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The AMS Counseling page is for parents and students to be able to connect with activities and resources in the Abilene Middle School counseling office.

The AMS Counseling page is for parents, students, and community members to stay informed and be able to connect with activities, resources, and information from the Abilene Middle School counseling office. On this page, you will be able to learn more about what we have going on at school for our students as well as developmental tips and resources to help us maximize the success of our AMS Longhorns!

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AMS students invited to NOTS received an information letter to share with parents on April 17, but just in case you missed it, here are some basic details for tonight: students can arrive at the car pick up location (behind Burger King) starting at 4:45. Dinner starts at 5:30, with the faculty performances and dance to follow. As long as it is dry between 4:45 and 5:30, we will hold the walk-in in front of school as usual. If it is raining, we will bring the viewing party inside to the 6th and 7th grade halls. The evening will finish up at 9:00. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call school at 263-1471. See you tonight!

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In case your student did not bring home the information paper about our reward trip tomorrow, here are the basics. We are leaving at 1:45 from the AMS parking lot, and we will be home around 10:30. Students do not need to bring any money, because the package we purchased includes two pieces of pizza and a soda. We have faculty chaperones riding the buses, and several parent chaperones meeting us in Olathe. Students are encouraged to bring their cell phones in order to call rides when we are 30 minutes out of Abilene on our way home. Other than that, they don’t need to bring anything else. Please feel free to call the school office with any questions.

Abilene Middle School

We had so much fun with the 5th (soon to be 6th!! 🤗) graders at orientation these last couple of days! They checked out the classrooms, tried out the lockers, and asked any question they could think of to our Longhorn Leaders (...and, of course, learned the Longhorn Cheer!! 😆🧡💙)!!

$830 RAISED!! Way to go, Pennies for Pineapples Leadership Team and AMS students!! Awesome job coming together for a great cause!! 😃🧡💙

So proud of these kids!! This is our Pennies for Pineapples Leadership Team who works with Mrs. Casteel to raise funds to feed kids in an African orphanage. They are doing a penny war this week between the grades to raise funds and have been working so hard to raise support for kids in need—love seeing kids caring about kids!! 🤗🤗 If your child would like to help, please have them bring their money to lunch any day this week through Friday! 😃🧡💙

[02/25/19]   Lots happening these last few days before Spring Break in Longhorn Land! :) Here's a quick update:

--Tonight at 7pm is our 8th grade parent information night at the AHS Auditorium. If you have questions about the enrollment process, graduation requirements, etc., it would be great to attend so you can get answers to those questions and help your child with their course selections this week (hard to believe it's already time to do that! :))!
--Thursday is our next Middle School 101 presentation about recognizing the signs of teenage depression. This will take place at 7pm in the AMS Library.
--Next week, our Longhorn Leaders are planning a "Start with Hello Week" March 4th-6th. Start With Hello Week is a national movement created by parents of victims of the Sandy Hook School Shooting that aims to lessen violence and bullying through kindness and inclusion (with the idea that conversations and inclusion "start with hello" :)). They are planning a few dress up days to celebrate if your child would like to participate--they are: Monday (3/4) Pajama Day, Tuesday (3/5) Aloha ("hello" :)) Day--Hawaiian shirts, and Wednesday (3/6) Favorite Shirt Day (wear a shirt that represents something important to you so you can talk with others about it!). Hopefully this will be a fun week for all of our students! :)

Please let me know if you have any questions! Go Longhorns!! :)

[01/04/19]   Happy Friday! Just have a couple of updates for everyone about next week:
—The application for spring semester Leadership Teams opened today! The kids all received the link to the application this afternoon and have until next Friday to complete it if they would like to be on a team this semester. It’s open to all grades and there are over 20 teams for the kids to choose from! Please talk with your child about this opportunity and encourage them to get involved so they can continue to grow as a leader! 😊
—Next week, I will be talking with the kids in class about an important topic: suicide prevention. I will be teaching them the ACT program, which stands for Acknowledge, Care, and Tell. These are the three steps to take if they or a loved one is feeling suicidal and helps to give them a guideline for how to handle situations like this. All of our students will be involved in this discussion, unless you would prefer they not be. If that is the case, please send them with a note to the office on Monday stating that as your preference.

Thanks and have a great weekend!! 😊

So great!! Way to go, Longhorns!! 👏🧡💙

Members of several different AMS Leadership teams came together to plan this holiday dance, and they are making it happen in a big way! SO PROUD of these kiddos! #amazingams #abilene5starschools

Our Make Someone Smile Today Leadership Team decided to write letters to recovering soldiers--love this idea! If anyone would also like to do this, send your letters to the address on the envelope in this picture and help this team spread some smiles! :)

SO PROUD OF OUR LONGHORNS!! Working together, they were able to raise OVER 1,800 POUNDS of food for the Abilene Food Bank this week!! Our Social Leadership Team coordinated this project and it was our most successful food drive ever (this is a pic of a few of the team members with just one of the car loads of food they brought in to deliver to the Food Bank!)!! Way to go, Longhorns!! 🤗🧡💙

More pics from Kindness Week! Pajama Day, Sport Day, Character Day, Crazy Day, and Spirit/Kindness in the Community Day!! What a fun week with our kids! :D

More pics from Kindness Week! Pajama Day, Sport Day, Character Day, Crazy Day, and Spirit/Kindness in the Community Day!! What a fun week with our kids! :D

The Kindness Week fun continues!! 🤗🤗 Thanks Abilene Animal Hospital for helping to get these out to our furry friends!! 🐶🐱

These awesome middle school kids made us treat bags and cards for our canine and feline patients for Kindness Week. How cool are these!?!? AMS Counseling #AMSrocks #randomactsofkindness #aahpaks

On Friday, we recognized several of our students with Kindness Awards! These kids were nominated by their teachers for coming to school and being kind and considerate everyday at AMS--way to go, Longhorns!! We are proud of you!! :)

6th grade Kindness Award Winners: Zoe Cox, Isabel Maestas, Grace Hunter, Tobin Raub, Zeb Schultze, Aaron Hartman
7th grade Kindness Award Winners: Noah Chebultz, Cara Ogden, Sterling Engle, Claira Dannefer, Darby Anguiano, Adam Snowball, Carson Hasenbank
8th grade Kindness Award Winners: Tristan Meyer, Ted Hinkle, Alexis Tyler, Kristen Stroda, Kabreyan Anderson, Allison McMahon, Tristan Randles, Jensen Woodworth

We had a great afternoon with our Kindness in the Community projects—it was such a fun way to finish off our Kindness Week! I am so proud of everything our kids were able to accomplish together this afternoon—they read to younger kids, baked cookies for first responders, made care packages for animal shelters, raked yards for people, made cards for hospital patients, and so much more. I love seeing our kids choose kindness and really get to experience what an impact it can have! Here are just a few pics from our day—more to come next week! 🧡💙

[11/01/18]   Tomorrow, we cap off a great Kindness Week with our students through our Kindness in the Community projects! This is where all 400 of our students will be spreading kindness around our school and community through various kind acts and projects to show that choosing to be kind can make a HUGE difference! We have all kinds of projects happening tomorrow afternoon--I just messaged the kids to remind them to dress accordingly for their project (for example, if their project is outside to dress for the weather, etc.) so they should be prepared, but you might check with your child about their project just to be sure. ;)) Thanks for all of your support of our Kindness Week--it has been so fun celebrating the power of being kind with our students!

Character Day at AMS! Who can guess the movies these characters are from?! 😂

[10/25/18]   Next week is our annual KINDNESS WEEK! October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and what better way to prevent bullying at AMS than by being KIND! All week we celebrate the power of kindness and have a ton of fun activities planned, all leading up to our Kindness in the Community projects our kids will do on Friday to make our school and Abilene a better place! And, of course, we have our dress up days all week--keep checking this page, I will be posting pictures of our AMS kindness fun! :)

Dress Up Days:
Monday: Pajama Day (Be comfy with KINDNESS!)
Tuesday: Sports Day (Be a good sport, be KIND!)
Wednesday: Character Day (Be KIND and have good character! *Dress up like your favorite TV/Movie/Book character)
Thursday: Crazy Day (AMS is crazy for KINDNESS!)
Friday: Spirit Day (Be proud of AMS and our KINDNESS!)

*No face masks or scary/gory costumes permitted*

The kids’ mission statements for the year are up!! I absolutely love reading these—these are 400 individual goals our kids have and all 400 of them are filled with hope and motivation for an awesome year. Please ask your child what their mission is and remind them of it throughout the year to help them stay on track with their goals so they can have a successful school year! 🙌🧡💙

Student Leadership Application

Had a great time in class last week with our kids talking about leadership and goal setting as well as creating our mission statements for the year! The Leadership Application is open for this semester's teams--please talk with your child about how they can get involved! It's a great way for your child to practice leadership skills they will need to be successful, like teamwork, organization and responsibility. Applications are due Friday and the link to the application is below--please let me know if you have any questions! :) Be a Longhorn...Be a LEADER!

Abilene Middle School

We’d love to see you at AMS tomorrow night for our first Middle School 101 session all about helping your child (and yourself) survive homework! Our After School Program teachers and tutors will lead the session, and our media specialist, Mary Zey, will help you understand PowerSchool, Canvas, and Nobility - the big 3 when it comes to iPads. See you at 7pm in the Commons.

Abilene Middle School

AMS is participating in two fundraisers that will be ongoing throughout the school year that we would love your help with! We are collecting Auburn pharmacy bottle lids and Box Tops from products that you may have at home. We have containers in the commons area for collection. We would love your help in collecting these items!

The Longhorn Leaders checking in with our 6th graders to make sure their first full week being a Longhorn has been a good one! It has been a great week with our kids! 😃🧡💙

[08/23/18]   Just came across this article about another dangerous online "challenge" targeting middle and high school-age kids and wanted to share as reminder of the importance of monitoring our kids' online activity and access to apps like this.

[08/21/18]   In October, we will be celebrating kindness again at AMS during our Kindness Week October 29th-November 2nd! We would like to finish off our week by bringing our students out to do projects in the community during the afternoon of November 2nd so they can see the power their acts of kindness have in making a positive difference in Abilene! Our kids will be working with their STAR groups (approx. 15 kids) on this, so if you know of a project around town that our kids could work on together with their STAR that day to make Abilene a better place, please either comment, send a message, or email me at [email protected]. Thanks for helping our school celebrate being kind! 😃🧡💙

WELCOME BACK, LONGHORNS! We are glad you’re here! 😃👍🎉

What an awesome day with our Longhorns! We had so much fun getting to know our 6th graders and new 7th and 8th graders (and seeing all of our other kiddos who stopped by today! 😊)—we are so excited for tomorrow! A HUGE thank you to our Longhorn Leaders—they worked literally every second today to help our new students get to know our school and feel ready for their first day at AMS! I am so proud of their hard work—they rocked it today! See everyone tomorrow!! Go Longhorns! 🤗👏📝

We are SO excited to welcome our Longhorns back for a great school year! 🤗👍

6th grade orientation will be this Wednesday from 8:30-11:30am. Parents: you can just drop your child off at the front door and pick up at this same location. Our 8th grade Longhorn Leaders have a fun morning planned for them! 😃

New to our district 7th and 8th grade students are welcome to come to AMS from 12:30-1pm on Wednesday. The Longhorn Leaders will give them a tour of our school, help them practice their lockers, and answer any questions they have about starting school with us!

Please contact Mrs. Wilkins at [email protected] with any orientation questions or if there is anything we can do to work with you and your child to help them have a great year with us! Go Longhorns! 🧡💙

Day 1 of Longhorn Leader training is in the books!! These kids worked so hard today getting ready to welcome our students to AMS for this school year!! 🤗🧡💙

You guys! It’s almost enrollment time!! Can’t wait to see all of our Longhorn students’ smiling faces again! 😃🙌 Check out this link for enrollment information! And if you’re a parent of one of our kiddos, like my AMS Counseling page or follow me on Twitter for updates, information, and activity pics throughout our school year! 😊👍 Please share to help get the word out about online enrollment—it’s super easy!

See all info:

The Kindness Leadership Team wanted to start off everyone’s day with a little kindness today! Proud of these kids! 🤗🧡💙

‪So excited to welcome our incoming 6th graders to AMS today! We spent the afternoon together checking out the school, answering questions about AMS, practicing the lockers, and...of course...learning the Longhorn cheer! Welcome to AMS, future Longhorns! 😃🧡💙‬

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! Thankful for the wonderful teachers I get to work with every day at AMS and for all they do for our kids!! 😊

Check out this great free local resource!

Thanks McKinley School staff for letting some of our AMS McKinley Outreach Leadership Team visit with your students today—so fun! 😃

SO thankful for our paras and the wonderful job they do for our school and kids!! 👍👍

It's Paraprofessional Appreciation Day!!
Thank you to all of our wonderful paras at USD 435!

[02/26/18]   Just a reminder: there is a Parent Information Night for current 8th grade parents about pre-enrollment for your child’s freshman year tonight at 7pm in the AHS Auditorium. We took our 8th graders over to AHS this afternoon to start talking through their classes—each student is bringing home a course selection sheet to complete in order to submit their course requests for next year. These are due back to me by Friday, March 2nd. Please ask your child about this form when they get home and talk about what classes they should take their freshman year at AHS! 😊

[02/16/18]   Over the past few days, I have gotten to do one of my absolute favorite things with our kids: talking about careers and their future goals! Our 7th and 8th grade kids used a resource called Career Cruising to explore their interests and learn how they can maximize their future success by making good choices now towards their long-term career and educational goals—love to see our kids thinking about that!! Please ask your child about what they did on Career Cruising and look for an email coming your way about how to access your child’s profile so you can help encourage them towards their future goals and success! 😃👏👍

What a great day with our Longhorn Leaders! We were invited over to Kennedy to teach Character Education Lessons to their students—our kids did a great job and worked hard to teach awesome things about good character to the younger kids! Proud of them!! 😊👏

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