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Operating as usual


It's pretty simple. Four basic keys to a healthy, happy life:
1. Put healthy things in your body.
2. Put positive thoughts in your mind.
3. Exercise.
4. Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.


It's so simple it's crazy!! So many people make a health journey so stressful and complicated! It shouldn't be that way!! Keep it basic and have some fun, too😘 unlock your key to happiness!!

I believe in you❤️


Saw this image tonight and it hit home. One of the major reasons people want to start a program is because of the way they feel. Because really.... It feels good to feel good!! So excited to get back to the way I felt after the 80 Day!!

If YOU want to feel better, my next group - 80 day Obsession - begins Sept 17!

I believe in YOU❤️❤️❤️


Did you know that the average picnic meal runs about 4,500 calories and to burn those calories you'd need to run TWO marathons. Ouch - #harshreality With the Labor Day weekend approaching - signaling the finale of summer - what a better time to make a clean break from all the summer picnics, parties and vacations!

I know I've had a great summer, our vacations have been amazing and our time with friends and family has included awesome food and drinks! I also know that all the hard work I put in last spring was lost these past few weeks of summer. #thestruggleisreal I AM SO READY TO GET BACK TO MY SCHEDULE and all that comes with it - meal plans, lack of picking throughout the day and healthier choices.

So, on September 5th I'll be running a 3 day refresh support group followed by a 7 day clean eating challenge.

Are you ready to feel lighter, cleaner and healthier? Ready to kick some bad habits? Ready to learn about healthy eating? This group is for you! You'll feel great and come away with tips for making healthy eating a lifestyle ❤ #3dayrefresh


Rachel Hollis

Hands down, the best book I’ve ever read!

Girl, Wash Your Face ❤️

Other people don't get to tell you what you can have. Someone else doesn't get to tell you who you can be. That's on you!


Save the date!!! Could be fun😊


Where are my dreamers???

'Wanting more' seems to be my 2018's led to some great adventures and growth and accomplishments! ❤️ Lots of ‘being present’ and ‘truly enjoy the moment’ Experiences.

It’s been a great year so far!



If you're a mom you'll appreciate this!

Chinese folklore says that the Schisandra berry can 'calm the heart and quiet the spirit'. It grows in China, Russia and Korea. Used as an adaptogen, it increases resistance to disease and stress, increases energy and increases physical performance. Lucky for me it's one of the superfoods in my Shakeology!!!

So when Emma and Carson argue (even on vacation), I'm able to deal, put it in a bubble and blow it away!!🌀🌀🌀🌀👍 or go somewhere and hide😳😳


Gary Vaynerchuk

Sunday motivation..... what is one regret you have? What is one thing you want to do before you die??

While you’re relaxing on this Sunday, here’s a quick reminder.. REGRET IS POISON 💀.


Life is too short to wait and see what happens.....❤

The power of YES is an amazing thing. To step outside your comfort zone, to try something new, to challenge yourself, to become something bigger than YOU. Amazing, Scary, Inspiring.

YES for me 5 years ago was to a shake that would transform my life. Give me back energy and confidence and focus. YES for me brought me into a team of strong women who would empower me to be a better version of me. YES for me brought me back to life.

Maybe there’s something you’re contemplating. Better a YES than a what-if!

I believe in YOU ❤️


⭐️Happy Weekend!!! Woke up to this memory from last year! It’s really amazing to wake up and see/feel a sense of accomplishment for what I’ve CHOSEN to do to better my health❤️

Day 5 in the books and feeling very inspired about my week and results so far.....momentum is a great thing!! It's really amazing what can happen with motivation and focus!

My program uses agility markers (which could be yours, just ask how) throughout the workouts and the creator of the program recommended giving them meaning (English teacher's dream).

❤️So I did......after much reflection here is my final product....❤️
✨my why
✨my challenge
✨my potential
✨my I AM statement

I believe in me to finish this program, to be focused on the meal plan and inspire others in my challenge group to do the same! These programs work when you work. 👊🏻👊🏻

PS....what was I thinking with the blonde?? Lol


Goals give you focus.
Goals allow you to measure progress.
Goals keep you locked in/undistracted.
Goals give you motivation.
Goals make you accountable.

❤️ So, what are your goals for today?? ❤️


Love this perspective!!

When you’re trying to reach a goal, knowing that you’ll fail once in a while and will have to try again, is a great mindset to have! Keep going!

Whether a workout plan, creation of a new project, even parenting!! Be positive and keep going❤️

I believe in you!!



This month I celebrate my 5th anniversary with Beachbody. What began as a #stupidshake and a ‘let’s give it a go, nothing else has worked’ has transformed my life. It's brought me to places I never dreamed of going; it's introduced me to other leaders who have brought love and support into my life; and it's allowed me to shift my mind from complaints, negativity and excuses to one of growth, authenticity and belief.

Time to evaluate, set goals, get clear with my purpose and who I am/want to be as a coach. So here goes....

I am a coach and I believe in:
-bringing a smile and positive attitude
-leading with my heart
-support the process with tools (FREE Agility Markers to new customers who sign on with the All-Access Challenge Group!)
-set and reach goals = results
-add in the mind/soul personal development
-become part of a TEAM....something bigger than yourself. #teamdestinationyou #choicenation #strong4life

I believe in YOU ❤. I invite you to join my team. I invite you to open the doors to possibility! :)


My next program starts Monday! Take a look at these results from Kristina!!!! Killed it, right?????

Details of what she did for results......

🌞4 days a week!
🌞30-40 mins a day!
🌞Nutrition plan with a CHEAT😱day!
🌞Joel Freeman as your trainer with different workouts all described as personal training sessions😍!
🌞🙋🏼‍♀️as your coach for questions, support, and accountability !
🌞a private group all going through it together for the first time!

I want you to do it with me! Your body needs days to recover, but if you use your off days for running or yoga or something else this is flexible to get it done and will likely help you out!

Let’s crush the summer together!

You can be in his exclusive test group or my private group just for people doing this program - or if you are feeling zany- BOTH!!!

Comment below with your fave GIF if you want in or are already in and want to share your excitement!

[07/05/18]   Amazing how these daily 'Universe' emails are always in sync with what's going on in my life! lol - or creepy!

You may know this about me, but my DREAM BIG is to open a 'wellness' center that incorporates leadership training for high schoolers, nutrition support and, of course, lots of fun workouts. I just can't seem to shake it. Guess that means something, right????


⭐️⭐️Checking in..... Today marks the halfway point in the year. (Crazy, right?) ⭐️⭐️

So, checking in to see how you're doing on your health/wellness goals? Statistically only 8% of people meet their New Year’s resolutions. (Crazy again, right?) Are you part of the 8%?

Looking for 5 women to get us into the 8%!!!! Join my July 9th group/bootcamp!!! Message me for info! 😊😊


There are those in your life you love being around. Those that inspire you to grow, dream, love, and empower others. Those that make you feel grateful to be alive. ❤

Who is that person for you? Who inspires you?


If you're looking for a great PD book.... I highly recommend this one!! Big Magic.... Every day I listened to it, I grew in some way. ❤️❤️



Got this message from one of my challengers and I can hear her joy through her words: 'I haven't been able to wear these rings for over 2 years. Thank you Molly for helping me get started and stay on truly means so much to me!'

I've helped hundreds of people get started on a health journey and these messages bring the same heartfelt reaction EVERY TIME. It may not be easy. It may take longer than expected. There may be days you want to quit. But know it's worth it, YOU'RE worth it. ❤ - I invite you to reach out and help me set goals with you. I invite you to join me in living a healthy lifestyle. I invite you to feel a sense of accomplishment!

I believe in YOU. ❤



It’s the universe reminding me to believe!

It’s been my tag line for 3 years. BELIEVE in YOU!! I might have missed being in Indy for Summit, but I followed the videos and workouts and announcements. Feeling inspired to get back at coaching to ‘believe’ in YOU!!

❤️❤️ Next group starts July 9th


Coming in December.....and my ❤️ continues!!!!
#shaunt #transform20


JUST ANNOUNCED AT SUMMIT: For the first time ever, the most popular flavor of the season is coming to Shakeology (US Only) this Fall! Pumpkin Spice Vegan Shakeology is a limited-edition, rich and creamy shake featuring notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. And best of all, Pumpkin Spice Vegan Shakeology is guilt-free because it has the potent blend of protein, digestive enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals you’ve come to know and trust.

Holy yes!!!! 😍


What if...
It's too hard
I can't find the time
I can't do the moves
I don't finish

⭐️But what if...⭐️
You have more energy
You feel good
Your clothes fit better
You rock that cocktail dress at your next wedding
You feel proud
You inspire someone else to get healthy
You get off that medicine

Time to ditch that first set of what ifs once and for all because the second set is worth it!!!

Join me in July for my Summer Sweat Bootcamp..... you pick the program.... we sweat together! ❤️❤️

Event details to follow!! I believe in you!!


Changing my mind to 'I get to' exercise instead of 'I have to' exercise has made all the difference in finishing programs and seeing results. Changing my mind to 'Look at all the goodness I get in my shake' instead of 'eating healthy is too hard' has made me realize what having energy and feeling healthy is all about.

Change your mind, change your world. ❤️



Vitamins help your body function, make energy, repair muscles and strengthen bones! Specifically, vitamins B 2, B 6 and B 12!!

Glad Shakeology includes those three ingredients (plus about 100 more)to help me get through every day!! 👍

Yup, that ‘stupid shake’ is probably the smartest move I’ve ever made❤️❤️


We continue to do things or buy things because they work or because we've had success with them. We go to the same hair dressers, auto body shops, pharmacies because we trust them. We sign our kids up for organizations that provide a good experience and where our kids are happy. We've found systems that work. And we keep going back.

✨Me too.... I've had success, I've grown, I trust the products, I'm surrounded by positivity and I'm happy. My system works. ✨

✨My system helps me maintain my weight (and helped me lose 20 pounds to start), increase energy, adds positivity to my day and where I've found success. It provides recipes, knowledge, tools and supports. My system works. ✨

✨If you're looking for a system to help you, let me know! If you're looking for a positive experience for results, let me know! If you're looking to invest in you, let me know! My next group starts June 4th!! ✨

I believe in YOU❤️


Shift Shop DONE!!!! 💪🏻

Another Beachbody program completed....feels so good to set and reach goals. And now be done. ❤️

Reaching potential
Finding purpose

Doing another round of 80 day obsession starting Monday May 28th......come join me on this journey!! I believe in you!


Who will be watching???


Happy Hump Day!! ❤️


Every Day.... almost 5 years strong.

What superfoods are in your breakfast??? ❤️


‘Your invisible limiting beliefs, Molly, are only invisible when you live within their limits - or when you keep on doing what you've always been doing.

Push yourself, Molly. Dare yourself to think bigger, to reach, and to behave as if a dream or two of yours has already manifested. Then you'll see them pop out of the woodwork, as if painted florescent orange, loaded to the teeth with logic, imploring you to turn around and go back to safety!

Do something, do it today, something you wouldn't normally do. ‘ ❤️❤️


Last year at this time, I was in Punta Cana for my first ever Success Club Trip. Meeting and being with my team was one of the best experiences of my life..... to be surrounded by SO much positivity and love and gratitude and fun.

You just know you’ve found your tribe ❤️❤️


Here's my #wednesdaywisdom

I'm not one to take before and afters - honestly I've only actually done three with all the programs I've started and finished.

Being a female sucks a lot of the time. Gossip, judging, body shaming, pressure, put downs.

Ewwww...thinking of it all makes me cringe. I grew up always being conscious of my weight. In college I felt my athletic body never really fit in. After college it was the bar scene. Ewwwww again. After having kids it was 'lose the weight'!! Before I started Beachbody it was 'hey, lazy, do something!' Through it all I've had some pretty awful conversations with my body. I've worn some of the baggiest clothes or even bought clothes 2 sizes too big to cover. I've berated myself and went to bed thinking I was not good enough. That Just. Plain. Sucks.

This image 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 better represents my transformation more than any before or after ever could. It's the comfort, now, of getting dressed. It's the satisfaction of completing programs. Or it's the 'you're a badass' self-talk that has replaced my feelings of inadequacies. It's going to bed with confidence.

Love yourself enough to get to a place where 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 is your self- talk. Whatever size that is for YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️ I believe in you!!

This journey has transformed me body, mind and soul. I'll never win a swimsuit competition- I love pizza too much- but I'm OKAY with that. This transformation is just right!!



I think my best ‘before and after’ can’t be seen in a photo because it’s a feeling.....

🌟 energy
🌟 functioning digestive system
🌟 muscle performance
🌟 focus

Every day..... because when something works, you keep on keeping on😉

I believe in you❤️


🌟 Exercise, nutrition, support. 🌟

The perfect combination, the trifecta, the super hero of a healthy lifestyle. For me these three have helped me to lose 20 pounds and tone up as well as increase energy, confidence and build/rekindle friendships. Every month I get to live my dream by helping others experience the journey I'm on. I get to support others, realize their potential and see the start of a new lifestyle. It's absolutely amazing!

There are a ton of programs out there, but after experiencing several, I can say with 100% honesty and confidence that Beachbody programs work. Wait. They not only work, they change lives. I am LIVING PROOF!!!! 👇🏻👇🏻 (13 pounds and 9 inches GONE)!

I would love to share this experience with you, to support you, to walk by your side. My next group begins April 30. What are you waiting for? There's no better time than the present. ❤️

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