Peter Oh Auto Wizard

Peter Oh Auto Wizard


At a car show. I have always said I don’t know how to compete with a car 😂
Mr. Oh I want to say thank you for all your help. Today you moved us from hell to heaven by fixing my Nissan's AC. We drove to Victor Ville and it feels amazing. Thank you so muc again. God bless you.
Thank you Peter Oh Auto Wizard for the wonderful work you did on my car today.
Much appreciated...
Hello Peter I have been trying to get in contact with you in regards to my car please get in contact with me when you can thank you
Hello Peter my mom recommended you could you please get in contact with me when you get a chance thank you
Michelle Jones
I wanted to take a moment to tell all of you what an AMAZING mechanic/person Peter is... several people told my daughter that the motor was bad on her 92 Honda. At the last minute Peter was referred to us. I called & he came right out & checked the car. He told us right away that the motor wasn't bad. He fixed the car & for a very reasonable price. Thank you very much Peter, you're a God send.
Hello Peter, I need my left passenger fixed on my Chevy Tahoe. Went to the car wash and knocked it off the track. Can you help? Please and thank you.
I PM'd you.
Good morni g mr oh.hoping your doing wellthese days.i have a question.about pt cruiser.

It's about helping people

Operating as usual

[05/11/20]   Hi folks,
I’ve decided to return and do some automotive repairs, but not too much. If anyone needs repairs let me know. Also for people who are financially affected by Covid 19 I will work with you by either payments or reduced labor. I will follow social distancing by: texting me what the concerns are with your vehicle, leaving the keys (I will wipe them down when finished), perform the work, leave the old parts, and wipe the vehicle down when done.
Thank you.

[09/04/19]   Hi folks,
I just discovered that my Innova scanner was stolen from my car. That’s really aggravating. It was an OBD 1/2 reader with ABS and SRS. I know it’s a long shot but if you happen to see one being sold on any of the sites could you let me know.
Thank you.

[08/04/19]   Hi folks,
For some reason I’m not getting Alerts that people sent me PM’s. I apologize for that. If I don’t respond within 24 hours try my Auto Wizard account on FB. But since I’m only taking referrals try contacting the person who referred me to get a hold of me.
Thank you.


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[07/27/19]   Hi folks,
Does anyone have a 3,000 plus watt gas generator I can borrow for two weeks?

[06/12/19]   Hi folks,
Please read my entire post before commenting.
I’ve been in the high desert for 3 years this summer and in that short period of time I’ve worked on over 4,000 vehicles. I’m tired. Due to being overworked I unfortunately let a few customers down. With the summer heat just around the corner I’ll be severely reducing work. If you are an existing customer I will continue helping you or if you have a very good referral I will be willing to help you. I do not profess to be the best mechanic and I have made a few misdiagnosis and repairs. I appreciate everyone that has tagged me or recommended me. I will still offer free: window roll ups, second opinions, and safety inspections of used vehicles.
Thank you!!

[05/19/19]   Hi folks,
It has come to my attention that a video was posted to this account. I did not post it. I have removed it and I apologize.

[01/18/19]   Hi folks,
My break was wonderful!! It allowed me to get back to my roots of helping people with their windows. Thank you!!
Tax returns will be arriving soon and that means people will be buying cars. Please be careful on what you buy and take your time so you don’t get burned. Starting in February I will do an inspection of the vehicle you want to buy at no charge. But you will need to make an appointment.

[12/31/18]   Hi folks,
As 2018 winds down I want to thank everyone who has used my services. It’s been both a pleasure and honor to repair your vehicles. I also want to thank the few customers that I had an issue with pertaining to your repairs for your patience and understanding. 2019 will bring in a few changes though. I will continue to raise people’s windows and be a second opinion to automotive repairs for free. I will only take new customers on referrals from existing customers and I will only limit my jobs to 6-8 a day Tuesday through Saturday.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a happy New Year.

[12/13/18]   Someone stole my light bar off my excursion. That just makes me sad.

[10/22/18]   Hi folks,
It has come to my attention that there are a few mechanics that have been bad mouthing me, some customers that have abused my generosity with my offering of limited free services for the holidays, and some customers that expect me to be their personal servants. I started this service to help people in need and to keep busy. I’m not perfect and I’ve had some mishaps but this has gotten out of control. After I complete my scheduled work I’ll be taking a long break. Thank you all for your generosity and trust in me.
Peter Oh.

[10/14/18]   Hi folks,
My customers have been so wonderful, from allowing me to reschedule due to rain/overbooked/delays/emergencies, being patient when situations arise, notifying me when they can’t keep their appointments, and/or tagging me for people who need automotive assistance that: starting in late November though January I will be offering free automotive repairs (up to $50 labor) to specific people who I feel needs the help. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up I know money will be tight. I don’t want people traveling to families holidays on bad brakes/belts/hoses/etc because they can’t afford the labor. But please do not abuse this.
Thank you again high desert!!!

[08/06/18]   Hi folks,
I want to thank everyone for hiring me and the shout outs. It’s been a privilege and rewarding to help you all. I have decided to severely reduce my work load. I have been doing 10-13 jobs a day six days a week. This means I’ve had to reschedule some of you and that’s not fair. It also means I’ve been not coming home until 7:00-8:00. That’s not fair to my family. I will still help you all but you may have to wait a week or so.
Thank you again!!!
Peter Oh.

[06/30/18]   Hi folk,
I have a customer that is looking for a minivan.

[05/22/18]   Hi folks,
I want to thank all my followers for sticking with me and the shout outs. I know I’ve missed a few people and had a couple unfortunate situations. I’ve helped over 2,500 people so being one person can get overwhelming sometimes.
Thank you

[04/16/17]   Text or Pm only for quotes

[04/16/17]   Send me a message if your vehicle is having problems, I'll give you a quote and see if I can help you out.


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Peter Oh Auto Wizard's cover photo


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