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[08/25/17]   Good morning

[01/05/16]   Boy : I can make you say I Love You.
Girl : No wayyy !!
Boy : Bet ????
Girl : Yes.
Boy : Ok start ... say blue ?
Girl : Blue.
Boy : Say pink.
Girl : Pink.
Boy : Say love.
Girl : Love.
Boy : Whats 1+1 ?
Girl : 2.
Boy : Your age ?
Girl : 18.
Boy : Hahaha... i tOld u i could make You say 18!!
Girl : No, You said u could make me say I LOVE YOU !
Boy : Yes i did.

[12/15/15]   A certain boy and his friends were called"BASTARDS n BITCHES" from school.So the boy went home and asked his father what bastards and bitches means.His father said "LADIES n GENTALMEN" then he went to his mother and accidentally pushed the mom's perfume down.The mom said "SH*T" and he asked his mother what it means.The reply was"PERFUME".He went to his father in the kitchen and found him preparing some food then he cut his hand accidentally and said "F**K".The boy asked his what f**k means and the father said"PREPARING." a week after,some visiters came and the boy invited them inside the house.he said "welcome to our home bastards and bitches,mom is upstairs putting sh*t on her body and dad is in the kitchen f**king the chicken.''

[11/02/15]   FUNERAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!
Its with deep sorrow that we announce the sudden death of chelsea after a short illiness of 11 games. He was a loving son to Roman Abrahimovic and Josphine Moureen. Brother to old boy Diego costa and Mzee John Terry. Husband to the divorced doctor Eva Carneiro. Father to Hazard.Zouma,Courtois. Son in law to Falcao and Ivanoic. The body left EPL funeral home today. Prayers were held at stamford bridge and burial later at 1545 in his home at the bridge. The mass was conducted by Bishop Klopp assisted by Rev. Coutihno. In his message the bishop quote from the book of football chapter 3 vers 1 which say " be good to other teams on your way to being crowned champions coz you will meet them on your way to relegation". The funeral was well attented as hymms were heard very loud...' moureen must go...mourinho must go....mourinho must go.....

[10/23/15]   Finally its over,……… the biggest online radio #YesFm is on Air Now
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First, I want to correct the expression that Wenger PRODUCES players. That's the biggest LIE in the football history. You can tell that to a kid who started watching football 8-10 years ago.
Wenger handled one of the best squad in the history of football yet he won only 7 major trophies in over 18 years. That's a miserable FAILURE. He had the likes of Wiltord,Thierry Henry, Keown, Adams, Cole, dixon, vierra, edu, pires, Bergkamp, Kanu, ovarmars, SUKAR, Gio, sylvinho and a host of them.
Did wenger produce any of them?
Henry was already a world cup winner before wenger shelled out £12.5m to sign him, saying wenger produced Henry is the biggest scam in football.
Kanu and Ovarmars were olympic, UCL, Uefa cup, dutch league, cup winner before he moved to arsenal, Saying Wenger produced them is a scam.
Bergkamp was a known player before wenger bought him.
The likes of Wiltord, edu, sol campbell, ian wright, lauren, Gilberto, pires NEVER graduated from Arsenal Academy. Barring Anelka who he shipped out after 1 season.
So who among these players did Wenger produce?
Let's come down to 2004- date era.
He had RVP, Fabregas, Senderous, Walcott and co
- Fabregas is a product of la masie not Arsenal. He was destined for the top just like Messi. Inshort he was already a hit in the la masie academy like pique, messi, iniesta,pedro and co before wenger signed him. So Wenger never produced FAB.
RVP? He was a First team player for feyeenoord. Saying Wenger produced him is like saying Jose mourinho produced Kalou who also played for Feyernoord.
I want to expantiate further.
The likes of OX, walcott were bought for £10m. They're not Wenger's product.
Ramsey, wishere, gibbs are yet to be world class. Which means they shouldn't count.
Arsene Wenger only produced one player who was world class and that's ASHLEY COLE.
Over the years, the lies that wenger produced players should stop.
Using the fact that he built a stadium to cover his failure is even more laughable.
Do you know that Arsenal fans pay double on tickets than any other in EPL?
The trick here is very simple.
Jose mourinho or Chelsea can wake up tomorrow, borrow money from a company, build a stadium.
Increase ticket prices in order to pay up the bills. At the end of the day, it will seem as if Jose used his extraordinary economical sense to build it.
It took arsenal good 5 years to pay up the debt they owed for Emirates stadium. So how did wenger now build the stadium? By debts?
Any coach can do that.
It should be noted that Wenger has NEVER won the UCL. A trophy coaches like di matteo has under 3 months notwithstandingthat wenger handled one of the best squads in football history but achieved NOTHING. Yes, NOTHING. 7 major trophies in 18 years is a FAILURE.
The hypocrisy of Wenger being a Great manager should stop. Wenger is OVERRATED.
In 18 years at arsenal, he only played in UCL semi final ONCE.
Jose has 8 in 13 years of coaching, won it Twice.
Arsenal fans saying they're the pride of London without the UCL is a mockery to football.
Arsenal fc and Arsene Wenger are OVERRATED. It's high time they know their level in football.
Any club yet to win the UCL in over 100 years of existence is a SMALL CLUB moreso any COACH yet to win the UCL even after coaching for close to 30 years is an AVERAGE coach..

[10/20/15]   wat was ur nick name at school,,


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Lough again

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