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Dr. Jill Greenbaum is a nationally known coach who supports teens in facing the daunting college search and selection process. Her coaching program, Choosing the College that’s the Right for You! helps students move from anxious and overwhelmed to confident and enthusiastic. She is a popular speaker in local high schools, and regional, and national conferences. Jill is a completely engaging guest 07/18/2018

Parenting—It's the Hero's Adventure | StartSomeGood

Just 4 hours until my crowdfunding campaign is over!

I’m within $300 of my goal—please support this unique resource for parents (with sons and daughters of all ages). Parenting the Hero’s Adventure has been supported by over 35 people. Learn about these beautiful cards and thoughtful questions here,

If you’re curious about how you can use the cards, lmk and I’ll post the link to my video, Learn 5 Ways to Work & Play with the Cards! Parenting—The Hero’s Adventure, offers 48 cards to inspire curiosity, envisioning, imagining, patience, and self-awareness about what’s possible in your parenting.


"How are you teaching your child to recognize her/his talents and abilities?"

I chose this card for today—in remembering my conversation over a snack with Jaclyn yesterday. We traveled into the territory of talking about her future—her knowledge, skills/abilities, and talents. Perhaps easier for me to see than for her. These cards are versatile—they are easily adaptable to conversations with our daughters and sons of all ages...


It’s the last week in my campaign to bring my card deck, Parenting-The Hero’s Adventure, into the world! Learn how to work/play with the cards here, Or, contact me-I LOVE sharing my ideas!

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Ahhh, surrounded by the beautiful images from the cards in my card deck, Parenting—The Hero's Adventure. Learn more about the card deck for parents of all ages, the notecards, the journal, and coaching opportunities that comprise my crowdfunding project—just one week left—at


The Hero's Adventure

Parenting matters! Check out my campaign The Hero's Adventure via @YouTube to be even more present to parenting.

Parenting is a dynamic experience—much like the hero's adventure. These cards will help parents connect in a new way to their every day reality and their bes... 06/21/2018

StartSomeGood: crowdfunding for non-profits, social entrepreneurs and changemakers

Parents & Parenting Matter! My campaign to bring my card deck Parenting-The Hero’s Adventure into the world has launched! Visit, to learn about the beautiful cards, thought-provoking and supportive questions, and this crowdfunded campaign.

Join me in making a difference in the world, one family at a time! StartSomeGood is a crowdfunding platform for non-profits, social entrepreneurs and changemakers.


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Celebrate the joys of parenting and reflect on your future parenting with my card deck Parenting—The Hero's Adventure! Here's just one of the cards... How would you answer the question that accompanies this card—"How are you teaching your child to care for self and others?" #archetypes #theherosadventure


Great afternoon talking with parents about their changing roles in relation to their teens/emerging adults at Admitted Student Open House day! We got into ALL of it-how to help prepare their teens for life on campus-classes, course assignments, extracurricular activities, taking good care of themselves-eating, sleeping, managing money, credit & debit cards, the reality of s*x & substances/refusal skills-and how to prepare themselves as parents for life in August, as it will be very different. #parenting #ClarkU


Midday break to clear my head at the gym included overhearing this exchange between two moms: "We were so much more prepared for college." "Yeah, my daughter barely knows how to do the laundry..." They prattled on and it was all I could do to keep my thoughts to myself. My inner dialogue was something like, "I'm not believing that you were any more prepared than your daughter. If you were so prepared, and you knew what it took to thrive on a college campus, why aren't you supporting your teen to become the independent young woman she needs to be?" And that bit about the laundry?! "If your daughter doesn't know how to do the laundry—how did that happen?"

I have so many thoughts about parenting, the world teens face today, what schools are—and aren't—doing to help students, the college admisssions process...

Just a few weeks ago I completed my Parent Manifesto... I'd love to hear what you think!


Totally delighted to have completed Breath~Body~Mind Level 1 Teacher with Drs. Brown and Gerbarg. The breathing techniques are easy to learn—for calming down, gaining focus, or reviving energy. More great methods to add to my existing resources for my coaching clients and audiences! 08/09/2017

Purchase College throws out SAT/ACT requirement

Good to hear! The more students can focus on who they are, what they value, and their academic and social-emotional strengths, needs, and desires, the better choices they can make about their futures. Students/People are multifaceted—and that often gets lost in the high anxiety admissions process. The school joins about 950 institutions of higher education around the country that have developed so-called test-optional admissions policies.


The Brave Girl Project

It was so much fun to do FB Live with Laura Hayes yesterday! We talked about how to get in touch with your ideas, values, hopes, and dreams about becoming Your Best Self-Best Parent... by writing a manifesto! Learn more here,

Transform Your LIfe Interview with Jill Greenbaum 08/06/2017

BeLive - Guest - Face to Face

Can't wait to talk with Laura Hayes on FB Live this afternoon about my newest gift for parents. Your Best Self~Best Parent Manifesto! Please join us as we talk about a fun, easy way to focus on who you wnat to be as a parent. See you at 4 pm ET! BeLive


So excited to share my newest ebook, Your Best Self~Best Parent Manifesto! You can find it here,


Starting Now -Transform Your Life Giveaway - 6 free gifts for transformation including my (insert your product here)


The New York Times

Such powerful and easy to adopt practices that can impact our lives every day! When I took Seigman's coaching program we made a family
tree of our strengths-so cool to see each other through that lens-and notice our similarities and differences.

The most effective long-term strategy for happiness is to actively cultivate well-being. 05/05/2017

NA HVW May2017 online flattened

Doing good-For us and our kids... Natural Awakenings Hudson Valley West is your go-to resource for natural health and green living. The theme for May is Women's Wellness and Empowerment. 03/23/2017

A Call for Fewer Screens in the Classroom

Great article! Being an educator always means designing with the outcome in mind—choosing the best methods, tools, and resources for the learners and the learning/tasks to be accomplished. Educational technology has its place, but paper can also engage students and transform learning, Amy Williams writes. 11/22/2016

College Scholarship Tip: High School Seniors and Parents, DON'T WAIT!

I'm so delighted that there's good information about scholarships—complementary to my work in helping teens discover who they are so they can find the colleges that are the right fit for them—their strengths, needs, and wants—academically, socially and emotionally. If you are a high school senior, or a parent of one, this college scholarship tip is just for you. Read it NOW and learn how to win more scholarships! 10/20/2016

Reflections on a Gap Year, Decades After Taking One

Super article! It's critical to think through what to do after college and in what timeframe—it's part of the conversation I have with teens and parents in our Strategy Session. Adults who took time off before or during college look back from middle age and praise those breaks as being instrumental in shaping them. 09/12/2016

Welcome, Freshmen. Look at Me When I Talk to You.

Great article! We can help our teens be ready to gain as much as possible in college and in life, if we help them manage themselves/their devices and learn to communicate effectively. Digital technologies can enhance student learning. But they also present dangers, which we should explain to digital natives newly arrived on campuses. 05/05/2016

Being present in your family - Lifevise

Good article about placing our attention where it needs to be—on important conversations... and not letting ourselves become distracted by other tasks, regrets, or worries. In part 8 of Eric Maisel's column on family life he explains how to avoid defensive distraction and focus your attention on the present.


Great memories of PA FBLA 2016!


Day 2 at the Pennsylvania FBLA conference included the Leadership Academy for region officers—what a great time we had exploring leadership, personal strengths and how they show up in our leadership styles, communication and presentation skills, and having time to sharpen networking skills to0—It was a full morning!


Just loved my time working with teens! How to Major in You and Find the Right College was my most popular session. 02/04/2016

Seth's Blog: Deconstructing urgent vs. important

I think and talk about this a lot when I am working with parents—getting into the long view, and evolution, of parenting rather than just the in-the-moment issue... both aspects are important and deserve focus and energy... A six-year-old who throws a tantrum and refuses to go to school is escalating into the urgent. Going to school every day is important. Mollifying an angry customer is urgent, building systems and promises that keep customers from getting angry... 01/28/2016

Rethinking College Admissions

Oh yes! Let's think of how we can be a part of the change that is necessary to support students on their journeys to becoming engaged, caring, responsible young adults. We/parents and educators can make a difference in this process. A new report suggests that we’re on the cusp of important, necessary changes in the way colleges evaluate applicants. 12/08/2015

admitsee | 5 College Interviews Gone Horribly Wrong

Take heed of these stories... they speak of our real experiences. Take these stories as warnings of what not to do in a college interview. From shirtless interviews to getting caught in a lie, here are 5 anecdotes to kick off our #MyAdmitStory series.Sell Me On The School“I asked the student “What interests you about this university?” His response was, “Well, my g…


Here's a wonderful thought for all parents. As our teens step onto college campuses this fall, imagining their futures, we are often touched by the reality of their leaving the home. Remembering that home is always a place in the heart can bring some comfort.

Home is not a place, it's a feeling. You can return to that feeling everyday by finding some quietude and nestling in to the warmth of your heart space. No matter where you are you can always, always come home to rest in your heart. You will know you are home by the comfort and ease you will feel in this alignment. #SundaySoul


Be sure to find the colleges that are the right fit for you—academically and socially... because learning takes place both inside and outside the "classroom."

There's a lot of weight to this statement.

What do you think?




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