The Barrio

The Barrio

a place where people meet and laugh, learn, teach, listen, sing, eat, cry, meditate, share stories, play, work, and just be who you are. Come visit!

Mission: Assist People Evolve to their Highest Potentials

The Barrio is moving location to my place of Birth in Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines. It will expanse its service to literally include all aspect of SIMPLE LIFE. May be I will name the school Plain Simple Life. The class rooms are the natural environment. The whole school will have the Sky as its roof.

The Minimalist

The Article from The Post was not attached properly earlier. Here it is again. Mamerto Tindongan is a man of many talents, but his best trait of all is spreading positive energy to all who come in contact with him.

The Post

The number of people getting help is misquoted in the article below. It is suppose to be just two people, not 20 a week. Also, David Hostetler died in 2015, not 2005. Thank you Sarah and Meagan for this nice article.

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The Barrio

[09/02/17]   Last Public event at this address: Sweat Lodge on Monday, September 4 starting at 8:00AM. The pourer is Caleb Dotson who is trained the Lakota way. Studio will be relocated in nearby Snowville. More info about the move to follow

[08/08/17]   Hello friends far and near, Come join us paddle the Dragon canoes for fun tomorrow, August 9, from 5:00pm until you get tired looking at the moonshine. Meeting place will be at the Barrio. Then on Thursday, starting at 10:00am, we will disassemble the Ifugao hut to be moved to its new location on Carsey Road in Snowville, OH. Food will be provided; bring your favorite drinks if you like.

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[01/15/16]   Do you want to carve sacred symbols, like the platonic solids or Reiki Symbols? Do you like to build your own "tiny" house and grow your own food? Come and immerse yourself with the traditional arts of woodcarving, gardening and landscaping, and building huts using simple tools. Make your own atlatl (ancient weapon or hunting implement) and experience how to cast a dart/spear with it. You can also learn Tai Chi and/or Qigong for health. Using simple meditation techniques all of these activities can help you connect with the balancing/harmonizing power of nature.

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Banaue, OH

General information

The Village of Kinakin is a typical place in Ifugao where the ancient ways of life meets the present. We strive to keep the Ifugao traditions vibrant by living and sharing it to those who seek. We focus on four inheritance that make us distinct from other cultures. They are: traditional farming of our terraced rice-fields; living inside the Ifugao hut; honoring/making the "bulul" (gods of harvest/abundance); and using/making the "linglingo" (rebirth/fertility symbol).. We also like to keep and share our traditional heling practices. Healing to us is not limited to people but also domesticated plants and animals. Come visit us and we will halp you have a memorable experience.