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The Department of Physics at Adrian College offers a physics major (BA, BS) and a physics minor. We also have 3-2 a pre-engineering program.

National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)

It's the first time researchers have been able to make a virtual reality visualization depicting the area around an accreting black hole. This simualtion can be viewed without the aid of a VR console. Using iPhone 360 allows an interesting vantage point, too.

Credit: Davelaar, J., Bonzwaer, T., Kok, D., Younsi, Z., Mościbrodzka, M., Falcke, H.:

For more information about the research:

For students getting started in our Physics Research course.

Physicists Created a New Form of Light

Photons don't interact with each other…UNTIL NOW! Researchers at MIT and Harvard made groups of three photons interact.


It has left the solar system, is 21 billion miles from Earth, has been going for 4 decades and its engines still work. Absolutely amazing!

Last week, the Voyager 1 team commanded the spacecraft to fire a set of four trajectory thrusters for the first time in 37 years. —via Ars Technica

Focus: Dice Become Ordered When Stirred, Not Shaken

What are the odds? A jumble of thousands of cubic dice, agitated by an oscillating rotation, can rapidly become completely ordered, a result that is hard to produce with more conventional shaking.

Laptops Are Great. But Not During a Lecture or a Meeting.

Something to think about. A growing body of evidence shows that college students generally learn less when they use computers or tablets during lectures. That is probably true in workplace meetings, too.

Multi-Messenger Observations of a Binary Neutron Star Merger

Huge news in astronomy and physics announced today. A ripple, a flash, and a bang. The holy grail of multi-messenger astronomy as been discovered — a binary neutron star merger captured in gravitational waves and light!

[10/12/17]   We are excited to be hosting Physics alumnus Brian Diven on campus tomorrow. At noon in Peelle 214, he will be discussing his experience in graduate school at U of M, where he is completing a master's degree in space engineering. This should be of interest to any students studying physics or who are considering careers in engineering.

An Adrian prime; physicists are all a little math-geeky at heart, right? :)

We had a great turn out for our eclipse party. It was a lot of fun.

AC students, faculty and staff gathered outside Peelle Hall today to witness the solar eclipse with glasses and telescopes provided by the Department of Physics.

[07/19/17]   Professor Hill represented Adrian College at the 2017 NetSci conference in Indianapolis in June, with the poster "Dynamic Centrality in Random Subnetworks." Here's a link to the poster:

Physics at Adrian College

New Horizons

New NASA videos based on data and images from the New Horizons spacecraft show what it would be like to fly over Pluto and its 🌙 Charon. Quite spectacular! Soaring over Pluto »Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute/Lunar and Planetary Institute

[05/01/17]   We are so proud of our graduates Jamie Brandon, Anthony Coleman, Alex Kret, Joe Mable, Frankie Petrie, Maddie Sena, and Conner Stevons. Kudos also to Emily Bristow and Jacob Rinaldi who completed minors in physics. This was our largest class and truly an amazing group of students.

The deconstructed Standard Model equation

Now that is some equation. Yikes! The Standard Model is far more than elementary particles arranged in a table.

Pi Is (still) Wrong.

Today is Pi Day, and by all means, eat some pie. But while you're celebrating pi, here is something interesting to think about.

Please excuse the simple math and spelling errors. You shouldn't believe anything I say without double-checking even at the best of times. Go here: http://ta...

APS Physics

Perhaps a more readable article than the paper published in Physical Review Letters.

Gravitational waves, spacetime ripples predicted by Einstein a century ago, have been directly detected for the first time. They were emitted by a pair of merging black holes a billion light-years away. These waves provide a new type of astronomy, allowing scientists to observe events not visible with electromagnetic waves.

APS Physics

Tremendous discovery in the physics and astrophysics communities today. What a phenomenal story!

APS congratulates the LIGO and Virgo collaborations for their stunning achievement in detecting gravitational waves. These findings provide a peek through what will be an entirely new window to the universe, revealing objects and phenomena that can only be observed by measuring the minuscule ripples in spacetime that are gravitational waves. The results are free to read in our flagship journal Physical Review Letters.

Time’s (Almost) Reversible Arrow | Quanta Magazine

Time is one of the great mysteries of the universe. The irreversibility of time may be a clue as to what makes up the universe’s dark matter.

New quantum record as ball of atoms ends up in two spots at once

Quantum weirdness on a large scale. A Schrödinger's cat-like experiment has used lasers to kick a cloud of atoms into locations half a metre apart simultaneously


Physics and math win, totally.

Which science field is best? We battle it out in song - Star Wars Style!
Get the song:

2015 Nobel Lectures in Physics

This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Takaaki Kajita, Tokyo, Japan, and Arthur B McDonald, Kingston, Kanada “for the discovery of neutrino oscill...

This is pretty good. Do you recognize all of these?

This shall be named *the Dance of Maths*

Assistant Professor of Physics - HigherEdJobs

We're hiring! Here's our ad for a new tenure-track assistant professor. Jobs in higher education. Faculty and administrative positions at colleges and universities. Updated daily. Free to job seekers.

[08/03/15]   A Society of Physics Students chapter will be starting this fall at Adrian College. If you're interested in physics or astrophysics and would like to join, more details will be coming.

Theories of Everything, Mapped | Quanta Magazine

Hey physics majors. Are you considering graduate school? Here are the frontiers of physics. Explore the deepest mysteries at the frontier of fundamental physics, and the most promising ideas put forth to solve them.

NASA Vesta Trek

This is very cool! The tool allows you to explore the asteroid Vesta through a 2D map or a 3D globe. You can zoom in & out, rotate, and add layers showing topography, mineral analysis, etc. Vesta Trek is a NASA web-based portal for exploration of Vesta, one of the largest asteroids in the Solar System.This portal showcases data collected by NASA Dawn spacecraft which was launched in 2009 to study Vesta and the dwarf planet Ceres.

Via physics major Katlyn. If you don't get it, you need to brush up on your physics.

Physics at Adrian College's cover photo

Gravitational-wave team admits findings could amount to dust

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Sadly, what could have been a huge discovery may not hold up. Astronomers publish results with clarification note as more questions are raised.


Current global wind patterns - pretty cool visualization. an animated map of global wind conditions

I love it! We just talked about Newton's cradle in General Physics.

Physics is fun, isn't it?

NASA | Canyon of Fire on the Sun

After the CME, watch the plasma flow along the magnetic field lines. Amazing video.

A magnetic filament of solar material erupted on the sun in late September, breaking the quiet conditions in a spectacular fashion. The 200,000 mile long fil...

APS -2013 Fall Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics - Event - Tracking the Synthesis...

Physics student Stephanie Boehringer presented a poster, "Tracking the Synthesis Paths of P-Process Nuclei", at the Fall Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics. The poster is based on her summer REU work, which she is continuing as her senior project. The p-process nuclei are proton-rich nuclei heavier than iron are an astrophysical abnormality because of the enigmatic nature of their synthesis. It is possible to trace the production of the p-process nuclei as a path that starts from thirty-five different p-nuclei to their seed nuclei composed of...

Physics at Adrian College's cover photo

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