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Monday we had to go to the store for a couple things....

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Monday we had to go to the store for a couple things....

I thought I posted this with the last one. Again, got a little camera shy. Lol She was saying all her colors before I turned the camera on. Little Turkey!

These videos were from yesterday as well. Reeve is starting to talk and she was repeating everything we said. As soon as I turned the video camera on she got shy. 😁

All the kids were doing puzzles this afternoon but when everyone else got done Taylor wanted to work with the ABC puzzle. We decided to try and learn how to spell her name. So we were singing it first, then trying to put the letters with it. She's getting it!!! She had a lot of fun doing this!!!

This is just a cute video of the kids playing and being cute. Initially they were all "counting" together so I was trying to catch them doing that again. I love when they are being sweet and playing nicely with each other. 😍

Some daycare cuteness!

Watching them fly away to help a patient!

We worked on our ABC's with our favorite website Fisher-Price.

Brody was talking to me about his diaper and it was so cute so I was trying to get some video talking to him. He is just being so silly this morning. Just some Brody cuteness here.

So I just recently learned there is a kids YouTube. Yes, I probably should have known this. Lol. I was sitting at the table with the kids while they were coloring and decided to check it out. The next thing I know, 6 of the 8 kids here are gathered around the table (3 were sitting ON the table) and the last 2 were around the table. SO....we moved to the living room to watch this episode about colors and numbers and they're using little paw,patrol toys and other cartoon characters and the kids are totally into it!

Brody was confused this morning at breakfast, he thought it was lunch time. πŸ˜‰

Josh was teaching Brody to smell the flowers this morning. He kept saying " mmm". Too cute! (Don't mind my dirty dishes! Lol)

Video 3

So we had already jumped our jiggles out about 3 times before I took these little videos, but it Brody a little longer to feel the music I had to get some of him dancing. Lol (just incase your wondering why the others look like they have no

So Eli loves this toy! Today he's got the foot tap going on with it. 😁 There's a few drama moments in here too. πŸ˜‚ (don't mind my I don't sing with him he'll stop and I wanted to get some video of him)

The end of the day and your the last little just chill and chat! (This was from last week)

Franklin really likes singing and dancing to this toy. I couldn't get my phone out fast enough to catch him singing but here's a video of him enjoying himself.

Harper is singing us a song! πŸŽ΅πŸŽΆβ™©πŸŽ€ She's a little bashful since the camera is on.

Eli is so serious this morning! He cracks me up! He smiles all day long, but he sees the camera come out and he's all business! 😎

Taylor's been "cheering" in the living room. I tried to get a video but she got a little bashful. Lol Stephanie Sweat

It's a little long, but cute and funny! The teenager was trapping Eli. 😁

Colter has this peddling thing down! πŸ˜‰

Eli is cracking me up this morning! He's trying to get Colter to come to play with him. He's done this about 10 times, every time the same thing. Lol

I've got some wild monkeys today! πŸ΅πŸ’

And now they are trapped! They think this is pretty funny!

So this is what the teenager taught her today! Oh boy!!!

Trying to get them to all look at the camera is comical! Then you add in my son who does anything he can to divert their attention. So you get a mix of pics here! I tried! Lol

Eli was just talking up a storm yesterday! He thought he was pretty cool sitting on that lady bug. Lol He actually really liked the soft floor! He kept laying down on it, it was pretty cute!

Ashley Maudlin here is a short one where she actually said "please" on her own. Lol (that's what he was trying to get her to do in the other video)

Having a "Tween" around can be frustrating for a toddler. Lol

We had to touch the water, it was just so pretty!

I told them to say "cheese" so I could keep them focused for a second to get a video of the bear behind them. (I felt bad for this bear, it was doing this almost the whole time we were there.)

Playing outside with Evan.

Somebody thinks she's big stuff!!!! Ashley Maudlin

So this book called Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you see? is Kennedy's favorite book! We have to read it every day! Lol Eli's new favorite word from the book is Peacock! He says it pretty good for a little guy! ;)

The kids are being so cute today! I'm trying to capture some cute moments on video but every time I get the camera on they move on. Lol So we were transitioning into reading a book and coloring but Audrey and Eli were holding hands so I tried to get video....missed the moment....but instead I got Kennedy taking over my job! Haha!

Joshua Durham in celebration of your birthday we blew up some birthday balloons for the kids to play with. Lol They are celebrating for you! ;)

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