KAZO RESTORATION INITIATIVE FOR VULNERABLE PERSONS. COMPUTER LITERACY PROJECT 2014/2015 This project was planned by different personalities which include teachers, business people, students among others to ensure poverty eradication and job creation in the society (Kazo in particular).

So as far as this is concerned, we wanted you our Honorable to empower us to make this protect a success. We would have put this project in place but we have a problem as far as funds are concerned to run the processes. We have a plan to serve internet at a free cost given a chance and charge a little fee for computer training in order to ensure the maintenance and for salary payment. We ought to

Operating as usual


As KARIVUP we are more into farming and wealth creation. this is a sample of what we do at the farm. Let's join hands and kick poverty out of Kazo and Uganda at large.

[03/12/16]   As we are growing into a more ICT world. we need to look on what can actually save the situation to achieve what is more likely to help the society to achieve the needful. I pray that we work together to achieve the achievable to satisfy our community. #Taking Kazo and Uganda to the next level.


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I look forward to see Kazo having some precious places like this. So help me God




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El-Shaddai Christian P/S El-Shaddai Christian P/S
Kanyaanya Rwamurana Kazo Kiruhura Uganda
Kazo, 321 IBANDA

it's a Christian community school