Ntare School

Ntare School


In a ring, Amama Mbabazi appears to be in a group photo with other students from Ntare School in the early 1970's
Nice πŸ‘ school
Ntare School students in 1964, do you observe a young Yoseri Rutabasirwa (R) aka Yoweri Kaguta Museveni?
How is the DH now?
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Mbarara City teachers' vaccination shall begin with Primary teachers on Thursday September 2, 2021at Ntare School by 8:00 am on a first come first served basis. Every Headteacher must present a fully endorsed list of both teaching and non teaching staff. To be vaccinated you must have a national identification number () and a staff identity card.
Vaccination shall run for September 2nd to 4th. The exercise covers both government and private teachers.
Vaccination of secondary and tertiary teachers shall be equally communicated thereafter.

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Memory is the mother of all wisdom. I call them friends but watch their steps!
The storm is almost over
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Filling gaps for quality health care
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As our 3rd year finalist are finalizing their last semester, we would like to take this opportunity to announce to the general public that at St. Regina college of health professionals Hoima we have vacant opportunities up for grabs in the following field.
1. Diploma in clinical medicine and community health
(3 years)
2. Certificate in pharmacy (2 years)
Entry requirement for diploma in clinical medicine
1. S.6 Principle pass in biology and a subsidiary in chemistry.
2. Any certificate in medical related field ( certificate in nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, psychiatry or laboratory)
Entry requirement for certificate in pharmacy
1. β€˜O’ level certificate with at least a pass in English and mathematics
β€œAffordable fees every parent can afford”
0775-767265 college principal
0772-577177 academic registrar
Filling staff gaps for quality health care
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Ntare School is a boys' boarding secondary school located in Mbarara District, South Western Uganda Such values have been cherished to the present.

Ntare School was founded by a Scottish educationist, the late William Critchton (RIP) in 1956 with a small student population. Within the first five years of its inception, the school leaped to the best five schools of Uganda. It became famous for academic excellence, discipline, sports and a unique culture of tolerance regardless of one's racial, ethnic, or religious background. The first Deputy


The Lion at the school is roaring in celebration of U.C.E Success!

Ntare School U.C.E results.

Division One: 209
Division Two: 2
1. Kwesiga Ernest: 8 in 8
2. Agaba Victor: 9 in 8
3. Segirinya Wilberforce: 9 in 8

Agg. 8 = 1
Agg. 9 =2
Agg. 10= 2
Agg. 11 =9
Agg.12 = 10
Agg. 13= 13
Agg. 14 = 15
Agg. 15 = 17
Agg. 16 = 15
Agg. 17 = 16
Agg. 18 =9
Agg.19 = 20
Agg. 20 =17
Total up to Agg 20= 146


"Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people."

β€” - William Butler


Ntare School's cover photo


is wishing you a happy and prosperous 2011.


You are all invited to a thanksgiving service for Bishop Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa.

Kampala service will take place at All Saints Cathedral at 5:30PM on
October 17, 2010. The one in Mbarara will take place at St. James'
Cathedral, Ruharo on October 24, 2010 at 10:00AM.

The main celebrant will be Bishop Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa.

Please endevour to attend as we give thanks to the Lord for our dear teacher.


Any memories of the 's4 dance' in the dh which was always covered with blankets all round?


Any memories of the 's4 dance' in the dh which was always covered with blankets all round?


Have you heard of another 'Ntare School' in Rwanda?


During my first days in the school i met a very tall man who asked me about how i was fairing in the school. He also asked whether students were asking me for 'obunena' and he advised me always to give whenever i was asked. I was very surprised when i met the same man wearing school uniform a few days later. I had initially thought that he was a teacher.


It was always a scuffle to get into the dining hall during special meals. One such a day an african boy enters among the first people and picks a sweet potatoe from a mbaguta table and pockets it not knowing that some teacher had spotted him. He went and comfortably sat on his table only to be asked to return the sweet potato back to mbaguta a few minutes later!


During the first month at Ntare (S1) the headmaster always warned against taking 2 cups of porridge at breakfast. For me this never made any sense at all because I could hardly finish a cup of porridge. I wondered why the whole headmaster would start talking about such issues on the Monday morning assembly until Kayasi attacked me !!.


When i joined ntare in S1, i never knew how to make ekisyanga. I watched many guys make it and i assumed that i had learnt. One day the house captain asked me whether i knew to which i said yes. He then gave two cups each with the millet flour and told me to go to the kitchen and make two cups of kisyanga. On reaching the kitchen to make the kisyanga, everything turned white after pouring the water from the saucepan. That was my first time to make kisyanga

Ntare School 15/05/2009

Ntare Kitchen





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