]   Hello everyone! Tomorrow Tuesday June 22nd we will not have our regularly scheduled open day. Instead for this week we will be open Thursday the 24th. We will be back to our normal hours again next week, thank you.

Timeline Photos 03/14/2021

Thanks for the information Elk Creek Township Historical Society!

Did you know:

In America, daylight saving time first became official on March 19, 1918, when the Standard Time Act was signed into law. It allowed for additional daylight hours to be added into the day to help save energy costs during World War I. The law also established the five time zones that we now know.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at The Valley School Museum!

We've been missing you at our little school. Please drop us a note in the comments of YOUR favorite Valley School memory from days gone by.

Interested in helping us create some NEW memories in 2021? Leave some ideas below of things you would like to see/learn/do at the Valley School. We've been learning a LOT from the Elk Creek Township Historical Society about creating online events. and are excited to try a few of their tricks out!

Take care, and stay in touch!

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Thank you for sharing our history Albion Area Public Library!

Hello History Lovers! I had a request for information on the Valley School, so I've done some research and gathered a large number of photos to go along with it.The Valley School was built in 1883 on Cherry Hill Road north of 6N, in the valley just north of the house where Mrs. Phyllis Goldhart still lives today. It was Mrs. Goldhart who organized a group of members from the community in 1991, to help restore the school while it was still on Cherry Hill Road. The school was scraped and repainted, new sills were constructed for the windows, windows and missing clapboards on the exterior were replaced. Eventually the roof was replaced, and the interior was also restored. Members of the community donated old desks, a bell, a pot bellied stove like the one that would originally have been used, and slate for a period correct blackboard. Following the restoration, the school was open as a living museum on weekends during the summers, with Mrs. Goldhart, Mrs. Gloria McCabe, and others volunteering their time to host tours and answer questions about the old one room school system. In 1998, a group of community members made the decision to relocate the Valley School from its' original site on Cherry Hill Road to its' present location between Northwestern High School and the Veteran's Memorial on State St., so that it would not be so isolated or difficult to reach. In May of 1998, Robert Snow and Sons took charge of moving the Valley School the 1 and 3/4 miles from Cherry Hill Road to Harthan Way. The trip took 9 and 1/2 hours, and the logistics must have been incredible! One of the pictures below shows how men had to travel on the roof of the school to lift power and telephone wires out of the way so they would not be damaged, and the school had to be kept as level as possible to keep it in balance so it would not tip off the trailer. Any miscalculations would have been disastrous. But in the end, the Valley School arrived safely at her final destination! Hope you enjoy all the pictures and info! Each individual photo has its' own description as well. I'll be back with another installment as soon as I can!


Northwestern School District



Thank you Northwestern School District for continuing to take care of the local community!

Good Morning NW families...a blessing box has been added to our community! The box is located at the intersection of North Main and East Pearl Street, on the south side of East Pearl. The concept behind a blessing box is for individuals to take what is needed and leave what you can. If you know of an individual or family that could benefit from any of the items in this box, please encourage them to stop by and take what they need. Items will be replenished as long as our families are experiencing difficulty in these uncertain times.


Do you remember the 60's,70's & 80's

We have come a long way.


Happy Mother's Day!


Albion Area Public Library

Hello again, history lovers! Today I have some photos of some of the schools and sights in the Cranesville, Wellsburg, and Albion Area. The 1st photo is the class photo of the Cranesville School from 1888. I haven't found a photo of the entire school building, but it was located north of Cranesville. The 2nd photo is East Crane Street looking East from Rte. 18. On the left is Barnes Blacksmith Shop, one of several in the area, as everyone at the time used horses, as you can see in the 3rd photo, and needed regular replacements for their horseshoes, among other things! The 4th photo is the new Cranesville School, built around 1908, but I haven't been able to find an exact location for it, it may have been built on the original site north of Cranesville. Photos 5 through 9 are of various classes that attended Cranesville School, but unfortunately, none of them include a year, or names of the students in the photos. The 10th photo is the first school built in Lundy's Lane, also known as the Wellsburg Academy. This school was located just up the hill from the Little Church on the Hill, approximately where the Elk Creek Township Building is now located. It burned down in 1908, and was replaced by the school pictured in the 11th and 12th photos, which was known as Elk Creek High School. In photo 11, you can see workmen on the roof of the building, and the front doors are not yet installed. Photo 12 is the completed structure, and you can see what appears to be school staff standing in front. Photos 13 and 14 are the Juliet Academy, built in 1835, and located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Franklin and Pearl Streets. It became known as the Albion Academy in 1859. Erie County records show about 302 students enrolled in schools in 1860, and 75 of those students were enrolled at the Albion Academy. The 15th photo is a sad one, showing the Albion Academy during the fire which destroyed it on March 6th, 1908. The town had no fire department, and no running water lines at the time, so all the townspeople could do was watch it burn. One of the school's teachers, Miss Elsie Limber, was able to enter the school before the fire got out of control, and remove most of the school records and the townspeople managed to hand out many of the schoolbooks and supplies without any reported injuries. Following that fire, a new Albion High School began construction on East Pearl Street, on the location where the Barnett Building now stands. Photo 16 shows the school under construction; you can see a couple of workmen on the roof, and none of the windows or doors have been installed yet. Photo 17 is the completed Albion High School. And finally, the 18th and final photo is a postcard from Albion, sent from Albion to Mr. Carl Brown on Howard Ave., Conneaut, Ohio, on January 6th, 1914, from his Aunt, and reads "Dear Nephew, this is the first card I have written in the year and I wish you a Happy New Year. Tell Ma I am sending her and the girls a little token, your and Pa's will come later. We got your gifts and they were fine. Had a big laugh over the pipe, as none of us smoke! John says he will keep it as long as he lives! From, Aunty P.S. Times are very close here, lots of men out of work. Our folks is working, but don't know what day they will be laid off." Once again, sorry this is so long, I just find so much fascinating information in the History Room, and I want to pass it all on! See you again soon, I hope!!


Albion Area Public Library

These are photos of the Beach Grove one room schoolhouse, located somewhere in Conneaut Township. I haven't been able to locate a more specific location so far, but if anyone knows, feel free to let me know! Apparently, they had a class dog, as well, lol. I'm not sure when it was built, or what became of it so far, but we do have a graduation announcement from the school for the 1901-02 school year naming 24 students of the school, and as the other photos were from 1916, the school was open for at least 16 years, lol. UPDATE: They're telling me it was on 6N west of Knapp before Bloody Run Curve....


Elk Creek Township Historical Society

🧻? 😆

If YOU were going to make a time capsule of what is happening right now - WHAT would you put in it and WHEN would you open it?


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To all our fans that are currently in their own "one-room schoolhouse" situations, please know that we are thinking of you and miss you!

Here is a great link from that talks about how school was different during the 1800s.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!


Can you help?

We are making progress on the book commemorating Erie County in World War I. Please reach out to us if you have any photos of relatives or scenes from World War I that we can borrow. Perhaps you have photos of one of the parades in Erie County as the men went off to war or returned home. Even individual soldier photos are welcome. Please email Bill welch at [email protected]. Thank you!


The Valley School Museum's cover photo

A few photos of the first ever Victorian Valentines Living History Event at the Valley School Museum. 02/08/2020

Photos from The Valley School Museum's post


The Valley School Museum's cover photo 01/03/2020

Vinyl records outsell CDs for the first time in 30 years

If you came to any of our Christmas events last month, you might have noticed the music was playing on a record player! What do you think works best - records, CDs, cassettes, or something else? ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Despite the digital age, vinyl records are proving they can stand the test of time. And at the start of a new decade, they are more popular than ever. From Queen…


Which New Year's Eve traditions from the 1800s would you like to add to YOUR history?

We don't mind trying out most of these, please don't throw a cake at the Valley School's door! ;-)

Full article located at:

Traditional New Year’s superstitions and customs abound. Among the dos and don’ts:

clean your house prior to New Year’s
take out all trash
clear your hearth so a new fire can be made
do not work on New Year’s Day
lit candles should not be carried outside
do not do laundry
do wear a new piece of clothing on New Year’s Day or risk bad luck (check out the 13 Yule Lads:
ring bells at midnight (to chase away evil)
throw a cake against the door to ensure a year without hunger (your aunt’s fruit cake is best)
wealthier people should give gifts to rewards to loyal servants
everyone must have money in their pocket, even small children.


The Valley School Museum's cover photo

[12/26/19]   We just hit 100 likes!
Thank you 🥳
Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

[12/26/19]   We reached a total of 99 Facebook fan page likes by Christmas! Wondering how many we can get by the New Year . . . 🤔


More ball and cups game fun!


Ball Cup Game fun at the Valley School Museum

Santa and a new friend explore an old fashioned game when Santa visited the Valley School Museum!

On December 20th, 2019, Santa and Mrs. Claus stopped by the Valley School museum to say Merry Christmas! Here are just a few pictures of all the fun we had!  See you again next year Santa and Mrs. C! 12/21/2019

Photos from The Valley School Museum's post


Hey Northwestern School District, start your Christmas Break off right when Santa Visits Valley School TOMORROW from 5 - 6 pm!

There will be Victorian games to play, a record player going, hot chocolate and cookies. . . and of course... Santa and friends will be there to say Merry Christmas!

With less than a week until the big day, Santa is VERY busy - but not too busy to say hello one more time to all his friends in West County


Did you miss 7th Annual Photos with Santa at The Little Church on the Hill last Saturday because of the icy weather? 🥶

Buddy has a secret for you! Please don't keep it a secret for long though!!!

Santa is coming back to Northwestern School District on FRIDAY, December 20th from 5-6 pm when Santa Visits Valley School!

There will be cookies, hot chocolate, and some fun Victorian Style Christmas gifts for the first 3 dozen families that come out to visit!

He won't be here long, so be sure to come out and say hi. This IS a busy weekend for him after all ;-)


Santa was spotted at The Little Church on the Hill yesterday afternoon. He wanted everyone to know that he will be back in the area on Friday, December 20th from 5 - 6 pm when he stops by The Valley School Museum.


Don't forget to stop out and visit our neighbors while you are waiting for Santa to Visit the Valley School on December 20th from 5 - 6 pm!

Northwestern School District students in grades K-5 along with their families are invited to attend the first annual Wildcat Express sponsored by the PAW Mentors. Join the high school students at this fun filled event complete with a free small gift to take home. Mark your calendars for December 17, you don't want to miss this fun, FREE, family event🐾🎄🎁


We're almost ready for Santa!!! Thank you to all that came out to help us!


Thank you so much for everyone that came out to help decorate!!! We really appreciated your help!

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More ball and cups game fun!
Ball Cup Game fun at the Valley School Museum
Thank you so much for everyone that came out to help decorate!!! We really appreciated your help!




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