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It's a shame I took this class and spent $50 and my hospital will not except it and now I have to spend another $50 and take another class. I don't have the money to pay for another class. 😔
I sent my paperwork to my job. They told me I did not complete an in person skills review with PRO-CPR. They said I needed to contact you directly to schedule this? is part of the ProTrainings family of certification courses. This course teaches healthcare provider level CPR.

ProCPR® was formed by experts in the medical, training, IT and website design fields. This training was designed for professionals who need CPR for workplace compliance and want quality, flexible training. ProCPR® is meticulous about teaching the latest guidelines for CPR and is passionate about seeking new and innovative ways to teach and present these guidelines. In that pursuit, ProCPR® has sponsored several different outreach programs designed to educate as many people as possible in the life saving skill of CPR. Every dollar spent with ProCPR® helps fund these programs and spreads CPR awareness. is the premiere online-based CPR certification course. Depending on workplace requirements, certification can be received by completing the 100% online or blended course. ProCPR is healthcare provider CPR and is commonly required for nurses, EMT's, doctors, dentists, assistants and so on. Students can take the course online without time or location constraints. Those requiring a hands-on practical session may do so through our national network of skill evaluators and instructors.

Mission: Because Life Matters

Pets Bring Comfort During the Pandemic

Did you get a pandemic puppy or COVID cat? Here are some reasons why you might see so many more 4-legged friends in your friends' houses. There has been a 70% increase in pets being fostered when compared to this same time period in 2019. Application numbers from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Societies across the US have…

How are you keeping things clean at home or while you're running errands?

Follow us at ProTrainings for more health & safety life hacks.

Do you have a system in place for limiting the spread of germs? Having a simple system or process can help you be prepared to keep cross-contamination to a minimum.

Here are a few ideas for ways you can plan ahead:

🖐️Carry Napkins: If you need to pump gas or turn a public doorknob, consider carrying some disposable paper napkins to use instead of your sleeve or hand. Take one out of your bag or pocket, use it to open the door or touch the pump, and then throw it away immediately.

👟Have a Home for Your Shoes: Setting a designated place for removing shoes when entering your house can help you to not track anything yucky indoors. If you find that you may need to make several trips in and out, such as unloading groceries from the garage into the kitchen, you can designate a pair of "house shoes" that are easy to slip on and are only worn at home.

⏰Set a Time to Clean: If cleaning your phone, counters, or other high-touch items isn't already part of your daily routine, consider setting a timer to remind you. Or, you could pair a task with another task you do daily, such as remembering to wipe down your kitchen counters while you're brewing coffee or to disinfect your bathroom faucet and sink after brushing your teeth.

🍎Wash Your Produce: Whether you're grabbing your own produce or having it delivered, taking the time to clean everything before storing it in your fridge will help keep your kitchen more sanitary. One simple way to give your produce a bath is to rinse your items and then soak them in some cool water mixed with white vinegar. The vinegar can help disinfect the produce as well as dislodge any dirt and debris and is ultimately safe to ingest. After a few minutes in your vinegar solution, you can rinse your produce and pat it dry with a clean paper towel before putting your produce in a clean refrigerator drawer.

What other systems have you put in place? 👀

Have a First Aid kit on hand? Take some time to dig yours out, check its content, and add in some essentials. Follow us at ProTrainings to learn more.

Psst... do you know where your first aid kit is? 👀

Now's a good time to make sure your kit is prepped and accessible. A designated drawer, shelf, or closet may be some good places for it to live.

While you're at it, you'll also want to check:

☑️ Contents: Do you have the essentials, such as bandages, gauze, scissors, tweezers, and cleansing wipes? (We've shared a checklist in the comments to get you started!)

🗓️Expiration Dates: Some items may have a shelf life, such as pain relief medications or antiseptic creams. Use this time to quickly check that your items are still good and add expiring items to your grocery list.

Some other ideas are:

☎️Include Emergency Information: Make a list of numbers such as poison control, primary care physicians, and emergency contacts. You can also include important information that may be needed by EMS, such as medications, allergies, and blood type of the people in your household. This is especially useful to children in the event that they would need to answer questions once EMS arrives.

📝Keep a Copy of Your Notes: If you've completed a CPR + First Aid course, make a clean copy of your notes and include them in your first aid kit. That way, you'll have reminders with you of what to look for or what to do while administering care.

🧒Involve Your Kids: Build your kit with your kids! Little ones who are learning to count can help with taking inventory or decorating the front of the kit. Children working on their letters can help with writing out contact information. This can help to make the kit seem less intimidating and help children understand what it is, where you keep it, and open up conversations of what to do if they need to call for help. If you have very small children, you'll want to keep your kit out of reach (or your Paw Patrol BandAids might go missing! 😂) but you'll still want them to be able to tell a grown-up where it is if need be.

What other things have you included in your first aid kit?

Spring cleaning? Don't forget to clean out your cosmetics! We're talking about reducing risk of infection over at ProTrainings 👈

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes or sponges? Maybe it's time for a good spring cleaning! 🌼

At ProTrainings, our First Aid courses may not be able to help you achieve the perfect smokey eye (here's looking at you, Bobbi Brown 👀😍), but we do care a lot about reducing risk of infection!

Did you know staphylococcus, streptococcus, and e-coli can be commonly found on makeup brushes? 🤢 If you've got some extra time at home, let's do a deep clean of your makeup bag:

To clean your makeup sponges:

🧽 Start With Micellar Water: Try mixing micellar cleansing water with lukewarm water and mild soap. Let your sponge fully soak up. Add a couple more drops of soap and lather up the sponge with your hands. Repeat the process if your sponge is really dirty or saturated with makeup. If you do not have micellar water, you can also try a mild soap or baby shampoo with luke warm water. Once the water runs clear through the sponge, wring out excess water and let air dry. It's important to make sure you let your sponges air dry from time to time, or else mold can develop!

To clean makeup brushes:

🖌️ Rinsing: Always make sure to rinse bristles with warm water and facing down to limit the amount of water on the base of the brush. This will help prevent the glue from weakening and keeping the bristles intact.

🥥 If you have thick, sticky, dried product on your brush, try rubbing with coconut oil to loosen up product before washing.

🧼 Lathering: Lather bristles with mild shampoo, rinse, and repeat until water runs clear.

🚰 Disinfecting: Mix 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar in a bowl. Try not to submerge fully -- just the bristles! You can swirl the bristles around for a minute or two.

💋 Drying: Lay them down flat on a towel and let air-dry overnight. In the morning, you are finally ready to use clean brushes 💁‍♀️!

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Baked goods = 😍
Getting burned while baking = 😭

Follow us at ProTrainings for some tips on burn prevention and a refresher on how to identify the severity of a burn and care for it.

Alright, alright-- we know everyone is at home prepping to be on the next season of MasterChef 😂While we're loving seeing your sourdough pics and pantry-staple creations, we want to share some quick tips on preventing burns in the kitchen:

🧤Always protect your hands! If you don't have oven mitts or pads, try folding up a kitchen towel until it's about the same thickness as a mitt. Try lifting the item for a second or two to see if you've got enough protection before you start to walk across the kitchen or lift something out of the oven.

🍲Stand back from a hot pan or pot when you remove the lid. A little bit of steam can feel great in a sauna, but can be too intense for your skin-- and eyes!-- if it's been under pressure or at exceedingly high temperatures.

🔥Use caution when draining pasta or anything else you're boiling. Lifting a pot of boiling water is one thing; holding it steady while you tilt and pour is another. Try setting your strainer in your kitchen sink so you can use both hands to hold and guide as you pour.

🍳Keep pot handles turned inward toward the back of the stove. This is especially helpful if you have small, curious children who may be tempted to reach up to the stovetop. Keeping hot handles tucked in can protect you from accidentally burning your chest/abdomen or from little ones flipping a hot pan onto their head or body.

If you do have an accident, we've got you covered with some first aid videos for identifying the level of burn and what immediate steps you should take. Check out the link in the comments to learn how to treat a burn should you have an accident before meeting Gordon Ramsay! 👨🏼‍🍳

Been cooking at home more? If you're still working on your knife skills, make sure to brush up on some safety tips to keep those fingers safe.

For more ideas on how to avoid needing that first aid kit, follow us at ProTrainings!

Working on your culinary skills? Here are 4 knife safety tips to keep your fingers safe while you work your way through that Julia Childs cookbook or the newest Thomas Keller MasterClass:

🔪Use Sharp Knives: Dull blades tend to slip more and require more pressure to cut through your produce. How do you tell how sharp a knife is? Try the paper test - hold a piece of paper between your fingers, and slide the knife downward, away from you. If it's sharp, it will cleanly and easily slice the paper with just the weight of the knife. If it's dull, it will usually be ragged or slip. If this is the case, considering investing in a blade sharpener or a new knife (there are plenty of good options for $10-15, which is cheaper than an urgent-care visit!)

💪Use Light Pressure: This will help reduce slippage and alleviate wrist strain. For produce that may be especially tough to cut-- such as a sweet potato-- you can also quickly steam or microwave it to make it softer to cut through.

🖐️Tuck In Those Fingers: As shown in the photo here, slightly curling your fingers so that your knuckles are closer to the blade than the soft part of your fingertips will help keep a blade away from the most vulnerable part of your fingers.

🥔From Round to Flat: For round foods, try first carefully cutting them in half to create a flat surface to place down on the cutting board. That way, when you're cutting the rest of the food, it won't rock or slip away.

But, we get it-- sometimes emergencies still happen. If you want to be prepared, check out our video on bleeding control linked here in the comments.

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Do you know the signs and symptoms of someone experiencing a stroke?

Recently, there has been some news and research suggesting that strokes may be a symptom of COVID-19. While we know this research is still evolving, we also know that having information and being ready to take action if needed can be helpful and bring a little more sense of preparedness to a stressful time. If this has been concerning you, here is a helpful acronym to remember how to identify a stroke:

Remember "F.A.S.T"--

😶F is for Facial Droop: Ask the person to smile, specifically looking to see if the corners of their mouth raise evenly. Stroke patients often present with limited movement to one side of the face.

💪A is for Arm: Raise both of the person's arms out in front of them and ask them to hold that position. Does one arm fall lower than the other? Or do they both remain in the position you left them? Notate which arm has fallen, as this likely corresponds to the side of the brain where the stroke is present.

🗣️S is for Slurring Speech: During medical emergencies, patients are naturally panicked and it can affect their speech. To better assess for this stroke sign, ask them a simple question or to repeat a certain phrase, such as "the weather is nice today".

🕓 T is for Time: Time is of the essence when it comes to treating stroke victims. If you've noticed the previously mentioned symptoms, take note of what time the symptoms began. If you haven't already called 911 and activated EMS, do so immediately.

While waiting for EMS to arrive, reassure the patient. Tell them you're not going anywhere and that you'll take good care of them. Make them as comfortable as possible while you wait.

For more information, we've included a short video in the comments section with more information and an example of executing the F.A.S.T. test.

Let's be sure to take care of ourselves in this time of social distancing. Get plenty of sun, watch a funny movie, and veg out with your children or furry friends! Together we will #stopthespread #COVID_19 #wellness #wecare #selfcare

Here's to our nurses, we appreciate all you do! Tag a nurse you know in the comments below 🙂

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Social distancing is hard, but talking helps a lot! So let's keep the conversation going, if you care to share let us know how you're doing in the comments below.

We'd love to hear from you :)

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In an effort to help #stopthespread, we provide flexible online options for CPR training for the busy healthcare professional in a jam.

Click the link below in our comments for more info on our ProCPR course.


Being able to make choices is a great thing. Our CPR training gives you full control, so you can choose when you train.


Whether you are being socially distant or sheltering-in-place, we can still be kind. What are some ways you've spread kindness today?


Knowing how to cope when CPR doesn't work is just as important as CPR training itself. View this video on our website here:

Join us at ProTrainings to #flattenthecurve -- and to take some time for yourself, too.

Staying home if you can, helps #flattenthecurve but whether you are an essential worker or not, your life matters too. Take care of yourself, be well and stay connected.

[03/18/20]   We wish to thank the nurses, doctors, janitorial, clerical, and IT staff members, and all other professionals who each and collectively are helping handle the hospital load from COVID-19. Our thoughts and gratitude are with you.

How's everyone holding up? If you or a loved one is currently working in a hospital, what are some of the ways your friends and family can support you from afar?


Loved your ProCPR course? Follow us at ProTrainings for more bite-sized health and safety training to keep you and your family safe.

Preparing for Spring Break? ☀️🌴🌊

While you're packing up your beach towels and sunscreen, remember to take just 5 minutes to brush up on the recommended rescue techniques in case of a water emergency.

Coronavirus - Signs and Symptoms, Origins, Actions to Take, and more

There is a ton of information being circulated about the Coronovirus that the World Health Organization has declared a Global Emergency. We wanted to share accurate information with our followers about how they can protect themselves and others - handwashing being one of the most important measures.

Stay up-to-date as well as learn a bit more about the history of this virus. It has actually been around for several decades.

Watch this video to learn some of the history of Coronavirus, the signs and symptoms, as well as who is most at risk from the Coronavirus, and what to do if ...


Learn about the importance of frequent and proper handwashing. 😷🤧👋👏🙌

This is how we can help prevent the spread of the current novel Coronavirus and other transmittable diseases.

Are you washing your hands properly to minimize the spread of viruses? 🖐🦠😷

With COVID-19 (also known as the coronavirus), the CDC recommends frequent hand-washing as one vital precaution to curb the spread of the disease.

Paramedic Roy Shaw demonstrates the proper way to wash your hands as used by healthcare workers to protect you and those around you:

We wanted to share an amazing LIFE-SAVING testimonial from one of our students! We are so happy Kailee's sweet baby is alive and well. Kailee, you are an amazing mom! Thank you for sharing your experience, BECAUSE LIFE MATTERS😍.

"Hello, my name is Kailee. I was certified on Aug. 29, 2019, less than 2 weeks ago. This evening, my baby stuffed too much food in his mouth. He ultimately stopped breathing. Because of the training I received from your company, I knew exactly what to do. When you take these classes, you do so with the hope that you'll never need to use the knowledge you gain. I am just so very thankful that you guys make it so convenient. Without the convenience, I wouldn't have completed the course when I did and I wouldn't have known how to handle the situation tonight. Thank you, again. Your training courses helped me save my baby's life."

For more information on how to save a life, please visit our website:

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