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Join Miss Joni as she reads her book, TEN TZEDAKAH PENNIES (Hachai Publishing) for Children's Book Week Shabbat https://www.facebook.com/missjoni/videos/2633169706941006/
Take a break from screen time with PJ Library Listen, where you’ll find family-friendly story podcasts, sleepytime tunes, holiday playlists, dance mixes, read-alouds, and sing-alongs. Great for family walks, bedtime routines, and that crazy hour before dinnertime! [https://pjlibrary.org/listen](https://pjlibrary.org/listen)
Hope you will join me today on Musical Storytime with Miss Joni as I read my Creative Child Magazine Award-winning picture book, Rainbow of Friendship. https://www.facebook.com/missjoni/videos/486259788974786/
For Children's Book Week, I will be reading one of my children's books each day. Here is my picture book, I Have A Voice (Guardian Angel Publishing) which is recommended by the Selective Mutism Foundation. https://www.facebook.com/109630877337237/posts/138978097735848/
I found this rock in a parking lot in Boca Raton, Florida. I knew what it was because I already get these book for my granddaughters.
Join Miss Joni as she celebrates Yom Ha’Atzmaut, sings “David Melech Yisrael,” “Am Yisrael Chai,” “Mishbacha” and her original song, “Boker Tov.” https://www.facebook.com/missjoni/videos/2288962811413197/?
We just read Curiel’s Outside My Door and were inspired by the art suggestion. Thank for all you are doing for our kids!
Hey mishpacha - I’m a long-time PJ Library artist (Melita and Isaac) and have been leading classes for kids of Jewish music on Thursday mornings (9am PST). This week I’ll be focusing on music from Israel for Yom Ha’atzmaut. Come check it out and please share with any families that would appreciate a little spark of fun in their homes. Much love! https://facebook.com/events/s/kids-jewish-music-class-wisaac/643014826547931/?ti=icl
Thank You ❤
🌟Join Ms. Eve and discover a special way to travel to Israel 🇮🇱 (that needs no airplane!) Learn about this unique country💞, visit wonderful places, see the animals at the Kibbutz, try yummy foods at the Shuk👩‍🌾, learn Hebrew אבג..., and sing along 🎶with Eve and her puppet friends. 🥰A special trip for children, to enjoy with the family, with all the magic of Ms. Eve and Torahtron.🌟 A wonderful way to celebrate Israel 🇮🇱on Yom HaAtzmaut!
We were inspired by the Sweet Tamales for Purim book from a couple months ago, and FINALLY got around to making our own sweet tamales!! First time tamale-maker over here! Yummmm!! Thanks PJ Library!
We cant appreciate how much we love your books! Just read all four of these too my 2 year old back to back!

PJ Library provides the gift of free Jewish children's books delivered right to your doorstep. Enroll now at http://www.pjlibrary.org/signup

PJ Library mails free, high-quality Jewish children's books and music to families all over the world, helping them explore the timeless core values of Judaism.

PJ Library is an award-winning program brought to you through the generosity of your local Jewish community in partnership with local philanthropists and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF).

Mission: In keeping with the mission of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, the PJ Library program enhances vibrant Jewish life in Western Massachusetts, North America, and Israel. Its goal is to support the Jewish journeys of families raising young children.


The Top 5 Fights My Kids Are Having in Quarantine – Kveller

If it feels like your kids are having the same fights over and over again . . . you're not alone.

kveller.com I don’t mean to brag, but my kids have used this locked-down time wisely, and have really mastered the art of fighting about absolutely nothing. It’s amazing how they can really spin the proverbial straw of days that blend together into new, aggressive conflicts that seem just as fresh at 8 a.m....

Storytime: The Knish War on Rivington Street

What happens when two families selling knishes across the street from each other go head-to-head in a price war? That's the story Naomi reads this afternoon.

"The Knish War on Rivington Street" was written by Joanne Oppenheim, illustrated by Jon Davis, and published by Albert Whitman & Company.



For today's early afternoon program, we're heading to a challah baking session with Tiffany Shlain and Jake Cohen, staring soon (1p.m. EDT). Register to join on Zoom. Challah you knead is love!

24sixlife.com Chocolate chips, Peanut butter chips, Nuts, Sprinkles, Frozen blueberries, Small pieces of candy, Marshmallows, Toffee, Matcha powder, Turmeric, Savory spices, Dried onion pieces, Sundried tomatoes, and more!


Mission: Census, Virtual Field Trip to the Census Bureau

Have you heard? The 2020 Census is happening now! You can even take a "just for kids" virtual field trip to the United States Census Bureau to learn what it's all about.

Join us for a behind-the-scenes introduction to the U.S. Census Bureau through exclusive interviews with subject matter experts. Students will be invited on ...

Storytime: The Best Sukkot Pumpkin Ever

Why is Laya Steinberg excited now about Sukkot, a fall holiday? Because spring is the time to plant pumpkin seeds that will be ready to harvest by fall. Listen to the author herself read her PJ Library book "The Best Sukkot Pumpkin Ever," and then stick around and she'll show you how to plant pumpkin seeds like the ones Micah saves in the story.

"The Best Sukkot Pumpkin Ever" was written by Laya Steinberg, illustrated by Colleen Madden, and published by Kar-Ben Publishing. Find more great picture books at karben.com.



Coming up this afternoon at 1p.m. Eastern, author and filmmaker Tiffany Shlain & Let It Ripple Film Studio is doing a live challah baking class with food writer Jake Cohen. Register to get the Zoom link: https://www.24sixlife.com/baking-zoom-room

24sixlife.com Chocolate chips, Peanut butter chips, Nuts, Sprinkles, Frozen blueberries, Small pieces of candy, Marshmallows, Toffee, Matcha powder, Turmeric, Savory spices, Dried onion pieces, Sundried tomatoes, and more!

Hungry for Shabbat? Got ya covered! Pumpkins, knishes, and a baking demonstration - what more do you need? Times listed in EDT. Note that the 1 p.m. baking demo requires a separate Zoom registration.

11am: Author Laya Steinberg reads her book "The Best Sukkot Pumpkin Ever" and shows us how to plant pumpkin seeds.

Noon: Come to your census! The U.S. Census Bureau, that is.

1pm: Bake challah with Tiffany Shlain, filmmaker and author of "24/6." Register in advance to join on Zoom: https://www.24sixlife.com/baking-zoom-room

4pm: Who wins in the battle of the knishes? Naomi reads "The Knish War on Rivington Street."


Helping Your Kids Find Healthy Coping Skills | Brightly

Finding healthy coping skills is key, pandemic or no pandemic.

readbrightly.com Rob Harrell, author of the new middle grade novel Wink, shares his advice for helping your kids find healthy outlets for coping.


How to Talk to Your Kids about Canceled Summer Plans

As the reality of canceled summer camp sessions is setting in, there will likely be lots of extra emotions around missing out.

reformjudaism.org This resource can guide you and your family in ongoing discussions with children during the COVID-19 pandemic. It offers specific language you can use when responding to children about the heartbreaking news that they will not be able to attend camp this summer as planned.

Storytime: Saturdays Are Special

What makes Saturdays so special? In the case of the family in this book, it's because Shabbat is slower and quieter than the rest of the week, and everyone spends more time with each other.

Today's animated read-along features the book "Saturdays Are Special," written by Chris Barash and illustrated by Abigail Marble, with voice-over by PJ Library parent Rachel Hirsch.

Find Shabbat-themed book lists, recipes, videos, and more at pjlibrary.org/shabbat.

Author Visit: Elissa Brent Weissman

Author Elissa Brent Weissman joined us virtually all the way from New Zealand to talk about her book "The Length of a String," a PJ Our Way selection from 2019. Special thanks to Elissa's kids for being top-notch interviewers!

Find out more about this wonderful novel about the meaning of family: https://pjourway.org/story-central/length-of-a-string


How to see the last supermoon of 2020

Even if you didn't wake up super early this morning, you can still catch the last supermoon of 2020, which will appear full through Friday morning. Fun fact: supermoons appear between 7% and 15% brighter than a typical full moon.

livescience.com The last supermoon of 2020 happens on Thursday, May 7.

Storytime: One Good Deed

The Hebrew word mitzvah means "commandment," and it's often used to suggest a "good deed." The phrase "mitzvah goreret mitzvah" means that one good deed (or commandment) leads to another good deed. In other words, it's sort of a Jewish version of "paying it forward." That's what this book is all about.

Duncan reads "One Good Deed," which was written by Terri Fields, illustrated by Deborah Melmon, and published by Kar-Ben Publishing. Find more Kar-Ben titles at karben.com.

Craft-along: Flower Crowns for Shavuot

In Israel, children often wear flower crowns for the holiday of Shavuot, which is coming up at the end of May. For a fun art project today, Amy demonstrates upcycling those used egg cartons that were just waiting to become flowers.

Today is all about looking at things in new ways. The moon, flowers, Saturdays - what makes them special? Let's find out together. Times below are listed in EDT, and all are happening right here on the PJ Library page.

10am: Craft along with Amy to make some really cool upcycled flower crowns for Shavuot.

11am: "One Good Deed" leads to another, as we learn in this sweet picture book Duncan reads for storytime today.

Noon: Today's field trip isn't virtual, but it still doesn't require going anywhere! Learn about what you might see in the sky tonight for the last time this year: https://www.livescience.com/supermoon-full-moon-may-2020.html

1pm: A visit and Q&A with PJ Our Way author Elissa Brent Weissman.

4pm: Is it Shabbat yet? Get in the spirit now with an animated read-along of "Saturdays Are Special."


Five Boston Rabbis on How to Soothe Our Souls

When our souls are feeling damaged, we can turn to this wonderful spiritual advice from Boston-area rabbis.

jewishboston.com Spiritual guidance for uncertain times.


How To Help Your Anxious Partner — And Yourself

"A lot of people with anxiety disorders understandably view anxiety as the enemy. Actually, it's not. The real enemy is avoidance."

Plenty of helpful advice here, whether it's you or someone you love dealing with anxiety.

npr.org Anxiety can be consuming, and it doesn't have an easy solution. But psychiatrists and therapists say there are ways to help your partner navigate their challenges while also taking care of yourself.

Storytime: How Do Candles Light the Night?

Many Jewish holidays involve lighting candles, but why? Learn more about the role of light in our celebrations as Duncan reads "How Do Candles Light the Night?"

"How Do Candles Light the Night?" was written by Tish Rabe, illustrated by Renée Andriani, and published by PJ Publishing.

For a fun way to upcycle materials you already have, check out how to make your own candles out of old crayons:https://pjlibrary.org/getmedia/28e433a8-a91f-457d-b9dc-d7e6b3f7bd73/Hanukkah-Crayon-Candles.pdf

Author Visit: Esty Schachter

Fans of the PJ Our Way selection "Pickled Watermelon" will especially enjoy our virtual visit with author Esty Schachter. Esty talks about why she wrote the book and how much of the story is based on her real life.

Learn more about this book and other PJ Our Way titles at pjourway.org.


Experience the Field at Home

Chicago's Field Museum is a hot destination for residents and visitors. But what if you can't go in person? They bring the museum to you, of course.

fieldmuseum.org Continue exploring natural history with online resources and at-home activities for all ages.

Storytime: A Preview of Scarlett and Sam: Escape from Egypt

When we discovered that one of our recent PJ Our Way selections was going to be delayed getting to readers, we asked the book's author - the one and only Eric Kimmel - to record a short video to send to subscribers. He actually recorded an entire chapter!

If you're still waiting for your copy of "Scarlett & Sam: Escape from Egypt" it should arrive in another week or so. In the meantime, here's the author Eric Kimmel to give you a little preview.

"Scarlett & Sam: Escape from Egypt" is illustrated by Ivica Stevanovic and published by Kar-Ben Publishing. Find more titles at karben.com.

These impressive flannel boards based on PJ Library books were created by librarian and author Susan Kusel. Can you imagine the patience that went into this level of detail?

For more story-related activities and recipes, check out the book flaps on the books coming to you in the mail this month.

Today we're mixing it up with a little something for every age: artistic depictions of some younger picture books, storytime with a book for older PJ Library subscribers, and a look at two PJ Our Way books with their authors. Times are listed in EDT.

10am: Find inspiration for your next art project from some amazingly detailed flannel boards designed by author Susan Kusel.

11am: Readers rejoice - Eric Kimmel is sharing a chapter of his PJ Our Way book "Scarlett and Sam: Escape from Egypt."

Noon: Learn about the wonders of natural history at Chicago's Field Museum . . . except it's in your house!

1pm: We're visiting with author Esty Schachter, who talks about her book "Pickled Watermelon."

4pm: We're back for another story! Duncan reads "How Do Candles Light the Night?" by Tish Rabe.


Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Talking with Children about Loss in the Age of Coronavirus. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar.

There's still time to register and join our free webinar this afternoon (3:30 p.m. EDT). We invite you to a conversation with Rabbi Melanie Levav and Sarah Ruderman Wilensky, who will offer parents a framework for addressing difficult subjects and handling questions from kids of all ages. Anyone who registers will receive a link to the recorded webinar if you can't make it for the actual event.

us02web.zoom.us Join PJ Library as we tackle the tough topic of talking with children about loss. During this unprecedented time, families are facing a new reality where loss- either of loved ones or of beloved activities that seemed permanent- is a more regular occurrence than ever before. In a conversation with R...


For Educators/Parents: Making Online Learning More Meaningful

A free webinar for parents and educators from Ayeka: Making Online Learning More Meaningful. To sign up for Thursday's free session, visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/for-educatorsparents-making-online-learning-more-meaningful-tickets-102881599634

eventbrite.com Aryeh Ben David: It’s more than technology and content.

Storytime: The Littlest Pair

What happens when a pair of termites hop on Noah's ark? Read along with Alli to find out.

"The Littlest Pair," written by Sylvia Rouss and illustrated by Holly Hannon, is published by Apples and Honey Press, an imprint of Behrman House. Enrich your Jewish life: visit behrmanhouse.com.

Small gestures can make a big impact. Read about one young letter writer's acts of loving kindness (gemilut chasadim) that are helping to repair the world (tikkun olam). Start at the beginning of the Twitter thread for the whole story: https://twitter.com/hughweber/status/1256731692611571712

Writing letters is a great way to keep in touch while people are far apart. Reach out to local retirement and long term care facilities - many of them are asking for cards and notes for residents. And check out more ways to stay in touch: https://pjlibrary.org/beyond-books/pjblog/march-2020/5-ways-to-keep-in-touch-while-social-distancing

Author Visit: Tammar Stein

Today we're visiting with author Tammar Stein, who wrote the PJ Our Way selection "The Six-Day Hero," a coming-of-age novel that takes place during the Six-Day War. Special thanks to interviewer Zoe!

Learn more about "The Six-Day Hero" at: https://pjourway.org/story-central/the-six-days-hero


The Pacific Crest Trail in Three Minutes

The famed Pacific Crest Trail runs along the west coast of the United States from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. To hike the entire 2,650-mile trail takes average hikers about five months, but you can see a little bit of each section in this amazing video, showing one second per day.

Hiking also happens to be a great family activity for Shavuot. Many parks and hiking trails are currently closed, so be sure to check local availability and maintain safe distances. More tips: https://pjlibrary.org/beyond-books/pjblog/june-2014/a-family-hike-for-shavuot

This video shows Mac, from https://www.halfwayanywhere.com hiking the entirety of a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike from the US/Mexico border to the US/Canada ...

Storytime: A Basket Full of Figs

What does your family pass from generation to generation?

That's the question explored in today's story, "A Basket Full of Figs." This picture book is a new adaptation of the Talmudic story about faith in the future.

"A Basket Full of Figs" is written by Ori Elon, illustrated by Menahem Halberstadt, and published by Green Bean Books.


Draw with Us!

You can do your own version of "Draw with Drew and Rosie," the series for artists of all ages. Just pick a subject, and have everyone in the family draw the same thing. Check out the videos for some excellent examples.

time.com Come draw with us! Watch weekly episodes of "Draw with Drew (and Rosie)" from TIME for Kids

Today is a story-filled day, including adaptations of stories from the Talmud and the Torah, plus some Q&A time with author Tammar Stein about her PJ Our Way book. All content will be posted here on the PJ Library page at the times listed (EDT).

10am: A series of drawing videos will inspire your family to create art together.

11am: For this storytime, Alli reads "A Basket Full of Figs."

Noon: On this virtual field trip, find out what it's like to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

1pm: Author Tammar Stein talks about the characters in "The Six-Day Hero" and why she was inspired to write the novel.

4pm: Alli's back for "The Littlest Pair," a fun twist on the story of Noah's ark.


Host 'Theme Weeks' For Your Kids At Home

One way to help mark time and bring some focus to your days? Give each week a different theme.

offspring.lifehacker.com At this point in the pandemic, your kids are likely missing school and you’re definitely missing the time when your kids used to go to school. The days are all blending together now, and school was able to switch things up in a way we couldn’t fully appreciate before. But you can take a page fro...


Social distancing, homeschooling, not knowing when the pandemic will end can leave us feeling out of control. In this three part series, the leaders from Ayeka help participants understand that chaos is a precondition for spiritual growth and presence is the biggest gift we can offer ourselves and our children.

Free three part series: Wednesdays, May 6, 13, & 20 @ 2:00 p.m. EDT

Learn more and register at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/embracing-chaos-cultivating-presence-in-your-family-life-tickets-102610655232

Ayeka: Center for Soulful Education brings Jewish learning into the heart, not just the mind, to change the way we live.


דויד גרוסמן בשעת סיפור - איתמר פוגש ארנב ENG

Hear Israeli author David Grossman read his story "Itamar Meets a Rabbit." Click the "CC" button to turn on English captions. Special thanks to our Israel affiliate Sifriyat Pijama for sharing the video.

ספריית פיג'מה | • להרשמה לערוץ ספריית פיג'מה ביוטיוב ◄ http://bit.ly/2Muuo5q • ספריית פיג'מה אתר האינטרנט ◄ http://www.pjisrael.org/ • ספריית פיג'מה בפייסבוק...

More than 200,000 FREE books mailed each month in North America alone

About PJ Library

We don't need to tell you that reading to your children is important. Study after study has shown it impacts a child’s development. Even the mere presence of books in a home increases the level of education they can reach.

But finding the right books and making the time to read as a family can be hard. That’s where PJ Library comes in.

PJ Library sends free Jewish children's books to families across the world every month. We know that something magical happens when parents sit down together to read with their children. PJ Library shares Jewish stories that can help your family talk together about values and traditions that are important to you.

A program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, PJ Library is made possible through partnerships with philanthropists and local Jewish organizations. Families with Jewish kids ages 6 months through 8 years old are welcome to sign up. PJ Library welcomes all Jewish families, whatever your background, knowledge, or family make-up, or observance may be.

Through our partners around North America, we also offer activities for your family — because you’ve got to get out of the house and meet new people sometimes.

Your children are learning about the world around them through the stories they hear. PJ Library books can bring Jewish ideas and inspiration for you and your children to share together.

Do you have a 9-11 year old at home? Check out PJ Our Way, our program for tweens. Kids get to choose their own chapter book or graphic novel each month. Sign up at pjourway.org.


In keeping with the mission of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, the PJ Library program enhances vibrant Jewish life in Western Massachusetts, North America, and Israel. Its goal is to support the Jewish journeys of families raising young children.


PJ Library was selected as one of the "50 most inspiring and innovative programs in North America" by Slingshot and its 2008-2009 Resource Guide. PJ Library was also a JESNA 2010 pick for "Best in Jewish Education of the Decade."

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Agawam?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Storytime: The Knish War on Rivington Street
Storytime: The Best Sukkot Pumpkin Ever
Storytime: Saturdays Are Special
Author Visit: Elissa Brent Weissman
Storytime: One Good Deed
Craft-along: Flower Crowns for Shavuot
Storytime: How Do Candles Light the Night?
Author Visit: Esty Schachter
Storytime: A Preview of Scarlett and Sam: Escape from Egypt
Author Visit: Tammar Stein
Parent to Parent Check In
Storytime: A Basket Full of Figs




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PJ Library welcomes all Jewish families, whatever your background, knowledge, or family make-up, or observance may be. Children ages 6 month to 8 years receive free books each month. Sign up at https://pjlibrary.org/Enroll-in-a-Community Do you have a 9-11 year old at home? Check out PJ Our Way, our program for tweens. Kids get to choose their own chapter book or graphic novel each month. Sign up at pjourway.org.
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