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HELLO!! Welcome to Dynamic Daycare and Learning Place....your childs home away from home Please call if you are in need of earlier and later hours.

Located in Adrian Michigan, offering child care for ages birth to 7 years old specializing in ages 2-4. Education college major currently being pursued, 25+ years experience working in many child care settings and celebrating 16 years having my own facility :) Excellent references and happy smiling children :)

[01/23/18]   With the mention from one parent about their child playing tee ball this spring, I thought what a great topic to share with everyone. Many times parents of boys get them active in sports, which yes is excellent, but little girls can greatly benefit too! Contact your school or city recreation depart and the YMCA and see what is being offered in you area :)

Why play sports? You might say "to get exercise" and you'd be right. To have fun? That's true, too. But there's more. In fact, there are at least 5 more reasons. According to the Women's Sports Foundation, girls who play sports get a lot more than just fit.

Girls who play sports do better in school.
You might think that athletics will take up all your study time. But research shows that girls who play sports do better in school than those who don't. Exercise improves learning, memory, and concentration, which can give active girls an advantage in the classroom.

Girls who play sports learn teamwork and goal-setting skills. Sports teaches valuable life skills. When you working with coaches, trainers, and teammates to win games and achieve goals, you're learning how to be successful. Those skills will serve you well at work and in family life.

Sports are good for a girl's health. In addition to being fit and maintaining a healthy weight, girls who play sports are also less likely to smoke. And later in life, girls who exercise are less likely to get breast cancer or osteoporosis.

Playing sports boosts self-confidence. Girls who play sports feel better about themselves. Why? It builds confidence when you know you can practice, improve, and achieve your goals. Sports are also a feel-good activity because they help girls get in shape, maintain a healthy weight, and make new friends.

Exercise cuts the pressure. Playing sports can lessen stress and help you feel a little happier. How? The brain chemicals released during exercise improve a person's mood. Friends are another mood-lifter. And being on a team creates tight bonds between friends. It's good to know your teammates will support you — both on and off the field!

Reviewed by: Sarah R. Gibson, MD
Date reviewed: June 2014
For Kids

[01/22/18]   Tax receipts for 2017 will be available Friday January 26th

[11/19/17]   Reminder for Thanksgiving week:
To answer a few parents who have asked you may deduct one day from the enrollment fees this week for Thanksgiving Day. If you normally pay $90 your total this week will be $72. Please refer to your contracts and parent handbook. Thank you.

Parents in need of just holiday care or when school children are off school:
Rate is $3.65 per hour. If they exceed the weekly full time rate I will charge the normal full time rate.

***********Previous posting: (November 9, 2017)***********

Day care will be CLOSED for Thanksgiving but will be open 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m on Friday the day after for parents who need me or just want a day to shop and enjoy :) Please refer to contracts and policies in Parent handbook regarding enrollment fees for the week. Full weekly fees are due minus the one day for the week.
This applies to the week between Christmas and New Years as well. I will be open that week with the exception of Christmas day. New Years week I will be taking off Mon-Fri to go to Tennessee and there will be no charge for that week.
Thank you.

[11/09/17]   For those that have asked:

Day care will be CLOSED for Thanksgiving but will be open 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m on Friday the day after for parents who need me or just want a day to shop and enjoy :) Please refer to contract policies in Parent handbook regarding enrollment fees for the week. Full weekly fees are due minus the one day for the week.

This applies to the week between Christmas and New Years as well. I will be open that week with the exception of Christmas day. New Years week I will be taking off Mon-Fri to go to Tennessee and there will be no charge for that week.

Thank you.

[10/12/17]   Reminder:
I will be on vacation October 29th through November 4th. Day care will be closed. We will have a full day on October 27th and celebrate Halloween. I will reopen Monday November 6th. I will be available via messenger and phone if needed but will be in the mountains where signal can be iffy and spotty but will return messages as soon as I can.


Top 10 Places That Kids Get Sick From

I will be sending a note home and some information this week reinforcing my sick policy. Please, please keep your child home if he or she has any signs of being ill:

-nose discharge that is not clear or is excessive
-coughing and congestion
-fever over 101
-child complaining of aches, pains or not feeling well
-crying or whining
-eye discharge

After being ill myself this week I HAVE to really enforce this. I understand everyone has to get to work or has obligations but if I become ill it effects several people.
Most doctors will blame children being in daycare as a reason their child gets sick but that is far from the truth. Most daycare spend a lot of time cleaning and sanitizing. Actually a doctors office carries more germs and bacteria! Attached is a good article showing the top places children do get sick from.

Best preventative? Teach them regular hand washing and not to put items or hands in their mouths.


lifeasmama.com As hard as we try to keep our kids free from illnesses, it’s virtually impossible to remain germ-free. No matter how often you apply that antibacterial hand gel, the mother of the kid in front of yours on the playground may not have and BAM- germ city. We all know there are obvious places ourContinu...

[08/29/17]   With the school year beginning and the excitement of older children heading to or returning to school don't forget the little ones are heading into another year of learning new things and developmental milestones also. Daycare may not be traditional school but it is their place of learning. Child care providers work hard to plan and provide age appropriate activities all year long to keep your child engaged and excited to discover and learn new things. They daily learn colors, shapes, numbers and letters. The joy for learning starts very young! Along with traditional things they need to learn they also learn:

What Daycare Can Teach Your Child
By: Heather A. O’Connor

While Mom and Dad are working, little ones may be learning some very useful things at childcare:

Give and Take. Nine kids, one Tickle Me Elmo. You do the math. Being in a group setting leaves no other choice but to share. Teachers often introduce the concept of taking turns by giving a child a few minutes to play with a desired toy, then asking her to pass it along to the next person.

Motor Skills. "Day to day exposure to other children who already know how to crawl, cruise or walk is a great motivator," says Claire Lerner, a child-development specialist at Zero to Three, A Washington, DC-based organization that focuses on the development of babies and toddlers. "When a six-month-old sees an eight-month-old may imitate a 3 year-old who folds "laundry" while playing house.

Social Savvy. Daycare provides a ready-made opportunity for forming friendships. And a variety of personalities-kids’ and caregivers’-means that children learn to get along with different types of people over the course of a day.

Discipline. The day’s structure-morning snack, story time, naptime, painting, cleanup-can help children learn to follow directions and move from one activity to the next with the rest of the group when it’s time.

Independence. Experts say that kids who learn to separate from Mom and Dad early on generally adjust more smoothly to preschool and kindergarten; they know their parents will always come back for them, says Learner. And they’re used to putting their trust in other caring adults: "My fifteen-month-old son, Dylan, always hugs his sitter goodbye when I pick him up," says Megan Duncan, of Gardner, KS. "It’s nice to know that he loves her too."

So make a new year exciting for them also! When big brother or sister head back to school remind them and yourself they are headed into another year that will be full of lot's of new things too :)

[08/14/17]   Miss Briana will be taking over at 3:30 for me today. I have an appointment to get to.
Thank you

[07/24/17]   Hello and Happy Monday everyone. The weather looks much more comfortable for this week. We will most likely do a couple of Island Park trips so please send sneakers every day for the park :)
I cannot believe it is the end of July already! Summer is flying by! With that in mind please let me know if you plan to enroll your child for the Fall. Our school year will begin September 5th after the Labor Day holiday and contracts will be renewed then. I only have 6 spots for the school year as I do not have additional help during the school year. These are full time spots only. If you reserve a spot I also ask if situations changes to give me a two weeks notice. Thank you!

Up and coming dates:

~Day Care CLOSED August 18th and 21st

~August 25th: Deadline to reserve a 2017/2018 school year spot. After this date I will be accepting new clients that contact me and calling back waiting list referrals.

~September 4th Labor Day Day Care CLOSED

[07/17/17]   Hello everyone! I haven't used this page in awhile but will get back to posting and sharing pictures, stories and helpful information here. So far summer has been busy! Hard to believe we are half way through July already! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and making memories!

[02/08/17]   I will be open Friday as a result of being ill this week. I am still not feeling 100% so we may enjoy some movies and quiet activities this week. If your child would like to bring a movie to share they are very welcome to. Unfortunately I can not cancel my Monday appointment so will be closed.
Thank you for understanding while I was ill.

[01/24/17]   Reminder:

Daycare will be closed this Friday January 27th so I may attend to some appointments.

I went ahead and scheduled a follow up date for February 10th so will be*** Closed February 10th and also February 13th due to an appointment in Detroit that day.

Some have asked when my mountain vacation will be this year. This is planned: June 29th-July 10th

[01/17/17]   Notes and Reminders:

~Daycare will be ***CLOSED*** Friday January 27th for me to attend some doctors appointments. There will be another Friday closed in February for follow ups but I will not know until after the 27th appointment but will let everyone know as soon as possible. Thank you and I apologize for any inconvenience.

~Reminder: I do not open until 6:30 a.m.. If you need to bring your child earlier please let me know the night before

[01/11/17]   I am applying for a grant through Great Start to Quality here in the next couple of weeks when the new round begins. I have been searching and looking for ideas but would also love input. What are somethings that you as a parent would like to see in the daycare? The grant is to be used for educational equipment and materials. I would like to add to our dramatic play ares with dress up and more practical life skills development as one. I am on the fence as far as technology items. Any suggestion are welcomed!

[01/02/17]   Happy New Years everyone!! How exciting, an entire new year full of fun, learning and opportunity! We are still closed today for the holiday so Miss Sandy can put Christmas away (as sad as it is) but we will be opening up for the new year on Tuesday! See everyone tomorrow!

[12/20/16]   Reminder:

Daycare will be CLOSED:

Friday December 23rd ~ at 3:30 PM
Monday December 26th ~ all day
Friday December 30th ~ all day
Monday January 2nd ~ all day

With illnesses and absences a reminder that you do have one day per month that may be used otherwise full weekly enrollment fees are due. There is still no charge when I am ill or closed but other wise all days will be charged. Vacation days require a two weeks notice.

Thank you!

[12/11/16]   With Christmas in a couple of weeks reminders:

~Daycare will be closed Monday December 26th. I will be open Friday the 23rd but will be closing at 3:30.
~New Years weekend I will be CLOSED Friday and Monday of that weekend.

***With the snow this weekend and the possibility of public school closings I apologize but do not have extra openings.***

[12/07/16]   Kids classes are being formed! Join this page for more information :)

[11/07/16]   Announcements:

~Daycare will be CLOSED November 24th and 25th in observation of Thanksgiving . There will be no charge for those two days.

~Daycare will be OPEN on Veterans day

~Daycare will be CLOSED December 26th.
***For those who have time off for the holiday if you plan use any of your 10 days please let me know in writing by December 1st. Reminder your 10 days are September-September and do not renew the first of the year.

[11/01/16]   Happy November everyone! What a beautiful day! We are headed out for afternoon snack and play after nap here but wanted to send a quick note about November activities. I will still be implementing Mother Goose Time learning but will also be doing some of my own things. November is a great month to talk about giving, thankfulness and kindness. It is also a fun month to talk about harvest and different foods and do some cooking activities. And of course something Miss sandy loves...animals such as bears and hibernation, turkeys, birds and migration and lets not forget the Crazy Squirrel Lady and the SQUIRRELS!! November and December are my favorite months to plan activities!
I will keep everyone posted on whats going on here weekly!

P.S. Some cubbies are getting pretty full from October fun so be sure to check your childs cubby!

[10/27/16]   The daycare will be CLOSED tomorrow Friday October 28th. Monday for Halloween the children may wear non scary costumes if the like. Please nothing that covers their faces. Unfortunately state requirements do not allow "Halloween" in daycares. We will although have a special lunch and treat and activity that day :)
Have a fun weekend with all you events of the holiday!

[10/24/16]   Reminder:

****Daycare will be CLOSED this Friday October 28th****

[10/21/16]   Dynamic Daycare is in need of a temporary-part time assistant. Please have anyone ineterested email [email protected] for details

[10/18/16]   Day care will be closed today due to Miss Sandy being ill . I will hopefully see everyone on Wednesday. Thank you.

[10/10/16]   Change of plan...I will be here at pick up time after all :)

[10/09/16]   Monday Miss Sarah will be taking over for me at 2:00 and finishing the day for me as I will be leaving to take my son to Detroit for school. If you have any questions feel free to text or call me. Thankyou

[10/05/16]   Dynamic Daycare will be closed Friday October 28th. There will be no charge for this day. Thank you.

[09/28/16]   Carpet cleaning has been scheduled for Fall cleaning this Saturday October 1st. I am hoping to get a head start on the bugs and avoid as many illnesses as possible this year. Please after this cleaning absolutely no shoes beyond the kitchen area. We have a soon to be crawler and keeping the floors free of dirt and germ is really important.
I also have to insist that if you decide to start potty training that I will require training pants until I see there are no worries of accidents that may leak to or get on the floors. Training pants can be pull ups or reusable trainers(will go home to wash) but must be able to hold any soil. Accidents on the floor and getting to other surfaces is very unsanitary to other children. Thank you
Here is to, hopefully, a happy healthy fall and later winter for everyone! :)

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