National Schools Debate Championship Uganda

National Schools Debate Championship Uganda


...For the struggles at school, you beat like Manchester United in the play offs
Keeping you Education flame, not to go off
Wow, this Education with God has finally paid off!

Congratulations Mugisha Cohens from the National Schools Debate Championship Uganda of National Debate Council upon that great academic stride!
Dear S.4 candidates, teachers, parents and stakeholders, we wish you success in the forthcoming UNEB Examinations. Blessings!!
St. Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High School Kawaala
Parliament of Uganda
Kongai Collete
National Schools Debate Championship Uganda
It's a beautiful Saturday Morning and we are here to spice it even further for Schools in Rwenzori Region for the Qualifiers.
We're coming to your Region on 17th Sept with National Schools Debate Championship Uganda
Even registeration is out
Ifill free
National Schools Debate Championship (NSDC2022)

NSDC is Uganda's oldest and biggest High Schools Debate Championship that continues to groom leaders and transform young people for dream actualization. With the inaugural championship happening in 2009 with just 20 schools, NSDC now reaches over 500 schools in over 80 districts countrywide. The grand finale of this prestigious championship has happened in the chambers of the Parliament of Uganda since 2010 with debates between students and MPs happening at each one of the occasions. This has given young people the real feel of what it means and takes to be a leader. Welcome to the registration portal!

NSDC2022 is going to be unique with both physical (debate, music, dance, drama) and virtual engagements (speech, poetry, essay, art and interviews).

For Inquiries: 0774434409 - 0757723462 - 0779665767 - 0701154314

National Schools Debate Championship Uganda
Everything is in there hands therefore corruption
Zero corruption 100/ development
The National Students Anti-Corruption Challenge 2021 is here, National Schools Debate Championship Uganda is profoundly honoured to have on board:

As children bring their broken toys
to us with tears to mend,
I brought my broken dreams to God, because He was my Friend.
But then, instead of leaving Him
in peace to work alone,
I hung around and tried to help
with ways that were my own
At last I snatched them back and cried,
How can you be so slow?
My child,He said , what could I do?
You never did let go,
The message is if it's going ,it's up to you,only you has the power to make any of your dreams happen💕💕💕
Please Contact Ntwatwa Foundation for Education Services.+256701597920.+256783540237.
Debate is my soul refreshing hobby big up to all debators in high school
welcome back again
......We also watched the power debate between Nyakasura The School and Immaculate Heart Girls Nyakibale with Kenyana Sarah Rusoke , Susan Owomugisha and National Schools Debate Championship Uganda

NSDC is a flagship program of NDC the pioneers of Debate Education in Uganda in 2009. NSDC is organized in partnership & hosted by Parliament of Uganda.

The National Schools Debate Championship (NSDC) is National Debate Council's and indeed Uganda's most celebrated debate championship. It has been happening since 2009 and is national in character. It is a week long, fully residential championship that brings together over 40 schools to debate on a given theme. It happens every December with the grand finale at the Parliament of Uganda.

Operating as usual

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 17/09/2022

We arrived safely in Kyebambe Girls S.S in Fort Portal where we are having over 10 schools from the Rwenzori Region for Regional Qualifiers.

All of the Students were Registered and thereafter introduced to the Theme, Team of Adjudicators as well as the Stake Holders


It's D-Day!
We are super excited about today. The New Vision TV West will join us to document the proceedings. We are also joined by friends from RAC Uganda -Rwenzori Anti-corruption Coalition who will share insights into the state of corruption in the region. Best of luck teams.


Meet Kevin Maasa the Chief Adjudicator - (CA) for the Rwenzori Regional Qualifiers Tournament a he'sd of

His profile in the picture attached...

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 16/09/2022

Rwenzori Regional are you all ready? The Team is in the Road to the Tourism City of Fort Portal.
It's the Regional Qualifiers for .


We are left with just 2 days ladies and gentlemen.
Debate education will be delivered in the Tourism city of Fort Portal.

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 14/09/2022

We are 3 days from the Rwenzori Regional Qualifiers for with Debate Education on .

The Judges' clinic will also kick off Tomorrow to ensure quality Adjudication at the Tournament.


Coming soon on Regional Qualifiers is Rwenzori Refion, we'll be hosted at Kyebambe Girls Secondary School in the Tourism City of Fort Portal.
Debate Dducation on

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 10/09/2022

School Resumed and thus the resumption of the Regional Qualifiers. On the 17th of September 2022, we'll be in the Tourism City of Fort Portal at the Mighty Kyebambe Girls' Secondary School.


We're excited to finally call on the thousands of NDC-NSDC (Debaters|Coaches|Judges) to take a minute & register via this link 👇





Schools, Teachers, Partners for walking this journey with us through from; Bushenyi - Arua - Bukedea - Jinja - Kampala - Wakiso - Amuru. We hope you can still be with us in Fortportal & Moroto come September. We have so far rallied young people from over 100 schools to tage centre stage and be .

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 26/07/2022

Gulu Regional Qualifiers

Round 1: In the Ugandan context, THBT corruption should be treated with the same disruptive level of urgency as it has been with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

's room had Watoto Hope Gulu in Affirmative and Sacred Heart in the opposition.
Watoto argued that corruption is killing as many people on a daily as it is for the pandemic therefore the need for disruptive urgency.

On the other hand opp came & said that yes it's true corruption is bad however we need not to use the same urgency because our economy is already bad using the same urgency shall worsen it and the country will be highly indebted.

They went ahead to say that rather we should strengthen the existing laws & also go ahead strengthen the whistleblowers act instead of using the same urgency. They also questioned whether Covid19 still exists & if yes what was the use of the disruptive urgency.

It was a heated debate around whose results showed;
1. 2 Proposition Wins
3 Opposition Wins
With an inconclusive balance (40:60 %)

2. 5 Prop Vetoes
5 Opp Vetoes
Balancing (50:50 %)

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 25/07/2022

Our Northern Uganda Qualifiers venue's poor network connection disabled our Saturday live updates... We apologize.

Now that the team is safely back, we shall be bringing you the moments Today.
Let's start with some images as attached...

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 23/07/2022

The briefing was done and a short discussion about the Debate Format was also conducted to make sure the students were on the same page and also able to engage amongst themelves.
We're in Gulu for Regional Qualifiers

It was after the briefing that the host coach welcomed us and the n our team leader introduced the Technical Team as well as the Theme but also what to expect after this Regional Tournament.

Highlights from Round one to follow

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 23/07/2022

Taking records of the participating scholars, guests & Teachers or coaches helps us plan better for the day.
today leads the activity.
Regional Qualifiers Gulu.

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 23/07/2022

The Team arrived this morning at Restore Leadership High School for the Regional Qualifiers in Gulu.
We are proud to partner with for this purpose.


Our Tournament Dir for Gulu Regional Qualifiers is , Felix is the reigning President of Northern Uganda Debate Society
He has a lot to offer as regards expertise and we count on him for a successful event tomorrow.


As we're nearing tomorrow's Regional Qualifiers in Gulu, it should be noted that learners are Deliberating Policy-based motions, & tomorrow's updates will be more varied as we'll share explicit arguments (Opp vs Prop) as they unfold


Joining us in Gulu will be Northern Uganda Debate Society.
NUDS has been on record for relentlessly training & producing the most eloquent & articulate profound members of Ug's Debate circuit.
We are proud to have them on board for the Gulu Regional Qualifiers to


Coming up on Regional Qualifiers is Gulu City. We are optimistic about the kind of quality we'll be able to have for this particular Region given their training record.
Hosting us is Restore Leadership High School.

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 17/07/2022

Congratulations Hope SS Nakirebe which is known most as Watoto Suubi the Regional Champions for Wakiso.

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 17/07/2022

The Verdit is out & at exactly 08:23:02 PM the CA with & pronounced Team Cairo of Hope Sec Sch, Watoto the Regional Champions for Wakiso
Cairo wins with a 5:2 against Timmis of Cornerstone Academy.

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 17/07/2022

Final Debate Round

There is accordingly no doubt that more needs to be done by legislators as well as public and private entities to encourage whistle-blowing and related reports of corruption; to handle reports of alleged corruption, wrongdoing and undue risks in a sound manner; and to provide appropriate levels of protection for whistle-blowers.

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 17/07/2022

Breaking to the Final at Regional Qualifiers, Wakiso is Teams Timmis of Cornerstone Academy Vs Cairo of Hope Sec Sch - Watoto

Resolved: THW Punish Citizens Who do not Whistle-blow on Corruption of Which They Know, as if They Had Carried out the Act Themselves.

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 17/07/2022

Regional Qualifiers Wakiso,
Quarter Finals: TH Regrets the Commercialisation of Pre-University Student Politics.

Universities would not exist without students. Students are at the heart of the academic enterprise. It is worth remembering that some of the earliest universities, in medieval Italy, were established and managed by students. In the 21st century, in the era of massification students are often seen as burdens, customers, or sources of income, but seldom as the key rationale for the university.

Carefully examining the appropriate role for students in universities is necessary.

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 17/07/2022

Regional Qualifiers Wakiso,
For Accountability & Transparency, THW Strongly Advocate for the Establishment of an Independent Examination Body to Examine & Assess University Students, as Opposed to having University Lecturers Assess their own Students Themselves.

Research & experience tell us forcefully about the importance of assessment in higher education. It shapes the experience of students influences behaviour more than the teaching they receive...this resolution is aimed at lecturers in higher education...programme leaders...
...those is quality assurance and educational development remits.

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 17/07/2022

How about we have a private entity to mark university exams instead of the university Lecturers?
Students at say it would;
1. Reduce cases of Sexual Harrasment
2. Cab the vice of favouritism.
3. Motivate Students to attend lectures
4. Reduce seduction cases of lecturers by Students.
5. Motivate Lecturers to teach from an extensive scope hence quality.
5. Contilribute towards producing worthy professionals.

And many more...

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 17/07/2022

from the Kampala Regional Qualifiers at Hope Sec Sch - Watoto Biira

Opening Ceremony
Round One
Round Two
And more...

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 17/07/2022

Kampala Regional Qualifiers, Round 2: This House Supports the Establishment of Integrity Education as a Mandatory and Examinable Subject across the School Curricula.

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 17/07/2022

Round 1: This House Would Ban All Individuals Convicted of Corruption from Occupying Public Office.

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 17/07/2022

After a warm reception for everyone, we proceeded with opening the day formally which was led by Tr SSali (in Frame 2)
The Core Member introduced the reason for the existence or Debates and why students should involve them.

Then followed the Team Leader who introduced and broke down the theme and also introduced the Team of Adjudicators who were today led by and Ms Leonah Naturinda who's today's TD

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 17/07/2022

We've arrived at Hope Sec Sch - Watoto Biira for Day 2 of the Kampala Regional Qualifiers.
The environment here is so breathe giving, all green the compound and all Happy the students.

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 16/07/2022

The CA - announced the winners as Mengo Senior School.
The champions were presented their trophy by from
Congratulations Team Mengo

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 16/07/2022

For the Regional Qualifiers for Kampala, we are profoundly honoured to present to you Bright Grammer P/S the junior champions.


At Exactly 8:41:21 PM and announced the results from the Final Debate Round where Mengo School versed Namilyango College.
Denise in a very creative way announced that Mengo School is Regional Champions for Kampala.

Namilyango - Aff: Argued that the whistle blowers should be punished if they do not report just like they had committed corruption itself bse;
1. Measure have been in place but not effective.
2. That it would reduce corruption.

Mengo - Neg:
1. The injustice principle states that the punishment should directly be proportionate to the crime.
2. People will not trust the justice system which will increase mob justice.

The Debate Zeroed down to the necessity and proportion of Justice.

Mengo therefore won with 7:0 unanimous vote by the Adjudicators against Namilyango College

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 16/07/2022

Making it to the final for the - Pri Schools is Bright Grammar Pri Sch & Parental Care Nur & Pri School

With , , , ....

THW Hold Teachers Accountable for Students' Poor Grades

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 16/07/2022

Breaking to the Finals is Team Wiley from Mengo School versing Team Anchors of Namilyango College and it's from these teams that we'll have have the Regional Champions for Kampala Region that was hosted today at St Andrew Kaggwa H.S

With the Adjudication panel constituting of 7 Judges lead by , with ...

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 16/07/2022

For the Quarter Finals; Students have been contextualising the impact of commercialising Pre-University Students Elections, a vice that breeds corrupt leaders at National Level.

Photos from National Schools Debate Championship Uganda's post 16/07/2022

Our Chief Guest today at Regional Debate & Speech Qualifiers Mr Ronald Tumuhairwe is finally here, Ronald is from our partners PPDA Uganda

Our Story, Our Passion ...

The National Schools Debate Championship (NSDC) is Uganda’s first, biggest and most prestigious debate championship for secondary schools. The championship organised by National Debate Council Uganda (NDC) in partnership with the Parliament of Uganda been happening since 2009 starting small with just over 20 teams. The 2017 championship was the biggest with 58 teams. This championship is a whole long journey starting with trainings to regional tournaments around the country and the finals in December making it the most involving debate programme in the country. Through this initiative alone, NDC has physically engaged over 300,000 students in schools and reached every sub region of the country except Karamoja which is on schedule this year. Every year the championship resonates around a relevant and timely theme making it a typical academic sport.

Over the years, the championship has produced some of the most amazing young debaters in the country with many leading the way around the country and at universities. We have lived true to our vision of debating for leadership development and active citizenship. One of the highlights of the championship is debating on the floor of Parliament in the Plenary hall with and against Members of Parliament. This to many young people is a true manifestation that they can truly make it to the house in the years to come, as legislators.

Out of the championship has been representation to various international debate tournaments in the Netherlands, Turkey, Mexico, Romania, USA and of course the world’s biggest and most prestigious championship; the World Schools Debate Championship (WSDC). Our National Debate Team at WSDC2017 in Indonesia did us proud registering two wins for the first time ever at the championship.

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