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Operating as usual


Tuesday we stopped for a mid morning treat!


The skeletons were scary! Lol


Monday we had to go to the store for a couple things....


Colter and Taylor wanted me to take their pictures so we tried to get one of Reeve too but she was being a pill. 😁


The kids wanted to come outside really bad today. They are enjoying this nice weather.


I taught the kids how to play Sequence this morning. They really enjoyed this! It did end up taking a bit of time so they started getting ants in the pants towards the end. 😁🐜👖

Taylor ended up winning the game which was pretty funny because she started doing a little dance when she won. 😁


The finished pictures! 🐎🐷🐄🐑🐓


So we decided to do a learning activity before we actually made our craft this morning.
We put all our farm items in a row. We talked about left to right, beginning to end, first to last, the middle, and we counted all of our items. Then we got to make our pictures!

They did really good and they really enjoyed learning these different things using these farm animals.


I thought I posted this with the last one. Again, got a little camera shy. Lol She was saying all her colors before I turned the camera on. Little Turkey!


These videos were from yesterday as well. Reeve is starting to talk and she was repeating everything we said. As soon as I turned the video camera on she got shy. 😁


I forgot to post these yesterday. The kids wanted to take pictures. 😁 Reeve puts her hands in front of her eyes every time and says cheeeeeesseee! 🙈


It's a fun, rainy day of play-doh playing for the kids. Me, not so much. 😂 I do not enjoy cleaning up play-doh messes. Lol Its usually all over the floor, stuck in their fingernails, stuck in their shoes...and usually they manage to have play-doh stuck to their clothes. But at least they are having fun! Right?!? 😉🤷‍♀️🌧


TayTay opened her birthday gift! She loves it!


Current situation: Heated argument over who is going to who's CASTLE and who has the best stuff in their castle. 😂 I believe toys and snacks won the argument. 🤣

Moving on to who is getting married. One said she is marrying her brother because he is SO nice and gorgeous!!!! OMG!!! 😂😂😂😂


Just a hot (chalk) mess! 😂


Just walking around holding hands...😍


Puzzles and coloring!


Enjoying the awesome weather with some outdoor play, school work, puzzles and snacks!


My sister-in-law sent us some toys and the daycare kids are loving the dinosaurs!

Ruby is loving the baby beds that grandma made for the dolls.


These little turkeys are being so good today!


I got one good pic of her this morning before she covered her eyes and said "cheeeeeessseee!"


Ruby-Cube wanted to take a pic. She's asked me about 10 times, "Where's Evan at?". I think we're having a little back to school adjustment with the big guys being gone. 🙂


Is this not the cutest picture!?!?
They were all hugging each other in a big group saying that they are all best friends. They were all giggling and hugging. Seriously, the cutest thing ever! 😍😍😍😍

[08/17/18]   Will be back open in the morning! See you all then! 😀



Just a good ol' fashioned donkey race! 😂


Hangin' at the rec center playing balloons this morning! (And basketball for the big boys!)


The boys are busy playing Superheroes and the girls are coloring. We even got a smile out of Elliza! 😁


Today is one of the first days that almost everyone is here at the same time (summer schedules are always crazy) and the kids are all in such good moods and playing great together!


Colter is waiting patiently to get his new boot back from Reeve. Lol


Our sweet little Reeve come in to daycare looking like this today! 💄😂💄😂
She got into her mommy's lipstick!


If anyone is interested...


It was a beautiful morning out so we went out for a walk today. Everyone enjoyed being outside in this fantastic weather!


Some of my little cuties today! We had to try out the umbrella in the rain! We liked the sound of the rain hitting the umbrella. 🌦☔


If you know anyone looking for daycare we have an opening! 😁 18 months and older.

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Monday we had to go to the store for a couple things....
I thought I posted this with the last one. Again, got a little camera shy. Lol She was saying all her colors before I tu...
These videos were from yesterday as well. Reeve is starting to talk and she was repeating everything we said. As soon as...
All the kids were doing puzzles this afternoon but when everyone else got done Taylor wanted to work with the ABC puzzle...
This is just a cute video of the kids playing and being cute. Initially they were all "counting" together so I was tryin...
Some daycare cuteness!
Watching them fly away to help a patient!
We worked on our ABC's with our favorite website Fisher-Price.
Brody was talking to me about his diaper and it was so cute so I was trying to get some video talking to him. He is just...
So I just recently learned there is a kids YouTube. Yes, I probably should have known this. Lol. I was sitting at the ta...
Brody was confused this morning at breakfast, he thought it was lunch time. 😉
Josh was teaching Brody to smell the flowers this morning. He kept saying " mmm". Too cute!(Don't mind my dirty dishes! ...




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