Uganda YouthCircle

Mission: UYC will discover, empower and expose individual talented youth, aiming to help them earn a

Our Core Values:

Diversity- Have a equal opportunity to all non academic talents
Equal opportunity- We shall not segregate one's culture, tradition, socio-economic level, political opinions or religion in any of our activities
Respect- We shall always use disciplined and respectful language in all of the organization interactions

Operating as usual


The chiamps live around us already, we just need to give them better grounds to shine


One step at a time


Amazing team turning up for training


Tomorrow's chiampion taekwondo kids


Building a career together. As the youth we are determined to be fit and healthy coz we are the future

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Our youths deserve talent and life skills for better future. Which is why we are embarking on physical exercises and soon starting on Taekwondo trainings

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She is a mother of 7, single mother , she uses her talent of music and dance to feed them. She even has mentored all these children and now they perform as a family...UYC being all about talent discovery would like to show the world this strong mother... she really works hard,she deserves a hand !


With Eitan Ahiman Doing massive work on developing of a proper organizational structure. With you do much for your contributions friend .we now feel more organized to accomplish our goals .

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Journey to a dream starts like this...


While in the ghettos ,we drama and music as life goes on


Happy Easter from Us!

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We skill internationally


Fellow Youths allow us please and we leave this video here .We have all rights to demand


The number of people suffering from unemployment, depressions and domestic violence as a result of the measures has reached historic record values. Several experts predict that the measures will claim more lives than the virus itself and more than world war one . According to the UN millions of people around the world may fall into absolute poverty and famine


Don't work for money until you die..create a way and make money work for you and retire Early.


We are Uganda Youth Circle . for talents we got you Talent Department. (TbK Audio Studio)

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Most politicians do not really want to come to the ghetto, because Ghetto involves responsibilities, and most people are frightened of responsibilities. Thank you , for you know what we mean.

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Are you having this burning desire of letting the world hear your voice by either speaking what's in your heart or by singing it out loud. TbK Audio studio got you covered. We are Uganda Youth Circle the circle of development.

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Good afternoon everyone! I am absolutely delighted to be with you today to help kick off Uganda Youth Circle's Project dubbed "Social Art Museum" It’s always exciting for me to take part in serious projects like this and see first-hand the talents, ambitions, and innovations of Uganda’s youth. Your participation in this project activities demonstrate how young people can and should play a positive role in helping develop Uganda – as leaders, innovators, educators, and citizens who care deeply about the future of their country.

I’d like to begin by commending the Uganda Youth Circle's committee and its partners for organizing today’s event. Your leadership has helped bring hundreds of Ugandan youth leaders together and
Together. Everyone Achieves More ( TEAM)
For God and my country

Katumba Benson
CEO Uganda Youth Circle


Why are Africans poor? Africans are poor primarily because of the capital flight of $203 Billion dollars which leaves the continent every year to other countries developing them while our citizens and our governments have no money to do anything. CEO Uganda Youth Circle

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We are self sponsored, self sustained Youth organisation .Thru our becoming business oriented and focused youth we have built our own businesses and we never cry for small scratches . We have greatness with in us..please be part of us we can help you build that business empire


Uganda Youth Circle Publication dubbed "Youth Gazzet" if you are not in here then you are no where. We are Youth in Motion

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Uganda Youth Circle members graduates from different universities. From scratch to glory. We are coming in the Parliament be warned.

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At Uganda Youth Circle we have Youth Exchange Programs where we bring you youth from different countries to interact and share Both socially and academically.


The world will hear us scream out loud when the victory is won..let's keep serving our nation with integrity.


Uganda Youth Circle STREET MUSIC CONCERT.2020

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When an international gospel artist and a Talent Development Director Uganda Youth Circle Bigg Zi meet and greet the International Music Producer of all time and Operation Director Uganda Youth Circle Pro. Raccon. All these are here to serve your need

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Remember these heads when the war is won. We are the go getters we never cry over small scratches.. We are the Youth who finds opportunities in everything problems.

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Uganda Youth Circle we believe in the future that why we raise the young generations with the different skills in music, art, acting, mention all hands on activities to over come vagaries of life.

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Our Patron Mr. Ibrahim Mugubi left and Skugland coordinator Uganda Youth Circle Norway visits our UYC members Kampala International University .

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Helping enough people get what they want you get every thing you want in life..
Uganda Youth Circle taking part in fighting corona virus and donating the little we have as the organisation put a smile on peoples chin

Our Story


UGANDA YOUTH CIRCLE is the leading youth development organization in Uganda dedicated to youth empowerment
and transformation from poverty to prosperity.


To build a focused empowered skilled ,productive ,self sustaining and independent youth equipped to face and overcome the vagaries of life

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The chiamps live around us already,  we just need to give them better grounds to shine
One step at a time






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