Advanced K9s

Advanced K9s


Advance K-9's will be starting new classes in early Sept. Tues. nights will be Home Manners One (The Basics), We will also be having Canine Good Citizens classes and test, and Tricks classes/test, also Rally classes. Let us know if you are interested in a class, as we are working on scheduling classes for the best nights of the week! Contact (336) 940-3647

BIG NEWS:: We are starting our OPEN Play Days Fun Shows! These shows are made up of simple games classes for the average dog owner, just to have a little fun on a Sunday afternoon. Classes are like an egg and spoon race, barrel race, pleasure walking class, trail classes for kids or adults! Small fun prizes awarded. Pack a tailgate lunch and come play with us for a few hours. We will be holding CGC test and Trick test at these events for those interested in this!!! Come and Play!
Vinny wants to wish everyone a happy St Patrick’s Day!

If YOU had the “Luck of the Irish” on your side, what fun or useful behaviors would you want to train your dog to do?

Stay tuned for some insightful videos and pictures from Advanced K9s - we can help you on your journey to have fun with your dog.
Contact us for class information, private lessons, training, or boarding!

group and private classes in obedience, agility, therapy dog CGC, tricks. Specializing in behavioral problems boarding training. We use the positive training methods but with very rare correction if dog understands commands.

we do classes and private training as well as boarding training and also new this year we will train dogs by the day if boarding. we specialize in behavioral problems. Each dog is an individual and has their special needs. Hours are by appointment--call 336-940-3647 for arrangements or more detailed info. I have been training dogs and horses and cats for over 50 years. I can help you with your special needs for any age dog.Call for hours and price range as this page would not let me be specific.

[05/18/20]   Advanced K-9's will be starting classes back up on May 26th for basic foundations classes. Classes will be outside for now --we will be social distancing and mask are urged but not required. Please call for info on classes. note: our phone has been out of order for about a week but it is schedualed to get fixed this afternoon -Mon the 18th. Thanks and stay safe!


Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue


Living Vibrantly

💥 Feeling strong and confident
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Join us for a free sample of the new boxing workout that will deliver all of these and more!!

Imagine looking at your to-do list and it doesn't feel overwhelming anymore. You have clarity on what to do, and the confidence and focus to do it.

Imagine that you have the courage and self-assurance to speak up for yourself or to share an opinion if it goes against the grain—to speak up for what you know is right even if it's hard. You no longer find yourself biting your tongue, then wishing later that you'd spoken up.

Imagine that your schedule is no longer jam packed, because you've learned how to say NO. You have space to breathe and time for the things that are most important to you.

YES it is possible for a workout program to be the first step in this kind of transformation! I know because that's exactly what it's been for me!

Workout out daily is my secret weapon for getting grounded in myself and building my confidence—and a boxing workout is uniquely empowering.

I especially love that I can do this in the comfort of my own home!!

We'll be trying a sample of this brand-new program this coming Sunday. Come join us for the group workout... you can participate from anywhere with an internet connection! And when you enter your info you'll also receive details if you wish to do the workout on your own time.

Just enter your info on this quick form and I'll send the details right over to you! Can't wait to hear how you like the workout!!

[03/03/20]   New classes starting about March 24th contact for more information! Home Manners, Tricks, games classes, CGC, foundations for agility--more 336-940-3647


Susan Garrett

What is “Training Efficiency” and why every dog owner should care.

[11/19/19]   We are excited to now be offering Rodeo dog classes! only 4 week sessions! come learn to play the games and earn titles in early spring in these fun events. call for information. 336-940-3647


We are approved!! Come learn to play the fun games and earn titles with your Rodeo Dogs!


Training tip Tuesday!

[10/22/19]   We have new classes starting in the next two weeks! We still have a few spots left in our Home manners one beginner class. We will also be offering Canine Good Citizen classes as well as Agility. Call today to find out more info! (336) 940-3647 10/01/2019

National Black Dog Day

It is National Black Dog Day! How many of you have an awesome black dog? Share some pictures with us! National Black Dog Day on October 1st encourages the adoption of a dog in the darker shades. Black dogs are less likely to be adopted for no other reason than their coloring. Regardless of behavior…


Here is an example of the really cool ribbons that were handed out today along with the trophy for the Gambler’s Choice class. The person that wins this class 3 times gets to keep the trophy. Congratulations to Kay Drapelick Long and Moose for winning the class this time!


We are so happy to have NuLeaf Naturals joining us at the K9 Fun Dayz! Come on out and check out some of their awesome products.


The ring is ready and waiting for our K9 Fun Dayz Show! Come on out and have some fun with your dog!

[09/21/19]   Who is looking forward to K9 Fun Dayz tomorrow?? Come on out to 413 Potts Rd in Advance from 2-6pm! Great prizes and a great place in fun atmosphere to take your young dogs to get them used to show areas. Come have some fun for a few hours. Bring a chair and a crate. There will plenty of shade! Low entry fees--fun events-- no pressure! See ya there!

[09/13/19]   Just got the ribbons and prizes in for our Fun Dayz K-9 show next Sun between 2-6pm. WOW! wish I were showing --someone is going to really want to win these!!! Come on down for a few hours of just plain fun! call 336-940-3647 for more info. Cheap entries too!


Training, exercise, and mental stimulation for your dog is just as essential to your dog’s wellbeing as a proper diet and veterinary care. Luckily we offer a variety of classes for dogs of all ages so there is something for everyone! We still have some spots in our fall classes starting this month. Call (336) 940-3647 for more info.

[09/08/19]   Did you recently add a new puppy to your family? We want to help you get your puppy off to the right start with a great puppy class! Call today to find out more information! (336) 940-3647

[06/13/19]   Tricks , rally home manners one and basic agility classes starting end of June sign up now. Small classes fun for any level!

[02/11/19]   Starting Home Manners ONE CLASSES THIS Friday, THE 15TH OF FEB OLNY HAVE 2 OPENINGS LEFT. CALL 336-940-3647 IF INTERESTED



[10/11/18]   We will be starting a Homemanners one class and possibly a novice Rally and a Treiball class at end of this month but MUST pre-register classes are small so everyone gets lots of help! Keep your dogs busy this winter while they learn new skills and manners!


[06/12/18]   last chance to get in the CGC class starting June 18th at 7pm. There will be a test in 6 weeks for the CGC certification from AKC held here!
must pre-register!

[06/12/18]   for anyone trying to get in touch with me I somehow do not get messages from this page. Please e-mail at [email protected] or call 336-940-3647 thanks

[06/01/18]   CGC class starts next Thur. at 7pm 2 spots left-- testing will follow this class, some tricks may be taught as well.

[05/24/18]   Last chance starting a CGC class on June 7th and beginning agility class on June 1 will not take more than 6 in each class. A CGC exam will follow the CGC classes in mid July. call to enroll and for more details 336-940-3647

[05/11/18]   CGC and Agility classes starting next week Thur and Fri evenings Call me to come join the fun! 336-940-3647
Still not too late to get in on our home manners one for puppies --a day class on Thurs at 4pm 2 slots left!


Advanced K9s

Check out my website - it's a work in progress and not quite ready for view on mobile devices.
Let us know what you think! 03/18/2018


Check out my website - it's a work in progress and not quite ready for view on mobile devices.
Let us know what you think! Home

[03/11/18]   New classes starting March 22nd! Have a dog with manners by summer!

[01/30/18]   Just a reminder, if you can't come to me ,I will come to your place--no time to train your dog? Try our "Day-training" method. You drop off your dog in am, I work with them several times during the day, you pick them up after work and I show you what we did during the day. call for more info!

[01/11/18]   Jan 11, 2018--wow, where is the time going? Starting another Home Manners class One tonight--I am so excited to get to meet new people and their dogs! Will be starting a foundational agility class (inside) this month and possibly a CGC class as well. Also new this year we will be offering weekend seminars for specific doggy problems contact me for more info 336-940-3647



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The Embers

If you haven't gotten tickets for the Embers Christmas show in your area, this might convince you! Go to our FB Events tab or click here for the full schedule:


Shashicka Tyre-Hill


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The ring is ready and waiting for our K9 Fun Dayz Show! Come on out and have some fun with your dog!




413 Potts Rd
Advance, NC
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