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When I teach children, I teach the whole child, not just their brain. I teach them to live, to love, and to grow.

I encourage children to be confident so that they can speak up when they need something.

I teach children to pass along a toy once they are finished so they can practice generosity.

I encourage children to observe creatures that fly away to help them understand that sometimes love means letting go.

I encourage children to care so that they can offer a hug to a hurting friend.

I offer children choices to show them that what they are interested in matters.

I provide children with open-ended activities so that they can create, imagine, explore, and discover.

I provide children with items that can spill or break or so they can practice life skills.

I provide children with items that are fragile so that they can practice being gentle.

I provide children with time when they disagree with one another so that they have a chance to work it out.

I provide children with unhurried moments so that they develop persistence in whatever they are doing.

I allow children to be angry, frustrated, or upset because it happens to even the best of us.

I teach children that mistakes are allowed because that is how we grow.

I encourage children to hope because sometimes we need it to see the other side of the rainbow.

I teach the whole child!


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Bug A Boo Family Child Care


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[11/14/15]   I will be running my child care as a self employed owner. I will not charge fees for vacation(s), holidays, or sick days. I feel that as a self employed person, I am not entitled to these benefits as most self employed people do not receive these benefits. I believe that it causes a hardship on the parent/caregiver and can make it extremely stressful. I do not want to cause this type of hardship on anyone. Please understand that this is my choice and this is not something that all providers will offer or have to offer. We all run our businesses as we see fit and it doesn't mean one way is better than the other. It's just personal preference.

[11/13/15]   My goal is to build a growing relationship not only with children but also with their caregivers. This is an extremely important decision in a caregivers life and I want them at all times to feel comfortable with working with me. Together we can make a difference.

There will be no negative comments on this page. If anyone leaves any negative comments or offensive language, you will be permanently removed.

This is a curriculum based program. All information is in my contract. I will also be offering a rotating 6 week menu plan.


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Bug A Boo Family Child Care



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