Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba

Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba


I salute you Comrades!
Let’s evoke some training school memories Your favorite patriotic songs are in this Cool Patriotic Reggae Medley!🎶 🇺🇬 it’s the best you’ll ever hear.

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I salute you Comrades!

Here are your favorite Patriotic Songs fused with Cool Reggae Beats! The playlist is worth listening as it evokes the Liberation struggle and training school memories yet entertaining too!

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Hullo Comrades!

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Mohamud Ahmed Ali

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Thank God
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am waiting for days,date,year and time when they wil not all that educated bt i can work.uneducated person when he gets a chance to join army he does with all his heart knowing that he wont get another chance bt someone with paper remains saying his papers wont rot.compaire the two catagories of the two parties
I do thank brigadia Deus Sunday
Mr Museveni won almost 59% of the vote, with Bobi Wine trailing with about 35%, said by the Electoral Commission.

The centre of Military Excellency The Uganda Military Academy, is a military academy in Uganda, East Africa. Traditionally, graduates of the Military Academy are commissioned as officers in the Uganda People's Defence Force.

Other African countries also send their cadets to the academy for training. The academy was formed in 2007 by merging the Cadet Officer School, which was originally housed at Jinja with the Uganda School of Infantry, originally housed at Kabamba. OBJECTIVES
At the end of the course at UMA, the graduands ought to have been taken through and mastered:

The art of keeping themselves physically f

Operating as usual

Photos from Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba's post 21/08/2021

Rest in Peace, Maj Gen. Lokech Paul (Lion of Mogadishu)


618 UPDF personnel Retired.

Thank you so much for the dedication and service to this great Nation Uganda comrades.


Congratulations Generals👏👏

Photos from Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba's post 01/06/2021

Dark Clouds. 01 0915C 21

Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala survived assassination attempt.
Daughter & driver are confirmed dead. More details to follow.

Photos from Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba's post 27/04/2021

Photos from Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba's post

Photos from Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba's post 24/04/2021

H.E The President and CiC Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has confirmed the promotion of 40 UPDF Personnel that includes Generals and Senior Officers. Congratulations to them.


CiC H.E Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has appointed Linda Nabusayi as the new Senior Presidential Press Secretary.

The position is set to fall vacant after its holder, Don Wanyama was recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Vision Group.

Wanyama still has up to April 30 in his role as the Senior Presidential Press Secretary.

However, we learnt that H.E Gen. Museveni has elevated Nabusayi to take up the position that will soon fall vacant as his advisor on media.

Nabusayi confirmed the development in an interview on telephone call.

“It is true that I have been promoted. I thank the president for the confidence he has in me,” she said on phone.

Nabusayi was in 2015 appointed as the Presidential Press Secretary to replace Tamale Mirundi. Until that point, she had served as deputy press secretary.

The latest development and appointment by H.E Gen. Museveni will leave many who had hoped to fill Wanyama’s position disappointed.

Congratulations daughter of Elgon. May your New journey in office be blessed. For God my Country 🇺🇬

Photos from Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba's post 18/04/2021

The African Union Mission in Somalia AMISOM has awarded medals and certificates to Ugandan soldiers for their contribution in the ongoing peacebuilding process in Somalia.

The soldiers, from Battle Group 29, were awarded medals at a ceremony presided over by the AMISOM Force Commander, Lt. Gen. Diomede Ndegeya and attended by senior AMISOM military officers and the Contingent Commander of Ugandan troops in Somalia, Brig. Gen. Don William Nabasa.

The soldiers who deployed to the mission in December 2019 under the command of Col. Edward Kaddu, are due to rotate out of the mission, having completed their tour of duty and will be replaced by Battle Group 32, commanded by Col. Jonathan Ojok Ochom.

Lt. Gen. Ndegeya praised the soldiers, who were tasked with securing the coastal town of Barawe and the surrounding areas, for their steadfastness in the implementation of the mission’s mandate.

“UPDF Battle Group 29 secured the airfield of Barawe, protected key population centres especially Embresso and Barawe towns, mentored Somali National Army through joint operations and training, and secured main supply routes,” said Lt. Gen. Diomede Ndegeya. Present at the function was the AMISOM Deputy Force Commander in charge Operations and Plans, Maj. Gen. William Kitsao Shume.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only a section of the soldiers took part in the symbolic event held at the Uganda contingent headquarters in Mogadishu, Somalia on Saturday.

Lt. Gen. Ndegeya particularly paid glowing tribute to soldiers who lost their lives in the line of duty for their resilience and unwavering courage, to ensure that peace and stability returns to Somalia.

“Allow me to pay special tribute to our gallant soldiers who lost their lives in their efforts to help pacify Somalia. Their lives were not lost in vain since remarkable stability has been realized in this country said Lt. Gen Ndegeya. Bravo our men and women in uniform. God's protection upon you and your families

Photos from Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba's post 17/04/2021

In a comprehensive note of binding and restoring back Security and Journalism relationship in regards to the past months standoffs between the Journalists and Security operatives across the country, the UPDF Top Generals were beaten beyond recognition yesterday by Media House CEOs/Managers and Owners at the KCCA- Omondi Stadium by a margin of 3:1.
This game was described by the CDF Gen. David Muhoozi as unbelievable and helped them to interact face to face.
Chief Guest Gen. Katumba David Wamala thanked the brain behind the organizing of event.
Meanwhile Barugahara Balaam Ateenyi pass was offside but referee allowed the goal.


That feeling in front of the CiC H.E Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni 🤭

Tell us how you felt Parade Commanders😂😂
Good morning from Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba

Photos from Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba's post 14/04/2021

The Commander in Chief HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has passed out 1143 newly graduated Young Officers and Air Force Cadets at Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba after they completed a six months' intensive course. Among these are; 74 females and 52 pilots. The CiC cautioned the Officers against living recklessly and investing in Agriculture.
On our own behalf, we congratulate all the graduands upon their graduation.

Photos from Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba's post 11/04/2021

The Somali Police Force (SPF) and AMISOM Police component today commenced an intensified security patrols in Mogadishu as part of an initiative to improve security ahead of the Holy month of and the upcoming elections.
Over the years, SPF and AMISOM Police have been carrying out joint operations in Mogadishu and the regions. Today’s renewed commitment to the patrols was a reinforcement of the longstanding collaboration, with revised strategies and ground strength.
A blessed Holy month to our brothers and sisters.

Photos from Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba's post 09/04/2021

The Egyptian Intelligence Department(MID) has signed a memorandum of understanding with its Ugandan counterpart the Cheiftaincy of Military Intelligence CMI in a meeting held at the CMI headquarters in mbuya.
The MoU is a follow up of the first meeting the two agencies held in Cairo-Egypt in December 2020.
The cheif of Military Intellince Maj Gen Abel Kandiho who signed on behalf of the agency noted that, the agreement will see the two agencies share resourceful intelligence on a regular basis which is key in combating terrorism among other crimes .
He further thanked the Egyptian government for always supporting the Ugandan Army in training.
Before inviting his guests to the CMI headquarters for signing of the MOU, Maj Gen Abel Kandiho together with the Chief of Personnel and Administration (CPA) Maj Gen George Igumba first hosted the delegation to a dinner on Tuesday evening at Serena Hotel-Kigo. Other UPDF General officers who graced the dinner included; the Chief Political Commissar (CPC) Maj Gen Henry Matsiko, the Defence Spokesperson (DSP) Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso, among other senior ranking officers from the UPDF.
During the dinner ,the head of the Egyptian delegation who is also the deputy head of the MID Maj Gen Sameh Saber El-Degwi highlighted the importance of the cooperation between the two countries,
"the fact that Uganda and Egypt share the Nile, cooperation between the two countries is inevitable because what affects Ugandans will in one way or other affect Egypt ."
The Egyptian delegation which is in Uganda on a four day visit, got into the country on the 4th-April-2021
The signing of the protocol was witnessed by the Egyptian Defence attaché to Uganda Brig Gen Osama Salim, the Deputy Chief of Military Intellince Brig Charles K. Asimwe and other senior officers from both the Ugandan and Egyptian Intelligence Agency

Timeline Photos 03/04/2021


The Kampala Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga is reported dead.
He was found dead today's morning in his house. We commiserate with the Christian fraternity. May his soul rest in Peace.
Details to follow.


Get your jab of the vaccine and remain safe!

Photos from Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba's post 28/03/2021

Man arrested with a gun in an operation .

A joint operation conducted by Soldiers of Fourth Mountain Division and Police from Kasese, arrested one armed criminal identified as Okuti Eric 27yrs old and recovered one SMG No. 49003256 with one empty magazine plus 01 misfired bullet in Kasese district.
On interrogation and after cross- checking on the fire arm , it was discovered that the recovered gun was the one which had been stolen from one Pte Lotee Christopher of Fourth Mountain Battalion ..
The arrested criminal was transferred to Mountain Division Hqtr Muhooti Barracks last night for further management as investigations on the matter are still on going to arrest other criminals.
The Soldier who lost the gun is currently detained at Mountain Division Hqtr at Muhooti Barracks pending Division Court Martial trial on charges for the loss of the gun.
Thanks to all the Mountain Bde Soldiers for the continued ensuring of Peaceful Uganda.

Photos from Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba's post 26/03/2021

Good morning comrades, over eight years after taking control of Afgoye Town from Al-Shabaab, AMISOM on Wednesday handed over control of Afgoye Military Base to the Somali National Army (SNA).
The handover is in line with the , which is a comprehensive guide developed by the Federal Government of Somalia and its partners to the transfer of security responsibility from AMISOM to Somalia’s National Security Forces.
Thanks to everyone who has served in the UGABAG for this great achievement. Let's pray for all that are still deployed to come home safe and also remember our fallen Heroes who selflessly sacrificed their lives for our great Nation Uganda.
For God & my Country 🇺🇬

Photos from Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba's post 25/03/2021

Lt.Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba presided over the pass out ceremony of Marines Brigade Trainees in Entebbe.
They have been receiving Pre-Mission Training for AMISOM from the British Peace Support Training Team in Uganda.

Congratulations comrades and good luck in your tour of duty.


Congratulations to gallant ladies elected to the 11th Parliament as representatives. 🎉

Col Dr Victoria Nekesa
Lt Col Charity Bainababo
Maj Dr Jennifer Alanyo



H.E President YK Museveni Commissions SFC headquarters.
06 Nov 2020
H.E the President of the republic of Uganda and Commander-in-Chief of the Uganda Peoples' Defence Forces (UPDF) Gen YK Museveni has officiated at the opening of the newly constructed Special Forces Command (SFC) headquarters in Entebbe, Wakiso district.
The president congratulated the SFC Construction Regiment for efficiently using their direct labor to construct military installations all over the country, adding that such ventures omit the exorbitant fees and time wastage from contractors. "Since man power is available from soldiers, you only remain with the cost of buying materials to come up with such big structures," he said.
The President further encouraged the military to use their own labor when constructing more housing units for soldiers to cater for confidentiality and capacity building. He added that soldiers are supposed to stay together such that in case of an emergency they can collectively rectify the situation.
President Museveni, however, warned people who encroach on army land to desist from the vice, saying responsible authorities should not tolerate such bad conduct.
The Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs Hon Adolf Mwesige commended the strategic guidance from President Museveni on the issue of building UPDFs capacity to handle its own challenges. He said such achievements(like the SFC headquarters), inspire soldiers and other Government Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to construct infrastructure using the available resources.
Speaking at the same function, the UPDF Deputy Chief of Defence Forces Lt Gen Wilson Mbadi, on behalf of the Chief of Defence Forces Gen David Muhoozi, noted that translating direct labor and decentralization can deliver huge projects with abundant benefits, in terms of; building capacity, enhancing transparency, ensuring confidentiality and reducing costs.
Maj Gen James Birungi, the SFC Commander lauded the support from the UPDF leadership


Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Over this weekend, at State House Entebbe, I have chaired both the UPDF High Command and the Army Council, the latter being the military's supreme decision-making organ.

The deliberations focused on the current security situation in the country and the meetings expressed satisfaction with the prevailing peace. They noted the need for the UPDF to continue supporting other security agencies when called upon to fight criminality.

We also discussed issues of soldiers' welfare and I officiated at the commissioning of two officer cadets; Ignatius Taremwa and Teddy Namyalo, who recently completed training abroad.



The President of the Republic of Uganda and Commander-in-Chief of UPDF Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has told 203 newly commissioned Ugandan Officers that they should consider themselves fortunate to be part of the officer corps in a force that has made significant contribution to the wellbeing of their motherland and the region.
“Consider being commissioned as officers of the UPDF as a very rear opportunity. UPDF is a force that was historically needed in Uganda, otherwise Uganda would have by now disintegrated. UPDF was able to reverse the declining Uganda because of our Ideology, strategy and discipline. Without any money we were able to build a very strong force which saved Uganda and contributed to regional peace. Therefore, for you to be a part of this is a very great honor and you should not take it lightly or misuse your chances", said President Museveni.

The President was at Uganda Military Academy- Kabamba in Mubende Distric where the cadets had completed a year- long course. Twenty-four of the Commissioned Officers were females and another 20 Somali Nationals under a bilateral arrangement between Uganda and Somalia. Four medical doctors were commissioned to the rank of Captain and the rest Second Lieutenants.
The President reminded the newly commissioned Officers that they are members of a liberation army and so should clearly differentiate themselves from the traditional tribal and colonial armies that did not serve the interest of the people.
“Always be ready to defend Uganda’s democracy, champion patriotism and nationalism on top of embracing and working for Pan-Africanism and socio-economic transformation of our society,” he said.He further urged them that time allowing ,they should engage in wealth creation activities.

The President advised parents not to expect much from the new officers but rather support them in establishing themselves.
He told the officers to remain focused on their careers, guard against dangers such as HIV in order to be successful in their lives. The president noted that there are many new chances available in the UPDF that were not there a few decades ago. He cited the example of Uganda Military Academy that will from this year offer a 3 year- degree program and soon receive facilities such as additional dormitories to facilitate training.
“In the past, some of us had to go to Mozambique to get knowledge whereas presently knowledge is free here,” he emphasized.

In his remarks, the UPDF Deputy Chief of Defence Forces Lt Gen Wilson Mbadi who represented the Chief of Defence Forces Gen David Muhoozi, congratulated the officers upon successful completion of a hectic course but cautioned them against seeking for presumably comfortable deployments. He said the officers should mentally prepare themselves to serve anywhere because their recruitment was based on demand to fill some command positions.

Gen Mbadi further advised them to embrace the spirit of hard work like their predecessors, continuous training, exercise a high degree of discipline and patriotism. He said the Officers should carry out all their assignments with diligence, enthusiasm and maintain good relationship with wanainchi

The Commandant Brig. Charles Byaruhanga said that the objectives of the training where successfully achieved and that the Officers were equipped with knowledge, skills and UPDF tradition.He however cautioned them to put into practice what they learnt, pay allegiance and never shame the country.

Four Officers received awards for excelling during the one-year course O/Cadet Abdul Wahab Harun was best overall student, O/Cadet Sumaya Nangobi best in class,O/Cadet Mutegeki Clovis best in the field, O/Cadet Mugarura John best in discipline, while O/Cadet Abdullai Ahmed Diiri was the best fraternal student .

The function was attended by the Hon. Minister of State for Kampala Capital City Authority Ms Benna Namugwanya, a delegation from the Federal Government of Somalia led by the Somalia National Army Deputy Commander Land Forces Brig Abdi Abdullahi Shire, the UPDF Deputy Commander Land forces Maj. Gen. Sam Kavuma,the Deputy Commander Airforces Maj Gen. Gavas Mugyenyi and the Chief of Staff Land Forces Maj Gen Leopald Eric Kyanda and family members of the newly commissioned officers among others.




General information

Uganda Military Academy (UMA) straddles MUBENDE and KYENJONJO districts and is primarily situated in Kabamba sub-county, in the outer region of KASAMBYA municipality. UMA falls under the KABAMBA cantonment and shares her training ground of just under 30 square miles, with the Armoured Warfare Training school, Kalama.

UMA, KABAMBA, is the UPDF Officer initial training centre. At UMA, UPDF officers are trained to take on the responsibilities of leading soldiers. Most UPDF officers, including late entry officers, who were previously non commissioned officers (NCOS), as well as some officers from Allied countries, in Africa, are trained at UMA.

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