AMS Counseling

The AMS Counseling page is for parents and students to be able to connect with activities and resources in the Abilene Middle School counseling office.

The AMS Counseling page is for parents, students, and community members to stay informed and be able to connect with activities, resources, and information from the Abilene Middle School counseling office. On this page, you will be able to learn more about what we have going on at school for our students as well as developmental tips and resources to help us maximize the success of our AMS Longhorns!

Teachers are incredible people. During each of my own kids’ school years, I always feel so blessed for them to be surrounded by their caring teachers who give so much effort into guiding, supporting, and loving our kids and for everything they do that is helping to shape them into the people they are becoming. Every day I work with our AMS teachers, I am in awe of what they’re able to accomplish with our students and how they love them through even the toughest times and are always willing to go above and beyond to support our kids no matter what. Every moment they take and effort they make to guide and support our kids is significant in helping them become who they can be. Now in these times, I see our teachers working so hard behind the scenes to make sure our kids feel connected even though they can’t be there with them and working to make sure our kids can still learn and they do all of this without complaint—they put together a plan to keep our school year going on very short notice, and I feel like I am in awe and have extreme appreciation for our teachers even more now than ever before. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week and thanks for all you do today and every day for our kids—we are so thankful for YOU!! 🧡💙

This funny crew decided that we wanted to take a little group pic this morning while we were waiting for everyone to get on the What’s Up Wednesday Zoom! 😂 LOVE getting to hang out and have some fun with our kiddos every week!! 🤗 What’s Up Wednesdays are every Wednesday from 9-9:30am and they’re just a time to check in, have fun, and play games together! If your child would like to join us, they can find the link each week in their Canvas inbox! 😃🧡💙

SO thankful for all of their hard work making sure our kids still have meals every day!! They are doing an incredible job and we are thankful for YOU!!! 👏🙌👏

We are so proud of our staff! Thank you to those who have stepped up to feed children as we respond to COVID-19! #Abilene5StarSchools

[04/15/20]   Every Wednesday from 9-9:30am, I am going to be doing a “What’s Up Wednesday” Zoom call for students as a place to just check in, say hi, and have some fun! This morning we played Pictionary together on Zoom and it was SO fun getting to see the kids again!! 🤗 If your child would like to participate, just have them check their Canvas messages for the link each week—I’d love for them to join!! 😃🧡💙

Love this idea from our high school counselors!! 😃

Need some ideas of how to positively cope with stress, anxiety, depression, change or whatever you maybe feeling?

Here’s some fun ideas for you to try!

Let us know if you get a BINGO or try something new!

We are here for you, please reach out if you need something!

Longhorn Leaders

Longhorn Leader informational video #2! :)

Longhorn Leaders

Longhorn Leaders is a team of 8th grade students who represent AMS and do outreach projects all year long for our students and community to make positive change for others. The Longhorn Leader application is open to 7th graders today (they received a message in Canvas this morning :)) for the 2020-2021 school year. Please remind your child to check their messages in Canvas regularly and encourage them to apply if interested! Normally at this time of year, I have our current Longhorn Leaders present to 7th graders about what it's like to be part of this team and how the application process works, but since we can't do that in-person this year a couple of our awesome LLs (Sammy Stout and Claira Dannefer) made these videos to share with 7th graders about our team! 😀

Counselor Information

Whew, what a whirlwind of a couple of weeks!! I know this isn’t how any of us planned to finish up our school year and I miss our kids like crazy, but it does help knowing that they’ll be safer this way! ☺️ A couple of quick updates from the counseling office:

—I want to still be able to support your child and family the best I can during this challenging time. I sent all of our students a message on Canvas about how to schedule counseling visits using Zoom throughout the rest of the year, so please encourage them to do that if needed. Our K-12 emotional and behavioral support team also put together some family and mental health resources on our district site (—please use those as needed and keep checking the site, since we will be adding information as we go throughout the year.
—Please encourage your child to check their Canvas messages regularly. I just sent one yesterday to 6th and 7th graders about how to pick their classes for next year and will continue to use Canvas to communicate with them, so please make sure they are checking their messages!

THANK YOU for all of the support you’re giving from home with your child’s education—with your help, I know our kids will still have a successful rest of their AMS year! 🧡💙 Welcome to the District's Counselor Page! As your family navigates these challenging times, we want you to know that we are still here to support your child and family’s well-being. Below is information about various mental health and community resources, as well as a link to request that one of u...

Congratulations to this week's AMS Kind Students of the Week!

6th Grade: M. Meneley, who was selected because she always helps others and is always nice and assertive with everyone.
7th Grade: A. Hartman, chosen because he sets a good example for others through his kindness.
8th Grade: D. Parks, who was picked by the Kindness Leadership Team because she is a hard worker who is never mean towards others.

Congratulations and thanks for all you do to make AMS kind! :)

Don’t forget to get your tickets for the Donkey Basketball game on March 26th at 7pm! This is a fundraiser by the Pennies for Pineapples Leadership Team to raise money for an orphanage in Africa—great cause and it’s going to be a great time! Teams will play basketball on live donkeys in our AMS gym, so it’s bound to be a good show!! 😂

Advance tickets are $7 each, or $10 at the door. You won’t want to miss this!! 😃

[03/02/20]   Next week, we are going to be doing our Start with Hello Week on March 9th-11th! Start with Hello Week is a national movement that aims to have students feel more connected and schools to feel more inclusive. Next week, the Longhorn Leaders will be doing different activities and also organizing theme days to help everyone connect with each other. The theme day schedule is below:

Monday, March 9th: Everyone is Welcome Day!

Wear green (the national Start with Hello Week color) to celebrate that we’re a school that welcomes EVERYONE!

Tuesday, March 10th: Favorite T-Shirt/Hat Day!

Wear a t-shirt or hat that represents who you are and share about it with others (and don’t forget to ask about theirs, too! :))

Wednesday, March 11th: “Hey” Day!

Dress up like a farmer and say “hey” to as many people as you can! The Longhorn Leaders will give five stickers to every student as they come into school in the morning and anytime someone says “hey” to you throughout the day, give them one of your stickers. Anyone who says “hey” to at least 10 people and shows Mrs. Wilkins their 10 stickers at the end of the day can get a treat from her in the Commons after school!

It will be a fun week! Please let me know if you have any questions! :)

Congratulations to this week's Kind Students of the Week! These students were selected by our Kindness Leadership Team for representing AMS well through their kindness! :)

6th grade: C. Webb, selected because of her kind personality.
7th grade: Z. Cox, who was chosen because she is a hard worker who is kind to others.
8th grade: D. Anguiano, who was selected because she is nice to everyone, no matter what.

Way to make AMS kind!! :)

Congratulations to our Kind Students of the Week! These students were selected by our Kindness Leadership Team members for being great examples of kindness at AMS. :) These students are:

6th Grade: G. Rahe, who was selected because he's a hard worker and is kind to everyone.
7th Grade: Z. Schultze, chosen because he's always kind and friendly towards others.
8th Grade: J. McGivney, picked for her positive attitude and because she is always sweet to everyone.

Way to go--thanks for helping to make AMS a kind place to be! :)

Here is some information about our upcoming 8th Grade Parent Information Night at 7pm on February 20th at the AHS Auditorium. This will be your chance to learn about the enrollment process and to have any questions answered that you need to in order to help your 8th grader feel ready to start at AHS in the fall! :)

So proud of our Kind Students of the Week, who were selected by the Kindness Leadership Team! :) They are:

6th Grade: R. Jamison, who was selected because he is never rude to anyone, is always positive, and is kind towards others.

7th Grade: A. Pedroza, who was selected because he is always nice in the hallways and talks to everyone to make sure they are happy.

8th Grade: C. Dannefer, who was selected because she is always kind and will always help others whenever needed.

Congratulations to these kind students--keep up the great work! :)

Way to go, Mrs. Leckron!! Very well deserved, we’re so thankful for you!! 😃🧡💙

Congratulations to Mrs. Barb Leckron, the Bank VI “Amazing Teacher” of the month!!! Some of her FACS students joined in the celebration this afternoon! #amsconnect #abilene5starschools

Congratulations to our Kind Students of the Week, selected by our Kindness Leadership Team for their outstanding kindness and positive attitude! These students are:
6th grade—S. Collie, picked because she is kind and respectful towards others.
7th grade—S. Crouse, selected because he is always respectful in the hallways around other students and is very kind towards others.
8th grade—C. Powell, who was chosen because she is respectful and helpful towards everyone and is never mean to anyone.

Keep up the great work, Longhorns!! 😃🧡💙

Today through Thursday, our students can enter our Christmas Raffle to win some AMAZING prizes, courtesy of our awesome teachers!! Tickets are $.25/each or 5/$1 and all proceeds go towards providing some of our AMS families with extra support this holiday season! We will draw for winners at our assembly on Friday!! The kids were some great shoppers today!! 😃🧡💙

Next week during lunch, our Holiday Longhorn Store will be open for the kids to shop with their Longhorn Bucks for items generously donated by our amazing teachers! One of our Leadership Teams will also be running a gift wrapping station so students purchasing gifts can bring them home already wrapped and ready for the holidays! Just wanted to give all of our parents a head’s up about this in case you wonder next week where your students are getting these items they’re bringing home! 😆👍🎁

At our last Leadership Team meeting, the Kindness Leaders decided they want to begin recognizing students who come to school every day and choose to be kind to others--this week, our AMS Kind Students of the Week are:
6th grade: O. Tichenor, who was selected by the Kindness Leaders because he is kind to others in and out of the classroom.
7th grade: A. Watson, who was selected by the Kindness Leaders because she is always helpful towards others.
8th grade: L. Belt, who was selected by the Kindness Leaders because of her positive attitude towards others.

Way to go, this week's Kind Students of the Week! Keep it up!! 😀👍

SO proud of our kids—together, they brought in almost 1,200 POUNDS of food to donate to the Abilene Food Bank!!! Sixth grade won the Turkey Teacher contest by bringing in the most and now get to pick a teacher to dress up like a turkey next week!! 😆🦃 Thanks to all of our parents for your support and for the donations you sent in for our food drive!!

I was so proud of our kiddos, they did a great job spreading kindness through this project!! 🤗

Some Abilene Middle School students donated some paintings to us for 'Kindness Week.'

Thank you to the following students for your paintings and showing them to the residents!

Rylee Miller-6th grade
Reese Bathurst-6th grade
Carter Hasenbank-6th grade
Lilly Taylor-6th grade
Eden Bathurst-8th grade

Please help if you can!! 😃👍

AMS students are hosting a canned food drive this week to support our Abilene Food Pantry. The grade levels are competing to see who can donate the most items. We would be thrilled to accept any donations you feel inclined to send. Thank you on behalf of our student body 😁 #amsconnect #abilene5starschools

[11/15/19]   Next week, we will begin our annual Turkey Teacher Food Drive to benefit the Abilene Food Bank! Students may bring canned goods and other non-perishable items to the Commons each morning next week to contribute them to their grade level's total. The Kindness Leadership Team will weigh the food each day and on Friday the grade level who brought in the most pounds of food will get to vote on which teacher they'd like to see dress up like a turkey the day before Thanksgiving Break! Last year, we brought in over 1,800 POUNDS of food for the Food Bank, so please help support this great cause if you can! 😀🧡💙🦃

[11/06/19]   See below for information about the Salvation Army Angel Tree resource for families:

The H.O.P.E. Center in Abilene is sponsoring the Salvation Army Angel Tree Christmas Assistance Program. This program provides Christmas gifts for Dickinson County children from birth to age 18 (any child 16 to 18 years of age must be a full-time high school student).
This year there are income guidelines – the family must be eligible for free/reduced school lunches OR have income not exceeding 150% of the Federal Poverty Level. Proof of income (recent pay stub or 2018 tax return) or free/reduced lunch letter must be provided at the time of application.
Sign-up will be at The H.O.P.E. Center, 409 NW 3rd Street, Suite G, Abilene on the following days:
Wednesday, November 16 – 10 am to 2 pm
Thursday, November 17 – 10 am to 2 pm, and 4 pm to 6 pm
Friday, November 18 – 10 am to 2 pm

[Please note the change from previous years – proof of income or free/reduced lunch is required AND all applications must be completed at the H.O.P.E. Center]

We wrapped up Kindness Week today with our Kindness in the Community projects! This is a chance for our kids to not only celebrate kindness, but to see that when they are kind towards others, they truly can make a BIG impact on those around us! I was incredibly proud of what our kids were able to do today—their projects included raking leaves for others, making playdoh to deliver to daycares, working with our VFW to restore headstones of fallen soldiers, baking cookies for first responders, making cards for hospital patients, packaging get well treat bags for pets at our animal hospital, creating paintings to brighten rooms of nursing home residents, and so much more. Love that our kids get to feel like our little part of the world is better today because of their kindness! 🤗🧡💙#abilene5starschools #amsconnect

I have had SO much fun with our kids this past week talking about leadership and goal-setting and working on creating our personal mission statements for the year!! I love seeing all that our kids hope to accomplish this year and talking with them about how to actually get there! Here are a couple of ways you can help with this from home:
—Ask your child what their mission for the year is and what they’re planning to do to make sure it happens. We talked about how they are in charge of their success and that they can always adapt what they’re doing if what they’re currently doing isn’t getting them to where they want to go! The kids know that if they use their mission statements to keep themselves on track all year they can reach their goals!! 😃👍
—The application is open for our fall Leadership Teams until Friday at 3:30. Your child has received the link to the application through Canvas, so please encourage them to fill it out if they would like to be on one of our fall teams! 😊

Here are just a few of the mission statements from our kiddos that are all posted on their lockers so they can see them and live them every day—love seeing our school full of these!! Go Longhorns! 😃🧡💙

Love it whenever I see some of our AMS kiddos out doing great things for Abilene!! Great job!! 😃👍

Wow! Thank you all so much for your hard work today! The Abilene Ball Club helped and 4 more people not pictured. Abilene looks amazing! #abileneforward #togetherwearemore see you all Monday night at 6pm for the Abilene Forward meeting! Wow!

The Longhorn Leaders spent some time today checking in with our 6th graders to see how their first couple of weeks as Longhorns have been!! Love seeing the bond they’re all building with each other!! 🧡💙

We are having a great time with our 6th graders this morning!! We are so excited they’re here!! 🤗🧡💙

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