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Veteran owned small business supporting Crime Fighters & War Fighters. Drop by to see us - either in person or online!

VDC Armory is a specialized Manufacturer and Custom Builder of Gun Parts and Accessories. VDC Armory is a small specialty NFA/SOT - FFL Manufacturer with brand and product lines of its own as well as offering customized work. Primarily focused on Custom Builds, Muzzle Devices, and Suppressors. VDCA can offer NFA Variance work for a limited number of NFA/SOT Licensed Manufacturers on contract basis. Some VDCA Brands & Products (non-FFL items) ship around the world like the PHNX-MBS. VDC Armory also offers Duty and Protection focused Firearms. Home of the PHNX-52 Colorado MADE AR-15s & AR-10s... everything from standard rifles to Competition Ready & Designated Marksmen Precision rifles to fun AR-15 custom pistols. These are low volume custom products we wait times and hand finished attention. VDC Armory is supporting the Crime Fighter, the War Fighter, and all who seek quality / custom, gear and equipment. VDCA serves individuals, departments & agencies alike with custom firearms plus alot more. VDCA offers customized / contracted Consulting & Training! Find progressive, modern, best practices in training and many hosted Subject Matter Experts & Instructor Certification programs scheduled throughout Colorado and a mobile team is available nationally and internationally. Specialized firearms training, self defense training, Certifications for Center Axis Relock (C.A.R.) & Firearms Instructors, PPCT, Krav Maga, Range Master and many customized programs.

PRIME ammunition speaks out [OFFICIALLY]

Let's hope a little guy can win the fight...
Kick ass Prime. .. makes me appreciate and be more loyal to the little people of the industry! PRIME Ammo's founder and CEO goes on record officially to explain what has been keeping his company from fulfilling orders. They have bled of their capital through unethical practices by their vendor. Jim O' Shaughnessy tells all!

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#Chocolate #SantaFe #Albuquerqe Albuquerque, New Mexico Santa Fe, New Mexico Breaking News Breaking Santa Fe News #TrufflesByTheDozen #SweetSantaFe did some good work in NM....
Who is hunting with their ARs?
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Finally got it done again...
NM OTC Publiclands DIY Barbary Sheep hunt is about as tuff as it gets. Scaled the cliffs, got where we needed to be and had them ghost us... But then this one showed up on scene. Sheep burgers in the future!
It's become a popular off season tag to get and they are definitely being pressured hard and the numbers much lower than when I first went two years ago.
If you do it - take more time than you think you will need, more water than you think, and be prepared for a ruff time of it.
Gun: Brenton USA is a Gen I.... its a very well purpose built AR for Hunting (Please check them out). Leupold Optics scope
Rocky Boots S2V are my go to hunting boot for about 10+yrs now, Cutco Cutlery Serrated Hunting knife is the cats meow. Propper pants, Under Armour shirt, Bushnell Binos,

#AR15 #ARHunters ##AR15Hunter AR-15 Gun Owners of America AR15.Com AR-15 rifles Hunting Hunting NM Game and Fish

Do-it-Yourself NM Barbary Sheep Hunt with

Who hunted in 2018 with an AR?
Who is hunting with an AR build in 2019?
Its about time to hit the hills for another NM Barbary Sheep hunt!
Time to start scouting...
Sheep Burgers are so freaking tasty too!

#ARHunters #EatBarbarySheep #HuntNM #AR15Hunters #AR15 #AR10 Leupold Optics #338Federal

Father / Daughter Contributors both drew Barbary Sheep tags for this Unit and this Hunt in NM. The best laid plans don't always turn out the wa...

Looks like some good stuff is happening...
Keep your eyes on FB page to follow along on the new stuff coming out.

We have been playing around with something new....
The rifle is an earlier Gen from Brenton USA (they have a super sexy NEW Gen now available).
So far two Axis Deer have been taken, our attempt on a CO Antelope was thwarted by some savvy Does... and we are still on the hunt for a few more animals while we test this out.
We are NOT testing the rifle (its a super sexy top shelf build mind you)... its a Top Secret CALIBER that we are actually field testing and collecting field data on. Much more to come from that in following weeks.
So far ... We are all grins

AR15.Com AR-15 Gun Owners of America AR15Mold - Freedom15 AR15News AR-15 rifles Black Rifle Resources M16, AR15, M4 Rifles - tactical rifle gear and updates for ar15 rifles Hunting Hunting Equipment Leupold Optics Chasing Trophy Whitetails Ammunition #ARhunters #AR15 #AR15Hunters #Hunting #HuntingUSA #HuntingNorthAmerica

Enjoy a quick Read........

Check out this article and please share it around...
It helps answer a number of questions....

#AR15 AR15.Com AR-15 AR-15 Rifles & Barrels AR-15 rifles - tactical rifle gear and updates for ar15 rifles #ARHunters #AR15Hunter #GoHunt Hunting Hunting Hunting Equipment Predator Hunters USA

[11/28/18]   Cancelation Hunts! 2-3 Tags AVAILABLE!
Late Season NM Private Land Bull Elk hunts...
Regular price is $8,000 + State Tag Purchase ($660).
Right now with immediate purchase $7,000 and the State tag is Included! ($1,660 savings). Great Hunt and opportunity.
Dec 16-20
Contact email address: [email protected]
Include your phone number if interested.
First Come First Serve...

One super quality Premium Hunting AR right here...
Brenton USA Knows what they are doing and do it like it is supposed to be done with uncompromising in-house parts and designed for premium function & accuracy .... is field testing an unreleased caliber that after SHOT Show 2019 you will start to hear a lot more about.... stay tuned
Happy Thanksgiving !

Happy Thanksgiving from TX! got a morning poke on an Axis Deer.
Thanks to Brenton USA for letting us test this incredibly badass AR Hunting rifle (Field Tests & Data on Top Secret Caliber soon to be announced!). They make one sweet AR Hunting Rifle.

#ARHunters #AR15 AR-15 Rifles & Barrels AR-15 AR15 Performance Hunting Equipment Hunting Hunting Deer & Deer Hunting Leupold Optics

Many carry a side arm hunting or to the range too...
Many in this group are Veterans as well...
Not all stores that sell Glocks are Blue Label dealers (most in fact won't be) but I like to share things with veterans in mind so if you want a deal then this appears to be a good one from a Mfr actually recognizing Vets with a special deal. Find a Blue Label Dealer....

Wild Horses Die of Thirst, Overpopulation a Growing Concern | Elk Network

Please get educated on the feral horse issue. Environmentalist have bullied federal agencies tasked with management for so long NO management has been possible. Now over population is leading to gruesome and cruel deaths of the feral animals and heavy competition with natural wildlife for resources. Hunters are being affected as well and as stewards of the conservation movement and the health of big game you need to understand the impact of this issue... Study up and make an informed decision.... One hundred and ninety-one wild horses died in a dried-up pond in north-central Arizona. Many of them were buried in hardened mud, apparently too weak to get out. According to the Washington Post report, Navajo officials say the deaths are an annual issue. The Bureau of Land Management currently ove...

AR Hunting Rifle Trigger for AR Hunters | Brenton USA

Just when you thought you had all the finest parts....
Along comes something worth raising an eye brow over and taking a deeper look.
Stand by.... ARHunters is about to take em for a spin and give you some feed back.
Anyone else have one of thier rifles, uppers or this newly released trigger? "Smooth and Crisp" Brenton USA, the leader in AR Hunting Rifles offers its premium BT-1 drop-in AR Hunting Rifle Trigger for serious hunters. The BT-1 satisfies the most discriminating shooter with its smooth, crisp and fully adjustable pull weight from 2.5 to 6.5 lbs.

Some of you might remember the old days when we did a weekly radio show & interviews. Well here is a article that just got published and it includes a link to a LIVE interview I recently did...
Let them know you like it and lets hope we can do more of these soon!

Check out this interview and article Brenton USA put out and our association with it!
Be SURE to listen to the LIVE interview too from the link in the article.
Names or Mentions in the article also include!

Nosler FOXPRO Inc. Overdrive Outdoors LLC OnX Hunt Predator HunTers Predator Hunters Texas Predator Hunters Association ATN Coyote Hunting AR-15 AR15News AR-15 Gun Owners of America AR-15 rifles

Now here is a proper use of an AR or two in the wild... is getting it done on spring break it looks like!'
Check them out and see what they have been up to lately and thier YouTube channel too..
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So it's Spring Break... goes Hunting. DIY Public Lands NM Barbary Sheep is nothing short of brutal. It might have been some good Father Son bonding and it will be an adventure never to be forgotten I am sure. Stay tuned. Gear Tagged below.
6.5Grendel and a 6.5Creedmoor at work.
Hornady, Hornady Gear Shepherd Scopes, Alexander Arms JP Enterprises BOG POD Cabela's Cabela's BLACKHAWK! Wrangler AR-15 AR15News AR-15 rifles Hunting Hunting

Read the Story of the Father Daughter NM Javelina Hunt using AR15s and tagging out within minutes of each other !
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So the story about the Father Daughter NM Javelina Hunt has been published by Ammoland Shooting Sports News and it is live right here.... the video was nice but now you know the rest of the story!

Alexander Arms Olympic Arms, Inc. Leupold Optics Leupold Scopes NM Game and Fish New Mexico Department of Game and Fish -Southeast Area 6.5 Grendel and other AR15's AR-15 AR-15 rifles AR15News AR-15 Gun Owners of America Women Hunt Too Girls that hunt and fish Girls Love Hunting Hornady Hornady Gear CMC Triggers Corp.

Check out the NEW Video from a previous Hunt. Father and Daughter tag out within minutes of each other side by side!
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A NEW video is out!
Watch and enjoy - its nice and short just long enough to have some fun with it.

Alexander Arms, Olympic Arms, Inc. Leupold Optics Leupold Scopes Hornady Hornady Gear 6.5 Grendel AR-15 Gun Owners of America AR-15 AR15News AR15.Com Ar-15 Community AR Hunting Rifles Hunting Hunting Girls that hunt and fish Girls who like fishing, hunting, shooting and CAMO American Girls with Guns Women Hunt Too #AR15 #ARhunters #AR15Hunter #65Grendel #Hornady #ARHuntingRifle

But... But... but.... ARs are scary.
Someone forgot to tell that and especially this 14yr old Hunter who took an Elk in Hickenlooper's home State.

The Colorado Governor John W. Hickenlooper says ARs are not Elk Hunting Rifles.... Hummm we didn't get that memo.
He probably has not seen our page or YouTube channel either and the Elk we have been taking or maybe our video from a couple years ago when a nice 6x6 Bull was taken by a 14yr old girl in the State of Colorado. Sure hope he educates himself a little better maybe next time before making uniformed blanket statements...

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Elk Hunter Magazine Elk Hunting Elk Hunting ELK Hunters UNITE Moose, Elk and Deer Hunters AR-15 Gun Owners of America AR-15 AR15News AR15 and AK47 Gun Owners of America AR15 Hunter AR Hunting Rifles

Check out this good work from last year...
AR15 Hunting Rifle in 6.5Grendel got it done.... no dogs, daylight Mtn Lion Hunting!
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The taxidermy is finally done!
Darin Marsing shot this Mtn Lion in CO last year with my son's 6.5Grendel and the work looks awesome! Predator Down... shot without dogs, in daylight right in the backyard of his sister's house.
Again congratulations!

Rifle is a custom build too.
Using a 18" Alexander Arms barrel
PHNX Custom Birds Beak HG
Hornady Hornady Gear 123gr SST Factory Ammo
Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Optics Scope
Mission First Tactical Grip/Stock,
Custom Engraving by Colorado Gun Writes and Custom finish by 2AR Tactical Custom Guns
Mountain Lion Mountain lions I Hunt Colorado Hunting Hunting AR Hunting Rifles #ARHunters #AR15Hunter hunting and fishing Hunting Equipment Colorado Trappers and Predator Hunters Association Predator Hunting Master Predator Hunting Predator Hunting Predator Hunting Colorado gives an After Action Brief of their most recent hunt in NM. A NM Youth Encouragement Hunt that ended in success and sent him home with meat.
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Edited Hunt Video will end up on their YouTube page so subscribe to it too if you want to be notified or to see their others videos coming out.

Here is an After Action of our Dec 2017 NM Youth Encouragement Hunt with 15yr Old Staff Hunter Phoenix S. talking about his first Cow Elk Hunt that ended in success and meat in the freezer. Hopefully in the near future we will have the entire video edited and ready for release over on the ARHunters YouTube Channel (please subscribe there too). This a raw unedited/untouched up interview with our young hunter as he boards the plane heading home. See earlier photos from this hunt for the photo story in the field. Congradulations to our Youth Hunter and a proud Dad.

Mentions for: Alexander Arms Hornady Hornady Gear Shepherd Scopes Vans New Mexico Game and Fish Northwest Area New Mexico Game and Fish Northeast Area New Mexico Game and Fish Southwest Area NM Game and Fish

#YouthHunt #YouthHunter #Hunting #Hunt #AR15 #AR15Hunter 6.5 Guys #ARHunters #AlexanderArms #Hornady NRA's American Hunter (Official) Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

The things you see from the wild .... in the urban.

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When you pull into the Parking lot of Office Depot and see a fellow Outdoorsman with a sense of humor. Wonder if he is a ARHunters fan? I was fan enough to snap a pic and chuckle.

#ARHunters #BoneCollector #SpinalFusion #gohunt

Good info and where did the time go... its already time to be thinking of this year's hunts that you want to being doing.
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That time of Year is here...
Apply for your tags and start thinking about the hunts you will be going on!
Some info for those considering CO.

#HuntColorado #Colorado Colorado Hunt And Fish Hunt Colorado I Hunt Colorado Hunt Colorado Colorado

[02/07/18]   The YouTube Channel is still being worked on and other videos in editing... Watch hunting videos using the AR Platforms.

BUT they do have 52,000+ views of the videos currently there and we think that's awesome! Thank you if you are a viewer, if you have not seen the videos then please go check them out!
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Some good stuff over there from this year's work and some new stuff coming out real soon too.

How do you prepare your Javelina?
Here is a look at two smoked hind quarters that then got cooked in a crockpot.
Smoked with a rub about 3hrs at 225, then cooked for 4-5hrs in the crock with no liquids.
Good stuff! Similar to pulled pork in texture.
#HuntNM #JavelinaforDinner #ARHunters #AR15Hunters NM Game and Fish New Mexico Department of Game and Fish -Southeast Area Hunting Hunting All Hunting Things hunting and fishing

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Muzzle Front with the PHNX MBS from VDC Armory
Muzzle Front tests the PHNX MBS ..and likes it !
PHNX-MBS test fire on new Install
Hump Day Reminder.... for July 31st
Stage 2 at the March 2014 - Monthly 3 Gun Event
Lead on Steel
Colorado Freedom Shoot - Carbine Competition 2nd place finish




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