Guitar lessons with vincent allen dawson

Making Music Fun For Learning Guitar and Bass!

Outra Vez WITH chorus. My arrangement from lead sheet

Bossa Nova!

Guitar lessons with vincent allen dawson

[10/23/17]   I remember talking to my last roommate about Pat Metheny. We both being musicians. He being a white drummer from New England and I being a black mainly a guitarist from South Carolina. I told them man that stuff sounds like watered down white boy jazz ( this was over 15 year ago so pardon the racist sounding comment ) his tone has no life. On top of the notes being too constantly accurate they layer all these effects so you can’t even really hear the acoustic personality of the instrument or musician’s personality on the strings. But now I absolutely love his music. His genius isn’t so much in his tone in my opinion. It is how he harmonizes complicated chords chord changes with ease. He doesn’t play over the chord changes but THROUGH THEM. It is like you can hear him spell out the changes but you can really predict when he is going to hit a chord tone or target not. This is all opinion.

while waiting for a guitar student i decided to record this quick blues

If I were to tell you if you recognize this flyer in reading these words that open mic with Vincent Allen Dawson at Mezamiz as of today is Terminated a person could WANT TO READ THE EXPLINATION. Terminated may sound like a strong word but any word of a relationship ending always dose. Even business partnership. ALL relationships end. Terminated. However anyone who has done business with will certainly tell you when people work with me as long as the pay me consistently, without overcomplicating things and the agreed amount….that have a satisfied partner in me. I am very motivated by money. Mezamiz ALWAYS did that. And in exchange you get a partner who will always be there without excuses which I did. So to all you people who have followed me on the many open mics I have run throughout the years should know my awesome presence will no longer be you adorable host. ( I have NO apologies for call myself awesome and adorable because I am )I may are may not start another one…not sure. PEACE!

R U ready?

[09/20/17]   NON MUSIC TOPIC TEST.........The 100 millionaire curse: So I heard the Kevin heart story about possible infidelity and extortion. When i say that I was surprised. I was surprised that people would BE surprised. What man with over 100 million net worth and fame and fortune seen in the public eye doesn’t? As you can IMAGIN and think about how often you seeing them in the public eye and not WONDER where his wife and kids??? Lol you don’t see THEM but he sure looks pretty happy WITHOUT THEM. Like Diana White. Most people don’t even know what his wife looks like or even knew he has one. You think he don’t cheat on his wife? Not just Kevin but just famous men with that kind of money and power in general. Unless they have very serious convictions people motived to pursue physical things competitively with a strong record of already having success in that area will most likely continue to do so. Including sex. While I’ve met some millionaires who I think are VERY unlikely to do that kind of thing most of them are religious and really invested in their family. It may bust some peoples bubbles if I were to tell you quote me on this…. most likely Conner McGregor will cheat on his girlfriend ( if he hasn’t already )


You don’t have to be a seamstress to BE SEW GOOD and you don’t have to be a poet to make corny jokes. Just come to open mic EVERY TUESDAY. Your friends will be like oh you preform music? You BE SEW GOOD!

Talented performers SEE FLYER opportunities than people who don’t COME TO OPEN MIC TONIGHT.

in the past one can plan to spend you future...TOMORROW


still working on this

Fair perspective.

They're keeping us divided!!

Your answer to where will all the cool people be This Tuesday at 7:30. You are invited because you are cool enough to chill too.

Come out!

you don´t have to be named MIKE. OPEN your plans tomorrow!

Do you really still consider yourself a performer? This Tuesday!

There will be NOT an open mic NEXT Tuesday for the 4th but we will be doing it tomorrow. Bring your talent!

LOOK N 4Word 2 C U….Dare! Tomorrow.

I have work with younger kids for years as a guitar teacher. YEARS. But it wasn’t until I started work with kids in groups that you start to learn about the “ adult not busy sense “ like when you have finish whatever you were doing and your mind starts to wonder. When I get home I remember I still need to blah then a kid starts to look at you. Like a spy trying to hide this person ends the thought. They wonder off. Then as the memory of where the story left off continues more thoughts come. And when it does that I also need to remember to take care of blah….it’s going to be so fun. Then another kid looks as you respond by shutting down that thought like a personal email on a public computer. OFF! Another one leaves and then as you feel ok…now I can give that thought full attention and REMEMBER what needs to be done. Fully relaxed…full attending my inner world…while the children do…their own…thang. Excuse me sir?! ZZZzzzzz…uhh!?? Can you help me? Yes. Like I said. Kids have what I call “Adult not busy sense “so you best not let them know you are relaxing. lol


[06/10/17]   So yesterday I went to a site to get a song I heard in a series call “ השיר שלנו “ the song is call “ התינשאי לי “ it was all in Hebrew but the point is. When you listen to Hebrew music it shows you different progressions than you learn when you play stuff you are used to. As this guy in the video ( all in Hebrew ) is explain he chords you kill two birds with one stone. Leading the song and working on your Hebrew at the same time. Guess what happens next? The video isn’t showing you all the chords. Crap! But lucky when you know music theory one can use the chords given and START LEARNING the rest of the song. That I what I did. So the lesson for this…. Videos that don’t show all the chords can suck. Lol. Sometimes.

Come out tomorrow!

7:30 today!

[05/25/17]   The Facebook computer keeps reminding me to give content to this page and yesterday after a kickboxing class the idea happened. Another person was telling me about their son Taking Guitar Lesson and asking about open mic. Yeah it is a great place to practice your skill with listening people. This can be useful to develop preforming talent and Feel A Desire To Do It. Then is person goes into a story Explaining This Example that when you Learn Guitar there are 2 kind of important song types. The whole song and rift songs. When you Desire To Learn a whole song this is obvious. You just learn it. But many may think they want to learn the whole song and Get Less On the rift song because learning the whole usually requires singing to keep interest to the listener. Unless it is a good instrumental. But rift songs are really good for Catching Attention and can be delivered quick. From my experience and Learning To Play Guitar and Going To Get Lessons should include both. The art is know when to use which. That comes with experience.

Doing it as always! HOPE TO SEE YOU THE'RE...will be good times waiting.

Timeline Photos

Hoping to see as much BRINGING TALENT as last Tuesday!

Invite your music loving friends!

still working on my solo jazz guitar arrangement skills. " Fogy Day "

Musically open minded??? That is why we have OPEN MIC!

open MIKE??? yeah bring him too!

this is my favorite song to play when i want to relax.

Better to be there than to…Bee deer!

I still remember how it started: I was in South Carolina and living with my granddad at the time. He was a very likable veteran who would tell stories from World War 2. Since I lived with him I’m telling you I can’t tell his stories like he did. Then they would take the bayonet and run it through him! Like no big deal but with sincerity. Then one day this Geechee lady starts trying to talk to me…but i did not like I stay away from them because they will kill you! With knives! One day as you both are watching T.V. Oh I love “ Sanford and Son “ that old Redd Foxx! Wow granddad that guy can MAKE MUSIC! When we were in the army there was a guy that could LEARN GUITAR songs by ear and he really could PLAY GUITAR. This Person Is Paying Attention To This Story And Following It And FEEL INSPIRED! Hey granddad I wish I could play guitar! This is manipulative language that one can translate…. Will you GET A GUITAR for me to learn? Like kids often do I forgot all about it. Had never seen a real guitar, didn’t know of anyone who played one, and don’t FEEL LIKE YOU CAN LEARN because of this. Like 2 months later he comes in through the back door as usual with bags. Hey I got your favorite chips! Sour cream and cheddar? Yeah! And I got you some little Debbie cakes! The oatmeal pies! ( I used to like sweets as a kid but now I don’t ) Yeah! Oh and I got you a guitar! What! A guitar! If it were not from the truth of this story you would not be listening to this story and REALIZED WANTING TO LEARN is all you need. The rest is history.

Last week we had a lot of new faces COME TO OPEN MIC! TOMORROW NIGHT AT MEZAMIZ…we will be doing it again and hope to c u there.

had downtime between teaching so recording this again made sense. good song!

Know talent or No talent??? Come out tonight to keep up with your talent!

Making good Times Multiply with More music

Student teaches teacher a lesson…true story: I was teaching one of my teen students when they start talking in depth about liking Elvis. And his best song when he talks about this and that. A person can Keep Following what is being said and GET INTO THIS. This person thinks I’ll surprise them and some Elvis and learns jail house rock. Hey today I got a new song by Elvis. Really! Yeah! Check this out…Went to a party at the county jail! Then then start shaking their head. Uhhh…what’s wrong? You are saying it wrong! Uh I heard this song before you were even born…I’m pretty sure this is correct. Nope you are wrong…goes to google. Ah man! I was wrong. It is actually warden threw a party at the county jail. Been singing it wrong for years…lol…and with confidence too. Went to a party at the county jail!!!!

HOPE TO SEE U HEAR good music AT THIS PLACE is always welcome. Tuesday!

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