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Tranquil Parenting program. Creative Solutions. Preventing cruelty of children through parent/co-parent instruction. A division of Tranquil Studio, Inc.

Tranquil Studio, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization preventing cruelty of child via creative differentiated parenting programs. These programs are defined on the website at

Parent Views on Distance Learning in Michigan Share your experience and inform distance learning in Michigan.

MDE - Family Matters,4615,7-140-6598_88187_81739-425428--,00.html Michigan Department of Education - Information to help guide parents through special education.

The WEB Method — High Conflict Institute

Just doing some research on high conflict personalities... looking for more specifics on why parents fight for full custody using details that are not true.

“In a high-conflict divorce, this may mean that there is a high risk they will spread false rumors about you (again) when they hear bad news from you; or become violent (again); or run away with the children (again).” The WEB Method is a quick and easy way to identify potentially dangerous people.

State Bar offering free legal consultation on coronavirus issues like unemployment, custody A free consultation of up to 25 minutes is available for Michiganders in need of legal help.

And this...

Family Cases and COVID-19 Read the articles in this toolkit to learn how the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) emergency may affect your family court case.

Michigan Supreme Court

SCAO Memo: Executive Order closing school buildings raises interpretation questions for when summer vacations start and when post-majority support ends. This memo provides guidelines for friend of the court offices to determine when to take enforcement action for parenting time and when to end-date post-majority support orders.

Fixing the Education System in America - (The Untold Story!)

Fixing the education system in America - This is the untold story of America's educational decline from having one of the best education systems in the world...

Animal Alphabet Flash Cards – FREE Download

While traffic is slow, parents are needing more and more support for their children's educational goals. Focusing on making more materials available on the BillyBear4Kids page through the Tranquil Studio, Inc. services. Reformatting and uploading creative educational materials for kiddos. Check this out... Follow this link to download the entire animal alphabet flashcard set for free. watching for additional free items here on the blog.Compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader.You can find more items in t…

Love and Logic Offering Online Parenting Course for FREE ($99 Value)

As the ONLY registered certified trainer in the Southeast region of Michigan, I can promise this is the best program you can find and the Lenawee County Courts have accepted this training in the past. I highly recommend taking it. Sharpen your parenting skills!

Technology is ready and so am I!!!

Announcement!!! We are on the move to begin recording. After a few tweaks, we are ready to put the show on the road. Testing… testing… More to come! Just wanted to make a celebration post. We may add another piece for the audio, but this is…

How The Empty Boat Parable Can Help Control Your Anger

One of my favorite stories. I’ve been called passive my entire life. If I were angry over everything that I perceive to be wrong or hurtful towards me, I’d be a very angry person. I feel lucky that I felt this way even during childhood. Not everything is about or against me personally. It’s simply different than what I prefer.

I heard of this lesson while in karate years ago and it stuck with me til now. Some days I have to remind myself of it. It’s so true.

“most of the adversity we face in our daily lives isn’t truly oppositional–it’s perceptual” When we remove blame from another party, we are more at peace.

Judge Anna Marie Anzalone

New Whitmer order bans 'travel between residences,' with a few exceptions

Parenting time court orders continue to be followed. Beginning Saturday morning, travel between residences will be banned, except for limited purposes.

Tranquil Parenting

A note to parents who are waiting to continue their Tranquil Parenting courses...

The Tranquil Parenting course is officially online now! Those of you who were court ordered prior to the COVID19 orders may continue your classes. I had a few who began already that may see some of the material as a repeat along with the few who did not begin yet may find this reorganization and encapsulated material a benefit.

The Tranquil Parenting website may be found at It is updated with the link to the first class, which is now completely online and free. This free class is setup in Google classroom and will require you to create your own personal login. If you do not already have a google login, you may create one or I will create one for you. It is completely self managed. This first class is an intense self assessment. To login, you can use the code i2iaolm

In order to continue classes once the first class is complete, please email [email protected] receive a link emailed giving access to continue the online course or complete the information in the Contact Us section on the website.

Also, I'm in the midst of creating a Tranquil Parenting Resource Portal with free content as I collect it from other professionals. This may be found via the website menu bar as well. The website has a link to the Youtube and pages with a lot of free material.

Hope this helps your progress while things are down in our communities. Thinking of you all.

At this time I can share a link to a page created specifically for separated parents regarding orders and COVID19.

Hope you all are well.
Sonja Howell Tranquil Parenting Creative Solutions with Sonja Howell.

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[04/06/20]   Here is a good FAQ on parenting time issues. (During covid19)

Just in case separated parents are wondering what to do? Follow your court order.

BillyBear4Kids - Creating free educational content for kids for 24 years. #proud #myplace

Billy Bear hasn't changed much in 24 years. Hours and hours of editing and updating pixel by pixel are going into bringing him into 2020. #circa #integrity #mymomslegacy


Free projects for kids to celebrate spring.

Just in case separated parents are wondering what to do? Follow your court order.

Sneak peek of the free and the paid online classrooms. The free class is published using Google classroom. The paid certificate program planned re-publish date of the new classroom is tomorrow!!!! So excited!

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Tranquil Studio is indebted
to Canvas for allowing us to use this very professional instructional technology resource for FREE! Blackboard is common, Microsoft Sharepoint is common, borrowing other's content is common, BUT creating my own unique online courses in CANVAS is the cream of the crop. $8000 sign on charge for the first year, plus $27 per student. Tranquil Parenting online call charge, is $0. During this time of need to not gather, the program will continue to help others. (Link only works with login credentials - sorry)

On Divorce And Remarriage, Pope Calls For More Grace, Less Dogma

On Divorce And Remarriage, Pope Calls For More Grace, Less Dogma

Not changing law, but adding more empathy.

The focus on "conscience" as a determining factor is key, McElwee says. He explains what that means in this context:

"That's something that the church talked about 50 years ago, but the last couple of popes did not expand upon. And what Pope Francis is saying is that conscience means that people can be hearing something from God, kind of in the depths of their heart, that may even be not quite in accord with what the church teaches generally, as a general norm, but can still be true and can still be discerned to be God's will in their life. So he's allowing for a little bit of discord between individual cases and the general church teaching."

A Study of Natural or Applicable Learning Atmospheres, Rousseau

Teach kids the way they want to learn - achieved outcomes.
Natural (AKA) Applicable Learning Atmospheres

Since the day of Rousseau, this tension between child-centered permissive education and subject-matter education remains a point of conflict.
Religious educators believed departing from scriptures of the Bible; Rousseau departed from truth.

Keywords: Developmental Stages, Child-Centered, Naturalism, Self-Taught, Permissive Education, Hands on Learning, Project Based Learning

You are welcome to enjoy my Philosophical Model Analysis of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Naturalistic Educational Reformer and Educator.

How Well do Adults of Parent Alienation Know How to “Relationship”? Sharing is a tough thing to learn later in life. Studies show habits and patterns begin as young as birth. Children learn by watching their parents and if parents play keep away from family, the ch…

FREE CLASS Self Assessment - Classroom Tour

ok ok ok ok ok -------- .... 8 weeks in the making... here is the announcement!!!! Share this with everyone who needs help with their divorce. I have so many people who contact me for free help. Well, here it is.
FREE CLASS: Self-Assessment - Classroom Tour!
So much free content that people can really use.
So excited to announce something new... AND FREE! I cannot wait til this video is done uploading...
I’ve never offered anything for free!!!
Email me at [email protected] for the passcode.

So excited to announce something new... AND FREE! I cannot wait til this video is done uploading... I’ve never offered anything for free!!!

How counter-parenting harms co-parenting | Law Office of Michael D. Tracton, P.C.

Ouch!!! When it comes to parenting, Texas parents approach this task differently. While some utilize books, blogs and medical ... Child Custody

Forget Co-Parenting with a Narcissist. Do This Instead. How to establish parenting rules and peace of mind, despite a toxic ex.

Forget Co-Parenting With a Narcissist, Round 2

Hints: Your home, your rules: Thriving in spite of a high-conflict divorce

Toxic Stress

Toxic parents can lead to Toxic Stress Response Learn about toxic stress response; how it differs from two other stress responses, positive and tolerable; and how it can be prevented or even reversed.

Parental Alienation | Psychology Today Ireland

"Sad", I have no other words. Parental alienation occurs when a child refuses to have a relationship with a parent due to manipulation, such as the conveying of exaggerated or false information, by the other parent. The situation most often arises during a divorce or custody battle but it can happen in intact families as well.

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