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Nov 14, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

online event

Contributors to the essay collection Discovering Me...Without You: Teen Girls Talk About Father Absence will read their work from the book, which was edited by Jonetta Rose Barras and published by Esther's Books, a division of Esther Productions Inc. Ana Acevedo who wrote the Preface will also discuss the importance of the collection to understanding the impact of father absence. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.

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In this groundbreaking book, published by Esther Productions Inc. Books, two dozen girls ages 14 through 17 tell their personal stories about the impact of father absence on their lives.

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Esther Productions, Inc. is a Washington, DC-based national nonprofit organization. Founded in 2004, it is dedicated to inspiring and empowering girls and women. It is supported through generous contributions from Kerry S. Pearson LLC, Emmanuel Bailey, Veterans Services Corp, Pepco, an Exelon Corporation, Fort Myer Construction Corporation Charitable Foundation and Esther’s Friends.

Special Thanks: Afrika Abney, Arts and Marketing Consultant

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Discovering Me...Without You: A Personal Essay Contest

If you live in the Washington Metropolitan Region, are a teen girl between the ages of 14 and 17 and are growing up without your father in your home, tell us how you have faced the challenge of father absence to achieve self-actualization and self-empowerment.


($700 for 1st place; $300 for 2nd place, $200 for 3rd place and Honorable mention--$50)

All essays selected as finalists will be published in a book to be released Spring 2021

Info - estherproductionsinc.com/contest

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Do you have a teen that enjoys writing? Then, please register for Esther's Essay Contest. Submissions open on October 1, 2020. Thanks


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Esther Productions, Inc. is a Washington, DC-based national nonprofit organization. Founded in 2004, it is dedicated to inspiring and empowering girls and women. It is supported through generous contributions from Kerry S. Pearson LLC, Emmanuel Bailey, Veterans Services Corp, Pepco, an Exelon Corporation, Fort Myer Construction Corporation Charitable Foundation and Esther’s Friends.

Special Thanks: Afrika Abney, Arts and Marketing Consultant

Esther Productions,Inc presents DISCOVERING ME…WITHOUT YOU Second Annual Personal Essay Contest designed for teens 14 - 17. Info: https://www.estherproductionsinc.com/contest
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For any young ladies interested
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Spotlight on last year's San Francisco 49ers Ed Block Courage Award winner Marquise Goodwin! We had the pleasure of meeting and working with him during the Courage Awards Gala Weekend.
Join us Sunday as we give back! Thanks to Antmoe Da Barber for organizing and hosting such an amazing event
Sing out!

Empower Girls is a Maryland Non-Profit that helps young women become the best versions of themselves through educational workshops & activities.

This page is run by the Empower Girls Network of Maryland also known as Empower Girls Incorporated. Empower Girls was founded by Caitlyn Davis of Harford County Maryland in July of 2014 and became active in August of that year with its first young women's self esteem and skill building workshop. This was the first of many full-day workshops held by the organization to educate girls on self esteem

Operating as usual


Silk Me Kids Salon and Spa

"DIFFERENT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE DIFFICULT". Silk Me Kids helps assist parents with MULTI-CULTURAL kids that have MULTI-TEXTURED hair.


youtube.com 10/25/2020

Animal Dissection

youtube.com Join evolutionary biologist Prof Ben Garrod (UEA) and vet Dr Jess French in this scientific dissection to reveal the inner workings of one of nature's most i...

empowergirlsincorporated.org 07/25/2020

Empower Girls Incorporated – A Guiding Light on the Journey To Womanhood

Thanks so much Jake Rzepka

empowergirlsincorporated.org Home Empowered girls grow into amazing women who give birth to the ideas that change our world for the better.~Caitlyn M. Davis FounderWe now serve many within our community and across the state of Maryland as well as around the country through our amazing network of supporters nationwide.Read on to...


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This looks like a great read!

harpercollins.com For readers ages 8-12


It's a small gesture that means so much

Pen Pals Wanted!!

We have amazing residents at Country Acres Personal Care Home wanting a friend to write to. Check out each picture to find someone with a similar interest you would like to chat with.😊

Send a letter to the address listed below with my name as the recipient. Can't wait to hear from you! 😊

Country Acres Personal Care Home
(Pen Pal Name Here)
2017 Meadville Road


Be your own kind of beautiful..

Borrowed with love from @annettelyttle51

baltimoresun.com 06/11/2020

Havre de Grace valedictorian Chioma Iheacho headed to UMBC as part of prestigious Meyerhoff program

Congratulations Chioma!

baltimoresun.com Chioma Iheacho cruised through the halls at Havre de Grace High School with one real focus; to get good grades. It worked.

huffpost.com 06/06/2020

Nashville's 10,000-Person Protest Was Organized By Teen Girls

huffpost.com Six teenagers pulled off the region’s largest protest against racism and police brutality in recent memory, local news reported.


The world is yours! Go for it!

myregistry.com 05/11/2020

Myaa Rose's Wish List on MyRegistry.com

Shared in support of a well deserving young lady: Myaa Rose is a scholar and an outstanding athlete who has graduated from Western High School much to the delight of her family and mentors.

Let's help ensure Mya continues to soar and excel:

myregistry.com It's time to celebrate! You can check out the wish list here.


The world witnessed something very special last night during the amazing ig live show we were gifted with by @erykahbadu and @@missjillscott
Our founder @caitie_did_it brings up a good point here, let's look listen and learn!

abc11.com 05/09/2020

Commencement's canceled but this Apex high schooler has plenty to celebrate

abc11.com Ive Jones, an Apex Friendship High School grad, still has plenty to celebrate, she was accepted to 45 colleges, received $4 million in scholarships and is a global health major!

huffpost.com 05/05/2020

Ida B. Wells Awarded Posthumous Pulitzer Prize For Lynching Investigations

huffpost.com The pioneering Black journalist is revered for her reporting that exposed lynching as a white tool of political terror against Black people.

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Before Amazon, We Had Bookmobiles: 75 Rare Photos Of Libraries-On-Wheels

Imagine if the book fair came to you!

boredpanda.com Long before Amazon, Audible, and other digital book distributors, bookmobiles were bringing literature to peoples' doorsteps. Their mission was to provide the written word to remote villages and city suburbs that had no libraries. We invite you to remember these forgotten four-wheelers of the past.


Born Different

Being different can be difficult. But it doesn't make you less worthy of happiness.

I have the world's longest legs


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It's okay to NOT be running on all cylinders every moment of the day..

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What Do Countries With The Best Coronavirus Reponses Have In Common? Women Leaders

forbes.com From Iceland to Taiwan and from Germany to New Zealand, women are stepping up to show the world how to manage a messy patch for our human family.



This show is helping teens deal with self-esteem issues.

thisisthenextgen.com 04/02/2020

An Online Academy for the next gen of girl leaders and entrepreneurs

thisisthenextgen.com Sign her up for our FREE 7-day 'Leaders are made during a time as this' challenge starting on April 1st and she'll get a chance to win a $100 cash prize.

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150+ Educational Shows on Netflix - Homeschool Hideout

homeschoolhideout.com Sick of shows that don't stimulate your mind? Check out our list of over 150 educational shows on Netflix! Use them in your homeschool or just for fun!


Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings



Empowered girls never give up! We keep to new heights. We continue for our goals and we don't stop until we arrive the top! From the top we can reach back and help others.


Happy let's continue our mission of Empowerment through education and entrepreneurship

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Hershey Made 'Her' and 'She' Bars Honoring Great Women

musebycl.io BETC Brazil turns packaging into a canvas

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BGE, Baltimore City Public Schools launch plumbing career program

bgenow.com New program at Mervo is next chapter in workforce development; “I didn’t grow up in a neighborhood that has a lot of opportunities and that’s why my internship at BGE meant so much to me”

inquirer.com 03/02/2020

This Camden principal was once a homeless, single, teenage mom. Now, her story inspires young girls.

inquirer.com “When we talk about our kids and what they have to overcome, I don’t let them say, ‘I can’t’ ” said Principal Fatihah Rahman. “I’ve been in their shoes. I understand what it takes.”

empowergirlsincorporated.org 02/29/2020

Contact Us – Empower Girls Incorporated

We're always looking for ways we can be of greater service to our community. We'd love to collaborate with your organization to continue uplifting and educating youth! Contact us online: http://www.empowergirlsincorporated.org/contact-us

empowergirlsincorporated.org Contact Us If you’re interested in learning more about Empower Girls Incorporated, volunteering with us, becoming a sponsor, mentor, or a mentee: please complete the form below so that we can forward it to the appropriate personnel, who will contact you within 72 business hours. Your Name (require...


We're seeking volunteers to help with online tutoring sessions for our elementary and middle school aged mentees. If interested send an email to [email protected]


Our mentees are excelling in school and making a difference in their communities by volunteering, tutoring, and giving to those in need. The impact of an empowered girl travels around the world


Sharing smiles with the one you love is the perfect way to start the day. Have an awesome morning, on purpose!


Loving what you see when you look in the mirror isn't always automatic. We strive to teach young ladies self affirming rituals that ensure their self confidence & self love overflow

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We're honored to be an integral part of the success of so many young women. Empowered Girls are inspired to Inspire.

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Be on the lookout for custom #MothersDay gifts and cards by #EmpowerGirlsInc
Empowered girls never give up!  We keep #climbing to new heights. We continue #reaching for our goals and we don't stop ...
Aside from doing chores at home, what are some ways to teach young people responsibility?
At what age did you genuinely feel you were "ready" to live on your own as an adult?  What had you acquired or accomplis...
Exploring Possibilities
Helping girls build self esteem
We're always looking for ways to give back.  A small amount of items was left over from our 2019 Back to School drive an...
Today we got to discuss how our natural gifts and talents help us to work towards the goals we set for ourselves. .Check...
Happy bday Pha
Help us help girls be their strongest and their best!
Research has shown that at or around age 9, girls experience a significant drop in their self esteem.With mentoring, soc...





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Empower girls provides Mentoring and Educational support for young women and girls.

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