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Basics of Accountancy ISBN:9781393296812

Quiz Book for Students ISBN:9781393840947

Hand Book for Insurance Agents
by Chakrapani Srinivasa ISBN:9798201859503

Insurance plays a vital role especially after the Covid19 attack on entire world. The significance of Insurance is well understood by one and all and it has also paved way for employment as Insurance Agents for many. This hand book covers some aspects of Insurance and its applications and uses for one and all.
A Positive Step for Paradise
By Chakrapani Srinivasa ISBN:9798201639631

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Star boy
Happiness is not freedom from the storm, but the SERENITY amid the blur, the chaos, and the pain. SuccessfulStu1
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Inner peace, kindness, happiness and some interesting topics. Hope to promote a harmonious global community among the lifelong learners. Providing self-help skills with the pictures and messages that I personally created.

Originally some Mandarin Chinese lessons were offered on this page.

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Sean Fawaz - Deez Nutz FULL SET 08/14/2021

Sean Fawaz - Deez Nutz FULL SET

When Aladdin met Mulan

Sean Fawaz - Deez Nutz FULL SET Arena Stage Theater1/29/20



Mitt Romney

Watch: Sen. Mitt Romney describes the violence at the U.S. Capitol as “an insurrection, incited by the President of the United States.”

Follow along for live updates:


Voice of America - VOA



Joe Biden’s victory is being celebrated.

President-elect Joe Biden's victory over President Donald J. Trump sparked celebrations in cities across the country, including New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami and Washington, DC. "Biden town!" a woman yelled out of a car in Philadelphia after CNN projected Biden won Pennsylvania. 11/07/2020

As Presidency Hinges On A Handful Of States, Some Have Made A Popular Vote Pact

“The Electoral College system has created a number of issues. First, the votes aren't exactly proportional to population.”
ETruthUSA What would a national popular vote mean? Instead of watching days of livestreams of swing state poll workers, the result would have been settled on Tuesday night.


NowThis Election

NowThis Election
the code and character of John McCain

Watch John McCain's 2008 concession speech to Barack Obama, a different era in politics


Nas Daily

Nas Daily

No lockdown!
No local outbreak.
No panic.

This story is almost too good to be true, but it's true.
Watch this me, you'll be inspired.

Special thanks to #team26980 for making this video possible! I am inspired by your initiative!


Late Night with Seth Meyers

Taiwan has succeeded in containing Covid 19 starting at its arrival...
Judy Woodruff
Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump essentially abdicating his responsibility to handle the coronavirus pandemic.



The Howard Stern Show

What do you think about Howard stern’s reaction?

The Howard Stern Show


CBS Sunday Morning

Good story from CBS Sunday Morning
Governor Andrew Cuomo

The present pandemic is not the first time in our history that the nation's governors have stepped up to offer guidance, action and straight talk.


What do you do when you live in one of states require you to stay at home in the United States of America?




Dan Patrick wants to reopen cities and businesses while older Americans "take care of ourselves."


No living Covid-19 victims is responsible for Coronavirus at all.
Please be patient and be kind to all people, regardless their race, age, or class. After all...
“No living white person is responsible for slavery at all. But all living whites reap its benefit, just like all living blacks wear its scars."
Anti-Racism Media



How are people of different races, ages, social economic status affected by Covid-19? How much is the human race going suffer from Covid-19 emotionally, physically, or economically for the years to come?
Covid-19 doesn’t discriminate, and does all it can do get to everyone. When people look back a few years from now, they will feel ashamed for their stupidity and ignorance.
For now, “Covid-19 is becoming the disease that divides us, by race, class, and age” (Bloomberg).

Verbal abuse and tension between generations. The pandemic is stirring up a toxic mix of fear, resentment and schadenfreude.



We are in this together.
The coronavirus doesn’t discriminate.

The coronavirus doesn't discriminate. Its victims include a former New York fire marshal who sprang into action on 9/11, a mother to six who was battling breast cancer, and four members of a New Jersey family.
Here are some of their stories.


Asia Society

Thanks, Trump!
Asia Society

"Chinese state media are already amplifying Trump’s racist remarks and using them to consolidate public opinion behind the Chinese regime. Xi needed a new basis for legitimacy and Donald Trump has given it to him—he is defending China and Chinese people against American racism."


Do you agree with Sue Fitzmaurice, Author?


Nama Ramen

What small businesses are doing in San Antonio, Texas...
Nama Ramen is on top of everything, no whining, no blaming, just taking care of business.

☎️Bang our line☎️!! Make sure to say your name at the voice prompt. During this time a 12% service fee will be added on call in orders only. This goes directly to cover some of our servers overhead at this time.


The Rachel Maddow Show

Failure to identify, isolate coronavirus infections puts U.S. on dark path
Early detection and isolation are the two keys to slow down Covid 19.
ETruthUSA The Rachel Maddow Show MSNBC

"The other thing they did all over Asia, is for the mild cases, the mild to moderate cases, in other words, people who did not need to be hospitalized, they didn't go home. They went into isolation centers.

...we have all sorts of empty buildings around now. Madison Square Garden is empty. The Barclays Center is empty. School gymnasiums all over the city are empty. Those become sort of miniature hospitals for the people who are infected but don't need to be put into a hospital. Because that way, they don't infect their own families.

It's 80 percent, 75 to 80 percent of the clusters there, were spread within families and it's important to stop that."



Al Jazeera English

China sends essential coronavirus supplies to Italy
Al Jazeera English

'In this moment of great stress, of great difficulty, we are relieved to have this arrival of supplies.'




Iran has backed China's calls to investigate yet unfounded claims of the United States being the origin of the new coronavirus as an international blame game worsened over a pandemic that has infected more than 200,000 people across the globe.



124 actions that Taiwan’s authorities took starting in December when they sensed the looming threat — and the rest of the world seemed to be looking the other way...
Taiwan quickly launched and updated emergency measures as the outbreak grew in China's Hubei province and then spread. Taiwan activated a response command center, sent a fact-finding team to China, imposed swift travel bans and quarantines. It even restricted the export of face masks.


Experts say Taiwan's coronavirus response has been remarkably effective, despite its close proximity to China.

The island so far has reported just 50 confirmed cases of the virus — and one death — out of a population of around 23 million. 03/13/2020

NIH's Fauci wishes Trump hadn't disbanded global health unit

"I'm a businessperson. I don't like having thousands of people around when you don't need them. When we need them, we can get them back very quickly." -the 45 th president.

It was two years ago when Trump ordered the shutdown of the White House National Security Council's entire global health security unit. NBC News had a good report on this recently, noting that the president's decision "to downsize the White House national security staff -- and eliminate jobs addressing global pandemics -- is likely to hamper the U.S. government's response to the coronavirus."

MSNBC Two years ago, Trump disbanded the White House's global health security unit. Today, Anthony Fauci suggested that wasn't a smart move.


Lee Hsien Loong

“Have confidence in each other.
We are all in this together and we don’t leave anyone behind.”
Lee Hsien Loong
Prime Minister's Office (Singapore)

It is five weeks since I spoke about the COVID-19 situation in Singapore. So it is timely to update Singaporeans again on the medical, economic and psychological outlooks of the situation.

Today, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. This means that while the situation in Singapore remains under control, the COVID-19 threat will be with us for a long time. We cannot be complacent.

There are some baseline precautions we must get used to, like maintaining good personal hygiene and not holding large gatherings. We must also plan ahead in case a major outbreak happens in Singapore, like in South Korea or Italy.

If a major outbreak happens, we will need more stringent social distancing measures, such as suspending schools and compulsory telecommuting. These will slow down the rate of transmission and prevent our healthcare system from being overwhelmed.

Already our economy has been seriously impacted, so we are working on a second stimulus package to support businesses and workers.

Singapore’s response to COVID-19 has been recognised by the WHO and the international community. This is through the efforts of many Singaporeans, from the frontline staff to all of us keeping #SGclean. I thank all Singaporeans who are dealing with this calmly and responsibly. We must keep up our efforts, and remain #SGUnited. – LHL

(Video by Mediacorp)



“Young and unafraid of the pandemic? Good for you. Now stop killing people...
Most of my childhood friends are now doctors working in north Italy. In Milan, in Bergamo, in Padua, they are having to choose between intubating a 40-year-old with two kids, a 40-year old who is fit and healthy with no co-morbidities, and a 60-year-old with high blood pressure, because they don't have enough beds. In the hallway, meanwhile, there are another 15 people waiting who are already hardly breathing and need oxygen...”
-A Doctor in Western Europe

Yes, chances are that the coronavirus won't kill you. But just by refusing to stay put, you are endangering hundreds of lives, every bit as valuable as your own. And it can still mess up your life, or incapacitate you for good.


Everyone's a Coronavirus Expert

“While US has more than 1,000 Coronavirus cases, Mexico has less than 10... The wall will help... help them to protect them from us”
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden battled it out for 'Super Tuesday 2,' Trump has officially not been tested for Coronavirus, the CDC released a special warning a...



Anything from this article by Vox can help the United States of America?

Taiwan has a population of 23 million. Last year, it had 2.7 million visitors from China.

But as of March 10, Taiwan has just 45 coronavirus cases. Here's how.


The New York Times

Have you wondered why Russian hadn’t suffered or struggled to fight Coronavirus like other countries? In the world, Asians are being bullied for Coronavirus as it was first reported in China, while the real patient #0 of Covid-19 actually hasn’t been found. No one is sure how it all started. If Covid-19 was started in the wet market in China, the shutdown of that market and of that city should stop the transmission of Covid-19 as SARS.
Can this article from The New York Times give us some clues?

Russian intelligence services are trying to incite violence by white supremacist groups to sow chaos in the United States, American intelligence officials said. 03/09/2020

Annie Stenzel, Free-range Poet

But we are really the dust of ancient stars

The difference between immigrants
and natives
is all in your mind.
Nobody got here first.
We all crawled out
of the womb together
and even that was not the beginning.

Whether you believe in Eve, or evolution,
you must know our ancestors
share a common grave.
Everyone’s blood is blue
while safely contained
in the body
and then, when shed,
always bright red. But we are really the dust of ancient stars The difference between immigrants and natives is all in your mind. Nobody got here first. We all crawled out of the womb together and even that was not...




Here's a catch-22: The more you stress, the more vulnerable you can become to viruses because stress can dampen your immune response.

These steps can help you regain your calm amid COVID-19 anxiety: 03/06/2020

These are the countries best prepared for health emergencies

Do you think the United States of America is the “most prepared” nation to prevent, detect and respond to health emergencies?
World Economic Forum The 195-country study finds national health security to be “fundamentally weak” around the world. No nation is fully prepared to handle an epidemic or pandemic, it says.


~ Touched by the Love of Angels ~



Lymphoedema - Let's talk

😍. Kids need a happy loving Mom, so be sure to always look after yourself 😍


Good Morning, It is a Great Day

Who you gonna call .... ? 😄

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May the peaceful choices you make bring you joy.
What do you find in the rain?Pain, peace, or beauty?Video shot at The University of Texas at Austin on April 24, 2019.
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Life is just hard. Even though you are doing what you wanted to do.You are still facing difficulties here and there, now...
Your present situation may be difficult. This too shall pass. Hang in there!
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