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Heartwarming and disheartening tales from Abilene ISD's Top 25 reveals

Last week's Abilene ISD top academic performers reveals had some great moments and one extremely tough pill to swallow for a couple Cooper students. Carolyn Griffith was excited to see another family member make AHS's Top 25; Michael Thomlinson's big day was a bit rougher at Cooper

Dry run at Abilene Christian University has AHS students hopeful research is strong

These students are doing Master's degree-level work in high school They're presenting their master's thesis-level work to experts. But first, Abilene High students are taking their work to Abilene Christian University.

Abilene ISD waging war on youth homelessness; hope to tear down barriers to education

AISD-Homeless is constantly struggling to break down barriers to students getting the education they need. Darrin Cox says there's much more work to do, but there have been some successful programs implemented to ease some of those things standing in their way of classroom success. Abielne ISD homeless liaison and social worker hope to see continued improvement identifying and assisting homeless students

Ward Elementary teacher in Abilene is a Life Changer, like it or not

Laurie Velasquez of Ward Elementary got some attention Friday thanks to National Life Group and its LifeChanger of the Year awards program. Laurie Velasquez, a third-grade teacher at Abilene ISD's Ward Elementary, received a special surprise Friday; HSU professor's retirement photo show

The children at St Johns Episcopal School are dreaming a million dreams about Abilene showing up for their production of "The Greatest Showman." Stay tuned for a future story on these talented youths.

Abilene ISD middle school student hopes to eliminate Styrofoam-like lunch trays

An Abilene ISD student is hoping to make an environmental difference with her petition asking the school district to stop using polystyrene (Styrofoam-like) lunch trays. Vicky Gao hopes her petition to get the Abilene ISD to stop using polystyrene (Styrofoam-like) lunch trays will have positive environmental effects.

Architecture contracts divvied up among three firms in Abilene ISD $138.7 million bond

Abilene ISD trustees approved giving three architectural firms professional services contracts Monday, but it was a hot discussion topic with plenty of questions asked. The contracts all stem from projects approved in the voter-approved November bond election. Huckabee, which led the Abilene school district's pre-election campaign, will design much of the work, with two Abilene firms receiving smaller pieces

Touring Roscoe Collegiate ISD, Texas education commissioner blown away by what he sees

Education reporter Timothy Chipp traveled to Roscoe a week ago, despite being on vacation, to tour Roscoe Collegiate High School and the district's many educational opportunities like Edu-Vet Pet Hospital and its maker space. But he wasn't the guest of honor. No, that privilege belonged to Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath. Whether it was students learning about chicken egg biology or building a robot, the students of Roscoe Collegiate ISD impressed education commissioner

Abilene Wylie Bulldog Christmas Market fixing last year's first-year issues for Thursday

The Bulldog Christmas Market runs from 5 to 8 p.m. tonight, if you're interested. Student products for sale mark the second-annual Wylie Bulldog Christmas Market, open to the public from 5 to 8 p.m. Thursday

Student works from ATEMS, both art and writing, fit perfectly at NCCIL one-day exhibit

Students from ATEMS High School showed off their talent for creating children's books during a one-night exhibit at the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature Thursday. About 18 children's books, written and illustrated by students at Abilene ISD's ATEMS High School, were displayed Thursday at the NCCIL

WASP supporters taking fight to keep group in history books to Austin

Texas curriculum for elementary schools could soon cut the WASP - Women Airforce Service Pilots from classrooms and textbooks. Those who support the historical group, including the National WASP WWII Museum, are heading to Austin next week to plead their case against what they feel is a mistake. They need more voices to stand up, though, according to their representative on the school board, Marty Rowley Sweetwater-based organization circulating online petition, plans to provide public comment in Austin next week to keep WASPs in Texas history books

A lot of people felt the Abilene ISD bond proposal would be a close call, including some in the Abilene Reporter-News office. It turns out, the election was one-sided in favor of the $138.7 million proposal starting from early voting. Let's break down voter behavior by precinct and look at how projects might possibly roll out in the next few years. STORY:

Abilene Christian University's same-sex relationships dialogue nets new student policy

Abilene Christian University recently made a policy change to the student code of conduct to create a more inclusive environment for students, according to a letter from the university's president to students, alumni, faculty and staff. The sexual stewardship policy was updated to recognize the outside culture may not agree with the school's definition of marriage being between a man and a woman and incorporated language to ensure students who are members of the LGBTQ+ community are safe and accepted. Some wonder if the policy went far enough, though. But it took months of conversations between faculty, staff, alumni, students and leaders to arrive where the school currently stands. A new sexual stewardship policy makes adjustments to expectations for same-sex relationships; LGBTQ students and supporters cautiously optimistic

Abilene ISD program offers payday for students passing AP exams, but the money is dried up

Payday no more for Abilene ISD students taking AP exams, as the funding source is going away. But these students still got their money, the last of those who will receive a financial boost for passing exam grades. Abilene ISD students who pass AP exams have received money since 2002, but the foundation responsible is closing up shop at the end of the year

Hardin-Simmons University president announces layoffs, program closures in Monday email

An email by Hardin-Simmons University President Eric Bruntmyer Monday afternoon laid out specific cuts to programs and majors which will affect at least 82 students. In an email to faculty, staff, students and alumni Monday, HSU President Eric Bruntmyer announced the cost-cutting measures trustees approved

Abilene ISD bond supporters, detractors organize their opinions ahead of November election

For or against, there's a Facebook discussion waiting for your opinion. Or a lawn sign. Voting on the proposed Abilene ISD bond begins with early voting Oct. 22. Both sides are fighting to get their message heard ahead of Nov. 6 election to determine the success or failure of a $138.7 million request

Abilene ISD Bond: Fine arts upgrades promise bangs, toots, bells and whistles

Each week, the Reporter-News is featuring an aspect of the 2018 Abilene ISD bond request. This week, we look at the Abilene ISD Fine Arts Department needs, and there are a lot of them. Next week concludes our 5-part series with a look at potential financial impact. Abilene ISD officials are proposing renovations and new rooms for a number of middle and high school fine arts programs, including band and orchestra

Abilene ISD bond: Career and technical education would find a new home

If the Abilene ISD bond referendum passes in November, students enrolled in Career & Technical Education, including those students at ATEMS, would get to experience a dramatic shift thanks to a new school. Abilene ISD's proposed Career and Technical Education high school, part of a $138.7 million bond proposal, would offer new home to ATEMS, too.

Abilene ISD has a location for its proposed Career & Technology Education facility

One of the big questions surrounding the Abilene ISD bond is where the multimillion-dollar CTE facility will be built. Well, the district answered that by signing a memorandum of understanding last week, staking a land claim should the bond be approved in November. Abilene ISD and Texas State Technical College signed a preliminary agreement to locate a proposed CTE school at the college's new land by the airport

Abilene ISD bond: Three elementary schools too much of a fixer-upper for modern standards

Each week, the Reporter-News is featuring an aspect of the 2018 Abilene ISD bond request. This first week, we look at three elementary schools looking for replacement, a major safety and security need within the district. Next week, we look at athletics and what changes the bond has proposed for student-athletes. Abilene ISD officials are proposing a $138.7 million bond for November voters to consider. This is a deep look into a core piece: replacing schools.

Catching up on education issues with Texas's lieutenant governor hopefuls

Which candidate for lieutenant governor of Texas is more in-line with your education values? The race is neck-and-neck statewide and, after Dan Patrick visited Abilene Aero last week, I talked with Mike Collier about his education views. -Tim Chipp, Abilene Reporter-News Dan Patrick stopped in Abilene last week, so to be fair, I afforded his challenger, Mike Collier, the same amount of time Patrick spent at the airport

Lower enrollment trend continues for Abilene ISD; Wylie numbers increase

Enrollment trends continued this August in both Abilene ISD and Wylie Independent School District According to fifth-day figures, Wylie ISD grew 172 students from the same point last year, while Abilene ISD dropped 157 students

Back-to-school Monday is for the 'dogs in Abilene

Abilene ISD had its fun last week. This day belonged to the Wylie Independent School District Bulldogs. Abilene's Wylie ISD facilities welcomed children back to school Monday morning. At the district's new elementary school, it was fast paced.

Abilene's newest school a pallete of colors for young Wylie students

Color, color everywhere at the new Wylie Independent School District's new elementary school at Maple and Colony Hill. Superintendent Joey Light may have had a few sleepless nights as crews built Abilene's newest elementary school, but he's happy with its colorful look

Abilene's Wylie High School leadership pulls the ol' switcheroo for 2018-19

Tim Smith replaces Tommy Vaughn this year at Wylie Independent School District's high school. And Tommy Vaughn replaces Tim Smith. Wait, what? Tim Smith is replacing Tommy Vaughn as Wylie High School principal in Abilene. Meanwhile, Tommy Vaughn replaces Tim Smith as assistant principal.

Transparency not just a word at Texas State Technical College's new Abilene campus

It's a new school year and Texas State Technical College has a new gem to help usher classes in. Their new campus on Navajo Trail is a transparent example of what to expect from the two-year school in the future here in Abilene. Abilene's newest college campus provides students access to three new programs and one that's relocating to a spacious area to impact more students

Making myths of Abilene ISD's ATEMS first day of school

Back to school for some Academy of Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Science students included learning they'll be preparing their own original Comanche myths as they study American literature. They'll be expected to present their stories to a panel of judges at Frontier Texas! on Sept. 25. Nathan Monroe's first day plan was intended to reach as many of his juniors taking English class at ATEMS on their first day

Premier High offering Abilene students an alternative learning experience

Premier High School - Abilene starts classes Wednesday, just like the Abilene ISD schools. Premier High School is Abilene's other high school, a public charter specializing in credit recovery programs

It's time for Abilene ISD board president to bang the gavel

Ahead of school returning to session in the Abilene ISD this week, here's a small back-to-school column Abilene ISD board President Randy Piersall keeps knocking on a table; a rushed job all done and ready to go in Wylie ISD

Positive reinforcement is key for Abilene ISD discipline this coming school year

A look at the culture change going on in the Abilene ISD. It's a whole new ballgame for students and teachers. The Abilene ISD is in its second year disciplining its students with positivity and teachers are still buying in at their own pace

Abilene Christian School lunches back to basics as former cook returns for 2018-19

It's beginning to look a lot like Back-To-School. And first up is Abilene Christian School, which heads back Thursday. Here's a little feature to get you prepared. Prepared like a cake, apparently. After a one-year hiatus from Abilene Christian School, Shirley Smith returns to feed students this year with classes set to start Thursday

Abilene ISD trustees again considering $136.7 million bond at special meeting Tuesday

The special meeting tomorrow could be the one when the school board places a $136.7 million bond on the November ballot for residents to decide. Get the details, including what each piece is projected to cost the Abilene ISD, at this link: Abilene ISD trustees will continue their discussions from Thursday during a special meeting at 5 p.m. Tuesday at One AISD Center, 241 Pine St.

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Maximum price set for Abilene Wylie's next junior high school

While their neighbors to the north were discussing a possible $136.7 million bond Monday night, the Wylie Independent School District trustees approved an under-budget guaranteed maximum price for the soon-to-be Wylie East Junior High. Superintendent Joey Light said the Wylie ISD's future East Junior High will be completed under budget at a maximum cost of $23.6 million

Committee recommends Abilene ISD bond be set at $136.7 million; board approves pay raises

Would you support a $136.7 million bond? Why? Why not? The Abilene ISD board was given a $136.7 million request from its master facilities committee Monday, while employee pay got a boost

Teacher pay under the microscope at the Abilene Independent School District

Among other financial issues, teacher pay was discussed at the June 11 Abilene ISD school board meeting Citing a new rule about contract start dates in health insurance coverage, Abilene ISD officials are starting to examine 2018-19 employee pay

Teamwork is how to make the classroom work in Haney's vision of Abilene's ATEMS

Larry Haney was chosen Abilene Education Foundation's Science Teacher of the Year in the Abilene ISD. He's a big fan of collaboration. Larry Haney, a 20-year teaching veteran, was selected as the Abilene Education Foundation's Science Teacher of the Year for his work at ATEMS

Abilene Reporter-News

CooperHigh School freshman math teacher Carol Footer won a special award late last month within the Abilene ISD

For Abilene ISD's Carol Footer at Cooper High School, gone are the days of standing in front of the class and lecturing. Instead, the Abilene Education Foundation's Math Teacher of the Year uses active strategies that engage students who are geared mentally to learn by doing.

Sparked by her own teachers, Abilene ISD Elementary Teacher of the Year seeks to inspire

This Abilene ISD teacher was selected Elementary Teacher of the Year in the district by the Abilene Education Foundation. Congratulations, Rachel Carlisle. Rachel Carlisle, winner of the Elementary Teacher of the Year award, became a teacher because she was inspired by her own teachers.

Abilene veteran takes long way to Hardin-Simmons social work degree

It's possible we saved the best for last with our Hardin-Simmons University graduate feature: Army veteran Jake Holt. Holt is about to start work with Abilene's Betty Hardwick Center after completing his field work with Betty Hardwick ECI. He'd also love to help vets like him get the services they need. Jake Holt, who served 23 years in the U.S. Army and Army National Guard, is crossing the HSU stage Saturday to eventually help vets like him

Medical school next step on Abilene Christian University graduate's plan

John Placide is taking his Holland Medical High School (Abilene ISD) and his Abilene Christian University diplomas with him to the McGovern Medical School in Houston. John Placide, set to graduate Saturday from Abilene Christian University, will attend McGovern Medical School in Houston next year

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