Comments $1.00 I.D. Tags for Animal Rescue Groups $3.00 Personalize Tags for Pet Owners
[email protected] We also have collars with brass plate tags riveted to the collar

Thank you for being
friends better look out cos if one of you friends is unkind to animals its a very short step from animals to people
HAPPY #WorldAnimalDay #October4
Hello kitty lovers. I recently found a stray white kitty outside my apartment building a few days ago. It needs a home asap! I already have 2 kitties and cannot have a third kitty because my apartment is too small for 3 animals..
I am a retired disabled Veteran and cannot have another kitty or landlord will evict me!! And I do not have any place to go!!
I am in Columbus, Oh and the humane society center refused to come and get the kitty! After I told them that I cannot drive and there is bus going to their area! I told that I have to call city animal control but they told me that city animal control will not take the kitty!!
So the kitty will be left out in the cold this coming winter unless I can find it a new home!

PAWedu is the #1 online course to educate animal cruelty offenders. Save the animals. Sign petition to DAs to enact in your state.

Operating as usual 10/08/2020

SA STRONG: Local woman launches online program to help pet owners

Special thanks to Camilla Rambaldi for interviewing our founder, Ami Gordon. To learn more, visit

#PAWedu SAN ANTONIO – It all centered around her love for animals and her vision to make a difference for them. Ami Gordon is the founder of PAWedu. It’s a first of its kind online program aimed to help educate pet owners. Caption: SA STRONG: Local woman launches online pet education program. &l...


Our partners at DaisyCares helped us create a course for children through #ProjectKindness.

Sign up today! It's FREE and your child can receive a certificate at the end.

Thanks to generous donors, #DaisyCares #ProjectKindness can now provide virtual humane education for children. Our partners at PAWedu added this course on their website.

The course is FREE and includes a pre and post test. Plus! Kids can get a neat certificate at the end. How cool is that?!

To sign up, visit: 08/06/2020

Animal Welfare Education for Animal Cruelty Offenders

PAWedu is an animal education platform that helps educate people about the humane treatment of animals. We also like to share beautiful stories about human kindness to animals! Meet our beloved rooster, River, and hear about his story of survival with the love of Andie Alshouse You can learn more about PAWedu at Please help us promote kindness to animals!❤️ It's Easy... Get Started Now Go to the course page and click the green button. There is a $25 or $50 fee. Check your email for your password. Login with your email and password. Review the course material, which contains 14 lessons and two


‪You can visit us at booth #1026 at the #AnimalCareExpo !!! Come by to learn about how we can help your community through rehabilitative education. #HSUS #PAWedu


We would like to thank the Texas Animal Control Association for having us at their annual this year. Some of the activities included Olympic Games for attendees. Here are “Harvey’s Angels” with their medals. We hope to see you at next year’s conference! #PAWedu


It's that time of year again! Here are some Halloween safety tips for your beloved furry companions from our friends at DaisyCares.


Everyone's favorite spoooky day is upon us!!! From your family at #DaisyCares, we wish you a safe and #HappyHalloween !!!


PAWedu partners with the courts and animal care services to provide humane education for those accused of animal neglect. These courses have been made available in Spanish!

Visit for more information . #PAWedu


Don't forget the pets! Many families, and their pets, were displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Donate today to make a difference. #PAWedu

URGENT!!! Pet food donations are needed! You can drop off donations at the San Antonio Food Bank or visit for a list of donation drop off sites.

Cat or dog food in bags or cans is accepted. #DaisyCares

UPDATE: Some of our supporters from out of town asked if we are recipients of Amazon's wishlist. You can make donations through Amazon by using the following link:


Hurricane Harvey has displaced many families from the Texas coast. If you are in need of sheltering your pet during the evacuation, please reach out to @sanantonioacs .

Animal Care Services has set up a emergency pet shelter to provide care and housing for the pets of displaced residents impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Pets in the emergency shelter will be cared for 24 hours a day throughout the duration of the weather event. Although the facility is safe and comfortable, it is located in a heightened security area with restricted access. The City will continue to update with pictures, video and information on the emergency pet shelter as we can.


Our friends at City of San Antonio Animal Care Services have a friendly reminder to keep your pets safe this 4th of July. #PAWedu

As we get ready for this 4th of July weekend, keep these safety tips in mind when it comes to your pets! #ResponsiblePetOwnership #SAACS #fourthofjuly


The first day of summer isn't here... But the heat sure is!!!! Please take extra precaution in keeping your pets safe during the hotter months among us. Remember, if it's a little warm for you, it might be scorching for pets in their fur coat. #PAWedu

It’s getting hot, hot, hot, and warm weather doesn’t just affect us humans! High temperatures can cause serious health problems for our pets if we don’t keep them cool. Follow these tips to keep pets safe this summer.


We have our first winners of the "Piece by Piece" game at #TexasUnites which is sponsored by the ASPCA. Enjoy your prize!!! #PAWedu


Come visit us at #TexasUnites!!! We have our Promote Animal Welfare Course available in English & Spanish. #PAWedu


Don't forget to bring pets inside during inclement weather!!! #PAWedu

This MUTTS - Patrick McDonnell drawing reminds us that while many of us reading this post are dry and comfortable, thousands of Texas dogs are unable to access adequate shelter from today's rainstorms. Please take one minute to call your House Representative and urge them to support HB 1156, which mandates and defines adequate shelter. You can find your Texas House representative here: 04/04/2017

Dog Bite Prevention

Dog bite prevention is crucial in ensuring a safe environment for you and your family. Learn more about how you can prevent bites from our friends at the ASPCA. #PAWEDU The vast majority of dog bites are from a dog known to the child—his or her own pet, a neighbor's or friend's. You can help prevent this from happening to your child. Please discuss with him or her the appropriate way to behave around dogs.


From your friends at #PAWedu, CONGRATULATIONS to Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) for this huge progress with humane tethering!!!

We are THRILLED to announce that SB 1090 passed the Senate Intergovernmental Realtions committee UNANIMOUSLY! We WILL break the chains for thousands of Texas dogs. Thank you to our amazing witnesses who share stories of suffering and to everyone who came by to sign a card - the chairman had never seen so many signed support cards for a single bill! This is a huge step forward in our fight for humane tethering! #LegislateToChangeTheirFate


Great meeting by the #THLN!!! Do you know which laws are being discussed in the Texas Legislation session this year?

You can read up on the most up to date animal welfare bills are going to be discussed by visiting our friends at the Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) . #PAWedu


Puppy and Kitten season are almost here...

Not only do spay and neuter initiatives help with pet overpopulation, they are also healthier for your pet. Healthier pets = less veterinary bills. #PAWedu

Our friends at the The Humane Society of the United States have some information over the benefits of spaying & neutering.


Pets make great valentines!!! #PAWedu #AdoptDontShop

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Don't forget to visit your local animal shelter to find eligible pet-bachelors and bachelorettes who will love you unconditionally. #AdoptDontShop #DaisyCares

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services, San Antonio Pets Alive, San Antonio Humane Society, Animal Defense League of Texas - OFFICIAL Talk About It! SA


Are you feeding your pet too much, or too little? Feeding pets a healthy diet is just as important for them, as it is for us. Don't forget to talk to your veterinarian about a diet plan that will work for your pets' size and level of activity. #PAWEdu


Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN)

Tethering has been a topic in animal welfare for a very long time. Our friends at the Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) are working to help our pets live a happy and healthy life off of a chain! #PAWedu

IT'S OFFICIAL - the Humane Tethering Bill has been filed and is now known as HB1156! We are well on our way to taking a vital step to improve the lives of dogs in our state, but we need your help! Please share this slideshow with your friends to help increase awareness of this important issue and help lay the groundwork for a push that the legislators won't be able to ignore! #IAmTheirVoice #LegislateToChangeTheirFate


Pet safety is #1 at all times! Don't forget to follow these traveling tips when taking Fido out for a road trip or plane ride. #PAWedu


If you're thinking of ending 2016 on a high note, consider making a difference in a pets' life by donating to #DaisyCares. They assist families and the community in need with pet food, veterinary care, and animal welfare education. Donate today at


In between the holiday season, many of us may be enjoying some time with family and pets. For families and seniors in need, this time is not as splendid. When their owners suffer, pets suffer too.

Help #DaisyCares make a difference this holiday season by donating to one of our wonderful programs. #DaisyCares helps people care for pets through pet food, veterinary care, and animal welfare education.


Salt dough ornaments are a common crafting pastime for families. Unfortunately, salt is toxic to pets. Please ensure to keep salt dough and salt ornaments away from pets this holiday season! You can read more at the Pet Poison Helpline website. #PAWedu


A message from our friends at the Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN). Please report animal cruelty in your area. Proper shelter is necessary at all times, especially in extreme temperatures. #PAWedu

Warning: When temperatures drop below freezing proper shelter is necessary to prevent injury, suffering or death and is required for companion animals BY LAW. If you see a dog without adequate protections please contact your local animal control office or police department to file a complaint. Visit for information on reporting animal cruelty.


It's that time of year again... cold weather can be fun to play in and enjoy. But remember, prolonged periods of time in the cold can be harmful to your pet's well-being. #PAWedu

Our friends over at the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) have good tips over how to keep your pets safe this winter.


#GivingTuesday is here! Who will you be donating to? #DaisyCares #PAWedu

It's #GivingTuesday!!! The beautiful boxer pictured below is Ginger. She suffered from a broken leg. Ginger's owner is a single mother who worked full time and barely made enough to make ends meet. Thanks to #DaisyCares, Ginger received the surgery she needed to save her leg and stay with the family who loved her.

Help us save more lives and help families keep their pets by donating today at


Last day for the American Pets Alive Conference!!! Don't forget to visit #PAWedu. We're right by #MaddiesFund. 10/31/2016

Halloween Safety Tips

Don't forget to keep your pets safe this Halloween. From candy to costumes, read all about pet safety tips from our friends at the ASPCA.


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As many of you may know, there is a strong correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence. Help stop the violence by helping #PAWedu spread the word about humane education in your area.

Photo credit to the Animal Legal Defense Fund 10/02/2016

Miami-Dade may repeal its 1989 ban on pit bulls

What are your thoughts about the Pit bull bans in certain cities? #PAWedu County commissioner wants to legalize pit bulls, four years after county voters rejected an appeal of the local law.


#PAWedu is at the Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) Conference today!


One of #PAWedu's partners in education is hosting a fundraiser on September 16, 2016. Join DaisyCares in the fight against animal abuse by attending or donating at

To purchase a ticket to the fundraiser, please visit:

What are you doing this Friday?! It's not to late to purchase your tickets for #LeashesForLife with #DaisyCares

Proceeds will help fund programs like #ProjectKindness. With your help, we can teach more children about the importance of pet responsibility.

To purchase tickets, please visit:



Thank you for your support! Daisy has truly been a one of a kind inspiration to our programs. #PAWedu



How are you celebrating #NationalDogDay? Tell us in the comments below!!! #PAWedu

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