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agno engineers majors mostly in biogas system's and construction

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Transforming lives of Ugandans
Septic tanks into bio Digester’s


More work is coming.we want to ensure, water 💦 to the sewage line is safer.conserve the environment by putting up this septic tank ur home school church etc


Hello 👋 ma clients.thank u for supporting my hustle.and getting to an improved bio kitchen cooking experience

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The debates are too long and ur frustration has come to an end .take a look at this bio digester involves three concepts,we’ve maintained the ordinary septic shape,has three chambers that does the filtration like that of a petrol interceptor and thirdly small size as that of a bio digester,meaning it takes a small space as well as no emptying required . free gas for ur cooking experience. wen u take a look on top of the tank their is gas pipeline laid . this system is well supported with a 10 ft by 6ft soak. equivalent to 2 for word trips of hardcore . note: the 3 chambers lowers hard waters for easy penetration into the soak pit walls.making it sufficient to really on. be on apartments,rentals and other bigger institutions.
odor ! the so called bad smell is trapped in the fast chamber (air tight) which later fametes into methane
i hope the innovation betters the situation much more than before at Avery affordable cost arranging from 3 million for domestic and above for institutional

watsapp/call / for more details

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No more hassle get a well improved bio digester that is likely to cut over 50% of ur cooking cost on charcoal and firewood 🔥. No emptying required and a small space for installation. Well filter gas for ur cooking experience
Tel 0779866690/0759889296


Agno is here to save you with grate innovation and improved systems
The hydrid bio digester with gas inclusive
Biogas digester systems for both institutions and domestic use
Tel :0759889296


Agno is broadly reaching big farmers and higher institutions on how to utilize there waste into energy by generating biogas for cooking .
We are looking forward to working with different entities everywhere


Kakira Sugar Works UNICEF Uganda @Makerere University Students Guild NDEJJE JABULANI FC FANS

Agno engineers is looking up to partner with different bodies to make sure biogas takes a step for the good of our environment.

*To reach out to the refugee camps
*Schools and other institutions
* hotels
* and lastly sewage cooperation

So far
We have started with improving septic tanks into digesters for biogas generation due there bigger capacities. A number of schools are testing the benefits .the reason behind here is entirely every home,school and other institutions have these septics but they serve a single purpose,so we decided to add value to the system.

*Bad smell will have been foregone,
*no more emptying
*Gas generated can be used for cooking and laboratories
*all sort of recyclable waste is utilized

Nb: me and the company team we are working so hard to advance to the technology but so far we are unveil the new septic tank system to the entire nation away from the usual fixed dome's. I hope u will appreciate the great work done


We still have a greater to our customers in this lockdown,to make sure there work is on point

Biogas+256 779 866 690.clean cooking got u covered 27/04/2020

Biogas+256 779 866 690.clean cooking got u covered

Biogas+256 779 866 690.clean cooking got u covered Fixed doom


Biogas can be used in industry or combusted to produce heat, electricity or both (combined heat and power) ;or it can be refined to produce biomethane for injection into the national gas grid – so it has a direct impact on both gas and power sectors.



Anaerobic digestion process has widely been employed for treatment of various organic wastes because the process can be used for production of value-added products such as an energy-rich gas and bio-fertilizer. This process is carried out by a complex microbial community which degrade various organic compounds into final products such as methane and carbon dioxide, collectively called biogas.
There are presently many research efforts worldwide on anaerobic digestion of food waste to improve process efficiency, stability and economic competitiveness. Studies of co-digestion of food waste generally found that inclusion of food waste was beneficial for methane yield, while digestion processes with food waste as the sole substrate were often found to be unstable. Several researchers have reported the benefits of using mixed feedstocks, including increased biogas production, enhanced degradation rates and higher digester capacity
The beneficial effects of co-digestion are mostly related to a balanced availability of macro- and micronutrient required by the microbial community, optimal moisture content, buffer capacity and dilution of inhibitory or toxic compounds. Additionally, co-digestion may improve the process kinetics rather than the bioavailability of the feedstock.

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School septic tanks have a grt value wic leaves them un exploited..get in touch with us and see how we can help u generate gas for school use

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Waste into energy

Photos from Agno engineers u Ltd's post 11/04/2020

Like comment and share ..for all .biogas needs.both at institutional and domestic level,
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