ProTrainings provides quality health and safety training for individuals, businesses and enterprise. was created in 2003 as one of the world's first Internet-based CPR training programs. In response to customer feedback, other courses such as and were also developed and are being used around the world. While still a pioneer and advocate for online education, ProTrainings recognized there is also a need for hands-on practice for certain occupations to maintain compliance. In response, blended courses were developed to include a hands-on portion to the existing online education. This opportunity led to the launching of and also opened the door to work with and train hundreds of professionals around the country to be qualified skill evaluators. In addition, was built to offer fully live classroom courses and serve the needs of instructors.

Mission: Provide quality training and a great student experience by leveraging technology and continually improving and innovating.


Roy Shaw

We have launched a new YouTube channel for anyone that is a current CPR instructor, to learn about our instructor program. Bridge over today!


Learn more:

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We are thrilled to launch our new HIPAA courses. Learn more here!

We Have Lift-Off! ProHIPAA is very excited to introduce two new HIPAA training courses to protect your Legacy. We have created two new ProHIPAA training courses with real life scenarios and new content. And for the first time we have a ProHIPAA training course for Leaders. Here is a quick rundown of each course: ProHIPAA This HIPAA Training course will equip you to understand the basics of HIPAA Compliance laws. [ 308 more words ]

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Kent District Library

We are thrilled to congratulate Lance Werner and Kent District Library on this wonderful achievement. Fun fact: KDL offers our CPR training to all of its employees, and one employee even saved her son's life after taking a course! KDL, you have enriched the community in so many ways... congratulations!

Today's edition of Mlive features an interview with Lance M. Werner about being named Librarian of the Year by Library Journal. In the article, Lance talks about how KDL as an agile organization can best serve the people of Kent County.

Man searches for stranger who saved his life during medical emergency in Ann Arbor 8 years ago A Metro Detroit man nearly died on the side of the road, but he survived because a stranger stepped in to help.

Become a CPR Instructor with our New Program (No More Card Fees!)

A couple of months ago, we received word that costs were skyrocketing on the cards that instructors purchase to give to their students in CPR classes. The cost increase lead us to redesign our instructor program into the new ProTrainings Instructor Network. This is a new program for CPR Instructors.

#CPRinstructors #CPRTraining

As we prepare for the launch of our ProPALS training course, we're celebrating the heartwarming stories and thank-you's we've heard throughout our years of training over 1 million rescuers like you.

Today, we spotlight 6-year-old Ayden, whose story of cardiac arrest is told by his father, Jackson:

"Ayden went into cardiac arrest while we were playing soccer with his sisters in the backyard. It's all in slow motion in my head. He started struggling to breathe and then he was... down. The medics who arrived-- I can't quite describe the depth of love I have for them. I get choked up when I think about them. That was one of the darkest, scariest afternoons of my life. But, they were unfazed. Completely collected. In the midst of this chaotic experience, it felt like someone was in control and knew exactly what to do when my abilities, every superpower I have as a Dad, wasn't going to be enough. I was so panicked, all I could do was repeat in my head, 'they're trained for this, they're trained for this, they're trained for this'. So, thank you to everyone who's trained for this-- from me and my healthy, happy, 6-year-old survivor."


We've been working pretty hard preparing another new course for you. Joining ACLS this year will be PALS. Pediatric Advanced Life Support is the very important next step after BLS, and we are working hard to deliver a course that you'll be proud that you took part in. We've already finished filming the course material and are in the midst of editing the videos to be the high-quality educational material you've come to expect from us. [ 76 more words ]

SDUSD third grader uses school's CPR training to save mother's life

ProTrainings proudly certifies thousands of students each year in CPR-- for free! Do you think that every child should have access to CPR training? Third-grader Dimitri Meram was honored Thursday for using the CPR skills he learned at Green Elementary School to save his mother’s life.

From our readers: What it means to be a nurse - American Nurse Today

"I don’t believe that I decided to become a nurse; I believe that nursing chose me." A nurse shares her meaning of nursing.

We're building another program that you're sure to love. Especially if you've enjoyed our BLS and ACLS courses.


Take a look at this behind the scenes photo of our Ambulance, and sign up to be informed when PALS is ready!

DIY: How to make Dog Safe Tick Repellent!

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It's been nearly a year in the works, but we are excited to be able to share this with you: our ACLS course is now available!

More information to come including a press release, but we are pleased to have healthcare professionals taking the course at this moment.

CEU/CMEs are available with this course, too!

Visit to start now!

Online CPR Certification and Blended CPR Training | ProCPR

ProTrainings ahora le ofrece a la comunidad hispana 7 cursos de capacitación en video de RCP/Primeros Auxilios y 1 curso de Patógenos Sanguíneos. Echale un vistazo en!

ProTrainings now offers 7 of it’s video-based CPR/First Aid courses and 1 Bloodborne Pathogens course in Spanish. Check it out at! Get CPR certification online with this nationally accepted CPR training course. Healthcare provider CPR certificate follows American Heart CPR guidelines.

FOX 17

There's a new law in Michigan, requiring students to learn CPR before their high school graduation.

CPR Required for Graduation in Michigan featuring ProTrainings...

FOX 17 visited the ProTrainings office to talk with Tyler about the free Student CPR program offered by ProTrainings. Michigan recently passed a law requiring all high school students to complete CPR and AED training prior to graduation from high school.

Student CPR

Check out news about CPR in Michigan on Fox 17, today at 4, 5 and 6pm. Live stream here: #FreeCPR #CPR #Michigan

Pro Pet Hero

Perfect last minute Christmas gift for the pet lover in your life. BOGO our pet first aid and CPR class, offer ends Dec 24th! #christmasgiftsfordogs #christmasgiftsforcats #petsafety


Dr. Henry J. Heimlich, Famous for Antichoking Technique, Dies at 96. Thank you, Dr. Heimlich, for this important skill that has saved many many lives, too numerous to count.

Pet First Aid Special Offer

For #CyberMonday get Cat and Dog First Aid Training for yourself and your loved ones at 50% off: #cybermondaydeals

Rehearsal for another video for ACLS.

ACLS is Coming Next Year (Get Notified!)

This year has seen massive updates to our CPR and First Aid courses and the launch of our pet first aid training. Over the last several months we’ve been working hard on our new Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) program. This year has seen massive updates to our CPR and First Aid courses and the launch of our pet first aid training. Over the last several months we've been working hard on our new Advanced…

Private small concert to end the week at the ProTrainings office.

ACLS Email Sign-Up

ACLS is progressing well. An update is coming to your inboxes this week. Sign up: You asked, we listened. Our Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) training is coming, and we can't wait to show it to you.

ACLS filming continues with ECG rhythm interpretation B-roll!

Pro Pet Hero

ACLS filming... day 4... our ambulance is getting a workout as we talk about ECG interpretation.

ACLS Email Sign-Up

Working on ACLS is a big undertaking. We'd like to keep you updated on our progress. You asked, we listened. Our Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) training is coming, and we can't wait to show it to you.

Behind the scenes of day 3 of our ACLS filming.


Cat and Dog CPR is part of our Pro Pet Hero training library. Here's a look at some of what our Pet First Aid course includes! (Pro Pet Hero: Cat and Dog First Aid is available now at

Share this video with your friends that have dogs and/or cats! They'll thank you for it!

Filming on ACLS continues!

Student CPR

"As the state government regulates this life saving training in schools, teachers and administrators are put in the difficult position to make a choice of how to fulfill this requirement..."

Is CPR/AED training required for graduation in my state?

Students can Submit their schools here:
Teachers can Register their schools here:

When CPR Doesn't Work

What about when CPR doesn't work? What then? Let's talk about it.

The Five Fears of Rescue

The Five Fears of Rescue

ProCPR Introduction

Welcome to ProCPR

We have just started filming our next training program: Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). It's going to be a lot of work, but we have fantastic plans for it.

Pro Pet Hero

ProTrainings is proud to announce the launch of a new program designed to help pet owners with everything between home and the vet. Pro Pet Hero is a pet first aid training program that covers a wide range of topics, from cat and dog CPR to how to build a first aid kit for your pets. Pro Pet Hero is taught by Dr. [ 201 more words. ]


Have you had a moment where your dog or cat had gotten themselves injured, and you didn't know what to do to help, or even how to transport them safely to the vet? Have you ever thought that cat or dog CPR could be a good thing to learn? We have too, so we spent over a year and a half developing our new pet first aid course, … [ 271 more words. ]

Pro Pet Hero

When you need another reason to get a German Shepherd puppy, remember this story. One of my favorite Disney movies is Bolt. It's about a White German Shepherd dog that is convinced that he has super powers for a TV series, goes on a mission to save his owner, Penny, after they finish filming a cliffhanger episode and Penny is not allowed to interact with Bolt until they film the follow-up episode. [ 398 more words. ]

Pro Pet Hero

I have three guinea pigs, and can not imagine what they'd go through if there were to be a house fire. The little guys trapped in a cage without a way to escape, they'd have to be rescued by human intervention. That's just what happened after a house fire in Florida. Kristi Waller and her two daughters, Jyllian and Pepper, were enjoying time at home, while Kristi's boyfriend was in the kitchen preparing French fries. [ 100 more words. ]

Pro Pet Hero

Full disclosure: My wife and I have three guinea pigs, I'm allergic to cats, and there's a distinct possibility that we might add a German Shepherd puppy to our growing family in the future. I mention this to say that the conclusion of the study is not influenced by any bias I might have. I have a lot of friends that have dogs as well as friends that have cats. [ 297 more words. ]

What’s New in CPR and First Aid this year?

What’s New in CPR and First Aid this year? We've finally released a project that has been months in the making. There are new guidelines for CPR and first aid, and we're excited to have all of these updates available in our training library…

We're always happy to help!

21st century CPR on this #TrainingTuesday. ProTrainings enables us to refresh very important skills without leaving our very important students and families for a whole day!

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