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PATHworks!™ teaches tools to help teens make good decisions to succeed in school and transition to life AdultReady. It works!

We build Purpose, Attitude, Tenacity and Hope.

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Attention and : Lack of sleep is more than just feeling tired the next day. It can also affect your mental and physical health over time 🤕. Ensuring that you stick to a healthy sleep schedule is important for both short-term and long-term wellbeing.

Achieve greater success and improved performance in the classroom and beyond with 8-10 hours of sleep each night!


Looking back, what tools did you wish you had as a teen? What do you wish you were told?

We can all list a few things, and you may realize that a lot of it boils down to better decision-making skills and a better mindset.
These are some of the skills needed to prepare for the transition into adulthood.

Our Here2There™ Coaching Services will help your teen build the skills they need to be AdultReady. We provide coaching that supports academic struggles and acceleration, high-school and college performance, college and career planning, and personal development.

Join our new FB group EASII21 (Because us parents want our teens to Eat And Sleep Inside Independently by 21). We will host special live sessions and provide resources to help you navigate your relationships with your teens and discuss how you can help set them up for success.


2/2/23 7pm




In all things get understanding!
Join Us Sunday
Free 4Essential ACT PATHtips!


In all things get understanding!


Tonight! Join our Free ACT Info session for parents and grandparents of juniors 💃🏽

Timeline photos 01/18/2023

📣If you have a Junior in high school (or know someone who does), PATHworks is hosting a Free Parent Informational on the Four Essential ACT PATHtips parents and caregivers must know to help their teen have success on the test tonight @ 7pm.

📝The state of Ohio offers a free test to all Juniors in February and March - check with your School District for your exact date. Help your teen make it count!

📣During the Information session your confusion and stress about the ACT will be relieved as I share ideas and actions to support your teen’s success and your piece of mind.

📣Register and receive the link to join us tonight at 7pm, access to the replay and my gift to you - a pdf version of the PATHtips to share with your teen and remind you that You Have What You Need to Succeed!

📣Please share this post and Join Me tonight at 7pm! Thank you🤗


As a parent or grandparent, it can be difficult to watch your child go through the stress of everyday life. However, it is important you take notice of any signs of stress.

Some common early signs of stress include changes in appetite, sleep patterns, and energy levels. Your child may also become more withdrawn or irritable than usual. If you notice any of these changes, it is important to talk to your child about what is causing them stress and help them develop a plan to cope with it.
In addition, it is important to encourage healthy habits like exercise and relaxation techniques, which can help reduce stress levels.

By being aware of the early signs of stress, you can help your child manage it in a way that leads to a healthier and happier life.

📣 Tag someone that might need this reminder.


Our Services are comprehensive and adapt to the needs of your teen.
With PATHworks™, you will gain a partner. You can rest assured that you have a resource available to support your teen's journey to AdultReady.

We want your teen to feel confident about their future success.

Join Ms. Patricia on Facebook live - Monday, 1/23 at 7pm to learn more and save a spot in our FREE webinar.
Schedule your Get Connected Call here:


Announcing our Parent Informational

Our Parent Informational will relieve parents and grandparents confusion and worry about the ACT so they can ensure their teens find success on the test without the anxiety.


Stay inspired! Today and every day.
Share your favorite Dr. King quote below!

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Ms Patricia will be going LIVE
Monday 1/16/23
7pm Sharp!
You do not want to miss!!!


Comment your very own study tip below!

Our PATHtips are crafted to serve as a resource that you can use today!
📌 Visit our site to learn more about our tools and services:


You aren’t the only one with questions! Share what you find out!
Parents, grandparents, and guardians: we have a Facebook Group launching this month that will provide a space for you to connect with one another and gain resources on building relationships with your teens.

Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when it opens:


We want to see that smile!

A popular service of ours is our Here2There™ Coaching Service which helps your teen build the skills they need to be AdultReady. ⁠

Coaching supports academic struggles and acceleration, high-school and college performance, college and career planning, and personal development. FREE ½ hour Initial Interview starts.⁠

Our Services are COMPREHENSIVE and adapt to the need of your teen. The list below shares a non-exhaustive list of areas we support.⁠

Learn more at


Get Your ACT Together Alum Lexi!! Future RN!

It makes all of what we do worth it when I run into our Alum. Lexi was visiting her alma mater. She is now a College Senior going after her RN. She participated in Get Your ACT Together during her Junior year in high school.

So proud of her!!!

We have a virtual bootcamp coming up February 4th @ 10am🤗. Stay tuned for registration link. Like our Page to get our alerts.


Ran into Lexi who took our Get Your ACT Together Series as a Junior in high school. Now she is a senior in college preparing to be a RN🥳

So proud of her!!
. . . .


Happy New Year!!
Starting 2023 helping these young adults
Prepare to smash the ACT with our
Get Your ACT Together series! They are building their confidence and reducing anxiety so they can get the best score for them.

If you have a Junior preparing to take the ACT in February, ITS YOUR LUCKY DAY!!! We are hosting a Virtual ACT PREP Bootcamp JA February 4, 2023 @ 10am!!

Go to PATHworks Ohio and like our page to be first in line for a spot. We are only going to have 15 spaces!


Happy New Year Eve !! Enter 2023 with your teen more connected, motivated and focused.


Happy New Year Eve !! Enter 2023 with your teen more connected, motivated and focused.


Count Your Blessings 2022

Enter 2023 with your teen more connected, motivated, and focused.



Count Your Blessings Challenge 2022

Entering into 2023 with our teens more connected, motivated and focused!


Count Your Blessings Challenge 2022

Count Your Blessings Day 3!
Enter into 2023 with your teen more connected, motivated and focused! Click the Link to officially join the Challenge 😇.
Be sure to enter your comments below and . Thank you!


Count Your Blessings Challenge 2022 - Day 2

Enter into 2023 with your teens more connected, motivated and focused.


Count Your Blessings 2022

Enter 2023 with you and your teen more connected, motivated, and focused.


Count Your Blessings Challenge 2022

Enter 2023 with your Teens more connected, motivated and focused for what is to come!


HOW DO WE KEEP OUR TEENS MOTIVATED AND FOCUSED during this 2nd half of the year?

Fatigue is a real thing. Discouraging news in the media and uncertainty plague our waking hours. Not to mention, we as parents and grandparents are also looking to ensure our teens have what they need to build successful lives from the foundation we are building. But, the uncertainty and fear…

FINDING THE BLESSINGS in our everyday life helps us find our strength, motivation, and direction.

This year, we are finishing 2022 with a FREE CHALLENGE for our community beginning this Wednesday, Dec 21st to Count Our Blessings into the New Year – keeping our teens focused and motivated! You will find our Challenge posts on our FB PAGE .
We will have an opportunity to practice different strategies each day to engage and connect with ourselves and our teens.
Special Live Sessions will also happen in the FB Group - EASII21 (cause we parents want our teens to be able to Eat And Sleep Inside Independently by 21:-)!) More information and the link to join the Group to follow.

Let's get motivated and focused together!
Ms. Patricia

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Real Results by real students!
Read what our individual intensive Get Your ACT Together student had to say about the December 10 ACT test.

If your teen stresses out about these tests, click the link in the comments to share your challenges!

Ms Patricia will be answering them over in the coming weeks!

Our young adults will be


Change is Continuous!
We build the foundation for our young adults.
How are you doing with your teen as they transition to adulthood?
What happens when our idea for our teen go by the wayside- they don’t listen🙄

Check this idea out 🥰

Photos from Patricia Wicks's post 12/03/2022

Change is inevitable. Let’s plan for it.

Timeline photos 11/28/2022

ACT test statistics can be used to compare the ACT scores of different high school students. The ACT test is a standardized test that is taken by high school students in order to assess their readiness for college. The ACT test measures four different areas: English, reading, math, and science.

Each area is given a score between 1 and 36. The ACT scores of high school students can vary significantly from year to year. However, the ACT scores of high school students generally follow a bell-shaped curve, with the majority of students falling in the middle range.

The average ACT score for all high school students is 21. The median ACT score is 20. The 25th percentile ACT score is 17, and the 75th percentile ACT score is 24. High school students who score in the top 25% on the ACT test are typically considered to be college-ready.

ACT test scores are just one factor that colleges consider when making admissions decisions. However, ACT scores can give colleges a general idea of a student's academic ability.

Here at PATHworks, we love to remind all of our teens/young adults that their ACT score does not define them.

Now is the perfect time to register your teen for our Get Your ACT Together Bootcamp! Click the link in our bio to learn more.

Timeline photos 11/25/2022

We are having our FIRST EVER BLACK FRIDAY SALE! That means we have our biggest offer of the year available for you right now!
Until Monday night, you’re going to get 50% off plus over $250 worth of bonuses when you register your Juniors and Seniors for our Get Your ACT Together test prep Boot Camp.

Click the link below for details:

This offer has a full value of $775, but its Black Friday weekend and we want your Junior or Senior to earn their best ACT score on the December 10 th national test date without stress and anxiety hurting their performance.
Make sure you look now because you only get the bonuses until Monday night and we will ONLY OFFER THIS DEAL for Black Friday. I want to make sure you get to take advantage of this offer.

Click the link below for details:

Thanks again,

Ms. Patricia

PS: This special GYAT Bootcamp offer ends Monday night at 11:59pm so make sure you get yours now before time runs out on $250 worth of bonuses. Use this link to get started:


Happy Thanksgiving from PATHworks to you and your loved ones!

We hope your day is filled with love, peace, fun, and grace.

Timeline photos 11/21/2022

November is the month of gratitude, but we wanted to put our own PATHworks spin on it!

Let this be the month of gratefulness. May you dream big, overcome your fears, and continue to impress your self daily.

Go be great!

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PATHworks!™ helps young adults move from passive to active decision-making in academics and life; and supports parents, other adults and agencies who work with them. Our customized youth development products and services focus on developing a young adult’s Purpose, Attitude, Tenacity and Hope including transitions, career planning, conflict resolution & communication skills, self care strategies, academic planning, and relationship building.

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