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The Font School in Kampala, Uganda provides an inclusive education for marginalized children while

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06/05/2022 - Sponsorships 06/05/2022 - Sponsorships

5 exceptional kids were given prizes for their hard work, 3 received toys and 2 sweets. (See video on above post)
It’s amazing to me what joy they get from such simple things!
If you would like to help the children at Font school and continue Sister Pauline’s legacy, please visit: - Sponsorships supports education in Uganda - Donations 16/03/2022 - Donations

We are in great need of sponsors for the children at Font School! If you have friends or family that might be interested in helping please invite them to like our page and encourage them to sponsor or donate…. - Donations New page


Yesterday the staff and students at Font Preparatory School in Uganda held a memorial in honor of their founder Sister Pauline Quinn OP. We thank and join them in honoring and celebrating the work that she did while on this earth, her legacy lives on in the work that she did and the lives she has touched. We all love and miss her!


The new school year has started with 123 kids reporting the first day and more to come next week!
We’ve had to supply several new uniforms as it seems many of the kids have gone through major growth spurts!!!


We were able to purchase a sewing machine for the Font school, now they are able to save money by making and repairng the children’s uniforms.


This is from Emmanuel Kisitu the headmaster of Font School


Boys dormitory is almost complete!

Photos from Font Preparatory School's post 03/11/2020

Thanks to Sr. Pauline’s legacy fund the Font School has built the new boys dormitory and completed some needed repairs on other buildings. All new beds have been purchased and now all the kids that are currently enrolled (148) will be able to live on campus and be safe from predators. We are so blessed that Bridges and Pathways of Courage has been able to support Emmanuel Kisitu in his endeavors to bring education to this small rural village and bring hope to the children there!
As you can see by the pictures it takes a very short time to erect a building in Africa. (Parents that cannot afford to pay tuition come and help make bricks to build the buildings) They’ve also installed a very large septic tank and water collection tank. They are quite self sufficient and will even have a vegetable garden this year.
All of the building has happened in just the last month! - Donations 26/09/2020 - Donations

A very special thanks to our amazing donor Frank So, who not only sponsors 5 children but also donated all the funds necessary for the school to have Covid safety supplies for the entire year!!!
To donate to the Font School please visit our website - Donations New page


Thanks to Sister Pauline who continues to work hard even after her passing!
The Font school has funding to complete the boys dormitory and purchase enough beds that all of the children will be able to live at the school soon. I am so blessed to be able to continue doing the amazing work that our Dear Sister Pauline worked so hard for. Pictures will be coming soon. - Sponsor A Child 26/09/2020 - Sponsor A Child

IThe children are getting ready to return to school and we still have kids that do not have sponsors. If you would like to help one of these wonderful children get an amazing education please visit our website
We’ll be updating the list soon with the rest of the children needing sponsors. - Sponsor A Child in Green Bay manufactures top quality products.


Sister Pauline at the dedication of the Font School.

Photos from Font Preparatory School's post 25/08/2020

The Font school is one of the Legacy programs of Sr. Pauline Quinn. She fundraised and solicited donations for several years to provide funding to build the school. Classrooms, dormitories, kitchen, staff housing all needed to be built as this school is quite rural and it is dangerous for the kids to walk to school.

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This is from Emmanuel Kisitu the headmaster of Font School





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